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  1. The hill is getting steeper. Rangers aren’t stopping. We have to make up 6 points to with one magic bean.
  2. Yes he hadn’t officially started his professional career until this year because of the European slide rule.
  3. We don’t have to protect Necas. We can have enough cap space to sign/trade for a top 6 winger. Protect that person.
  4. Bean may get his shot next year. If so, I would hope we sign a league minimum righty defender to carry as #7. Yannik Weber or Luke Schenn come to mind. If Bean doesn’t perform then I can see it being Keane’s spot in 2021-22. If Bean does as well as expected, Fleury might be the incentive for Seattle to take Nino.
  5. @remkin edmundson needs to go. His style doesn’t fit the Canes. If all plays were scrums around the net then he’d be great. Then he “skates“ and cant well enough to cover our aggressive style. Gardiner needs to go. Fleury is showing he can handle our style. Its kinda sad someone has to be injured before Rod tests them regularly. Third pair right side? Vatanen will be expensive. Bean and a Fleury third pair? Not terrible but definitely one targeted by opposing teams.
  6. Edmundson-Gardiner 🤢🤮
  7. If Mrazek is delayed and Forsberg plays poorly our next game, I could see us reaching out to Anaheim for Miller.
  8. With the Pens’ 4th loss in a row, Metro 2-7 are within 8 points with 20 to go. Buckle up its going to be a roller coaster of emotions.
  9. It didn’t look like the fight was “violent” it looked like Sheppard happened to catch Kessy in the right place. Kessy is a big fighter. This wasn’t Sheppard picking on a non-fighter.
  10. At least the Wild are winning. Everyone else we watch is winning. Rangers are going to catch us and get our first, disgusting
  11. And this is why you don’t trade away unprotected 1st rounders.
  12. Edmundson your shot sucks, the stars are very tired, and you shoot a no chancer in the goalie. Fantastic
  13. Yeah im glad we gave a 1st for that. This guy is faulk
  14. If this is a goal its time for Forsberg. edit: still put in Forsberg
  15. This team thinks you have a chance then craps on you.
  16. This is expected though. This team is beyond frustrating. Watch them absolute dominate A team then the next game/ period they forgot how to play
  17. I still don’t know why we ever kept Edmundson. Cant wait for him to sit and then Gardiner
  18. Vaunted defense just got burnt. Edmundson. Cant skate
  19. I give the embellishment a 6. Needs to up his embellishment game
  20. Survived another dumb play by Gardiner and now a PK
  21. that would be a defense a little more expensive this season's. I am not sure we go that route.
  22. A defense of Slavin-Hamilton Skjei-Pesce Fleury-Vatanen in the playoffs could be something special granted we could get there.. Substitute Gardiner for Fleury when at home. Also, adding Vatanen in the mix will really help for March with our absurd amount of B2Bs. Skjei-Slavin Gardiner-Vatanen Fleury-TVR Edmundson in March
  23. Necas is our future 2C and one of our core going forward. He was about as untouchable as Svech. He already has the speed to be dangerous and has really come around on his defensive responsibilities. If he can put on about 10-15 more pounds of strength to be able to stay on his skates when hit, he'll become a force of nature.
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