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  1. You can criticize all the players you want but the bottom line is Hockey is a team sport and alot of that is based on confidense and momentum. You lose or lack in just one of those areas and everyones game goes to crap. What seperates the good teams from the great teams are the ones who are able to fix the problem and bounce back from it. The Canes need to regroup and get that confidense they had earlier in the season. Until then no trade is going to work. Anyone who has played hockey or any sport for that matter knows when you lack confidense and start doubting yourself or your teamates then nobody playes well. Carolina is in that situation now and they need to fix it. Its not from a lack of talent. The talent is their they just need to regain their confidense and chemistry back
  2. Funny that same player Staal won the AllStar MVP this year. Oh thats right he sucks and hasnt done crap since the cup. HMMM looks like its not the player that has problems its the team. Also the Canes were doing just fine earlier in the season until Williams got hurt. Seems to me its not the players ITS CALLED A DROUGHT!!!! every team goes through this. They just need to readjust and find their game again. We have all seen that they can play great this year they just need to find that chemistry again.
  3. unfortunatly its easy to criticize a goalie especially if you have never played goal before. I play goal in several leagues but I also play out occasionaly and trust me when I say this you can take the best goalie there is ( Broduer ) put him on a team with absolutly no defense whatso ever and he will also average 5 goals per game. Remember that puck has to get by 5 players before it gets to the goalie and the goalie cant do much if he cant see the puck or he has guys turning it over all the time or not covering the back door and clearing rebounds. Cam Ward is a great goalie and will only get better, but if he doesnt have defense in front of him or if he doesnt have confidence in his defense there is only so much he can do. If he doesnt have confidence in his defense then that means he has to completely change his style of play to offset the lack of defense, which means he will tend to anticipate plays more which in turn will lead to more mistakes. ITS A TEAM SPORT!!! Until he can have confidense in his D and concentrate on playing his game and not the Defenses game hes going to continue to have bad stats
  4. Wednsday FEBRUARY 13th HEADLINES!!! Joe Corvo scored 4 goals & 2 assists and Patrick Eaves scored 5 goals and 3 assists in their debut game for the newly revived Hurricanes as they pound the Boston Bruins 11-0 Looks like the Hurricanes are back. GOOOOOO CANES!!!! That would be SWEET!! LOL Dont Laugh it could happen. LOL
  5. Calm down I am not saying that LOL I am just stating his history. I hope he fits in well here. GOD knows we cant do much worse than we have lately LOL
  6. I will say this, I think the Canes staff for the most part have made smart and wise trades and decisions. I do have faith in them and am going to trust them and have faith that this move will work even if my gut tells me otherwise. Thats why they get paid the big bucks. LOL I think the Samsonov aquisition was good. I cant help but think there is more to this trade than just a 4 player swap. If Eaves gets healthy and proves a good replacement for Stillman then I think it will be an equal trade. But only time will tell. I would love to see this trade work out better than anyone expects and the team start clicking again and make a good playoff run and then re aquire Stillman. I am looking forward to seeing Corvo tomorrow night in Boston though. Should be interesting to see who he gets paired with.
  7. yes we need a puck moving defensman but do we need one at the expense of getting one who tends to turn the puck over and make a lot of mistakes in his own zone. It seems we are robbing peter to pay paul. We already have had problems with turnovers. I am no NHL coach and by no means an expert on running a team. But I just dont think this trade will help us as much as some think it will. Will it help? Absolutly!! but to the extent some think I dont think so. I hope I am wrong. We have a good team with some great players. And a great coaching staff and GM. I know any time you make a trade its a gamble. I hope the managment & coaching staff see something we dont.
  8. I am not saying this trade wont help us. But in my opinion Corvo for Commi is ok. But Stillman for Eaves is what I question. Atleast Stillman has produced this year. Eaves has been hurt. I know Eaves has some upside but its not going to help us now. I just think if you are going to give up a good D-man and a current 20+ goal scorer you should at the very least get something equal to that. I personaly feel like we could have gotten better
  9. Obviously Ottawa will not be able to sign both Stillman and Commodore after the season ends with all the money they already have tied up in their top players. But what are the chances that Carolina will be able to keep Corvo & Eaves as well as re sign Stillman in the offseason? Will we have the cap space? I am new to this message board but been a Canes fan since they were here in Greensboro. I do not like trading Stillman for Eaves considering Eaves hasnt done anything this year due to being injured. If JR is able to keep these 2 guys and re sign Stillman in the offseason I would say this is a great deal but as it is now I think we are getting screwed.
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