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  1. With 5 points Aho has 27 points in 30 games. He is getting back to himself with his recent push. 21 of 27 has come since November 1st. Teuvo has 29 points in 30 games at less than 6 million.
  2. Svech has to shoot that. Foegele aint gonna make anything
  3. Nice to see the team play with some edge.
  4. Gardiner is just making dumb plays. He had a chance to clear the puck. He decided to do it up the middle where two Sharks were standing right in front of him. Around the boards was wide open. tripp can try to positively spin his play all he wants.
  5. Pretty good excuse when we have 4 capable offensive forwards left on the team. We can’t count on Staal, Foegele, Martinook, etc to be anything more than they are, checking forwards.
  6. Canes give up a late period goal. pretends to be shocked*
  7. Even if NJD ate half of Hall’s salary, someone McGinn or higher payroll wise would have to go back. if we want to keep Hall long term, then Nino would have to go the other way. even with that said, as great as this upcoming draft is, the only way I give NJD a first is if we get Palmieri too. That isn’t happening so, it is moot IMO. Now the 2021 first may be a different story.
  8. Supposedly they had to take an early intermission to clean up all the blood
  9. Hopefully that means Gardiner is sitting for a while because we wont be playing 7 defenders.
  10. Stick to it but it aint happening. If anything Rod sees himself in Jordo and he'll will stay a long time. Unless Wallmark gets to around 40-50 points in a season, we dont have another 2 way center. Aho will get there but he is still young.
  11. Jordo isn’t going anywhere. Gardiner isn’t either.
  12. Yep we’ve said oh well the game was over after one its over. absolutely ridiculous How this team mails it in after one bad play.
  13. Gardiner is awful. Coughed it up then doesn’t get back to take the front of the net. sit him. now the team is folding
  14. We’re young and lack real vocal leadership to get the guys ready for bad teams. Young guys get themselves ready for the big games.
  15. Best chance of the game is on McGinn’s stick. Yep no goal.
  16. You know its bad when Gardiner has to make a good defensive play to prevent a HDC on your own PP
  17. Joel went down a little easy there fantastic hit before the penalty for Joel.
  18. Some biased calls so far. Don’t call a blatant cross check to Martinook right in front of the ref.
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