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  1. Rod said today, Hamilton will decide if he plays. They will ask him in 4-5 days and see if he is ready.
  2. our expansion draft really depends on this off-season. First thing we have to do: sign Booth to a 2 year extension so that we have a goalie to expose. After that: Do we move a winger or two (i.e. Dzingle and Nino) if we can. Do we go the leagues absolute best D by re-signing Vatanen? Then requiring us to move Fleury and Bean for futures maybe one is a capable 2LW that matches our style. Johnsson, who should be healthy in January, would be a good cheap option and we could move Bean and Fleury for futures exclusively. Basically we roll into the expansion draft with Slavin, Pesce, and Skjei protected and Hamilton as an unprotected UFA. Then tell Seattle, you pick one of Gardiner and Vatanen. It wouldnt really matter who they choose as we still have the league's best defense. Maybe we give them a small kicker to take Gardiner over Vatanen as Vatanen would be a better partner for Keane. I think the MGMT team is going to stock and up and let them choose what they want and not be overly concerned as we will have a strong team left. They dont want to turn into Florida or one of the other teams that had to pay Vegas to take a contract that made them look foolish.
  3. If the Zona, CLB, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Chicago all win and Toronto, Edmonton, and Pittsburgh don’t win the lottery (please be Minnesota, please, please). 1. Minnesota 2-8. in stone 9. Jets 10. NYR 11. Panthers 12. Nashville 13. Toronto (goes to us) 14. Oilers 15. Pittsburgh Who between 9-12 takes Askarov? Nashville, maybe. They need offense though. Could Askarov slip to 13? This is the best case scenario for it to happen. also would guarantee our pick is no better than 22.
  4. Tbh it will be very interesting to see how the expansion draft is handled by Francis and Co. They will inundated with requests to take on cap dumps from half the league because of the flat cap. Does Ronnie do that with a decent amount of the roster in an effort to grow his farm system? Then make the good roster decisions after? or does he ignore the requests and just build his roster through smart choices?
  5. Professional time (AHL or NHL) except when your contract can slide because it technically doesn’t count (how Necas is exempt). Bean will exhaust his ELC by the time the draft happens.
  6. Unless our protected list is Bean, Slavin, pesce we cannot protect him. The mgmt team would look mighty silly trading a first rounder in a deeeep draft to turn around and lose him in the expansion draft.
  7. Well it one that dumped was for good reason: Fox: wasn’t playing here Faulk: wasnt close to worth what he was asking for (see 16-18 and 19-20 Faulk). Priskie: we had to give up some value to get Trocheck We will move Bean before we lose him for nothing.
  8. Not being there makes the delay. The announcers cant see the pass recipient until the camera moves. At a live game he can see it before we TV viewers do.
  9. I saw floating around it was tweeked groin or hip flexor. Not sure if that is true.
  10. I would say they give Hamilton as much rest as possible. May even see them sit Necas tomorrow. They can always work him in slow during a game one of a series. Might be paired with Slavin but will probably play the least amount of minutes of the 6 defenders.
  11. I would bet that he comes back after the Rangers series. He is skating with the team.
  12. TVR is already sitting. More than likely it will be Fleury which is unfortunate. He is better than Edmundson but Rod and Co love Edmundson. He was one of only two players to play 20 minutes today. Also the team cant kill the value of Gardiner and Skjei.
  13. http://fans.hurricanes.nhl.com/community/forum/143-playoff-gameday/
  14. One more win!!! And we have the advantage tomorrow with all of our depth.
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