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  1. gocanes0506

    In-season trades and player moves

    Let’s back off the ledge. I get the anti TD crowd has come out in droves since we haven’t improved drastically in one offseason but, TD has made the statements to say Aho will be here. Also it is in Aho’s best insterest to wait to sign. At worst he is looking at a 6 x 7 million deal if he makes 60 points this season, using Nylander as his comp. If he gets it to 80+, he can use draisaitl as his comp 8 x 8.5 deal). Better for him. Its in our best interest to wait for the offseason to re-sign Turbo. We need more evidence to decide what to offer him.
  2. gocanes0506

    In-season trades and player moves

    Doubt they would take on his salary. They don’t like to spend money.
  3. gocanes0506

    In-season trades and player moves

    I bet Zona packs in a goes for a good pick.
  4. gocanes0506

    In-season trades and player moves

    Im guessing we are utilizing the 30 day waiver window to use him as a backup for Mrazek. McE is close to ready but not quite there. Instead of Ned sitting around, they’ll leave that to the 16 million dollar AHLer.
  5. gocanes0506

    In-season trades and player moves

    Darling coming back to town
  6. gocanes0506

    Checkers Talk 2018/19 Season

    Video of the last 3 goals Schlikey scored 2 (not shown) Bean Poturalski Carrick in OT (nice pass from Necas)
  7. gocanes0506

    Checkers Talk 2018/19 Season

    Necas had 3 assists tonight to give him 20 points in 22 games, 20 points in his last 18 games, and 7 assists in his last 2. Helvig saw his first AHL action in relief of Darling who started.
  8. Ah. Reading is fundamental. Yep gotcha.
  9. I thought we wore darks this whole road trip. I’ve lost sleep watching these games so, I could be wrong.
  10. Craziest first goal I’ve seen
  11. I would like to see him as well. Roy had a goal and 3 assists tonight. Doesn’t always translate. Checkers won 7-4. Roy & Poturalski scored in the third. Necas got another assist, 4 for the night. Darling stopped 20 of 24. .833 sv percentage.
  12. Goodness our 2nd line is McGinn Rask PDG. 🤮 Martinook on the 1st as well? Could be a rough night.
  13. Carrick scored with 13 seconds left. 5-3 end of the 2nd.
  14. Darling doing Darling things so far. He has stopped 13 of 16. Charlotte 4-3, late 2nd. Necas has 3 assists. Kuokkanen has 2 goals Schlikey scored on the PP. McKegg has the other goal. correction the changed the Necas goal scoring.
  15. gocanes0506

    In-season trades and player moves

    Well we know how they feel about Darling. Ned is recalled. Helvig called up to Charlotte. Not good that Ned had to be called up though.