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  1. 4-3 marlies. Checkers looked like poop in OT.
  2. Trying not to get to excited about Sellgren but, he has scored again tonight. 2 goals in 5 games. On the ice for 2 goals tonight.
  3. The estimate for Nelson was 4 x 4.5 mil. Seems like Lou had a hold my beer type moment there. I would like to say make a joke about pay 6 million to a player that maybe gets to 50 points in a season but we have one of those. (yes i know what else he does)
  4. DW said he expects TVR back for the start of camp. I assume in a yellow jersey to start. He did say that he expects CDH to miss some time.
  5. I agree 100% with your statement. RBA and most observers have said that this team doesnt have the skill to match cup contenders. Although our young guys will get better, do we actually see money paid to add skill? Its something we have heard we would do for the right person for about 10 years. Also something we havent seen outside of an gross over payment for a Russian who will go unnamed for two more years. we'll just have to wait and see
  6. Please, Please, Please let it be the Blues
  7. Point being, I hope we see it because we’ve heard this narrative before. Management has made plenty of moves but the salary is close to last season. Are we gonna see a jump to improve the roster not just maintain.
  8. Sick pass from Necas to set up Brown https://twitter.com/CheckersHockey/status/1131006118044553218?s=20
  9. Up 5-0 late in the third. Brown, Geekie, Poturalski, Jurco and Carrick scored.
  10. I think it has to be a Pavelski or Karlsson. Pavelski is a pipe dream but Karlsson plays a very solid 2 way game and can score.
  11. Sounds nice but we heard the we’ll spend money for the right player from PK too.
  12. Sellgren is on the top pairing tonight for Charlotte. Couple of weeks into his AHL career he goes from a few minutes of PT to top pair (and not due to injuries)
  13. If we are truly looking at keeping Faulk, which I am less than excited about, are we moving Hamilton then? CDH is more than likely going to miss the opening couple of weeks. TVR might make it back may not. We have Fleury and Bean cover down until then.
  14. I wonder if we hold out buying out Darling until the 2nd buyout period. It allows us more time to negotiate with M&M in getting a new contract (due to the CBA requirement of 3 goalies being on contract) and since his father just passed give the guy some time.
  15. when you look at the two sets of stats together: October was pretty even for the goalie, the team did do well defensively in October. Went 6-6 in October. The 6 games we won we scored, 3, 8, 5, 5, 3, and 3. Which is understandable when we averaged giving up 2.6 goals a game. November went 6-4-3. We won game where we scored under 3 goals. Of the 3 goal games we won one in OT (scored 2 in regulation), lost one in OT, and lost one in a shootout. The offense didnt help the team this month. Darling hurt it. Darling went 2-3-1 but only gave up less than 3, once. December 4-9-1. Actually had 6 games of 3 or more goals but lost one and one we lost in a shootout. Got shutout 3 times this month and only scored 1 goal 4 times that month. January 8-3-1. Goalies had Darling like months in January. We scored 3 or more 8 times this month., not coincidentally all the wins. Did have one OTL when we scored 2. February 10-3. 11 times we scored 3 or more, one loss to Calgary. Had 4 shutouts in the month. The 4 shutouts really helped the GAA and Sv% in this month as we had 4 times of letting in 3 or more. March 9-6-1. McE didnt do well in his time in March altough the SJ game really hurts his numbers for the whole month. 9 times scoring 3 or more (1 loss and 1 OT loss). April 3-0. Scored 3 or more all three. Only allow 5 goals total. of the games we scored 2 or less we went 3-27-2. We went 42-6-5 when scoring 3 or more. Solid goal tending and defense.
  16. Tracking McE's season: Month, Starts, SV% GAA Oct 4, .884, , 2.75 Nov ,6 .938, 1.66 Dec 4, .903, 2.51 Jan 4, .878, 3.50 Feb 6, .955, 1.90 (2 SO) Mar 8, .878, 3.53 (SJ Game hurts) Apr 1 (2 gms), .951, 1.5 May 4, .915, 2.31 28th in Sv% & 17th in GAA (starting >20)
  17. Not sure but DW said he wants to bring both goalies back
  18. it should be in plenty of places. If bring back both- what do we do with Ned? I bet he waits to see what we do with the other 2 before he signs. Reaction: Why would we keep the AHL's best goalie down? Bring back Mrazek and bring up Ned- we are playing two similar goalies and make opposing scouting / game plans a lot easier. Reaction: Why would do that? (Forslund isnt keen on it too) Bring back Mac and bring up Ned- Reaction: Are we really not bringing back our best goalie in 5 years? What is the management thinking?
  19. There isnt a right answer. Tracking Petr's season: October 7 starts, .888 sv %, GAA 2.58 November 1 start .84 sv%, 3.92 December 8 starts, .92 sv%, 2.43 (1 shutout) January 7 starts, .875 sv%, 3.29 February 7 starts .929 sv%, 1.90 GAA (2 shutouts) March 8 starts, .931 sv%, 1.98 (1 shutout) April 11 starts, .92 sv%, 2.03 (1 shutout) May 2 starts, .806 sv%, 3.26 Overall he had a rough January, his save percentage in October wasnt great, and he was hurt in November. Take out January and his one start in November and he was tied 12th for SV% fro goalies starting over 20 games. His december and february-april stats had him as 7th in sv% in the same comparison Using all of his stats in the regular season he was 21st in sv% for goalies starting 20 or more. In GAA he was 7th in goalies starting 20 or more. He was 4th if you take out January and his one November start. Overall he went back to his 2014-15 and 15-16 numbers. His 16-17 and 17-18 seasons numbers were .7 GAA higher at 3.03 and a .02 percent lower sv % at .901. Which goalie would we get next season? 14-15, 15-16, and 18-19 Mrazek or 16-17 and 17-18 Mrazek?
  20. It will cause discontent / controversy no matter the 2 goalies this leadership chooses.
  21. he may be the number 2 to let him get used to the league but he should still see 40-45% of the starts.
  22. More like Kapanen. We can offer a 3 to 4 x 4.225 deal and really put Toronto in a pickle. That is only a 2nd round pick compensation. Basically take our deal or we really hurt you / get him for a 2nd round pick.
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