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  1. Dang smallman got Florida? Checkers really are stacked
  2. I do wish there was an exception clause for 1st round picks. At 18 a player must play in the O/Whl but at 19 if the player was a 1st rounder they can play in the AHL. Or better yet the season after drafting is a must play (as currently) and the following year a team has the option to pick 1 of eligible juniors players from that draft class to play in the AHL. The option would allow the juniors to retain the talented 18 year olds. Then at 19 a player, if chosen by the team, can play in the AHL. At most, the juniors would lose 31 players. It solves the issue of a superior talented guy needing more of a challenge while not depleting the juniors.
  3. I guess we can’t go too long without a Duchene mention. In light of Montreal’s 0-8 preseason, they are pushing hard for him. That would make our playoff push that much harder.
  4. If I was running the show, I would avoid calling anyone up if I could. I wouldn’t call anyone up unless we were down a guy and going on a long road trip. If we need call ups we could use Necas for a short period to start the Kuokkanen and Roy without losing contract years. Im not a big fan of the 9 games. It gives guys just enough time to get comfortable then you kick them back down to preserve organizational control. We didn’t gain much but a taste of the speed that they will have to become reacquainted with later. We’ll have Zykov, Saarela, and Gauthier who can come up and not have to clear waivers. If Schilkey keeps playing hot, maybe we alter his contract and give him a shot. Correction from the last post: Saarela was born in 97 not 98 so his contract isn’t sliding. In fact he is already 20. of course there is always Wallmark, if we could squeeze him back down.
  5. Yes Kuokkanen’s contract will slide again as long as he doesn’t play 10 games. the rule is a player’s contract can slide if he is 18 or 19 and doesn’t turn 20 before December 31st of the year the season STARTS and of course hasn’t played a combined 10 games. Now the rule has much more verbiage in it but that is the short version. Kuokkanen doesn’t turn 20 until may. So my reasoning was wrong before when talking about necas vs Kuokkanen. to me this telks me Stempniak’s injury is short term. bean, roy, and Kuokkanen have the potential to have their contracts slide another year. Gauthier will not as he will be 20 in October.
  6. It is interesting but are we going to do with Cam? Have 3 million ride the pine? Had not picked up smith and ouellette, he could be a solid pickup with pushing cam down. Don’t have the organizational room at this point. He must be struggling or Boston feels like he needs everyday starts. Probably the latter.
  7. Necas has had his turn with Ryan and Skinner. Kuokkanen is getting his turn. Help the decision process with a more apple to apples comparison. As much as Necas has impressed he hasn’t been overwhelming. With as smart as GMRF has been with long term building, I cannot see us burning a year of controversy on a year of potential. The gray shirt thing isnt as a big indicator to me. We only have 4 lines so someone has to sit out. I’d be surprised to see Jooris sit out. I thought he had a better preseason than most of the 4th liners. But I am not the coach.
  8. Wallmark was sent down as well. Bean will eventually be sent to Juniors. Battle of Kuokkanen and Necas for Stempniak’s short term replacement.
  9. PDG is on waivers with intent to be sent to Charlotte.
  10. we may find out more about the roster today. BP said he and GMRF should sit down and talk about Necas and Stempniak’s status.
  11. In case anyone didn’t see: Schlikey, our college senior AHL invite, put up 7 points in the two preseason games. 4g,3a. Foegele was 2nd in points numbers and the chin had a bunch of assists. 8-1 and 5-2 were the outcomes of the games.
  12. When directly asked, BP didn't name the starter. You would think bringing in Darling (sorry not doing the Briscoe thing) he would be the no doubt starter. Why not just say it? Its odd.
  13. Y'all would think so but BP was non commital.
  14. So it has begun! We still need to find out where Williams plays, who replaces Stempniak for the time being, and who starts in goal. Tuesday evening we should know the official roster. It is due to the league then.
  15. Nothing really monumental in the post game. He thought all the young guys played tired. He didn't name Darling his starting goalie. He says Sunday's practice is special teams day. They haven't spent any time on 5 on 3 or 4 on 3.
  16. Darling only saw 19 shots today. That is a good display by the D. TVR made some very good defensive plays, I am pleasantly surprised about his acquisition. I am concerned about our lack of physicality and the lack of 5v5 goals by forwards. But it is the preseason. it will be interesting to see the opening night lines. Williams has played on the top 3 lines. Who is the young forward that stays? Do we stick with Pesce with Hanifin or go back to last season's pairings?
  17. Any line BP plays Williams on is just better. He looks like an absolute great move by GMRF
  18. If it was only one game I would agree with you.
  19. 23-11 hits for the Capitals. It is concerning.
  20. He could. In my head as a coach and organization head I look at the benefit of the games to the player and the injured player he is replacing. is there a good chance the injured player needs more than 2-3 weeks into the season? If yes then I don't play Necas. I go with Wallmark or Kuokkanen. Both can play over 10 with no "penalty" if the injury recovery stretches that long. If the injury will not, then give necas a few games to increase his knowledge. It doesn't make sense to me to go through a few games of transitioning to league play just to turn around and do it again with another player 9 games later. If the injury recovery lasts that long.
  21. I don't think he will. He has shown solid O flashes that really make you consider his potential. In the end he hasn't been consistent or even productive enough to warrant a year loss of his ELC. Kuokkanen is fairly polished and going to lose a year anyways. Might as well bring him up. That way if Stempniak's injury is longer than 10 games we can give Kuokkanen more time with no lasting contract issue.
  22. According to BPs audio post game TT is injured and will miss the final game
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