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  1. To each his own, SD. The points in the standings are the same but we have posted 9 goals against injury riddled teams with backup goalies and 2 against healthy teams with starters. Both the Ws we had to hold on to dear life to win. Being outshot by 30 and having to play Slavin half the game doesn’t push me into a believer or say it was a great game. Faulk looked like a rookie defender out there last night and the third pairing played 9 minutes, or something like that. we held on and that is better than last year but Im not ready to get excited about our chances, yet. A win is a win, YAY, but my tune ain’t changing.
  2. 2-0-0 against backups 0-1-1 against starters we need more backup! Calgary bloggers were mentioning getting Lack his first game against us on Thursday. Hopefully we go 3-0-0 against backups. Then again Lack will be extra motivated to do well Thursday. Will still need to see consistent good hockey after 7 years of meh hockey before my tune changes.
  3. I believe we do but we are starting to see the same trends as last year. Can it change, yes, but we have seen this hockey before. It hasn’t ended well over the last 7. I would be a little less worried if we were seeing quality scoring chances and they weren’t going in. We aren’t. I’d be less worried if I saw more than Skinner and Aho playing a resemblance of an offensive game. We aren’t. I would be a little less worried if we weren’t one crazy skinner goal and a blown overtime 2 on 0 by the Wild from being 0-2-1. Again the season isnt over but it is gliding in the same direction as the last few.
  4. Skinner-Rask-Williams TT-Staal-Ryan/Kuokkanen Aho-Necas-Lindholm nordy-Kruger-Jooris slavin-faulk hanifin-pesce Fleury-Carrick Just a guess but could be interesting. Or could put the playmaking Kuokkanen to help setup Skinner and have Williams to score more with Staal. In the end, I would be we go with a sounder back checking with Ryan on Staal’s right.
  5. I wonder who Jooris will replace. Nordstrom maybe? McGinn has thrown the body around.
  6. ??? Why? I’d expect Cam to play one of the Edmonton or Calgary games. But needs to play? Have you seen Cam over the last 3 seasons?
  7. Zykov, Samuelsson, and Schlikey. Ned played goal last night. Reading the recap, Ned struggled handling the puck.
  8. Miller, Saarela, and Wallmark scored.
  9. That will be a tall task. Jets is a should win. The team is struggling to score and the goaltending is bad. A volume of shots may do us well in that game. Calgary and Edmonton games are going to be tough. Calgary is well built and plays strong defense. Edmonton has all the fire power. Calgary is probably Cam’s first game. With some momentum we could beat a good dallas team. Overall, one is a should win, one is a good chance of winning, and the other two are going to take firing on all cylinders to win type games. Would be great with a 4-1-1 record for team and fan confidence levels.
  10. Any chance we call him up and send Kuokkanen and Necas down? Kuokkanen and Necas’ contracts can roll. Foegele is 21 and cant roll anymore. If he is hot, insert him in the lineup. We need guys that can score.
  11. There has been a lot of scoring this opening week. Toronto put up 7 and 8 in 2 games i think, Chicago put up 10 in a game, Ovi, etc. i do agree Ovi is motivated by something. I don’t know how Washington will keep up without him staying on this pace.
  12. I am excited to announce Lakelivin the winner. He won the questions with 9 points and then recruiting the most votes for his picture (slight anti Staal bias maybe but still funny).
  13. I’ll tally soon and announce the winner
  14. wxray1 was a little bit of a rule breaker but here is the answers he/she pm'ed me 1. Which team scores first? Minnesota 2. Which player scores first for the hurricanes? Williams 3. 3 stars of the game? (3 points for each correct answer) Skinner, Aho, ERIC Staal 4. Combined score? 3-2 Canes win in SO, so I guess 5? 5. Shots for Faulk? 3 6. Saves by Darling? 34
  15. Islanders didn’t look hot. Columbus looked really good.
  16. Down 4-3 in the third. Ned has been pulled. Wallmark, Foegele, and Saarela scored. After all those preseason points, Schilkey isn’t playing.
  17. Its a bold strategy cotton. Lets see if it pays off!
  18. Well the Metro looks winnable after two days. (Slight sarcasm there) the pens were spanked by the Blackhawks 10-1. Yes no typo there.
  19. Im guessing they are rotating or Necas and Kuokkanen with Skins and Ryan. Or Necas is just getting more practice time.
  20. As a good opening joke .... take a look at Eklund’s metro predictions ???? How about blooper recap of 2016-2017 to get us kicked off? its an hour long so have fun with that! opening night contest: Post all answers with the number of the question in this post. I will lock the post at 5pm on Saturday. The point values are the question number 1-4 and then 5 & 6 are 4 points as well. You can change your answers up until it is locked at 5:08 pm Saturday. PM me your answers to the bonus question only. I will post them in the moderators forum for formal judging. I will post them in the post after locking it for everyone’s enjoyment. 1. Which team scores first? Minnesota 2. Which player scores first for the hurricanes? Nordstrom 3. 3 stars of the game? (3 points for each correct answer) Aho, Slavin, Williams 4. Combined score? 9 5. Shots for Faulk? 4 6. Saves by Darling? 23 tie breaker: what is the final score? 5-4 bonus question worth 7 points: To keep up with the Simpson’s references for Skinnnnerrr, provide a picture of a fictitious character and a Wild’s player. The one with the closest resemblance will win. your prize: Emoji heads courtesy of Carolina Hurricanes
  21. I wonder why we kept Necas. Brno’s season starts Friday. I could see if it the season started later and we wanted to maximize his practice time with the team. Since he stayed it seems like we created a little who plays scenario? Does nordy, McGinn or Jorris play while they both are up? 2 of the three sit until they are sent down or do we bring these guys a long to have them sit? The later doesn’t make much sense. I could see keeping one to have a depth forward while on the Western swing. Both seems odd. TT-Rask-Williams Aho-Staal-Lindholm Skins-Ryan-Necas Kuokkanen-Kruger-Nordy jooris, McGinn or do you turn Kruger in a total shut down mode with Lindholm on the 4th then slide Kuokkanen up to another line combo?
  22. Im hoping to take the family and go to the October 28th game.
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