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  1. If they think he can play at this level, let him get some experience. Sid was tiny when he came in, I know, I know he was the next what and what ever but if JR is confident in this kid I dont see what the harm would be. Especial with Rod going down now we need another center on this team, I wouldent mind seeing him run a few shifts on the fourth line.
  2. We need more Casey Borer love going on in here he had a great game... He was very effective on the penalty kill, and single handedly stopped a few odd man rushes playing great containment. Not to mention he schooled Malkin on a breakaway, for that play alone he deserves the player of the game. A kid comming up from the minors with little NHL experience and stopping the games hottest player on a break away...are you kidding me. What a game! Major Props to the first line for playing with such intensity, and the boys from Albany stepping in from the minors to play the second place team in the East and showing they can play at this level. Mormina some sick hits, the one he had on a one on one situation where he just dismantled his guy was sick. Frank was more than effective on the powerplay and a key to our success tonight, if he can play like he did tonight alittle more consistantly on the power play we will have two awesome blue line captains for our power play with the addition of Corvo. I was realy impressed with our intensity tonight, even though Brookbank got his butt kicked against Laraque. Im usualy very critical of Wallins play but tonight he had a very solid game and realy impressed me. Glenn Wesley showed intensity I have seen from an old man in awhile and put the icing on the cake with a SICK hit (and bull... interference call) and then a nice follow up hit on the little Staal when he tryed to throw a quick shoulder. The youth this team is sporting is realy impressive, and makes me alittle bit easier about the future.
  3. your NY Giant defense line beat a good Patriot offensive line and made the "great" Tom Terrific look average... Hockey is a team game, just like football. Thats all I have to say about that.
  4. Ive been telling my buddy for quite some time we need a new goal tending coah to help Cam mature and if you look at his production over the last couple of games you can see drastic improvment. If we can shore up our defense and add some more youth to the equation I think you will realy see him flourish. Im sorry but Wallin has had a terrible season, every game I have watched this season Wallin has looked lost or sluggish. It dosent help Cams confidence when our Blue liners are taking stupid penilties or not hustling on broken plays. Good Defense creates scoring opportunities as well, dont belive me watch the Detroit Red wings. Kaberle, Wallin, Hedican, Wesley are all nearing the latter half of their 30s, Gleason, Brookbank, and now Corvo are our youngest defensemen with Brookband and Corvo in their early 30s. We need more youth on our Blue line. This is a young players NHL where speed can sometimes out weigh savvy, were fortunate to have a young up and commer in Borer but beyond Casey were severly lacking in young defensmen.
  5. I think this is an awsome trade and here is why... Age: Stillman is 35 nearing the end, and we get a 23 year old winger who despite some injury concern has alot of upside. Commodore (28) we swaped for Corvo (31) but we have alot of youth on Defense waiting in the wings with a great prospect in Casey Borer. Production: Corvo is a +13 opposed to Commodores +2...granted you cant buy into +/- to much it does speak volumes for production and Commodore has a knack for taking costly penalties (74 min as opposed to Corvos 18min) We have a pretty sound group of inforcers on our team with Brookbank and Walker not shy dropping the gloves and Gleason is starting to get into it alittle bit. Plus I dont know about most of you but seeing Commodore slide as of late when our maturing Goal tender is realy stepping it up is unsettling. He was -3 vs the Devils and has been -1 or even in the last 5. On top of that he was lacksidasical in the Nashville game and ruined what I thought was one of Cams best performances of the season allowing a 3 on 1 odd man rush. Eaves has alot of upside and this trade reminds me alot of aquiring a "injury prone" Justin Williams from the Flyers. Eaves is 23, he just needs to bulk up alittle bit and he will do a much better job of staying healthy. Hes a Grinder who can skate and has pretty good hands...did I mention hes only 23. Stillman was a smart player that had a knack for the big play, oh game of of the buffalo series that OT goal was sick. But Stiller is starting to lose a step and his savvy isent enough to overcome the passage of time. At the age of 35 the body heals slower so injurys seem to linger, I think we have seen alot of that this season. Stillman started out the season Hot and as the grind of Hockey wore on him his production lopped off. I love Corey and what he did for our team but seeing some youth on this roster is very refreshing. Losing one vetern scorer is not that big of a deal for a team that boasts so many veteren forwards. Overall: The Sens are making a cup run and just the like the canes in 06 are aquiring the veteran peices they need to be legitimate contenders. The Canes however are in a position where they can afford to sacrafice alittle experience because they are desperate for youth. Both Stillman and Commodore will do great in Ottowa and I think both Eaves and Corvo will fit nicely in Carolina. Corvos skill matchs our offense alot better than Ottowas and I think Commodore is the hard nose defender the Sens have been longing for. All the while Eaves provides youth to one of the oldest rosters in the league while Stillman ads some Savvy to a team with very few rings.
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