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  1. Please put an actual winger with Svech. Svech made a great play into the zone. Passed the puck to empty ice across the face of the net, and no was there.
  2. Marleau found him another team, his old team. We may see him next week when we are in SJ.
  3. Their defense has allowed 4 goals per game in the young season. Get to them early. Take advantage of Bob being new to the system and getting used to the defense. Create havoc in front of Bob. They have plenty of firepower on offense. If we can play smart defense and stay out of the box, we’ll have a better than good chance. This is a great game to get Aho and Nino started.
  4. Bob starting for Florida
  5. but you are posting............
  6. Next 3 before west coast swing @FLA Tuesday NYI Friday CBJ Saturday all three winnable.
  7. Today’s 13 shots against (SA) tied for the 2nd least for the Canes since the 07-08 season. The least was April 2009 9-0 win against the Islanders where they allowed 12 SA. The other 13 game was also against Tampa in 2009.
  8. McGinn needs to come off the top 6. Aho is doing his slow start deal.
  9. The team has a ton of chances this period. Only buried one. Tampa has buried theres
  10. Team was run over yesterday. gauthier scored but was -2 Kuok scored Ned gave up 5 goals.
  11. Both teams going into the back end of a B2B with travel. Our much improved depth should help us compete in this game than years before. Score early and often!
  12. If I like your post, I have added you to the list
  13. 164 point pace and Haula’s 82 goal pace seem sustainable.
  15. The only chance in OT goes in!!!!!
  16. I think we’ll see Ovechkin every time Dougie is out there. Dougie will have to pay attention to Ovie because Ovie will be looking to own him again. I wonder if Roddie will run some faints with Dougie like Peters did with Skinner.
  17. Washington definitely trying to prove something against us tomorrow saving Holtby for us. They will be fired up and hitting dirty, Im sure. Got to get to them early to get the crowd out. The refs may need to take control early in this game. We’ll either see a game were everything is let go and someone will get hurt or there will be 80 penalty minutes.
  18. Wallmark can push this team to a new level. He has the ability to make us 4 deep with scoring lines.
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