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  1. 28 minutes ago, remkin said:

    I don't follow Chicago closely, but I've gotten the feeling that they don't have a super tight D this year either, yet Lehner has still excelled. I did bring up the 5 points out and the weak West too. There were some rumors he might be available though. Does seem a bit premature for them to trade him though.

    Chicago lost two defenders, CdH and Seabrook long term this season. They also weren’t very good on defense to start with.

  2. 1 hour ago, LakeLivin said:


    Good explanation.  But that doesn't factor in the cap relief we'd get from putting Dougie on LTIR, correct?  

    It doesn’t 

    It gets really math intensive after that. Ill pull it together.


    edit* so here we go.   This gets a little complicated and i hope that this is right and doesn’t further confuse.

    Dougie’s cap hit will remain on the books but....


    we have LTIR that is 2 parts, LTIR relief pool and Accrued Cap Space Limit (ACSL).


    ACSL is our new salary cap before we tap into our relief pool. You subtract the current space you have from the cap ceiling. Our example is we have 1.2 million is space from a ceiling of 81.5 million.  Our new upper limit (ACSL) is 80.3 million. Our salary relief is the LTIR relief pool money which is equal to the salary cap hit of the player.  We can effectively replace 30k in daily salary cap hit for “free.” We do not get to bank any difference of Dougie and his replacement’s cap space.  The only way we add cap in this scenario is if the ACSL is calculated then we send down a two way player.  We would be operating under our ACSL.  Can we add a 2 way player and then calculate the ACSL just to send them back down to gain cap space?  Unsure.  

    for understanding: potential performance bonuses are added to the salary when figuring LTIR relief space. 

    But.... for us do we really gain anything by putting Dougie on LTIR? We can replace his salary but lose the ability to gain cap space before the deadline.


    source: cap friendly 

  3. 2 hours ago, remkin said:

    So, Capologists remind me. There is a bump in the cap at the deadline? Capfriendly says we have $2.8M in current cap space, $1.19M in "projected" cap space, and $5.5M in deadline cap space. Also, how long term does LTIR have to be? Can Dougie go on that?


    Further, at this point are we looking at the prorated part of a guy's contract? ie, the remainder of the year? 


    Bottom line: can we just add a guy or will we need to move out salary in a trade to make room? Can we add a guy at the deadline that costs a lot more than adding a guy now? If so, we'd need a stop gap until the cap bumps up at the deadline.

    We can add a ~5 million overall cap hit person at the deadline. It isn’t a bump in cap. Cap is captured by the day.  They only time where the overall cap is the same as the daily cap is Oct 1st to the first game and up until the roster changes from the start.


    Ex.  Aho’s cap hit is $8454000. By the daily cap calculation his daily hit is $45450 or so for the 186 days of the season.

    so, we have 1.2 million in space.  After the deadline we have 44 days or so. We can add someone who has a daily cap hit of just under 30k or the equivalent if a person with a 5.6 million dollar overall cap hit.


    side note: if we trade a roster player we wouldn’t necessarily clear their full cap hit from our roster.  We would only trade their remaining cap hit.  ONLY AN EXAMPLE FOR EASE, if we traded Aho today we would only clear 3545400 of his cap hit because he has used 4,908,600 of it (45450 daily cap x 108 days).


    as far as the current cap space.  Again with our 1.2 million in space and 78 days left in the season, we can add on someone(s) daily cap hit of 15k or so.  In terms of overall cap hit that would be 2.8 million player.

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  4. Since Suzuki’s trade to Saginaw he has 3 Gs and 4 As in in 3 games.  Last night he had 3 Gs and 1 A.  He seems to be on a much better line and is +7 so far. He was -9 in 22 games in Barrie.


    We not see a bunch more of Rees. He returned from injury last night. But.....  Got ejected for a high hit to the head.  It is his 3rd high hit ejection.  The hit didn’t look dirty but it was high. The kid likes to hit in the open ice.

  5. 1 minute ago, Bonivan said:

    Looks like the game is very exciting since we are discussing donuts here

    Canes aren’t giving a lot to be excited about right now


    KK donuts by a mile

    DD coffee by a good distance


    which is more important?

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  6. a run needs to happen tonight.


    do we put Gardiner on the top line with Slavin and tell the man, do it or we look elsewhere? Will we? no.  We can't put Pesce and Slavin together.  Slavin and TVR?


    Give me Williams on the the 4th line and let Nino sit a night.

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  7. 55 minutes ago, beboplar said:

    I think the "it" you are referring to is leadership.  JW will hopefully provide a boost in that regard.


    However, the "it" they don't have this season is the physical element.  The forward line may be more talented with the additions of Dzingel, Haula, and Necas, but losing players who present problems for the opponents such as Ferland and Saku is costing the team.  I don't get to watch the games, but I'm not even sure what Dzingel has been doing.  Haula and Necas, along with Wallmark, have certainly added some scoring. 


    The internal "it", besides JW, that I would like them to try, is promoting Gauthier.  He has rebounded from a tough demotion at training camp to have a good season at Charlotte.  This is a very middle of the road team, and needs a little tweaking.  Certainly the Hamilton injury is going to be a challenge to respond to, but that's the reason they have Bean, Priskie, and McKeown down on the farm, right?

    The “it” is coming to the ice ready to play which leads to a lack of effort and slow starts. It a personal thing among each player with leadership across the organization not holding them accountable.


    it is the theme of Rod’s pressers and Sara’s write ups.

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