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  1. I know some of the fans in Carolina was screaming for trades, etc and that but think of how the fans in Ottawa are. Every other night the team is in last place in the east. The team looks good on paper but when they are out in a game it is a whole different story. Lets hope for Christmas Santa brings both teams some better luck!
  2. As someone from Ottawa who has seen how Eaves can play I can see how those of you in Carolina think he hasn't done anything really. It is too bad because man when he was 100% healthy and playing the way he can he was amazing. Not afraid to get in there and get dirty. He would sit infront of the net and get his goals that way most of the time and getting under the goalies skin. He was great at drawing penalties from the other teams. I am surprised that he was mentioned as trade bait since Rutherford said in an interview he has wanted Eaves since before Ottawa drafted him in 2003.
  3. The Sens usually play some kind of game at the end of warm up if you watch, it is usually the last guy to get the puck into the net that has to pick up all the pucks in the net.
  4. As a Sens fan I have seen what Eaves can do, once it finds his game you will all see what he can do. He will dig, dig, dig, not give up, get a goal here and there. He has the heart for the game big time.
  5. Thanks everyone! I figured perhaps a mistake was made on the game summary which I posted in my original post.
  6. I can't wait to see how Patty preforms when it comes back 100% healthy. I have seen how he can play when he is healthy and the heart and drive that he has is just amazing. He plays bigger then he is and is always willing to give it his all. Just wish he was still playing here in Ottawa. I am going down to Carlina for a week sometime in the fall and hope to get in a few Canes games.
  7. Patrick Eaves - Audi RS4 Bright Blue - very sweet car!
  8. These are in no particular order: Flyers, Ducks, Leafs.
  9. I know here in Ottawa some of the players will workout at the rink while there is a game on. Or they will workout and do conditioning for part of the game and then go to the pressbox.
  10. Another name to add to the list of good players drafted in 2003, Patrick Eaves!!!!
  11. I am planning on making a trip down next season with a friend. We are planning on going down for a week and take in a few games. Loved watching the game today I was super excited and I was really excited when Eaves got his goal!!! Sure made me smile.
  12. I was wondering when someone was going to mention Mike Fisher! I would have to say he gets my vote. He has the drive and is always determined to give 110%. He can score, skate, be defensive, hit and if he needs to be the tough guy every so often who will drop the gloves.
  13. I am glad that Patty is bouncing back into the type of player he was here in Ottawa before his injury. Before he had the first shoulder injury he was one of the Sens best players and was on track to have a 20 goal or more season until the separation. I can't wait to see how he does over the years with the Canes. I will be cheering him on. He is one of those players that has the passion and is willing to always give 110%.
  14. That is funny that you comment about the whole tongue thing. I notices it a long time ago when he first came to Ottawa. There was that and something else with his mouth he would do. He is so darn cute. Miss him lots. I can't wait until Sun to be able to watch the Canes play the Sens!!
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