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  1. Is McKeown so bad that Dahlbeck is better on his off side? I can’t imagine its so. He looked solid when I saw him Charlotte. I don’t know that Dahlbeck would look solid on tbe right side in an AHL game.
  2. I guess we’re getting a guy to ride the bench tells me two things: either non of the Checkers are going to take serious time away from a current roster player and don’t wanna stop their playing time in Charlotte. No way Brown is a better addition than 4-5 other guys.
  3. If we passing through re-entry waivers I’d be good with the low dollar risk. Since we’d still incur 7 million risk, Ill pass. I’d do it if LV would retain a bunch of salary. Again fairly low risk.
  4. I will say the guys who had the puck should have scored. Aho was TIRED and I give him some slack. A lengthy defensive zone shift then mustering everything he had for the breakaway. It was all on Rask for not scoring, no pass for him. It is fun to imagine if it had been Skinner in Rask’s place. There has to be a good reason for him not getting a shot at aleast the end if the OT. If it was fear of a turnover or bad defense then the end of the OT should minimize the risk. I guess Ill grab some of that context too so I can find out.
  5. Stempniak ready? Or are we going to call up Wallmark?
  6. Tomato, tomoto! I probably should use cbj though
  7. If we wait 10 more here is who we have until our evaluations: 2nd @Col 4th @ Phx 7th FL 10 @ Clm 11 Chi 13 Dal 16 @ NYI 18 @ Buf 19 NYI 22 NYR Phoenix, Florida, Buffalo, and Rangers are the ones below us in the rankings. 2, 3 games in 4 days sets over the next 10.
  8. Cmon reference card still work. The friend will be sitting at the gate like Han going to Endor. The security guy tell his boss “its an older code but it still checks out.” Rem’s in back going “I shouldn’t have come im compromising the mission.”
  9. Overall was good. The crowd was sparse, maybe 40% of the coliseum. That made parking easier. There was a parking lot on the stadium grounds. We parked in the parking lot across the street, with a convenient tunnel under the street. Getting to the game is slightly lengthen due to construction. It was an easy drive from (no hotels within walking distance) our hotel near the airport. Im not a fan of the cowbells. But it is a thing. They do a decent job of getting the crowd into the game. I would say half the crowd was casual fans so the fans noise isn’t loud.
  10. Today’s game: Please take my assessment with a grain of salt. Its my first AHL game and its harder to assess hockey players than minor league baseball. I was trying to watch everything (my first mistake). the older players stood out a lot more than the prospects. Miller, PDG, Samuelsson, etc. Miller had better chances than his two goals to score more. He tried to make the extra pass when he deked a defender and was going on goal. 2nd time he tried to be fancy on a breakaway chance and got too deep to take a good shot. Easily the biggest offensive weapon on the ice tonight. He is tenured professional and I expect the prospects to have highs and lows. The whole over passing thing must be an organizational thing or we do a fantastic job at drafting the “extra pass” guys. PDG had 3 assists including a couple of very good passes that gave guys grade A shots. Utica dominated the physical play. Checkers tried and completed some big hits but the majority of the physicality belonged to Utica. Wallmark got another point tonight, an assist. I was hoping to see more of Roy and Zykov physically dominate guys with their size. Their size was obvious out there. It wasn’t there. Ned. What to say about him. If this game was his normal play: man I wouldn’t trust him to handle the puck. He is inconsistent with his puck handling decisions. He looks adequate one minute then the next he is passing it right to a Comet. I think the scorer was generous with giving Utica 26 shots. They were plain awful shooting the puck. They missed a bunch of shots on net by going wide / high. Ned’s one goal was more a testament of their awful shooting than his play. Didn’t even get breakaways on net. The one goal was a deflection off his chest protector right to a Comet. Ned was square to the shooter but he wasn’t able to knock it down. He struggled early with rebounds but got better. He also made a solid save with the glove moving across the crease. He moves well between the pipes and I thought he did well with angles and preventing holes on the short side. Everyones sticks were very active. We had quite a few of break ups and deflections. Mckeown had a great sprawling play on a 2 on 1 that prevented any chances from Utica. TBH I didn’t even know Gauthier played tonight until I saw the box score.
  11. We’re had 4, 2-1 games and we are 1-2-1 in those games. If you count the Tampa game (which was basically 2-1) we are 1-3-1 in 2-1 games. And we are 1-4-1 in one goal games (again counting Tampa game) 1 6 goal game 1 5 1 4 1 3 1 2 4 1 goal games we are competitive having many 1 goal games and one that went to shootout (which I didn’t count in these figures, it’s not a true one goal game). Still aren’t winning the close ones.
