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  1. My take away from these first three games, is the same thing that I saw in the playoffs. Last season. Rod has our team so conditioned, that when most teams start slowing down a little at the end of the second and third, and we get a Second wnd and than a third wind that nobody can keep up with. than we take over the game. It’s a combination of the right players with the right coach, and Rod knowing what to do in order to win NHL games in 2019. be better conditioned than the other guys and have the skill to beat them.
  2. Ha ha ha, first time in a long time we get to feel this way at the beginning of the season. Ha ha ha. Yeah boyzzzz
  3. With a 2-0 start a loss today against the leagues top team would be quickly forgiven. However I think the Canes have other plans. A win today makes even more of a statement to the league, division, conference. It's early but this start is really important. Lets do the impossible and start 3-0 with two wins against top teams that always beat us in years past. Absolutely love all the new guys, Edmunson, Gardiner, Haula, Dzingle, and Reimer. Perfect additions.
  4. Wow, that felt good after all the junk talking. Surprised the game was not really physical at all. Good hockey, but dang Canes got the Caps number now. Lookout, there is a new powerhouse in the metro biatisheses. Woohooo, no revenge for the caps, just some deja vu!
  5. Well if that's true than we should expect 35goals from Svech!
  6. So after reading through last couple pages of comments, It seems we kind of looked like garbage this preseason? And now we have injuries to new guys who were going to help us. Of course what happens in pre season doesn't usually matter but there does not seem to be a lot of positives to take away. Let's see what happens over the next couple weeks. Opening night is almost here!
  7. Wow, so pumped for the season. We are actually spending money trying to make a PP unit that can score. Imagine that, the Canes with a top PP this season??. TD and DW are going for it, after a taste last year they sense how close we are and want more. Exactly what we needed this summer, a couple new faces who can score 20something goals in the top 9 and a big veteran D guy to add to our stacked Defense. All guys with proven track records on the PP. Lets do this.
  8. Staal is a quiet keep to himself guy. Not good captain material in my opinion. I like Slavin for captain but I'm not sure how much he leads in the room. I do trust that Rod knows who should be captain and will make the right choice. Just not Faulk please and i really don't think Aho is ready, I still see him as a bratty young kid on the team.
  9. Darn, def surprised. Thought he was coming back. Makes me a little nervous to not have him in the locker room or on the ice. Huge loss. Slavin for captain.
  10. I just can't get used to those big red block letters. I'm usually not a complainer on Jerseys, but man I'm just a little embarrassed of these things. We will see what they look like on the ice.
  11. Lol, you got cars pulling over in California to talk to you about a defunct Connecticut ice hockey team from 22 years ago that never won a cup? LMAO So is the Winnipeg Jets always going to be the Thrashers? And Dallas Stars always going to be the Minnesota North Stars? Only to the salty ex fans I guess. to the rest of the world it's the Carolina Hurricanes, born in 1997.
  12. Crickets.......................................................................................................................
  13. Why does anybody consider a new job? $$$$
  14. Of course, add Dzingle and Haula to the lineup. 2---25 goal scorers.
  15. Jersey's roster is looking really impressive. At the same time so does Edmonton's every year on paper but.......
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