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  1. Sharks havent played since Sunday. We need to jump on them hard in the first period and then hold on for the ride.
  2. What does a yellow light mean? Slow down Whhhhatttt doooesss aaaaa yellooooow liiight mean?
  3. Reimer has played well enough to get the start.
  4. Having JW on the right side of Staal’s would be great. He would offer a right handed face off person that we need. The choosing the dot rule will make it tougher on us as we go on. Leadership is obvious. I would love him to come back but there are options at the deadline.
  5. My typical resting face. Also its is my version of the Big Brother from 1984. Always watching...
  6. It is a very nice problem to have. We are going to have another slug of young players coming in over the next calendar year. Gauthier, Bean, Priskie, Geekie, Kuok?, Sellgren, and Ned possibly. It will be hard to slow walk dudes in with that much young talent pushing for spots.
  7. SMH at the Taylor jokes from last night. The best comment was John. Tripp talked the banner and them covering it up. John was talking about seeing the fuss on social media. “I saw the news about the banner. It had my attention for 3 seconds.” Tripp was making it out the TS is a big Canes fan and watching from home.
  8. 1st- was strong in first minute and a half then was lucky to hold on to the tie. 2 iffy penalties called. 2nd- dominated by the Canes. I think their 2nd shot was a 200 foot one that they used to relieve pressure. Missed some good ones to make it a more comfortable lead. 3rd- back and forth. I don’t feel like LA threatened to score until 2 later penalties. Tbh, I blinked and we only had 7 minutes left. They may have been 2-3 whistles the first 13 minutes. Last 7 took the same amount of time as first 13. Ugly win is still a win.
  9. Necas is getting better. Oddly, I feel that he is getting the better of the 3 young forward opportunities. Necas gets PP2 time, plays a good amount of minutes, and on the best offensive line. Svech gets minutes, on PP1, and is handicapped with Staal(no offense) and McGinn. Gauthier got scant minutes and on a line with Wallmark and Foegele. Gauthier didnt look like preseason Gauthier but, he wasn’t given a lot of opportunities to shine. Ron slow plays rookies though. That is another discussion.
  10. It shouldn’t be overly complicated. Goaltending will be our one complication.
  11. Fleury has had a pretty good game I like Edmundson with Fleury and Gardiner and Pesce than the previous pairings.
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