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  1. 5 minutes ago, Canesfanforever said:

    I was wondering about that because Didn't  Sellgren sign a contract with the checkers this year  before he could play with the team in the playoffs ? 

    Sellgren's SHL season was over and he signed a PTO.  Management signed him to a contract a few months ago.  He still has one year left with his Sweden team.  So, unless he makes the NHL roster therre is a clause to have him returned to the SHL.  We could pay the fee and put him in the AHL but, I dont think Sellgren is interested in that.  I would guess Sellgren will join Charlotte after the SHL season is over.


    He still has 3 years on his ELC

  2. 4 minutes ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Okay, then correct me if I'm wrong top, as I believe this is 1/2 correct? 18 and 19 year olds, playing in the Canadian leagues when drafted (I presume), do have to either play in the NHL or go back to juniors, right? But Cff is partially correct in that those from the European or Russian leagues (anywhere I'd guess other than Canadian) can go to the AHL if not kept on the NHL roster, no matter their age?

    anyone who's rights were drafted from Canadian Junior leagues must be on the NHL roster or return to Juniors until they are 20. After the season they turn 20 is complete, they may join the AHL. It doenst matter if their nationality is American, Canadian, or European.  


    Anyone drafted from Europe teams must have the transfer sgreement to be brought to North America.  There isnt an age restriction on them joining the AHL.  Kouk and Necas joined Charlotte 1 year after drafting.  


    The signing of Suzuki is just from a standard of signing a 1st rounder.  We signed Bean and Gauthier after they were drafted.  

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Canesfanforever said:

    Um correct me if  im wrong but  is it not allowed for 18 years olds to compete in the ahl ?  Unless  the plan is to keep  Suzuki on the canes roster  all season long .  Or did they Change the ruling for  18 year olds being allowed to compete  ?  he wont turn 19 until   next year in may . 

    its usually the standard to have your 1st rounder on contract.  No excuse to lose their rights.


    He'll go back to juniors for 2 more years until he is 20 and then the AHL.  

  4. Im glad Gauthier is getting another shot.  He had a very strong game last night.  I think he has the best shot, so far, to take Necas' spot.  From what I read, Geekie did well too.  


    I think we would see some OHL/WHL cuts today that were on the roster last night.  


    And just scored some tickets to see the Wednesday night game in Nashville

  5. 4 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    Feels to me (from my admittedly biased POV) like one more statement to Faulk that we're moving on; like a potential old hand to pair with the kids in CLT; and like insurance if an NHL Dman goes down.

    To add to this @KJUNKANE I think we were close enough to a Faulk move we wanted to another experienced NHL defender. That way we would have experience with Faulk traded and TVR out.


    Rangers fans seem to have a positive opinion on his play as a reliable 3rd pairing guy.

  6. 7 hours ago, Kyrule said:

    If Faulk is asking north of 6 million per year, how do we justify paying him more than Slavin, Pesce, Hamilton, and Gardiner?


    I wouldn’t mind keeping Faulk but how can we invest that much money into our defense? I don’t see any of the guys mentioned above being moved any time soon.


    If we could make it work long-term, I’m fine with that but I don’t see how. Also, we would be back to paying 4 million+ to a bottom pairing guy, and I don’t think any of them would be fine playing on the third pairing.


    Also, Marner has signed for 6 years with an AAV of 10.8 million, so the media can finally shut up and focus on something else.

    If Faulk stays, TVR should be moved.  We would lose Faulk for nothing unless we aren’t competitive come the deadline. We’d have the deepest D core in the league.  With Faulk becoming a UFA, his performance this season should be inspired. 


    I cant see him staying because Faulk isn’t Hamilton, Slavin, Pesce, or Gardiner.  The crazy thing to consider is if Priskie and Bean win the the last two slots the following season.  Slavin and Pesce are our only two true defenders and PKers. If Priskie is a big goal scorer this season then maybe we keep Faulk and trade Hamilton.  A lot ifs flying around but all possibilities.

  7. 1 hour ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    It arguably already is.


    If I'm coach there's no way I want a guy with one foot out the door in my camp. Funny how Mr. Ambassador hitman Erik Cole beat up on Skinner to move it on out when he was clearly no longer wanted, but not Justin, when it's every bit as clear that the org wants him out, too.

    That is a stretch. Roddie has said positive things about Faulk’s play and off ice leadership. 

    They wanted Skinner out but they don’t want to lose Faulk for nothing, different situations.  Waiting until the deadline with Faulk is a risk and Roddie doesn’t like to stick in young players mid season, it seems.

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  8. Unless we get a cant turn down offer of futures (better than Skinner’s) or a chance to package to upgrade the top 6, I say TVR should be the odd man out.


    Allow TVR to show his health in pre-season and trade him. Anaheim would be the likely destination.  


    We roll into the season with arguably the best defense in hockey.





    Faulk is one heck of an insurance policy in case of injury and could be moved at the deadline.  We’d be able 1.5 million under the cap after the moves.



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