  12. Although I don’t feel we’ll make a trade of any kind, Im not lobbying for a trade with Ship. Don’t take the Shipachyov situation at face value, much like our 5-1 loss. He was demoted both times because he one of the only guys waiver exempt on the roster. LV didn’t want to chance losing one of their 11 defensemen on the waiver, so they sent Ship down to get under 23 people. He was brought up after Marchessault was hurt, played in 3 games, got 10 minutes of ice time, and scored a goal. His coach said he was “okay.” Marchessault has recovered and Ship is one of the waiver exempts. So again he is sent down. A very odd situation for the 1st official LV player. P.s yes Wallmark is our Wallmark
  13. Options so far: Shipachyov- LV told his agent he could look for a trade Duchene Galchenyuk? Wallmark
  14. Im going to the Saturday game. Anyone want anything watched / reported back?
  15. What difference does losing by 1 or losing by 4 with two open netters make? Its a loss in point standings. The team will know where there effort level was. At the same time they wouldn’t be okay with either result because morale victories are for people expecting to lose.
  16. You are right it would be expensive but.... we have exceptional organizational depth. One big trade wouldn’t put us back below 10th in top prospect pools. If we move Hanifin, we have LV as the next call for a replacement. Although we have a potential scorers in Roy, Gauthier, and Saarela in the system we don’t have anyone who looks like a top line center. Aho, maybe. As long as we don’t move our 1st this year with a bunch of youngsters, Im good. 2019, fine. At least we aren’t Montreal or NYR with little depth and have many needs. If one of them makes big trade, they will have very little coming out of the system that isnt a bottom 6 guy. We can move Rask to soften the blow.
  17. Bb86 disclaimer: not every roster allows for these situations. typically on a scoring line you want a sniper, assist machine, and a dirty goal guy (in front of net guy that gathers the shooter’s rebounds for easy goals). Considerations for line creation: one of those three guys good at faceoffs? do they have chemistry? If not you got to mix it up your skill by position: if you don’t have a RW, LW and C that fits that combo then you have to change strategies. I.e every Canes lines. We go for speed, zone transition that will catch their defense before it sets, and possessing the puck until we find a hole/tire out the opposing team because they cant substitute. We do this because we don’t have any dirty goal guys and we have only one true sniper, skinner. Line speed: obviously you can’t force a true combo if one guy is slower than the other two. IMO chemistry is more important than getting a true sniper, assist machine, and dirty goal combo. Then again, non of what I just matters as sometimes you have to force a trio together to put a line out there. Lastly you want one solid, hard working shutdown line. To help defeat the other teams best forwards. 3 guys who know they are there to keep the puck from, take away the puck from, and overall annoy the crap out of their top line. Usually they start in the defensive zone and need to be able to win faceoffs regularly. We have 2. We were hoping Staal would return to offensive Staal (like the season we traded for him and paid him a butt load) because we have another shutdown line. We aren’t asking Staal and Co to take 60% defensive faceoffs so he should have more opportunities. We’ve seen a slight increase but not as much as we would hope. Hope this helps. There isn’t an exact science to it but here is some considerations.
  18. For you Rem but only the division Rankings order GF/G GA/G PP PK SF SA save% PIT 11 31 2 20 5 20 31 CLM 14 9 29 11 4 7 13 NJ 4 17 12 21 19 25 12 PHI 8 2 8 18 11 4 7 NYI 21 15 31 19 16 22 11 NYR 25 22 10 22 15 12 26 WAS 16 21 7 23 30 17 21 the strongest team is PHI. Top 11 in everything but PK, 18th. Columbus looks strong outside of their PP. Washington and the Rangers have some serious weaknesses outside of their PP.
  19. To me: early on it says we are a middle of the road team except wear it counts, goal scoring. If we were middle of the road goal scoring, we could have a couple more points in the standings now. Of course assuming that translates to more later as well.
  20. Team stat update: 25th in goals scored / game T-11th in goals allowed / game 10th in shots / game 8th in shots allowed / game 13th in PP 10th in PK 14th in save percentage fun fact: Edmonton, Carolina and Montreal are all at the bottom for goals per game but at the top for shots per game.
  21. They did say the scouting staff rarely reveals their rankings but they had Necas ranked 5th.
  22. Checkers won! 5-2. Carrick, Foegle, McKeown, Poturalski, and Stortini scored. ned stopped 20 of 22. Only giving up 22 shots while having 8 PKs is good. The 8 PKs arent good though. no Gauthier
  23. Basically you wrong for doing it but hey Ill do it too? ? the point isnt to judge playoff chances this early. Its more to check in on our division foes.
  24. And time for your metro update: NJ and Philadelphia out to a quick start. Columbus was expected. Capitals have lost 4 of 5 and aren’t looking good without a 50% shooting percentage from Ovi. We are tenth in the eastern despite playing the fewest games. All the teams ahead of us have played 2 or 3 games more.
  25. Carrick went back to Charlotte. TVR must be close or going to play tomorrow.
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