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  1. Lol, you got cars pulling over in California to talk to you about a defunct Connecticut ice hockey team from 22 years ago that never won a cup? LMAO So is the Winnipeg Jets always going to be the Thrashers? And Dallas Stars always going to be the Minnesota North Stars? Only to the salty ex fans I guess. to the rest of the world it's the Carolina Hurricanes, born in 1997.
  2. Crickets.......................................................................................................................
  3. Why does anybody consider a new job? $$$$
  4. Of course, add Dzingle and Haula to the lineup. 2---25 goal scorers.
  5. Jersey's roster is looking really impressive. At the same time so does Edmonton's every year on paper but.......
  6. looks like 2 forward spots to fight for between Wallmark, Foegs, Necas, Gauthier, or whoever takes it in camp.
  7. Not sure why people think this means Williams is done?? We all wanted a couple acquisitions to make the team better including Williams. I don't think this changes anything. I believe he is coming back and will be shocked if he doesn't.
  8. My grade just went way up. This was the piece and move I've been waiting for. solidified on Goalie, defense, forwards, and coaching! Nice feeling, been a while!
  9. Nice Dzingel! This could be the 2-25 goal scorers we needed in Haula and Dzingel. Very nice move. Hoping Williams comes back to add to the forward group. Not looking so bad now, especially if Aho and Svech have big years which I think they will.
  10. I remember when we played Boston in our Hartford Jerseys and Ferland came out and leveled about 6 players in a row, Svech joined him and laid a few out and so did a couple other Canes. This was amazing to see. For the first time ever we were tougher than Boston and were laying them out left and right. I love Ferland and wish he was a Cane right now. . I think he had shoulder injury which are painful and take a while to heal. since his strong point was "checking", this made his game useless in the playoffs. However there seemed to be a "behind the scenes" problem with him. Maybe the other guys didn't get along, maybe he hated being in Carolina, Maybe Rod didn't like something about him. There was never an attempt to keep him here which makes it obvious there was behind the scenes thing going on. He will be a huge asset wherever he goes and I don't think he will be sitting out much with injuries. The guy just had a bum shoulder for the last couple months . I lost a little respect for him when he did an interview during the playoffs and acted like bratty Marchand giving short snippy answers about his injury and why he wasn't playing. There were rumors he was sitting himself out cause he didn't want to get hurt or something but I found that hard to believe. Every hockey players dream is to be in the playoffs but I guess it's possible and it kind of lines up with they way things went down. He came back in the ECF though so who knows.
  11. Sounds good, hope you are right!
  12. I agree with some of what your saying. However, this summer was our chance to put together a Stanley cup team. It's obvious we are close, we just needed to add fire power. We all know we have the pieces to make a huge trade. Plenty of desired D men in the NHL and AHL level, as well as picks galore. We used neither one of those pieces to try and bring a couple of 25 goal scorers here which is what we desperately needed to get over the hump and be a Stanley cup team. The summer's not over so this may still happen. Up to now though, I'm just not impressed. Same team as last year. It's going to be tough to sustain all year with the horrible power play and goal slumps by the usual guys like Aho, Staal, Willy. Best case scenario: Aho and Svech 30goals plus. Nino,TT, 25goals plus, Staal, williams, 20goals plus. Worst case scenario, Aho,Svech 25goals, Nino, TT, 20goals, Staal Williams 15 goals. And of course Mrazek has an amazing year and not an "off year". It could happen with this team but it will take the stars aligning perfectly and everyone having an outstanding season with no major injuries. Or we could go out and make some aggressive trades to bring in what we really need.
  13. At this point I'm not to impressed. We are going back on the ice with the same team as least year except add Haula minus Ferland. The boys ran out of gas after using all their heart and soul for the playoffs. They needed at least 1 or 2 serious firepower forwards added and after the success and money made by TD last year they should have made sure that happened. The energy and excitement we would have at the start of the season would be huge if they made a couple trades or additions that loaded up our offense. They did not, as usual.(It's not over yet and maybe they will but seriously doubt it) Also the "Aho" debacle may or may not ruin his chances of ever being a "loved star" here or playing with all his heart here again. They should have avoided that instead of playing chicken with our only 30goal scorers agent. They made some good moves but not any great moves or franchise changing moves like NJ did, NYR did, etc...... We will see if this team can find that heart again and hope the skill increases on some young guys so we can get a PP goal now and than. Other than that, the same ol mediocre moves.
  14. we were his last resort when no one else wanted him. He wanted to be a big city star. So we kind of agree. Not sure what your point was. He thought he would get the super hot girl and when he didnt he came back to ol trusty. Heck we've all done it.
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