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  1. Im sure they do. The flu shot is only an educated guess on which strand(s) will be popular. You could catch another strand. Even have flu like symptoms from getting the shot.
  2. Uggghhh letting a dude tough it out while having flu like symptoms. Tell the dude to go home for 3 days. Don’t get the whole locker room sick with your BS. Especially with the team actually winning games and we have stretch of games to capitalize on. Bleach everything. Hand sanitizer, lysol wipes, and masks for everyone.
  3. Stelios Matthews is benefiting from Patrick playing in Philadelphia. He is above his .9 PPG pace from last year. He has 13 goals and 14 assists in 20 games so far. Matthews is getting a full season as a number 1 center this season, had a partial season last year as a number 1. Geekie has 20 points (6 & 14) in 19 games. De Jong has a -2 with 5 assists in 15 games. 20 PIM as well. Bean has 16 points ( 3 & 13) in 16 games with a -5. Elynuik has 11 G 16 assists in 20 games with a very good plus 10. Also has 24 PIM. Helvig has a 2.58 GAA with a .916 sv % in 16 games. Both numbers have improved from last year, so far. If I find articles mentioning them, Ill drop. Feel free to assist in that adventure.
  4. Necas- 2 goals and an assist in 3 games. Eetu the forward- 1 goal and 3 assists in 21 games with a whopping 22 PIM and a -4 Eetu the goalie- 21 Games, 3.33 GAA .907 sv (up from last year’s 2.68 but save percentage is close to the same as he had a .908 last year). feel free to add anyone I am missing
  5. Who thought a 1030am game on a Wednesday was a good idea? Either way the Checkers lost. 2nd straight 5-3 loss. Game was tied with under 3 minutes left and the Canes took a too many men penalty then a delay of game penalty. Both penalties resulted in PP goals. Kuokkan scored and has 2 goals and 2 assists in 3 games Zykov scored again, why isn’t he here yet? Foegle scored a shorty. charlotte scored at least 3 goals in 13 of their 15 games.
  6. And I don’t think Staal will okay a trade to Colorado.
  7. Toronto is right up to the contract limit like we are. Could include picks to prevent overages. I don’t see Toronto, in the thick of a cup chase, giving up 2 roster players for 1 and picks. Bozak doesn’t seem like a trade GMRF makes. A 31 year old upcoming UFA for anything on our roster? Thats not GMRF. Even JVR is an upcoming UFA. Just isn’t his style.
  8. I missed the part the part where I said we shouldn’t do it. I only said he doesn’t solve our issues at the moment. Which we could solve with another trade. Read it like you want.
  9. Marner would be a great addition but he doesn’t solve our issues. He is a bigger Aho. He has great smarts but isn’t much for getting physical. He is a play maker as well.
  10. Jalm is a good shutdown guy and penalty killer. He would take some penalty kiling pressure off Pesce and Slavin. Also allowing both of the to get PP time. Maybe those two will get the respect their deserve if they score more. Jalm will allow Hanifin to be aggressive offensively. We’ve seen flashes of it but he can’t be consistent with a only O defender as his partner.
  11. If we move Faulk to someone else, Hjalmarsson will be a target to replace him. Not necessarily in the same trade. Just guessing though.
  12. Well we are seeking O, Duh Jets have a bunch of young O players. There D is pretty good. A 4 person trade for them. Slightly better on D for them and slightly better on O for us. Tor: Ek saying we’re interested in Bozak and they are interested in a dman not named Hanifin. Yes I know I shouldn’t quote Ek. Boston scouting Rask or Ryan to play center until they get theirs back from injury? if we move Faulk, I would think Hjalmarsson would be a target from Arizona. Not sure who they would look at from us. not sure who Philly or Washington would look at. Washington wants D. Philly is good on D though.
  13. We do have to consider our internal budget. Our cheap owner may not add salary. Although giving someone Faulk and Rask for a good offensive upgrade would help balance the budget
  14. Checkers win again. 4 in a row. Roy scored a shorty. Kuokkanen scored as well. Wallmark didn’t play. Zykov went pointless.
  15. At the same time BDC, it seems Columbus is regretting the trade. Columbus loves Jones but they need to trade their defensive surplus for a center.
  16. A brief check on the Metro. Its still a tough division, in case anyone wasn’t sure. No team is under .500 in the division. We have a better start than the last 5 years but the position in the standings is the same: last. Atlantic Division has 3 teams below .500. 5 points separates the leader (NJ) from last place (us).
  17. Im not trading our 1st for anything less than a top 3 forward. This year’s draft class is deep. The 1st round pick has an elevated value this year we saw teams giving up 2017 and 2019 picks to LV for a reason.
  18. Im cool with trading both or either one. But not both for Skog. Rask isnt the same in the circle or defensively but the difference isn’t 2 million. Staal has plenty of value across the league. Faulk does as well. Edmonton and Toronto are looking for RHD. Toronto has more of what we are looking for although I would prefer to see Faulk in the west. Say no to RNH. Plenty of teams need a center like Montreal, NYR, etc.
  19. A bad deal. Im about trading Faulk and give Williams an A. But trading both for Skog? Gross Overpayment.
  20. It is time for a shake up. im calling Sakic. Asking for Skog and big Z. im willing to give up Hanifin, Rask, Ryan, possibly a 2nd round pick. Its a lot but Skog and Z bring a power forward and hard hitter to the mix. Skog also brings another leader and auto chemistry with Lindholm. after that Im calling Toronto about Nylander. Going for Turbo and Faulk for Nylander and Liljegren. Although Liljegren is highly unlikely we can ask. If not settle for Rasanen. Another RHD but huge, hard hitting, and has assist potential.14 points in 17 OHL games. Toronto will want scoring back with Nylander because they are trying to win this year. As soon as Hjalmarsson is healthy, call Arizona. Skog-Lindholm-Nylander Aho-Staal-Williams Skinner-Wallmark-Zykov Nordy-Kruger-McGinn the D gets more physical. Pesce and Slavin get more PP time because we can trust the 2nd pair. It doesn’t solve the number one center deal but Nylander can become that on this team. Now give Williams an A and most things are fixed. ok now back to reality where adding any salary is forbidden.
  21. I would agree if his cramps weren’t 5 times his offensive output right now.
  22. BP loves McGinn right now. He is applauding his effort and physicality by playing him in all situations. McGinn isn’t going anywhere right now. Especially back to Charlotte. the haul by Sakic. Isnt what he wanted but it is a lot. Senators wanted to prevent losing Turris for nothing so they overpaid for a lateral move? And Nashville is willing to give up that much future for Turris? Ottawa lost the trade for sure. Colorado close to a loss, especially if the prospects don’t work out. Senators 1st should be nice. Nashville, with the extension get the only plus rating in the trade.
  23. Its a little long when you consider he’ll be 29 next year. His 50-60 points a season is nice but I don’t think he’ll do that well until he’s 36.
  24. Uggggh. yep blame the coach for players being terrible at shooting a puck and a all of sudden defense who can’t. We dont have the money field a solid team but we are going fire a coach mid season? C’mon. and the legitimacy of this post tanked as soon ‘I don’t know about his leadership but his record is impressive.’ We all can throw out names, it doesn’t mean they can fix the squad.
  25. Metro update: Devils still maintaining their crazy pace. Philadelphia has come back to earth. Penguins still have 7 wins despite being dead last in the big defensive categories. Islanders, and especially Tavares, are looking good. Capitals and Rangers are struggling, as expected. Hey there we are in 7th. 3 teams with 10 games played and one with 11 in the east. The rest with 12+. Still a big swing if we get the 4 points while catching up with games played.
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