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  1. Im not explaining that one. Just like I am not telling my wife either. Don’t need that guilt trip for the remaining of my life. also be careful googling her
  2. Man these bunch of jerks are so irritating that a porn star is throwing shade. Craziness.
  3. Wow. Tripp talking about Svech coming back. Then said if Ferland was available for game 7 he wouldn’t be in my lineup. dont disagree. I keep in Maenalenan. He really irks those clowns.
  4. Too soon. Too soon. This is jinx level stuff.
  5. We broke one trend tonight with winning after giving up the first goal. We can bust another one game 7!
  6. Man this is fantastic. The only downer is with how garbage this craps team is, its going to get really chippy out there. A ton of cheap shots. More than normal.
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