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  1. The 2 things we absolutely have to have is goal tending, and Aho,TT,Williams,Staal,Nino on the score sheet.
  2. As bad as I want Ferland back, His shoulder will probably re injure after one or two hits. Thinking he needs surgery and 3-4 months to recover. maybe I'm wrong. Martinhook hopefully will be back. Svech, not after his comment yesterday So, Martinhook is our best bet unless Ferland takes a shot of cortisone and is willing to lay hits and play through the pain.
  3. And Svech sealed his fate today when he told the media, “my head still hurt today”. He will not be playing. Maybe another rookie mistake, keep your mouth shut and dont say nothing.
  4. We either dominate or they do. We will see who has the edge tomm night. It all starts and ends with the goalies. After that who can score 2-3 goals!? Aho invisible, Nino, Williams, Staal, TT, Hamilton And Faulk. Calling you guys out to score some goals or we are done. Aho, if you want to be an 8million dollar man you need to win this series for us. Otherwise you are no better than Skinner was for us.
  5. Danimal38

    2019 Playoffs

    The announcers were so friggin boring for this game. You would think u were watching a golf tournament. Also the crowd was so quiet. Carolina hockey rules, Forslund and Raleigh fans are the best. Thankful.
  6. So who do you think should get the start Monday? Stick with Mrazek or see if Mac can come out and be the hero? if we lose this series I’m putting a lot if it on Aho. He has contributed almost nothing and we need him now more than ever to be the guy who gets us a couple of goals in a big game. I dont care about an injury, the 2006 Canes had multiple injured players who got shots of cortisone before games and went our and battled and won and scorer goals. I haven't even really seen Aho in the last month. Step up kid.
  7. watching Brind'amours presser a few minutes ago, He looks really down and frustrated. Maybe he hates interviews. I think he is pretty nervous about not having his 3 toughest guys and secondary goal scorers. Guys got to step up and Mrazek has to be brilliant to win this series. As far as letting Ferls go this summer, I would love to get him signed for 3.5-4mil. Don't forget what a healthy Ferland brings to the table. 20goals, huge hits, fight wins, and keeps our smaller guys a little safer. We haven't had that in years. It was great being a tough team this year, haven't seen it in so long, and look at where are, the playoffs winning games.
  8. Has there been any talk of Ferland possibly coming back tomorrow? I figured he was 2-3 weeks minimum with that shoulder. He is probably at the point where he is going to play a little differently and favor that shoulder which wouldn't be great.
  9. And for the record if Foegs gets suspended than we 100percent know the league is on the Caps side and doesn't want to upset Ovechkin. Dude gave him a shove and he goes down and gets hurt. That hit was about a 3 out of 10 compared to whats been going on this series. And O*****kin has laid quite a few way dirtier hits than that this series. Sorry you lost your balance Oshie, next time be expecting someone is going to check you when your on the puck tough guy.
  10. Loved seeing Ovie throw a baby tantrum when Oshie was hurt. Poor little guy upset one of his teammates went down and will be out? Awwwwww, cry for me baby O*****kin. I'm extremely concerned about our depleted line up that may be even worse for Saturday. I mean crap, who is left? Staal, Aho, TT, Nino? Our D can hold them down but we need goals from those 4 guys and maybe a defenseman or two if we are gonna do this. Maybe Martinhook comes back? Maybe Foegle doesn't get suspended? Svech? I know Ferland won't be back for a long while. Every time he lays a hit he leaves the game for two weeks. Just hoping Marty and Foegs are in for Saturday at this point.
  11. Game over, dont deserve to be in the playoffs with this play. Yeah im ******.
  12. This is going to be great. You can bet Ovi,Wilson, and Orpik are going to come out running at guys trying to deflate us early. We need Ferland, Mcginn, Martinhook and Svech to come out running at guys harder like we did in Boston. We won he tough guy match up against Boston which I never thought I would see. Now we have to do the same with Washington and than hope Mrazek is on fire. It's going to be intense.
  13. Danimal38

    2019 Playoffs

    Guessing Slavin and Ferland will be assigned to Ovechicken. We need Mrazek to stand on his head, Slavin-Pesce to to be on top of their games, and AHO and TT to come back to life with some goals. This will be hard, especially after knowing we couldn't beat Caps or TB all year. I feared them the most. But hey, we all know the Canes are always the underdogs int he playoffs and have always either made the ECF or SCF.
  14. Danimal38

    2019 Playoffs

    seriously? didn't John call the 2006 playoffs for us? I hope they certainly let us have our guy if we get past the first round. Speaking of, this is gonna be tough. We are extreme underdogs.
  15. Thank you Justin Williams. You and Rod made this happen. JW brought the fan base with the storm surge, and RB taught the boys how not to accept losing.
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