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  1. I agree to a point. TD did come in a good time with Svech, Necas, Aho, Turbo, Slavin, and Pesce but... A trade of Nino & Rask Signing of Mrazek and claiming McE while burying Darling Signing Aho with all that signing bonus money Trading for Haula Going to 89 million in salary this season which included adding depth like Dzingel, Gardiner, Skjei, and Vatanen. i dont see any of that with PK and Francis I have little faith that we would afford Dougie with PK
  2. Recap TD’s ownership: Pushed out Francis. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our franchise guy and moving the org forward. “. Yet we made the playoffs. Pushed out Kaiton. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Kaiton. TD is so cheap“. Yet we preserved and are doing well as an organization Wouldnt re-sign Ferland mid season for what he wanted. Response: “OMG how could we, I am not eating until Ferland is signed. He is the exact forward we need, TD is so cheap. “ It turned out to be a great decision. Now he won’t give Forslund a different deal than 17 other employees. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Forslund. TD is so cheap“. Im seeing a trend. Yet the team on the ice is 8-10 wins better. He just dropped 89 million on salaries this season plus Aho and Reimer’s signing bonuses for 20-21. We are getting a practice ice facility that may attract FAs. And so on.
  3. He / the team have gad some genius moves, good moves and some bad ones Genius: Nino trade, Darling trade, 2019 draft Good: Original Mrazek signing, Marleau trade. CdH signing and the trade. Haula trade Middle of the road: Hamilton trade, Trocheck trade (potential to get better), Skjei trade (could get better) Bad: Gardiner deal, Not signing Lehner, not trading Ferland this off-season brought down what was a really good stretch for them. We’ll see how this off-season goes before I say he is bottom tier.
  4. No Waddell signed a multi year deal. TD originally didn’t understand why he couldn’t just keep paying him like a normal employee vice being under a contract.
  5. FA frenzy will start November 1st, 2020 Right now we have 9.149 million in space. At the same time we will have to put some 3.5 million aside for performance bonuses from this season. So we have about 5.6 million in space to improve the team. That is if we dont save any space for the 20-21 performance bonuses from Svech and Necas. Both of them are likely to max out at 3.187 million, total.
  6. John is great but that is quite an extreme stance.
  7. I get it but John isn’t cheap. He has national money in his corner. If Tom is making provisions based on the amount of games played next year, it would be in John’s best interest to get more money on the national scene. Based on Waddell’s case that is exactly what it sounds like. Probably would be similar money for less games and less travel.
  8. According to Friedman we'll more than likely see the following on the next CBA: 20-21 & 21-22 seasons 81.5m cap 22-23: 82.5m cap limit on signing bonuses and variations in salary on a player from year to year in their contract. cap on escrow, starting at 20 next season and going down language for opt-out of return to play
  9. Another reason this draft will be different, signing bonuses will be paid before the draft. Trades during the draft may be greater as teams try to maneuver around the flat cap.
  10. The 2nd lottery is shortly after the play-in round is over.
  11. The Eastern teams are saying....CMON MAN, Edmonton. At the same time less cases and more likely to control the bubble. The West will like Toronto but more people = more risk
  12. Raanta is still my favorite option. Cheaper to acquire because Arizona may want to move cap to save space for Hall. Also, Raanta holds very little risk with only one year left.
  13. according to naturalstattrick, we were 17th in most HDCA (high danger chances allowed) or 14th fewest surrendered. We had 624. The best in the league, Minnesota, had 478. If the season was evened out we more than likely would have been higher on the list as everyone else around us in the HDCA standings played more games than us.
