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  1. If Ward's "A" game is allowing 4 goals in the 1st period, or letting a goal in the last 11 seconds of the 3rd period (all within the last week) i don't want this "A" player on team. not sure what game you were watching - maybe highlights from the last stanley run - or listening to that idiot Trip Tracey! did you see the rematch - Gerber vs Ward - a few weeks ago??? check the stats - they don't lie
  2. should have traded Wallen and Hedican, a pair of turnover captains - at least Commodore has scored a couple of goals - and trading Stillman (a producer) for some injured guy that has been out most of the season?? what the hey is Rutherford thinking?? we need a goaltender more than anything - Gerber, Irbe carried us to the cup and then we get rid of both for rookies Weeks and Ward? why does Jimmy think we can skimp on one of the most key spots on the team! you cannot win games when you have to score 5 goals to tally a win, and when your goalie is like Swiss cheese and setting records, like most (3) shorthanded goals, and letting 3 out 5 shots go in the cage, etc - come on! wake up and PULL THE GOALIE! maybe Rutherford has given up young girls for young boys? sorry - i'm lost for reasoning in some of these deals! anyway - glad Commodore and Stillman will get to enter in the cup run!
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