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  1. Essentially, the Canes have to win 2 out of 3 games every week, for the remainder of the season. This would be the equivalent of winning 10 of the remaining 16 without needing to go on a multi-game win streak. Although this is a tall task, it can be done and has been done by this team, periodically, throughout this season. The key is to win at home. We have exactly 10 home games remaining. This team is young and needs the support of the fans if there is ANY chance of making the playoffs. I've been to several games recently and must admit that I was disappointed in both the attendance and the lack of "urgency" from the crowd. The fan support has always been a difference maker for the Canes. I do not like MO, I think our defensive system stinks, plus a laundry list of other complaints I could make. However, the only thing I can do about it is show up each night and give the Canes as much energy as possible. So that's what I will do. Let's Go Canes!
  2. Well, it is too late now to truly rest Wardo. Only 18 games remaining and every one of them has playoff implications. When you look around the league, the goalies with elite numbers (save %, wins, etc) have started about 45 games this season. Ward leads the league at 57 starts. The more telling stat is SAVES. Ward is getting NO DEFENSIVE HELP from his teammates. He leads the league in saves at 1693. This is an INSANE number compared to the league average, which is hundreds less. The other 5 guys on the ice need to actually block some shots, play their defensive positions, and win some faceoffs. That's about all the help Cam's going to get.
  3. Joni Charmin-en...he's the softest around.
  4. Just spoke to a co-worker who is Buffalo today. He was sitting in a Starbucks this morning, when in walks Hedican, Kaberle, and Cullen. He asked Cullen personally if he was "okay". Cullen says he is just fine and ready to play in tomorrow night's game. IMO- It was a clean hit, but given our propensity to injuries this season, I was certainly holding my breath. Let's go Canes!!
  5. Dear Captain, our thoughts and prayers are with you today for a safe and speedy recovery. Caniac nation is a sad nation today, as you will be sorely missed for the remainder of this season. We know that you will be back on the ice (and in the weight room) as soon as possible. God Bless, CaniacChris66
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