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  1. The article doesn’t need a subscription just scrolling past a lot of ads. Roddy said it all comes down to putting it all together. He needs someone willing to go in the dirty areas.
  2. I don’t see the want to add Honka. Unless he is a throw in during a Faulk deal or we really are trolling Montreal by taking all the defenders they want. Number 2 doesn’t make sense so, number 1 then.
  3. Wow @top-shelf-1 when the details don’t match your narrative they are brushed aside as semantics? Thanks for the good laugh today. Speaking of semantics, the ASG appearances really are just semantics for why these two situations are different.
  4. If Faulk stays, TVR should be moved. We would lose Faulk for nothing unless we aren’t competitive come the deadline. We’d have the deepest D core in the league. With Faulk becoming a UFA, his performance this season should be inspired. I cant see him staying because Faulk isn’t Hamilton, Slavin, Pesce, or Gardiner. The crazy thing to consider is if Priskie and Bean win the the last two slots the following season. Slavin and Pesce are our only two true defenders and PKers. If Priskie is a big goal scorer this season then maybe we keep Faulk and trade Hamilton. A lot ifs flying around but all possibilities.
  5. That is a stretch. Roddie has said positive things about Faulk’s play and off ice leadership. They wanted Skinner out but they don’t want to lose Faulk for nothing, different situations. Waiting until the deadline with Faulk is a risk and Roddie doesn’t like to stick in young players mid season, it seems.
  6. No way. Kase with his injury history isn’t worth Faulk and another pick. If anything we should get a conditional pick if he doesnt play enough games over the next two years.
  7. McK is good but not Fleury good. Pesce was good on his offside but Gardiner needs a solid defensive partner.
  8. Unless we get a cant turn down offer of futures (better than Skinner’s) or a chance to package to upgrade the top 6, I say TVR should be the odd man out. Allow TVR to show his health in pre-season and trade him. Anaheim would be the likely destination. We roll into the season with arguably the best defense in hockey. slavin-Hamilton Gardiner-Pesce Fleury-Faulk Faulk is one heck of an insurance policy in case of injury and could be moved at the deadline. We’d be able 1.5 million under the cap after the moves.
  9. The team wasn’t good. He was left out to dry a lot
  10. In my first attempt at a road game, i will attend the pre-season game in Nashville
  11. It is a good move. He looked worse because he was being forced into a top line role where he was asked to be the defender of the pair. 4.025 million for a 2nd pair, UFA, puck moving defender is a steal (which is crazy to say). He will make some Faulk level mistakes
  12. Bean playing in the tournament replacing an injured prospect.
  13. Jake is a good move for us. the leafs wanted a top line defender with Gardiner and isnt that. He is puck mover that would look really good with Pesce at his side. He will have a better fit for us here. Putting him and Hamilton the 1PP will be awesome. Gardiner is the set up type guy we can use on the point to get the PP going.
  14. yes. go through the nhl app that accesses your ticket manager account that you can get to through the home page.
  15. travel is probably cheaper, town is better, and maybe better treatment for than the Traverse City one.
  16. This weekend, even Prospect showcase in Nashville. From the motherland- Prospect Showcase
  17. Now that Willy has stepped away: Is Svech-Aho-Turbo Dzingle-Haula-Necas/Maenalenan Nino-Staal-Foegele McGinn-Wallmark-Martinook Slavin-Hamilton Pesce-Faulk Fluery-TVR Mrazek-Reimer better than Ferland-Aho-Turbo McGinn-Staal-Williams Martinook-Wallmark-Svech Foegele-Rask-Maenalenan Slavin-Hamilton de Haan-Faulk Pesce-TVR Mrazek-McE on the surface answer: yes, more talent on the top 6 that pushed the 2nd and 3rd line folks down a line. Dzingle and Haula replace Williams' and Ferland's production, Svech adding in more production than last season, Wallmark may hit a whole new level, anything Necas adds is just more addition production, and the defense is still solid. because we have to play the games answer: Its a different team and we'll have to see. Haula has looked good in the beer league play but how will the knee feel in the NHL, has Mrazek turned it around, will the team be physical enough to handle the metro this season, how much will the team hurt without Willie's leadership during a slump, and how much more will the 2017 and 2018 first rounders add? I like our chances and the potential addition Williams addition after the new year could really push the team into a new category.
  18. Sorry but i find this jersey to be garbage for a guy who hates whites, he went more white with the jersey
  19. Woof if that is our new whites
  20. I got the email about group tickets ( a long time group leader). Goodness the ticket prices have risen.
  21. Saarela thinks the organization is poorly run. Is that enough news?
  22. If Edmonton will take Forsberg and the Rangers.conditional pick, sure Ill take him. If they want a first rounder, nah.
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