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  1. I feel that we got the better of the two Wheat Kings center but, in the 3rd round. If Philly wanted Fleury and Ferland’s rights, I take Patrick. Maybe with a couple of solid wingers and about 13-15 minutes of ice time maybe he could get over 40 points. His FO % is solid. Nino-Aho-Turbo Svech-Staal-Necas Foegele-Patrick-Williams Marty-Wally-Ginner
  2. His value is low but it doesn’t make sense to ship out a capable low valued asset for a non need.
  3. If Fleury isn’t in a package for legit scorer then he needs to stay on a 2 year bridge to improve his value.
  4. It really doesn’t make any sense for us. We don’t need failing, 4th line wingers. We need legit scorers.
  5. Basketball and hockey use?
  6. Geekie looks like a serious late bloomer. He went from 4C to 1C in Charlotte this season. Plays with a similar but slightly less of an edge as Foegele but a better decision maker / scorer
  7. If we did this we would have NY’s 2nd or 3rd, Buffalo’s 3rd, and our 4th-7th in next season’s draft. So we’d either getting depth guys or letting go of serious prospects. Or nothing.
  8. Goalie size is like velocity in baseball, everyone is drawn to the biggest goalie or fastest thrower. If your stuff works, you’ll make the professional ranks. Some just have to work harder than others because they cannot hit 98 or a goalie be at least 6’3.
  9. I think 2 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd is a bit much for Karlsson. Available trades: LV could look to move their 3 1 year left contracts which includes Haula. He was hurt last year. JT Miller- probably a cast off so that TB can re-sign Point. Hybrid C / RW
  10. For clarification i like Laine but I pass due the large amount it will cost to acquire and then pay.
  11. Liane is a younger version of Skinner. Inconsistent scorer that makes you squeamish when he isn’t scoring. He would cost an arm and leg to acquire and to pay. Pass. this move is more than likely a ploy to get more money than Winnipeg was originally offering.
  12. I wouldn’t move Hamilton either. Hamilton will provide as much offense as the Pesce, Slavin, and de Haan, combined. Bean should provide the same offense as Faulk while being a lot cheaper for a while.
  13. He has mostly played wing since January.
  14. As expected the AHL has no intestinal fortitude. They are more concerned with affecting playoff series than caring about the overall game or players. Just a 1 game suspension.
  15. Not necessarily but seems that way. i think he is overrated so, let the Flyers overpay for him. edited: they must not trust Patrick.
  16. Strong statement by V. Doubt the league takes a similar stance.
  17. Gauthier’s game has grown a lot since last year. He still needs more consistency to be an NHLer. I wouldn’t call him a bust yet. He was always going to be a long project. I think next year is his make or break year. if there is one player where the Juniors rule was detrimental to a player’s development, it was Gauthier. The dude could push around anyone in Juniors and wasn’t challenged even at 18. 1 extra years in Juniors was awful for him. Who in the heck advised him to stay in the QMJHL? Too easy for a kid of his size.
  18. Fleury should be kept on a 2 year bridge deal instead of shipping him off for a 3rd.
  19. Unsure he went crashing into the boards during the last conference finals game.
  20. For your viewing pleasure
  21. Gauthier is injured. mattheos playing today. Sellgren also not playing. Geekie is centering line one.
  22. If Suzuki is there take him. If Suzuki isn’t Hogs is the way to go. It just makes sense.
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