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  1. 38 minutes ago, raleighcaniac said:

    So by that explanation Anyone would be right to extrapolate that McDavids 116 points last season and +3 rating makes him lazy on D even though he played top line with Leon Draisaitl. Okay. You’re too bias on putting weight on a players value to a team via plus/minus. 

    That isnt it at all.  McDavid's have a ton of PP points.  So his plus/minus is skewed.  Roughly a third of his points or so are PP points so his +/- is a lot less then his contribution.


    Skinner had a 1/4 of his points from the PP but Skinner's points are 60 not 120.  


    Above all of that the eye ball test of Skinner's play will tell you he isnt a 200 foot player and costs his team.

  2. 2 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    You know this... because you watch the Sabres all the time? 


    His last three years here:

    '15-'16: 28G 23A 51P -2, 10.9Sh% (first line)

    '16-'17: 37, 26, 63, -3, 13.2Sh% (first line)

    '17-'18: 24, 25, 49, -27, 8.7Sh% (third line, contract year [TOTAL coincidence])


    '18-'19: 40, 23, 63, 0, 14.9Sh% first line


    For years, we deprived Eric Staal of talent, or so many claimed. It was never about him not making players better, regardless how directly the numbers pointed it up. Skinner, meanwhile, put up career numbers numerous times here with far lesser players than he's putting up similar numbers with now. If you consider that and the above numbers poor evidence of making skilled line-mates even better, I don't know what to tell you. 


    Skinner didn’t play on a first line on a Peters team, never trusted him. Heck didn’t even trust him to play enough defense to put him in overtime.  Peters put him with guys he could cover his issues which were lower skilled dudes. 


    15-16 and 16-17 was the 6th or so for ice time.  17-18 he had higher ice time than 15-16 so.....

    I don’t know what to tell you.

  3. 2 hours ago, raleighcaniac said:

    Except He played on absolute crap Canes teams for many years. Hanging that stat on his play alone is meaningless. Canes management should have been fined for incompetence for letting him go without lifting a finger. 

    Except he is doing the same on the top line in Buffalo. He doesn’t play defense or even care about it.  

    his version of defense is hoping to steal a puck from a defender in the O zone. When he doesn’t, he has put his team in a bind. When he does, he takes a bad shot 3 on 1.  

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  4. 2 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    Revise history all you like. Skinner was told to pay a 200 foot game, did for two consecutive career years, and got buried on the third the season prior to his extension talks, specifically to lower his stats and make a (BS) case for not paying him.


    But if spinning the facts makes you feel better, have at it.

    Yea the canes put him on the third line to kill his stats......suuuuurrreeeee

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  5. 26 minutes ago, AssistantGM said:

    A little after the fact to be debating Ferland's value! However, his stat line for a pretty good Vancouver team is: 12GP, 1G, 4A, -1; and again on IR like the last 2 seasons with a concussion. He got 4 years at 3.5M per. No thanks; glad we let him walk. He is WAY overpaid, with too much term, a 2 year full NMC, and then a 2 year partial NMC. He will be bought out before the end of his deal!!

    To think he wanted Wilson money plus.  Glad we avoided that.

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  6. 1 hour ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    So you barely show up here for weeks, and suddenly you know all about how the team is playing?


    If we'd had a guy like Edmundson to step in when *edit* like Ristolainen tried on Skinner the kinda crap he pulled on the much smaller on Aho and McGinn the other night, we might still have one of the league's purest goal scorers on our roster. Funny how Roddy never complains about Aho's "lack of toughness," but instead went out and got someone to protect him.


    Except that isn’t why Skinner isn’t on the roster at all.  Skinner scoring 30+ goals and still going minus 10 with all of his points being ES is why.  He is directly responsible for his minus rating.


    Rod wants 200 foot players not play when you want its convenient to score players.

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  7. If Rees maintains his legitimacy and Cotton continues his hot run, our top prospects will be hard to grade 1-15.


    Guys like Kuok and Gauthier are quickly being pushed down the order. This may be the first time we should look to move some of these guys in a trade deadline scenario (or sooner). Preferably move a current roster guy with a prospect to get better that is more than a rental.


    The organization has the potential to add Bokk, Cotton, Puistola, Tieksola, Zimmer, and Stevens to the forward group next season in Charlotte.  Bokk is a for sure. Cotton will be as long as he signs with us.  Puistola and Tieksola are choices based on the organization's opinion on their usage in the Finnish leagues.  We'll see how strong Zimmer and Stevens seasons are and if they get PTO opportunity after NCAA's are over.  

  8. What is sad about Rees is if he doesn’t make the squad next season, he has to go back to Juniors. 

    Was rees injured the last 2 seasons? He played 46 and 37 games over the last 2. I wonder if that is why he wasn’t as high as his talent suggests.


    he is 4 points short of last season’s point total with 25 games in hand..  

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