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  1. With the Blues Binnington going to get paid this offseason, would Allen be available?
  2. After all the expected moves, we’d be at 75 million without improving the scoring on the team if we keep Ferland. and yes he is Ruutu and has just as much of a chance to be a burden with this next contract. i don’t see Ferland as someone who returns to a this non-ceiling spending team.
  3. Because we’d be at 75 million without improving the squad.
  4. Carrick put out on Twitter it has been a great way 5 years in Charlotte and what a way to end it. I assume we wont qualify him and he’ll become a free agent.
  5. My point wasn’t that Bales would punt because he got a new boss. The on ice performance of the goalies couldn’t have been the issue for either party. Either Bales and/or the management disagreed with the other, the background stuff I mentioned.
  6. But he seemed to pull the right strings last season. Stuff going on in the background or something personal happened.
  7. I think the slow play of Darling by management is due to our lack of having a 4th goalie on contract. Once that happens, we’ll see movement on Darling. will it be a hard buyout or do we eat half of his salary and send him to Chicago?
  8. I think we would all love Point. TB will sell their farm to move Palat, Miller, and Callahan before they let Point walk.
  9. June 11th article recap from Chip’s interview with Waddell: Waddell will meet with Aho’s agent next week in Vancouver, “still some renegotiating to do.” Williams- no decision made by Justin, he will play for us if he plays. Ferland- no conversations have happened Mrazek & McE- both are the hope to bring back, “ if a deal makes sense.” By makes sense he said, we cannot base our deals on other teams deals. We have our economics, we cannot base our deals on other teams economics. John & Tripp- hopes to have both signed soon. MacDonald- as i had stated above, will retire after the draft. Lastly, he says TD wants to bring him back as President & GM. Waddell’s response, “we’ll figure it out.” The whole “our economy” is the most concerning to me. Could only be postering. Article
  10. MacDonald is retiring after the draft. Could be an open spot for V.
  11. Moved all the Skinner talk to the “Once we were Canes” forum
  12. As far as the bolded- because they plan on signing him and want a 4 week negotiating head start. I don’t think we should sign Duchene but the list is the available 2Cs. Lee will be re-signed shortly as Lou won’t allow 2 captains to walk. I do see Lou trying to move a defender to make room and overpay Duchene. They will be really tough down the middle with Duchene, Lee, and Nelson. reinforcing the need for a solid 2C like Karlsson. I like Wallmark but Geekie looks like a very suitable / better replacement if Wallmark could get us a 25 goal scorer like Zucker.
  13. Who is the 2C then? also, yes, Duchene will get between 9-9.5. Gross overpayment but that is the market now
  14. Except those guys arent on sale right now because their team can’t afford them. we need a 2C. Its either Karlsson at 7-7.5, Pavelski for the same but 3 years, Duchene at 9.5, or get Haula for a year.
  15. You realize we aren’t selling off Wallmark. I only said that the only center we would have to offer for Zucker. Either way Wallmark needs to be our 4C not the 3C
  16. Karlsson is a solid 2 way guy and was 10th in Selke voting last year.
  17. Now if we got Karlsson from Vegas maybe we could do a deal around Wallmark and a good prospect. Although I don’t think they would accept that.
  18. Its better than HB that is for sure. I’d bet some connections are being made because we have cap space and a defender that was drafted by their GM.
  19. I doubt we are pursuing Kessel. Kapanen isn’t a surprise. Im sure we have asked about Zucker but being a LW makes it unlikely. Also, Minnesota will want a center which we don’t have to give up.
  20. @JonKerfoot as far as the Checkers success. He wants the kids to be successful. At the same time he also wants them in the gym getting bigger and faster for their development. He said that the a typical offseason would have them in the gym already getting ready for the next season. if i read between the lines, he knows some of those guys are competing for roster spots next year. He wants them to be at top physical shape in preparation for the season. It is hard to do that when still playing.
  21. They Sabres will regret this soon. This contract will be an anchor years 6-8. On top of that he is getting overpaid by 1.5 million per.
  22. The things I thought were interesting points: Roddy wasn’t really asked his opinion for 7 years. Really shows poor leadership when you don’t take others opinions into account. Roddy wasn’t given a college job because he didn’t have his degree. Which worked out for us. Tom is always asking about getting other players. Makes me think he is serious about getting better players. Although i need to see it Roddie still isn’t sure about Aho at center Rod is excited about a couple of young players (1 being Necas). Although he said only one should be on the squad at a time. The other young guy, et al, have to beat out Necas to make the roster. Roddie seems to be conflicted on the team. He wants everyone back but at the same time is worried about the same team improving on last season. We got everything out of those guys last. Could we really get to a cup if we got everything out of them while overachieving? He knows we have to add talent while wanting everyone back. He is also conflicted on the Checkers’ success. He wants them to be successful but also wants them to be in the gym getting bigger and stronger. Rod the bod moment for sure. Side note: I really want to know who he would have drafted in the last 7 years that he felt was the right move at the time (not hindsight stuff).
  23. Thanks, I had stopped reading CC for a while. plenty of good stuff in there.
  24. I feel that we got the better of the two Wheat Kings center but, in the 3rd round. If Philly wanted Fleury and Ferland’s rights, I take Patrick. Maybe with a couple of solid wingers and about 13-15 minutes of ice time maybe he could get over 40 points. His FO % is solid. Nino-Aho-Turbo Svech-Staal-Necas Foegele-Patrick-Williams Marty-Wally-Ginner
  25. His value is low but it doesn’t make sense to ship out a capable low valued asset for a non need.
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