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  1. So J Willy has now won 3 games for the team since his return. Wow. our record would most likely be very different if he did not come back. Best Hurricane ever.
  2. Or him bending, reaching and leaning when he defends or fore checks instead of moving his feet and using his body. You will always be 3 steps behind in the NHL if you do that crap. Or taking a shot and than taking 3 seconds to look up in the air and pout about it not going in, meanwhile you missed the bus there is already another play going on while you pout. He must be doing something different though in Minn, he has been producing at a high rate over there.
  3. Well this is the first time I can remember us 11 games over .500 midseason since.............................maybe 2006 or somethin. And we are still only 1 point into the wild card spot. Just our luck, we finally get good and so did everyone else.
  4. Being a Canes fan the last 6 weeks is like going to the casino. Win 4 in a row lose 3 in a row, win 3 in a row lose 2 in a row. At least we are slightly up but dang metro is too good this year we might miss the playoffs with this streakiness. Streaky streaky, gonna need to stay 9-10 above .500 to make it this year
  5. The best news of the weekend is the bounce back from Reims and Mrazek after a shaky December for both. They both have the ability to take us all the way. Rough stretches will happen with any goaltender, its a hard job. Its all about bouncing back and having more good stretches than rough ones. Great to see even though both were shaky we still got some wins in December because its a team game and guys stepped up and got it done when the goaltending was mediocre Havent been able to say that in 10 yrs
  6. Reimer very shaky, his confidence was horrible, I think he checked behind him after every shot. Reminded me of that one goaltender we used to have when you would have to grit your teeth every shot because it was probably going to go in. Still manged to pull the win out because we have offense that can get it done this year. I'm not ready to get rid of him just yet but lets hope he recovers back to form. Almost ready to see Ned if goal tending stays shaky.
  7. This team has got me nervous. I don't like the streakiness. I don't like that when we do win it's a high scoring game on both sides. Defense and Goaltending has got to come around, we can't keep hoping for 5 plus goals every game. At least we have offense this year for the most part. The pieces are there and the coach is there. Not sure whats missing. And J. Staal man, where is he at lately? Doing that slow bend over and reach for the puck thing that his brother did the last couple years instead of moving his feet and going at it 110percent. hopefully just a rough few weeks and we get back to .700 hockey now.
  8. Lets end this streaky crap and start winning more consistently boys. I like the 3-4 game winning streaks but when they are followed up 2-3 game losing streaks you don't gain much ground or confidence. Light up the Bolts and embarrass them like we dd at the beginning of the season and held them to no shots for a full period. Lets Go Canes!
  9. Right on, If Forslund is talking about it than it's happening. John would never spread a rumor unless he knew it was true. I mean guys like Roddy, J. Staal, Forslund probably keep in touch with J. Williams on the regular and have known this is happening for a while.
  10. If not announced today than Elliot Friedman loses a lot of credibility with his rumor announcements and I believe nothing about Williams returning. So far hasn't it only been Friedman that announced anything and the rest of the NHL ran with it?
  11. Wow. Feels good to be a gangsta.
  12. All of these stats make me happy, however, seeing that we are tied for #5 on the power play at Xmas time is amazing. It's been a long long time. I mean really long since the PP wasn't the weakest part of the team that we constantly discussed and hated.
  13. Ahhh, feels good when everyone on the team is living up to there full potential and expectations........Well except for the captain who looks like he will finish the year with 9 goals. But he's not a bad player to have on the ice, just has no offense left in him I guess.
  14. I knew all the Reimer hate would be reversed once he won a few games. Right now he has better numbers on the season then Mraz. Still want to trade asap haters??
  15. But we loved these 3 forwards in the playoffs last year.....remember? Can't pull the trigger that fast on trades because of a losing streak. All 3 of those guys are low point producers and always will be. Staal is faceoffs,defense, and penalty kill. The other 2 are 3rd and 4th liners who score clutch goals now and than and play hard. They will all get their 14-18 goals this season. They are not the big problem right now. lousy goal tending for the last week, with defensive break downs and little to no goal scoring from Aho, TT, Nino, Dzingel, Haula(injured) are the problem. 8million dollar man has to start leading the offense and putting them in. Svech and Haula are the only 2 forwards doing their job of scoring pretty consistently.
  16. This has to end tonight. 5 in a row would reset us back to being exactly like every team we hated for the last 10years. Cmon guys, don't pull a 2015 Canes on us. You gave us so much hope in the beginning, that good feeling can't be gone already. is it? Need Mrazek to be stellar and 4 goals to be scored tonight. lately the goaltending is letting us down at the same time the scoring has slowed. bad combination.
  17. Yeah maybe no J Willy and Martinhook in the room. Still you'd think they would remember what it took last year that Willy taught them.
  18. Meh, just a couple losses, no big deal. We will be fine. When it becomes 4-5 in a row than I'll join the OMG whats wrong with this team commitee. Until than, 2 and 3 game losing streaks will happen to every team in the league a few times this season.
  19. Sooooo, who’s Abby? Asking for a friend. Dang. Lets go Canes
  20. whoa! The sky is falling already? I thought we were great? What happened? Everything will be fine, tough west coast road trip followed by a one week break and an OT loss. No biggy.
  21. Need everyone to start contributing on offense. Haula and Hamilton cannot carry this team! Help em out 1st line! Lets go Canes, ready to see this team firing on all calibers.
  22. Whoa, never give an extension because of a 9 game hot streak. dude could end the season with 18goals. Maybe around Feb/March evaluate that extension.
  23. My take away from these first three games, is the same thing that I saw in the playoffs. Last season. Rod has our team so conditioned, that when most teams start slowing down a little at the end of the second and third, and we get a Second wnd and than a third wind that nobody can keep up with. than we take over the game. It’s a combination of the right players with the right coach, and Rod knowing what to do in order to win NHL games in 2019. be better conditioned than the other guys and have the skill to beat them.
  24. Ha ha ha, first time in a long time we get to feel this way at the beginning of the season. Ha ha ha. Yeah boyzzzz
  25. With a 2-0 start a loss today against the leagues top team would be quickly forgiven. However I think the Canes have other plans. A win today makes even more of a statement to the league, division, conference. It's early but this start is really important. Lets do the impossible and start 3-0 with two wins against top teams that always beat us in years past. Absolutely love all the new guys, Edmunson, Gardiner, Haula, Dzingle, and Reimer. Perfect additions.
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