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  1. Its actually Joe "Uh Oh" Corvo. "Oh No" works too though. You'll see...
  2. Hey man, we get *edited* enough already on our sales taxes (and every other gratuitous tax), have a heart!! Go Sens PS: The Sens already sells red wigs in their gift shop at the arena and they are like 25$. So make me an offer if you want to get rid of yours I wonder if next time I go they will be 40$...
  3. I hear you (about being not as sound as everyone thinks). I figured as much - guys who are really great at their positions tend to make more then 1.3 a year and not get traded for 3rd round draft picks. That being said, he still logged the most ice time on your D from what I've read, and he still brings something we don't have at all on our back end - size. Hopefully the trade rejuvanates everyone involved for both clubs. ALSO, when teams are struggling (this is directed at your untimely pinches comments), sometimes people try and do too much. Hopefully in Ottawa he won't be relied on at all for offence, and he can simplify his game and just provide a tough, physical presence. I'll sure miss Corvo, but it seemed like his days were numbered in Ottawa with the constant trade rumours. And after hearing he wanted to go to an American team, this trade makes even more sense from our perspective. Good on him to suck it up though and play decently, and not whine. Like I said he'll be missed. Anyways we're happy, you guys seem happy, so everyone's happy it seems. Good stuff. As for Redden being our whipping boy, sounds like he's our Commodore to me if you know what I mean. Hopefully Commodore isn't as bad as you guys think. Sometimes certain players just fit well with certain teams (Patrick Sharp anyone?)
  4. Haha, yah, I think I can post maturely here. Carolina isn't one of my hated teams, and you guys seem to be enthusiastic and know what you are talking about. And (I believe) we both really dislike Buffalo? That's a start of a beautiful co-existence I think!
  5. Greetings to our neighbours in the south... I've read most of the posts in this forum and wanted to dispel a few rumours and inconsistencies, as well as the reasons for the trade (some of you seem to think we were robbed!) First off, I have to say that this is a trade that is great for both teams for different reasons. In Corvo you are going to get a smooth skating, puck moving defenceman with a laser beam shot. This guy is a powerplay specialist in every sense of the word. That's the first thing I wanted to address, we (the fans) DID NOT want this guy out of town. He has been on the trade block forever in the papers, but this is generally not the fans, at least no one I've talked to's, attitude. I personally think his defensive game is really lacking, but he makes up for it in other aspects of the game. The reason we needed him off the books is simply what we currently have, and will have in the future. To start, on the power play we currently have Wade Redden and Andrei Mezaros, both of whom are in the same mold as Corvo and both posses a good shot themselves. Next year we have Brian Lee coming up, another "Wade Redden" type defenceman who is supposedly a smooth skating power play QB type of guy. Clearly, we don't need 3-4 of these (4 if Redden stays which is doubtful). Corvo was making 2.7 as you guys know, and that's just too much on our team for what basically amounts to a #4-5 defenceman (5 when everyone's healthy). Don't get me wrong, he's a really, really underrated player who I think most fans appreciated. However, if you follow the (Sens) news, we've been trying to move Redden all year, and he's now twice refused to waive his no trade clause, so unfortunately Corvo became the expendable one. Be happy Canes fans, he's good (except on the D end but you guys seem to have enough stay at homers). In Patrick Eaves you are getting a young player who I definitely was sad to see go, but having said that for us he is replaceable. In the Sens' (undisputed) top 4 you have Spezza, Alfie, Heatley and Fisher. After that I'd probably say Vermette is the most skilled player and then it would have been Eaves - if he could stay healthy! (which is key here). The fact of the matter is Eaves is expendable because we have Nick Foligno coming up who pretty much plays the exact type of game, a crash and bang style, that Eaves brought. Both have skills around the net getting the garbage goals and both have a youthful enthusiasm that you just love to see. I really liked Eaves, but he too was expendable. Lets face it, you can go to the UFA market for guys who score 10-20 goals. In bringing in Stillman and Commodore we are gaining SEVERAL things that we didn't have just yesterday. If any of you follow the Sens, at least in a passing interest, you I'm sure noticed 3 things in the last couple of weeks: 1) our defence is really soft - we did not have a "banger", someone who is tough to play against in front of the net 2) with Heatley and Alfredsson out of the lineup, we had absolutely no secondary scoring. I think we scored something like 5 goals in 3 games, could have been even less. Stillman will definitely help out in this respect. You guys seem to think he's either washed up, or has lost his step or whatever, but from my experience a few things seem to happen when guys get traded to Ottawa - USUALLY (see Tyler Arnason for the exception) they elevate their games and have career highs or at least are better when they are here vs their old teams (see Chara, Yashin, Havlat, Hossa, Heatley, etc). This is not a diss to other teams, but we do seem to have luck in that respect. The ONLY player I can think of that ever was better on another team was Pavol Demitra... and that was a long time ago. As for Commodore, you guys seem to think he was terrible. Now I admit that I don't know too much about him (and the fact that he was traded to you for a 3rd round pick sends off alarm bells!), but I think he will be exactly what we need. WAAY too often I see Wade Redden being bullied and tossed around, and usually Mezaros (now HIM I wish you would have taken LOL) just standing there. I expect to see teams give him a lot more respect with Commodore there. They also are 2 western farm boys, and I'm hoping that they form instant chemistry, although you never know. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my novel I really truly believe this is one of those rare trades that both teams "won". We (management anyways) have been trying to dump Corvo's contract for a year now, and that's finally done. We basically gave up Eaves, who, although has potential - its just that - potential. He's probably never going to score 30, but I can see him getting 20 a couple years for sure. I really liked watching him. But, as I stated above, he was expendable because his role is going to be filled next year by a bigger, hopefully more durable player. So it sounds like you got what you wanted, and so did we. Thanks! And one last thing, I know 99% of you are saying Stillman is definitely coming back, but honestly I wouldn't count your chickens... I admit that I know nothing about his love for your city or whatever, but his family is from Peterborough, he apparently knows several players on this team, and honestly... who wouldn't want to play for a contender? Not a diss to you guys, I really don't understand what's went wrong with your team since you won the cup, but we've signed guys before who were supposedly "definitely" going back to the place we "rented" them from (Smolinski is the example I can think of). So you never know... Take care and good luck making the playoffs! I hope we don't face you in round 1, we'll have a couple of very motivated players to shut down...
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