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  1. It could be he wasn’t ready for the mental load that is starting. The mental sharpness to play 50+ games is intense. Hopefully he begins to get used to it as the season goes.
  2. He’ll have his shot during the B2B. Maybe some mental rest will settle him down.
  3. Sounds nice. We need an overhaul on centers this trade deadline or offseason. Kruger, Ryan, and Rask all need to be replaced. We have Wallmark to replace Kruger Does Aho and Kuokkanen replace the other 2 or do we get someone?
  4. We play to our competition, which is frustrating. We see how well they perform against Nashville and Columbus but then lose Arizona and Vancouver. It shows too much youth and not enough vocal leaders making sure the young guys are prepared.
  5. Checkers win 6-0 over the same team from yesterday. Saarela Hat Trick! Gauthier & Chin had a Goal and an Assist Zykov scored gauthier is starting to heat up. First 17 games- 3 points last 8 games- 8 points
  6. Zykov has put in another goal tonight Saarela scored on the PP to make it 2-0 after 1
  7. Checkers lost 5-4 yesterday and were down 5-1 after 1. Ned let in 4 goals on 9 shots as was pulled. Saalera and the Chin had a goal and assist Gauthier and Foegle scored. Roy had 3 assists.
  8. I agree with the your premise. The odd thing about this situation is if we are in the Atlantic we are excited about our playoff chances. We are a move away and probably closer because we get Buffalo, Florida, and Ottawa more. But we arent and we are hating life because we are tied for last with a better team.
  9. Positive trajectory- not just darling, all the offseason moves Goals- we scored 7 more goals last season than 13-14. Farm- top 7 isn’t McDavid, Matthews, Eichel, etc i said outside of making an aggressive trade. Outside, meaning excluding!
  10. Outside of making an aggressive trade he has only: made the Canes farm a top 5 system despite not having a pick to draft a franchise player improved the depth of the forwards 2 fold one of the only teams to have a positive trajectory this offseason all this while having a ridiculously tight budget
  11. Eric’s value was so low we weren’t going to get a replacement via trade. Would you rather we held on because we didn’t get the offer and lost him for nothing?
  12. Got 2 of the 5 names in this NHL article. 5 players on the rise Foegle and Zykov crap! Didn’t read up far enough to see coast already posted. My bad!
  13. We got Staal for 2 2nds and Saarela. Shows his lack of value that we didn’t get a first. 2016 2nd went to Chicago as a part of the Teuvo trade. 2017 2nd - Luke Martin we got the pick that we used on Gauthier and McKeown from the Sekera trade with the Kings
  14. I can’t find anything on the google. the team needs to evaluate Lindholm and Rask to decide who they want to keep. They are close to the same player. We don’t need both. Trade 1. Need to move Aho to center and put Ryan on the wing or in the clubhouse. Kruger should be moved in the offseason
  15. Learned from Canescountry that Gauthier is rocking the boat. Complaining about his lack of PT and no play on special teams to the media. He is 6’4 and 225 lbs but barely noticed on the ice.
  16. Man I heard the same narrative from us after ‘06. If depth is what they need, I’d be happy to give the Kruger in the off season. Need to open up a spot for Wallmark
  17. Checkers rallied to win. Checkers were up 3-2 after 2. Rockets scored 3 of the next 4 to take a 5-4 lead. Checkers scored the last 3 to include the game winning SH goal. Foegle had 2 goals and an assist (5v5 & EN) Zykov had 2 goals and an assist (PP) Wallmark had 1 goal and 2 assists (PP) Roy had a goal (PP) Bishop scored the SH goal. Foegle has 4 shortys this season, which is tied for 1st in the AHL. Zykov is tied for 1st in the AHL for goals at 17 and 1st for PP goals Foegle is tied for 5th in the AHL with 14 goals wallmark is a Peters mold player. He has 22 points in 17 games with a whopping 2 PIM.
  18. Zykov has put up 2 more goals today and the 3rd period hasn’t started. He has surpassed his 2016-17 goal total.
  19. Charlotte won again and Lavar continues their slide. 3-1 Checkers. Smith was in goal. Zykov scored again and Wallmark added a goal and assist. Carrick added two assists as well. Chris Terry assisted in Lavar’s goal. zykov is tied for AHL lead in goals and leads the AHL in PP goals.
  20. Odd Canes stat: TVR- +10 Rask- +6 Hanifin- -1 Pesce- -5 Slavin- -6 Faulk- -7 Only one defender with a plus rating, only 6 with a plus rating overall.. I threw Rask in there just because he has been so ghostly. Is TVR that good? How much will Hanifin cost us this offseason? He is pace for 13 goals and 26 assists.
  21. With Ottawa potentially selling the big names how about some options: Hoffman for Faulk allows Ottawa to move Karlsson without much angst. They also dont want to suck too bad or Colorado gets a good pick in the 2019 draft. Maybe get Ceci as well if we include a good prospect, Ryan, and a 2019 1st.
  22. The one notable prospect there, Booth, isn’t doing well. His save percentage is .88something and above 3 on GAA. Ouellet has played as many games as Booth.
  23. Check out canescountry’s prospect corner this morning. A lot of good info. Im still on board the Mattheos bandwagon! I believe we got a steal in the third round. He wasn’t given any limelight until Nolan Patrick left. He has been a PPG player since NP went down to injury last year. Now he is a 1.61 PPG player.
  24. Charlotte got revenge against Lehigh. 5-2 win. Brown (2), Poturalski, Zykov, and Miller scored. Kuokkanen had 2 assists. Smith was in goal. Gauthier didn’t record a point tonight. Whats crazy is Gauthier put up 3 goals in 2 games but only has 8 total points. Zykov regained the team lead in goals scored. Why haven’t we seen this guy yet? Only needs 3 more goals scored to surpass last years total after 66 games. Charlotte is third in their division.
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