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  1. Im good with a 2nd round goalie. Helvig also looks really solid. I think we’ll be okay slow playing the goalie situation
  2. I saw where he wanted 11.5 but only for 5 years. Toronto came back with if you want 11.5 you need to sign for 8.
  3. Frank Seravalli speculating that we may move Faulk at the draft if he asks for too much during the initial extension talks. no surprise
  4. Yep but we are looking to make Ned the starter as early as 20-21. I doubt Lehner will take something short with us.
  5. Lehner is in the same situation as Mrazek. I doubt either are taking what we are wanting to do.
  6. Talbot may be a 1 year cheap deal reclamation. I would want a solid backup with Talbot. Miller or Smith seem like a good one year option to me as well.
  7. I like Varlamov as an option but I don’t know that he is going to accept the Canes offer. If I were guessing, they are looking for a guy that will accept a 2 year, in order to make room for Ned as the starter. The backup we’d sign to a one year deal. That way we have a slot for Ned next season. We could also find a starter for one year then have a backup on a multi year deal. I don’t see V fitting in either scenario.
  8. No surprise. We won’t get any love. Svech was 9th on the rookie list.
  9. VGK as you mentioned Pens would have 4.8 TBL 5.3 needing a RHD and 4 RFAs TML have 7.4 with all the needs and RFAs SJ, Calgary, Capitals, Arizona!!!!, and Oilers would be in a hard place to improve their roster with 1.5 million less.
  10. If the cap is 1.5 million lower, a few teams are going to crap themselves.
  11. Darling hasn’t been bought out because we don’t have a 3rd goalie on contract.
  12. Even giving him a Darling type contract could put us in a 4 year mediocrity of goaltending. I bet it’s more like 20 million over 4 years. Last 4 seasons in sv% (at least 10 games) 18-19- 22nd 17-18- 56th 16-17- 56th 15-16- 17th last 4 seasons GAA (10+ played) 18-19- 8th 17-18- 49th 16-17- 56th 15-16- 21st I’d give him one more year and at 5 million but not 4+ years at this point.
  13. Adam Gold is saying Mrazek wants #1 money. He isn’t a true number 1. He only played in 40 regular season games. On top of that he has just as many bottom 10 stats seasons as top 15. Huge risk giving him number one numbers. McE is 36. Giving him fringe starter money on more than one year is dumb. On top of that he has appeared in 28+ games just 4 times in his career. We don’t know if he can handle 30 games again.
  14. To a bad contract too. They why of trying to win is not smart. Its Red Wings level.
  15. Throwing term or big money at either doesn’t make sense. Some team, like Philadelphia, might be dumb enough to throw 20+ million to Mrazek over 4 years. Anything over 2 x 2 is too much for McE. At his age a one year deal is the real way to go
  16. I think we’ll see some activity really pickup once the cap debate concludes. a ton of teams are really fretting the idea of a 81-82 million cap instead of 83.
  17. Problem is Fleury doesn’t hold enough value to trade up 21 slots.
  18. He has a 15 team NTC. To add, yes he has a 1 year deal but a team could negotiate a contract extension prior to a trade. Sign him on July 1st. Trouba was going to leave the Jets so they traded him (for a low return).
  19. Man I hope we get to fleece a cap strapped team or two like the Rangers did to Winnipeg. a couple of games of Hayes and Poink for Trouba.
  20. The player we need to go after is Labanc. That is if the reports of SJ trying to keep Pavelski are true
  21. With Karlsson signing the 8 x 11-11.5 deal, Pavelski should be a top target for us. They will have a hard time getting their roster filled out with 13 million and needing to re-sign Meier.
  22. In theory if Aho didn’t want to commit to the Canes for 8 years, he could agree to a 5 year deal with another team. When the Canes match, Aho will be a Cane for 5 more years. Yes Aho has to sign us when we match. Also, DW couldn’t offer Aho another deal in that deal. It has to be the same term and money, hence match.
  23. If I were to guess Aho’s team is looking close to the predicted amount of 8 years, 82 million and the management is trying to use Draisaitl as a comp. Draisaitl has a 8.5 million cap hit. or it could lock out protection signing bonus money.
  24. Yes this is it Lake. If Aho accepts a 10.5 x 5 with team B then the Canes match the offer or take the picks. Negotiations aren’t had.
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