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  1. CdH out 4-5 months with a shoulder injury.
  2. Not traded yet. Trade deal traction being made so its precautionary.
  3. Kopitar and Doughty have to hating their team situation right now. Kovy to be terminated. The Kings will have 11 million in dead cap space between Kovy's termination, Phanuef's buyout, and Mike Richard termination for the next 2 years. It will be hard for them to ice a competitive team being able to use an 1/8th of their cap space.
  4. Sorry my brain isn’t properly functioning to type appropriately. I had to edit my post after I saw your quote. Staying up until 1230 and then bouncing back in the morning isn’t in the cards, anymore.
  5. This was a disappointing loss. 1. we played down to our opponent for 2 periods 2. markstrom made some wonderful saves but he didn’t have to fight a lot of traffic either 3. the goal should have counted and the refs admitted to the team they messed up 4. Can we give Svech a linemate? Staal is well beyond disappointing on offense this season. Foegele provides a ton on energy but isn’t a scorer. He had the majority of the scoring chances but fumbled away most of them.
  6. No he doesn’t get a shutout. if we had lost in a shootout then I believe he would have
  7. We have dominated the play this period and nothing. Please don’t give up a late goal.
  8. Uts a solid move. A. We add more RHD depth B. He has 2 more years of waiver exemption C. He is Finnish side note, from the same place as Haula. This move gives Detroit a guy that is more ready to play now. He wasn’t going to crack the 8th spot for us so, it is a win for all parties.
  9. SJ will either hold on and continue to suck or let go and realize a rebuild is necessary.
  10. Yea I would hope its Palmieri. Simmonds isn’t worth bringing on at this point, he is spent.
  11. SJ throwing PD under the bus for a turrible GM job.
  12. I agree with your point. My point was a check to all those that dogged the decision of Waddell because of his history with Atlanta and then the Skinner move. He usually takes all the blame on moves while Eric moves in the background, skillfully. Eric is a big part.
  13. How good would this team be if we felt that the rest of the metro, not named Washington or Islanders, were worth playing up for?
  14. Top 10 protected. Im sure at the time Dubas didn’t care if it was Top 10 or lottery protected, he didn’t see the need to worry about semantics.
  15. Those dudes are really good. It is harder to play to their strengths with 5 people on the ice playing defense.
  16. As much as Waddell received flak, the team is built for a lengthy run at relevance. Got one of the youngest cores in the league A top 5 farm system that added a bunch of skill Have at least 1 first, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds in one of the deepest drafts. If Toronto continues, will be two firsts.
  17. CdH re-injured his surgically repaired right shoulder last night. I still don’t like the trade but it seems to be a smart move.
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