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  1. Neces’ offensive abilities are undeniable. His sight with passing is impressive
  2. Foegele looked bad in the preseason too. I know you don’t bench the quintessential Cane. But still....
  3. Trade means we wouldn’t have to keep on his the nhl roster. If we claimed him, we would have to offer him back to the Islanders before we can put him on waivers to be sent down
  4. Im cool with the Staal line and Slavin with Hamilton but the rest 😒 Mcginn with Aho?!?!? Are we kidding?!? Hiding Necas, like Svech I see. Edmundson with Pesce and then Gardiner with Fleury. Holy crap that third pairing will get eaten up by opposing coaches.
  5. Im hoping for these lines tonight: Nino-Aho-Dzingle Svech-Staal-Turbo (playing against the top lines) McGinn-Haula-Necas Foegele-Wally-Marty I think this offers the most balance, scoring, and the ability to have 2 FO guys per line. McGinn will be a good balance to Necas while maintaining speed. Although, I do think that would be line an opposing coach would target for mismatches. That 4th line has a lot of energy and could put up plenty of goals. Slavin-Hamilton Gardiner-Pesce Fleury-Edmundson If Hamilton stays healthy, maybe he can get to 20 goals this season. Hopefully, Slavin is accustomed to playing along side of him now.
  6. Aho is a special player but he wanted to play elsewhere 🤣🤣 columbus 4th: eklund continues to show how clueless he is
  7. Cant imagine Ottawa, Montreal, Florida or Philly are in the most likely to win category. I think those 4 aren’t predicted to make the playoffs.
  8. Jurco is practicing as a line mate to McDavid. Talk about moving on up!
  9. Gauthier being sent down doesn’t make any sense to me. He had a great camp. Gibbons and TVR put on non roster injured reserve Down to 20
  10. I got it right the first time
  11. Unless we keep Bishop, our physicality lacks. Bishop isn’t a big boy either. DSP isn’t tall either but he is a thick guy.
  12. Goaltending Chemistry Special teams my three keys to the season
  13. DSP is my choice for 13th forward. Sign that guy to a cheap 1 way deal and let him ride the bench. These other guys don’t bring enough physicality with the Goon Caps on the schedule. He’d be a good energy guy until everyone is healthy as well.
  14. Assuming Dzingel is out for the first week or two. Svech-Aho-Turbo Foegele-Staal-Gauthier Nino-Haula-Necas Marty-Wallmark-McGinn Slavin-Hamilton Gardiner-Pesce Fleury-Edmundson
  15. I would assume that any xray was negative. Probably doesn’t feel good enough to be healed in a couple of days. My guess is he’d be back in the 2nd week of the season.
  16. I think it is unlikely. He was the add ST Louis had to include for cap purposes. We chose him because he made the most sense.
  17. I liked the D prospects from last night in this order: sellgren - good stick, makes smart plays. Needs to get a little stronger, avoids contact Forsling- good plays out of his end, doesn’t mind contact. Play reading needs improvement Fleury- got physical when given the opportunity. Play was sloppy last night. Looked worse being paired with Bean. Also I think he didn’t look good being the #1 defender against an all nhl squad. Bean- makes good passing reads. The rest of his game last night was less than ideal. Both breakaways were on him last night. Its one game but Sellgren would be my choice to make the roster at 6th defender spot. He still needs to get stronger and use the body.
  18. I don’t get the dig on Fluery. He is playing with Bean tonight.
  19. I like how the over looked the cross check right in front of our bench.
  20. Knee injury right after the 2nd period draw. Went to the locker room right after.
  21. Its 90% non nhlers against 90% nhlers
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