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  1. I think they have just quit
  2. Typically this game has late goal by the other team written all over it.
  3. They don’t play again for 9 days
  4. We’ll have to disagree on this one. His passing is very underrated, imo.
  5. Maybe he is expecting someone to be in the empty ice. If he was playing with some offensive linemates, it might not look so bad.
  6. A lot of O zone time but little as far as chances or putting pressure on them
  7. Canes aren’t giving a lot to be excited about right now KK donuts by a mile DD coffee by a good distance which is more important?
  8. Kaski took over for Priskie on the top line. We would probably see Kaski before Priskie.
  9. a run needs to happen tonight. do we put Gardiner on the top line with Slavin and tell the man, do it or we look elsewhere? Will we? no. We can't put Pesce and Slavin together. Slavin and TVR? Give me Williams on the the 4th line and let Nino sit a night.
  10. The “it” is coming to the ice ready to play which leads to a lack of effort and slow starts. It a personal thing among each player with leadership across the organization not holding them accountable. it is the theme of Rod’s pressers and Sara’s write ups.
  11. The team doesn’t have “it“ this season. So far “it” is ready to play and constant effort. If you listen to Rod / read Sara that seems to be the most discussed thing. really disappointing. The voice of motivation must not be there.
  12. Not to self, do not watch against the metro. This team will end the night in head shaking fashion.
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