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  1. So is the next round starting Saturday and Sunday? It looks like it by the NHL's scheduling but hard to tell.
  2. Did anyone hear MM say the Rangers player who Aho undressed, can't remember his name. Anyway, said " bla bla left his unmentionables out there on the ice after that goal. ? Laughed MAO hard at that one Mike.
  3. MM did great both games so far. And thats his first 2 games and both from a tv screen 700miles away.
  4. Williams what?!!!! What a start. I'm a little more excited now than I was 15 min ago about this whole summer tourney.
  5. Lets go Canes summer tournament 2020! This will never be the Stanley cup finals for 2019-2020 for me. just the weird summer tournament. But either way would be nice to win the cup.
  6. Good job M. Maniscalco, not bad at all. I can see him becoming a very good play by play guy for us. I mean the guy did good for his first ever game that was also called on a tv screen.
  7. Don't know if its been said but is it possible that John will "free lance" games during this weird pandemic season for NBC? Than once things get back to a normal hockey schedule with fans in the seats he will sign with us? I mean there had to be a lot more $ to be made by doing games for NBC than the Canes during this summer tournament. I am going to wait and see what he and we do when stuff gets back to normal. Canes got little to no revenue with no fans in the seats. NBC has millions. Easy to outbid us on this one if they wanted him. Than when stuff gets back to normal John makes a true decision.
  8. I might be in the minority on this but I really don't have much interest in them doing some weirdo summer league that is supposed to be the finish of the 2020 season. The reasons are: 1. Players will not be in great shape and there will be summer league injuries that will keep them out next season 2. Whoever wins it just won't feel quite as satisfying and real as grinding for 9 months for the Stanley cup, it will just feel like, eh they won that weird pandemic season where they played some odd format in the summer. 3. It will affect how and when they start the next season, I would prefer to scrap it and start on time with a full season next year. Let this be the year that it was cancelled and lets move on and open training camp in September. However, if they do go ahead with it I will be watching and screaming for the Canes, but it will have a very weird unreal feel to it. I won't hate on it, but it just seems like it will be a cheap end to a season where someones awarded the Cup and it's not really a big deal.
  9. we traded for him? who? I don't even remember its been so long. Oh yeah, that trade.
  10. I think the only way the season goes on is if there is a postponement of 3 weeks or less. anything more than that and you cancel the season. This thing still hasn't peaked and than has to come back down. It will likely be a couple more months of mass hysteria until it's over.
  11. Honestly not to excited about Mrazeks quick return. I mean a slumping goalie who is recovering from concussion symptoms. If anyone needs there balance and to see straight on the ice it's your goalie! Lets hope he has zero symptoms when he returns. We can't afford to put him in for a game and than take him out half way when he is getting lit up due to "concussion symptoms". Happens a lot when players are rushed back.
  12. Lol, so yeah he needs to learn how to goal tend basically? Lets hope it's not that bad, might as well throw in there that he needs to work on keeping puck out of net. I think Ned does fine if he gets a few more starts. However we can't afford to wait for him to get comfortable so he better step it up now and make the most of his dream coming true, 2 injuries close to playoff time, cmon Ned, this is your chance to earn the big $ next year and be a hero.
  13. never heard of Skeki. Anyone know anything about him? should we be excited for this dude? 2 dmen and a center today. not bad. Lets go Ned, your time to shine. Ned needs to realize that he could lead us to and win a Stanley Cup and earn the starter job for next year(Cam Ward style).
  14. Or him bending, reaching and leaning when he defends or fore checks instead of moving his feet and using his body. You will always be 3 steps behind in the NHL if you do that crap. Or taking a shot and than taking 3 seconds to look up in the air and pout about it not going in, meanwhile you missed the bus there is already another play going on while you pout. He must be doing something different though in Minn, he has been producing at a high rate over there.
  15. Well this is the first time I can remember us 11 games over .500 midseason since.............................maybe 2006 or somethin. And we are still only 1 point into the wild card spot. Just our luck, we finally get good and so did everyone else.
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