  14. Reimer was better than Mrazek. That is where we are right now. Mrazek= inconsistent goalie that can be top 10 when on but, bottom 20 when not. Who do you get? Reimer= consistent middle tier goalie. Reimer was 10 spots better in GSAA than Mrazek this season. GSAA, Goals saved above average, is Goals-Shots x league average save percentage. Basically anything above 0 means you are an above average goalie. Reimer was 31st. The guy we shied away from in the off-season (Lehner) was 7th despite how bad Chicago's defense is. Reimer had a better Quality Start % at .625 versus Mrazek's .500. Despite Mrazek having 15 more starts he only had one more really bad start (RBS) than Reimer (6). Reimer had a higher sv % by .009 and saw on average 1 more shot per game. The GAA were similar in 2.66 (R) and 2.69 (M)
  15. If we happen to fall in the 12-15 range it will still be tough to take Askarov there (or trade up). We are slowly encroaching our window of a crazy competitive team. Askarov will more than likely not be ready until the end where Pesce and maybe even Slavin are UFAs. A forward at that pick could be ready to contribute in 2 seasons, maybe 3 to add to the depth of the team. Reasonable timelines would say Askarov would be a backup 4-5 years from the draft and maybe a starter in year 5. Sure he could be a Ward / Price and be on the ice 2-3 years post draft as there is always exceptions to the rule. You cant plan for the exception to the rule. At the same time, those 2 that were on the ice earlier have tailed off earlier too. Cam and Carey both started tailing off stronger that the models suggest in their early 30s. The tailing off maybe due to playing 60+ games a season so, we could prevent that with a capable backup. If we had a 2nd first round, I could say taking Askarov makes sense because we would have a forward waiting in the mists to help sooner.
  16. I can’t see Minnesota or Chicago very interested in dealing with us knowing we would be targeting Askarov. NJ may be our best bet but it would take a roster player or two to get to 11. Maybe we could target Detroit all the way at 4. Yzerman may want to be better on the ice sense he missed on 1OA. It would take a haul though. Not many teams will be tanking for 1OA next season. Its probably out of the realm trying to go from 19 to 10 or so to get there. We are in win now mode and Askarov won’t be on NHL ice for 4 years.
  17. Askarov isn’t the first pick by a mile. If we get the first pick you take Laf, sell off Dzingel and Nino, and sign Lehner. or you get a stinking haul for number one. Target NJ or Ottawa or who ever else will give you a good package. Keep trading down until you get a pick between 7-11 and take Askarov. Laf is so good that may not still be worth it.
  18. Askarov is very good but goalies are the most risky of the 1st rounders. If people are wary of Lapierre then Askarov should really concern. It is a difficult trigger to pull.
  19. I want Toronto to lose and we get the pick. The Canes make it at least one round win, preferably at least two. Build up the confidence of this young team and push them to consistent success. Also it will good for the fan base to make a good playoff appearance. Laf would be great but we need sustained success for the fans.
  20. Placeholder Kings Ottawa Red Wings Ottawa Anahiem Nj Buffalo red wings and Ottawa really lost out this draft
  21. Absolutely stupid that any of the top 10 teams even have a chance at the number one overall. Play-in losers win battle for the 1st overall. Dang NHL doing this on purpose. one positive there was only one play in loser in the top 3. So we didn’t give up a top 3 pick for Skjei
  22. Aho and Turbo coming back from Finland in a private charter. nice
  23. Flat cap will not be in place for 2 more seasons but 3. we’re are going to have to use serious depth to fit Necas, Svech, and Dougie in our cap. Either that or we risk huge contracts from Necas and Svech by signing them to bridge deals.
  24. Our positive test numbers have grown exponentially since this all started. Now if I ended here we could start pandemonium. Tbh a bunch of news reports leave it at that. “Positive tests continue to rise” as an example. Scaring people. But..... Our testing has grown at a larger rate. Our positive tests percentages were going well down until about June 10th (source John Hopkins). They have risen about 2 percentage points to 5% over the last 2 weeks. That includes yesterday with a ridiculous 20+% positive day. We’ve had a few of no positive days. We are at 9% positive tests overall since we started (CDC). The data says A. A lot more people had it before testing was readily available. B. People should tighten up right now and not allow the trend to go up. Not shutdown or seclude tighten up but be smarter than folks are right now, for grandma and grandpa’s sake. It also brings up some questions: A. Is 2 weeks really all the time it takes to work itself out or does it remain dormant for a while in people? B. Is it really that much of a concern to most folks? The numbers suggest a lot more people had than they knew about and probably still don’t with some folks. without answers to some of these questions, opinions will vary.
  25. The Canes won’t need to sign fringe players to fill the 23 man roster. We’ll have AHLers for that. Any improvement in the net will require a subsequent trade of one of ours. Also we should see a subtraction on one, maybe 2, LHDs and probably Dzingel as well (although Nino would be preferred).
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