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  1. Here's to hoping my phone lights up tonight with some big trade news for the Canes and maybe news that Mrazek signed with us.
  2. Goalie situation is a little concerning. Why don't they want to sign here? because of Bales bailing? TD and DW being extra cheap? Or they just want to test FA and see what they can get and circle back to us? I'm sure Ned was excited to hear that news. That is the upside to me is that I feel Ned should get an opportunity to start 15 games or so this season and have a chance to take the number one spot if he does well(Are Mac and Mraz worried about this kid coming up this year and taking the spot?) Ithat doesn't happen if both Mraz and Mac sign. Either way, kind of concerning that we may have another "trial signing" and our "AHL"er as our goaltenders next year. One day this goalies situation has to be solved, I thought we at least had a short term fix but I guess not.
  3. I want to be excited about Necas, but then I realize he only scored 16 goals in 60something games at the AHL level. I'm sure he will be good but def not the big goal scorer we need. Hopefully that will be Svech . Necas did have 30plus assists so maybe more of a set up guy.
  4. I think they are pretty spot on with # 15 if we keep our exact line up. We need a boost. A big name scoring forward or two(summer # 10 we have all been wanting to get a big name scoring forward or two) to get the fans and PLAYERS pumped up and feeling rejuvenated and confident. Someone who can finish on the PP. And it will be interesting to see what we do with the goalie situation. Part of me wants to start Ned as our number one and just see if he can kill it and become the man. He has done everything and than some in the AHL to get the job here. I know that won't happen, it will most likely be Mrazek which I feel decent about. I love Mac and have more confidence in him than Mrazek going by the overall season last year, but Mac is getting old. Will him being one year older make any difference in how good he is this year? doubt it. I like that tandem, But Ned's got to get a chance this year one way or another. This will be the most interesting part of the summer to see what we do with Mraz and Mac and Ned.
  5. What's the only reason anyone takes a new job in a new city? $$$. Don't think we need to look into it any further. And if your old buddy is going to be your boss too, than icing on the cake.
  6. Please we have to be done with Darling. it was jinxed from the beginning and only got worse and worse here and than to Charlotte to get worse and worse. I'd love to see him rebound and have a great career, but going by what he showed here, he is just way to shaky and nervous to make routine saves night after night. He lets his head get the best of him. If he is not 100 percent confident and comfortable than he blows it. He can't handle any pressure. To be a good NHL goalie you cannot let your head mess with you on a regular basis or you get your butt handed to you. Best of luck to him and lets hope somebody takes him and his contract so we don't have to buy him out.
  7. I can't imagine. That would mean we added some big pieces for the first time since the trade deadline 06.
  8. Marner is exactly the caliber player we need if we want to make it past the conference finals in the near future. This line up cannot get it done, we need to add fire power. Even just one guy could really give us the boost and put us over the hump of goal scoring slumps and PP disasters. With that said. I don't think there is any way Marner wants to come to small market Raleigh with its garbage practice rink. He will go to a big city if Toronto doesn't keep him. I think we need to add at least 2 mid level guys like Kapanen. a couple 20 goal guys could bring the same boost. And how the heck can Toronto afford 3-11 million dollar guys? We need to spend some money and give this team a little boost this off season. The fan base and players would be electrified if we got a couple good names here. And both of us deserve it after last season.
  9. With the excitement of this team where it is now, imagine if we brought a couple big scorers on this summer(been saying that for 10years). The feeling going into next season would be electric. If we stay put with the line up I fear we will have an up and down year and maybe or maybe not squeak into the playoffs again. We need a little new scoring blood added to this chemistry and heart team we have and we could be a top 5 in the east with no questions asked. Seems Rod will put the pressure on to add some skill and talent to the line up. Now that he has proven himself hopefully the committee will listen to him and go after his targets this summer.
  10. The most important game f the last 9 years is tonight. I can't freaking wait. If the Canes can win both back to backs this weekend we will be sitting real pretty and a bit of pressure will be off. Saturday night is going to be crazy at the PNC.
  11. Crazy looking at the standings that a 2 game losing streak by us and a 2 game winning streak by Mont. and PItts. would drop us 3 points out of a WC spot. Yikes. And WTH Tampa Bay? 50-12? Good god that is one heck of a record. Wow
  12. Its' been amazing watching Justin Williams turn it on lately. Thats why he is "Mr. game 7". When things get intense and you have to win to stay alive, he is the first one in the mix scoring or at least getting scoring chances. The heart in that guy is incredible, he has obviously slowed down a lot, but it doesn't matter, he has the heart, drive and intelligence to beat all these fast kids and hot goalies when the wins matter the most. Ferland has cooled off a bit. Maybe coming back down to reality a little, I don't think he is a 30 goal guy, but he still brings the toughness which is worth a lot. This may make it easier to sign him this summer and he may not get that 5.7mil we were thinking he could have got a month ago when the whole league was after him. He is more like a 4mil guy in my opinion, hopefully the canes work it out somewhere in between 4 and 5 and don't have to over pay a guy who might only put up 15-20 goals a year. Now if he gets hot and finishes the season with close to 30 goals than he will get his price this summer.
  13. All that plus minus stuff from last year is hard to take to seriously since our starting goal tender was swiss cheese. But heck yeah, all around everyone is having a great year for the first time in about 10yrs.
  14. I guess we could look at J Staal as our deadline acquisition. I mean we have the best record since new years and now we have added J Staal to the line up. Right?! Columbus better hope all their additions gel together and have some chemistry. At least we got that going for us.
  15. TD is an absolute idiot if he does not mortgage the future to make the playoffs this year. We tried the picks and prospects thing for 10 years. Time to give a handful of them up for some help now to make the playoffs. Screw next year. Make playoffs now or kiss off TD. And if every other team can continually better themselves and spend money and give up some picks to make a post season run, than wth can't we? If he stands pat with his line up it tells me he really doesn't give a hoot. Yes we are winning a lot but the gas tank will run out if we don't get some fresh blood who can help us get there. Some excitement for the fan base, some commitment to show the team he believes in them.. And yes I know we have 3 days. Here is to hoping we don't miss out on everyone decent and get another 4th liner just to make a move.
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