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  1. It’ll be interesting. Players will want to play as many games as possible to earn as much pay as they can and at the same time not take years off their career.
  2. We can’t creep into the Olympics. So that will force us into a regular schedule the following season. They plan to cram as many games as they can between January and April with playoffs is the assumed plan. Carrying 22-23 players will be a necessity. They will be playing so often guys will need to rotate out.
  3. Sorry. I can’t count. Bokk maybe. I guess we count Lorentz as the 7th.
  4. This is the down and dirty of the situation. Waddell said Chicago is different in that they will help foot some of the bill of AHL veterans (who I would presume is our preferred call up targets). This idea is beneficial to us in a few ways. 1. we can leave prospects in Europe longer before bringing them over and starting their ELCs (also no transfer fees!), cheaper for us with veterans, prospects in Chicago have some mentors, and we arent wasting precious development time being an extra / 8 minute TOI, 12th forward in Raleigh. We will see a very heavy veteran team this season because we have 7 prospects in Bean, Keane, Ned, David Cotton, Smallman and Mattheos in the AHL. That is it. Prospects will begin flooding the scene this coming April / whenever the CHL and Euro leagues end with Suzuki, Rees, Bokk, Sellgren, etc coming in to join the AHL affiliate. I think we will see a Chicago roster in 21-22 that is at least 10 prospects deep.
  5. Its flipped. The FO wants Svech locked up long term but I don’t think we will offer the money to entice him. So, he is going to want a bridge deal to bet on himself. A three year bridge makes the most sense but the timing of the contract doesn’t. Unless we sign to a 3 year with full commitment that we extend him before his 3rd year is over. Or committed to extending Aho / Turbo before their are up.
  6. They said December 4th but folks have speculated it will get pushed into January
  7. We can bring European folks that are on loan without a transfer fee. I doubt that anyone is brought over until camp is known. AHL probably gets pushed back as well.
  8. Sign Devin Shore to a 1 year, 2 way deal. A former Panthers 2nd round pick from 2009. He played in the KHL and Swiss league for the last 3 seasons.
  9. Nordstrom was always a great 4th line player and good to watch. Too bad we asked him to play more than that.
  10. Couple of interviews with Bokk with him being transferred to SHL (his previous league) He has gotten about 6 minutes of ice time in his first two games. That could be expected with him joining them just 2 weeks ago. He is getting scoring chances. Some points: He fully expects to be in Carolina's camp and wants to play in the NHL this season. He understands that he is on loan and that it is best for him to keep playing. Coaches are asking him to take control of the puck and create. He was training with the German national team before coming to Sweden. Germany has a worse situation with COVID and never trained with the whole team. He is working on driving the net harder and becoming stronger with the puck. one of the Bokk interviews
  11. I think we’ll see a 2 year bridge for Svech. I don’t think the front office wants to pay a winger more than their franchise center. So, Svech will bet on himself and want a bridge deal. 2 year makes the most sense for the organization. Gardiner’s and Staal’s contracts will be done at the same time, it will be before Aho’s & Turbo’s deals are up, will save enough for us to fix our contracts before giving him big money, and we will have control of him through 31 years of age, his best years.
  12. a zoomed in look at the hit, I like. one of the big hits for Nikishin. Teams stayed away from drafting him because of his condition but he was a 1st/2nd round talent. We’ll see how it works out. his goal and hit
  13. Yes 4, finally cleared. Goal, a couple of highlight hits.
  14. Winnipeg would block our number. Gardiner isnt worth a buyout but he has very little value. Winnipeg is wanting Pesce and Necas for a return.
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