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  1. Said this in another thread, but....I heard Erik on the phone on TSN and he didn't sound like he wants to be back here. Sounds like he liked it in Edmonton. Wish they'd left him there. Think JR made a mistake with the second part of the trade, and I will miss Justin Williams.
  2. *SIGH* Cole is back. Don't know why. I hope JR knows what he's doing. Just heard Erik on the phone via TSN. Sounds like he REALLY wants to be here.....not. :angry:
  3. I don't see Cole coming back. Would be a big surprise if he did, considering.
  4. I wondered what it was like in the upper seats. I don't get to go to games often, being 2 hours away from RBC and when we do go, we've gotten seats from friends in the lower sections. I'd like to try to go more often and was wondering if the cost of the drive and the proximity of the upper seats to the ice would be worth it. Sounds like it might be worth checking out.
  5. I will definitely miss Ladd, but from what I know of Ruutu, I think we did alright in the trade department. It's really a "wait and see" situation, just like Corvo and Eaves. Could be Ruutu needed the change of scenery and he'll do well for us.
  6. Sorry, excuse me for forgetting that, I was being upset.
  7. NavyCani

    The Call

    I thought this was hysterical!!!!!! I needed a good laugh. cupcrazy, I LOVE your avatar!!!!!
  8. I'm sorry and I apologize if I offend some of you in advance, but.........HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS????? :angry: You act like Brind'Amour is dead and buried already. I find that extremely offensive. He is STILL the Captain of the team. It seemed to me that last night Staal stepped up and took the leadership role. As an Assistant, he did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do, fill in when the Captain can't. I'm sure that the Assistant Captains will continue to do that until Rod can do it himself, whether he is on the ice or off. Off my soap box now.
  9. My best wishes and prayers to my favorite player, Rod Brind'Amour!!! You will be missed, but please don't rush it. We want you back 110%!!!!!!!
  10. Only IF Commodore WANTS to be there. He was SO ready to leave Carolina. I think he just purposely screwed around to get traded.
  11. Hey, Commodore has wanted out since they won the cup. I'm glad to see him go. I'll miss Stillman, but if trading him is what's best for the TEAM, so be it. As far as Eaves and Corvo.... I'll reserve judgement until they've played a few with the Canes.
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