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  1. Winnipeg would block our number. Gardiner isnt worth a buyout but he has very little value. Winnipeg is wanting Pesce and Necas for a return.
  2. If the main reason that Laine wants out of Winnipeg is because he is not getting first line time then he will not be a match here in Carolina. Rod requires you to earn it and if Laine doesnt earn a top line spot, he wont get it. He'll be an issue here too.
  3. yep. Expecting an above PPG performance from him being over 18 and playing with a bunch of young fellows and the Q is the worst of the 3 for defense.
  4. Ponomaryov has 2 goals and an assist in 4 games so far.
  5. Update: SHL/affiliates Bokk was transferred to the SHL from the DEL. DEL starts in two weeks but the SHL team isnt good. Maybe Bokk will get plenty of ice time but he may not put up a bunch of points. He didnt score in his 1st game Nybeck was transferred to the J20 team and have 4 goals and 2 assists in his 3 games there. He seems to be in a weird spot where he is too good for U20 but not quite good enough to get adequate minutes in the SHL. Granted HV71 is typically a pretty strong squad. Sellgren continues to push offense in his good minutes in the SHL. 6 assists in 8 games, +3 rating Drury is have bumped to 1st line center on his SHL team. he has 4 assists in 8 games. Gunler is getting scants minutes as well and has a goal and an assist in 8 games. Liiga / affiliates Tieksola is in the Finish version of J20 (U20) and has 2 goals and 1 assist in 3 games. Puistola has 2 goals in his scant minutes in 6 games for JYP. Makiniemi finally got another start but it didnt go well. 5 goals on 34 shots. Honka is getting a lot of ice time and make us of it. 1 goal, 3 assists in 6 games with a +3 rating. KHL / affiliates Slepets has 2 goals in 5 games in the VHL Pashin has not scored in his 2 games in the VHL Kochetkov has played in quite some time. side note: Kaski is tearing up the KHL with 5 goals and 6 assists in 18 games. I wonder if he gets another shot here in 21-22.
  6. signed three AHL players today: Bracco from Toronto Gust who was in Charlotte last year Rempal from the Kings.
  7. i hope we arent lured by the idea of hooking the big fish. I want to avoid Laine.
  8. Depends on the league they were drafted from. NCAA: after senior year, they become UFA CHL: 2 years post draft European: 4 years
  9. The difference in this post and the last, you are quoting actual sources versus fans. One is legit and the other is far from official or sensical.
  10. Im going to guess we’ll see plenty of Laine to Carolina rumors/ speculation until Laine is traded. i guess Laine’s agent said it would be mutually beneficial for Laine to be traded.
  11. I don’t believe you do a lick of research with your takes. google fans want Hamilton trade from Calgary (or Boston) and read the articles. The whole reputation that preceded him was manufactured by unreported sources and the fans booed him unmercifully in Boston. They called him soft and others. Which was further perpetuated because of some lazy penalties and a rumored time when he went to the museum instead of hanging out with teammates in Calgary. none of the things you are describing are true. In fact Hamilton is a big fan builder with his contributions to the community. Most of his issues where never true (refusing to sign with Boston, teammates hating him, snob, etc). the difference between us and big market teams are we don’t have so many media members carrying the team. Each one trying to get a scoop or different story to put themselves ahead. Some willing to grab at any straw and turn into a story. the difference between those names and now is the amount of research to only bring in the right guys.
  12. other fans say a lot of things. Doesnt make the real or even believable. Toronto fans think Reimer sucks. Clearly he doesnt when he has a defense in front of him.
  13. have some source of such issues?
  14. Lorentz is re-signed per ch.com The deal will pay Lorentz $700,000 in the NHL or $70,000 in the American Hockey League with a guarantee of at least $100,000 in 2020-21, and $750,000 in the NHL or $100,000 in the AHL with a guarantee of at least $200,000 in 2021-22
  15. how time do you have? okay *takes a deep breath* performance bonuses for ELCs are capped and structured, current max is 2.85 mil, for A and B bonuses. Now teams and rookies can negotiate how many bonuses are included on the ELC (i.e. not automatic). Foegele got 40k worth of bonuses included. Necas didnt get the full allotment. On the other side, Marner supposedly raked Dubas over the coals with his contract because Lou refused to give Marner performance bonuses on his deal (presumably to prevent the same issue the Rangers are going through now). performance bonuses for 35+ year olds arent capped or even structured. The team and player can make up bonuses for what they want. now onto the Rangers issue. The league puts a cushion of 7.5% of the cap for potential performance bonuses, which is 6.1125 mil. Basically allows a team to have a cap of 81.5 mil while carrying a potential bonus of 6.11 million in the same season knowing that performance bonuses will eventually count against the cap (i.e carry over for next year kicks in). The reason it isnt unlimited is to prevent the big spending teams from "buying" a cup by signing a bunch of 35+ players to league minimum contracts with insane performance bonuses on their already high priced squad. Now if your potential performance bonuses exceed 6.1125 million then anything addition counts towards your cap hit. In the Rangers case, they are looking at 10+ million of potential performance bonuses between Fox, Laf, Chytil, Kakko, Igor S., etc. Their max cap hit is 77.5 million. For them that is tough to do with the high amounts of buyouts they have, 2 were a result of them having this high potential performance bonus. To make matters worse for them, they probably will not be able to save money and add 2 highly regarded rookies on ELCs because they will only make the performance bonus money rise. This rule has been around for quite some time. Its just the first time it has become a concern.
  16. Are these issues documented or your speculation?
  17. hopefully he turns it around. Over that 4 seasons he has had this weird 50 point then 30 point back and forth. He just had his 30 pointer, now maybe its time for another 50 point season?
  18. He had the yips this season, not just post season.
  19. Pashin has landed in the VHL now. He played his most recent game for Toros Neftekamsk. I dont know if we asked to get him more playing time and have him bumped down. Nikishin was cleared to play. He scored a goal and had a pretty nice hit on Larionov's son in his first game back in the KHL.
  20. DEL starts on November 3rd. Hopefully he looks the part.
  21. Smallman went to Florida because when he recovered from his training camp injury, the Charlotte forward roster was 14-15 deep. It was his only chance to get ice time post injury. They put him back in Florida post 2nd Big injury for 3 games before bringing him back to Charlotte to close the season.
  22. Smallman accepted his QO. Really hope this guy gets and stays healthy. When healthy, has been the RH shot version of Foegele. Maybe even more sure handed with the puck. Tenacious forechecker who can add depth scoring. injuries galore have derailed him.
  23. European drafted players are drafted out of Europe. Europeans drafted out of the CHL, like Svech, have to follow the CHL agreement (CHL draftees).
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