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  1. More Fleury and Vatanen. A lot less Edmundson and Skjei. Do not play Skjei and Edmundson together. Ever. More Dzingel and Williams, no Nino. quit playing scared and get to 50-50 pucks.
  2. I would say it comes down to three things: Everyone but the 4th line, Foegele, Dzingel, and Fleury were spectating today. The top line didnt come to play. we had 3 defenders worth anything out there today. Hamilton (who wasnt great), Slavin (who wasnt great) and Fleury. The other 3 were plain garbage. We played scared for most of the game in our zone. Slap at pucks, not clearing it, and just plain afraid to take the hit. Despite playing like garbage and having to play 7 on 5, we managed to take it to 2 OTs.
  3. The defense looks fairly meh right now. Any of the pairings can be targeted by Boston with the last shift. Testing Hamilton to see what he can handle Skjei and then Edmundson on the right side Gardiner with Fleury on the right side A lot of flaws in there. I would bet Boston plays an aggressive fore check and tries to get the defenders to turn the puck over.
  4. new lines Svechnikov-Aho-Teravainen Dzingel-Trocheck-Necas Foegele-Staal-McGinn Niederreiter-Geekie-Martinook Slavin-Hamilton Skjei-Edmundson Gardiner-Fleury
  5. at least we have depth. Last year losing a top 4 defender and Williams would mean and auto loss. We have guys that can step in now.
  6. Gardiner would come in once Dougie can play all situations, including PK. Dougie would be a PKer not Gardiner.
  7. I expected Fleury over Gardiner because of the PK. Once Dougie is ready to handle all situations, Game 3 or so, Gardiner will be in. I don’t understand continuing to play Nino. He provides board battling and that is about it. Put Foegele at line 2 at a minimum. Dzingel should get a shot until he screws it up. Even if it is 4th line minutes with PP time. The PP2 sucks it could use an additional offensive player.
  8. The McGinn of ping pong balls?
  9. To show how tight the east is and how easy the west teams have it. (end of play league standings) 1 Boston 2 St Louis 3 Colorado 4 Tampa Bay 5 Washington 6 Philadelphia 8 Vegas 9 Carolina 10 Dallas 11 NY Islanders 14 Columbus 17 Vancouver 19 Calgary 22 Arizona 23 Chicago 24 Montréal 1, 4, 5, and 6 get 9, 11 ,14, and 24 (hahaha 7 lost) while 2, 3, 8, and 10 get 17, 19, 22, and 23 (hahaha 12 lost) It is only going to get worse with Laf with the Rangers. 5-3 metro to Atlantic. east top 4 average: 4 west top 4: 5.75 east bottom 4 average: 14.5 (24 is dragging it down) west bottom 4: 20.25!!!!!
  10. Everyone else see the slow mo video where Toronto’s ball was in the mouth of the tube bouncing around before randomly falling and then the Rangers ball gets sucked up in there? That was close.
  11. Game day!!!!! Come out motivated. Play smart, no penalties, crisp passing, and finish your chances. to win the series: solid goaltending consistent secondary scoring effective special teams hard work every shift it all starts today
  12. I would take Askarov. I wonder if we pin Chicago and Edmonton against each other to see who will move up to take him Askarov instead of us. Im thinking if we can stretch this one pick into 2, we would be good. Into the mid 20s are still really good.
  13. This is BS. Laf to the Rangers. Pathetic. Canes playoff path continues to get more ridiculous
  14. we would have to get through Boston and Philly before seeing Pesce back.
  15. I think he is a game time decision. It will be up to Dougie whether he is ready. My hopeful D pairings Slavin-Dougie Skjei-Vatanen Edmundson-Fleury I wish Nino or McGinn would sit and allow Dzingel to play as we need more offense but Rod isnt going to take a slight downgrade in forechecking for more offense. So, it is what it is. I expect to see less penalties that last year. We wont be as gassed and trying to hook / grab them every 10 seconds.
  16. C’mon league don’t screw us over and give Toronto the 1OA.
  17. It has been that way all season for us. Marty, McGinn, Staal, Nino, and Foegele arent helping the cause. Playoff Foegele can be different. We are definitely healthy and deeper than the last time we played them (playoffs and regular season). Got to stay out of the box. Have all the lines playing smart to shutdown their top line the best we can. The other lines are going to have to beat their bottom 3 lines.
  18. i find it to be pretty terrible
  19. With Pitt and Edm losing their pick slides back to 21st or so. I would rather them lose and have a chance at 13.
  20. I don’t touch Toronto players. Maybe Kapanen
  21. CBJ blows a 3-0 lead and 2 open nets. Going to OT
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