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  1. Looks like Smith stays in NY with a 4.35 AAV over 4 years. Keep plucking those defenders from the market. LV is liking it. Also Buffalo was told no on signing a draftee to a contract, Cam Petersen. Goalie will sign with LA, supposedly, on the 1st.
  2. Man now that McDavid is getting a high amount how about throw in a offer sheet for Draisaitl for 9.8 million? Its right under the threshold and screws them on cap forever. They could call our bluff and not match it but its worth the risk. 23 million on two players is ridiculous but they will be rescued(along with Chicago and anyone else with a jacked cap) in 2020.
  3. Im a pessimist and expect to be disappointed as well. We're playing the long game. The long game can work if all your prospects work out. It will continue to kill fan enthusiasm.
  4. I disagree we need depth. We need 20+ goal scorers now. Not dudes that ride the 4th line. We have those. We have enough depth coming in the next 2 years to sustain success Roy, Saarela, Gauthier, Koukkanen, and Necas. To a small degree Zykov and Wallmark. We need to get to success first.
  5. Supposedly McDavid is close to signing a 8 year 13.25 million AAV deal. No wonder Oilers have traded away everything for nothing. Add in the expected 8 million AAV for Draisaitl and there goes all their cap space until forever.
  6. minus Saad Gagner Plus Panarin still equals loss in depth and scoring. Again still good though. As we stand they should be at least 2nd. We'll see how Washington and Pittsburgh makes their crazy cap issues to make the roster work.
  7. Stalberg, Hainsey, McClement? If so, I think we are covered with full seasons of McGinn, Ryan, and now TVR.
  8. I understand what you're saying but Nashville had 4 top pair Dmen, 1 top 4 guy, and 1 5th Dman. They had extra defenders to move and still be the top D in the league.
  9. True. Since that math is already figured in, we are a 93 point team in a decent division without them. We could get 100 with in the Metro though. Devils- got better but not sure how much better Philly- worse IMO. Patrick is a 40-50 point guy maybe, they lost their big PP threat, and still lack a goalie/defense NYI- O is better, D is worse, G same. Overall slightly better PIT- w/o Bonino, may be less deep. G ???? WAS- D is worse & their O has to be weaker seeing their cap issues Columbus- not as deep without Gagner but a top 2 team in the division NYR- a lot less formidable this year with no Stepan. Their D is week and only going to weaker if they sign Shattenkirk to some ridiculous deal. They lack a great shutdown guy to make him look better. if we can add 30 more goals in trade/ FA we could battle for 3rd place ~105 points.
  10. Lets go ahead and kill the Duchene rumors. Joe is crazy Aurthue Staple said Snow offered Harmonic and 2018 1st. Joe declined. So with that info, I will call the Duchene speculation closed. Do I have a second?
  11. Now Big Joe and Marleau may want to stay together. Even some tweets about it. Question for the core: Do we or SJS have a better chance at winning with Joe and Marleau? Could be a solid selling point for us. It is a risk with Joe because of his knee. Two solid seasons with those leaders to bridge Roy and Kuokkanen. My answer is us. SJS had 99 points with them. We had 87 without them. I believe them, Darling, and all of younger guys getting better would easily equal 6 more wins Plus! And over the two contract Canes should project higher with the amount of young talent on the roster. Marleau-Joe-Skinner Aho-Staal-Lindholm TT-Rask-Stempniak McGinn-Ryan-Nordstrom extra-PDG
  12. Thats wierd, I clicked it again for validation. For ease, Mr. Custance says: Lots of interest in Patrick Marleau coming off 27-goal season. Toronto, Anaheim, NYR, SJ, Carolina, Nashville, LA all in the mix.
  13. In on Marleau Hey the first time I've seen us directly linked to a UFA: we are mentioned as one of the teams involved with Marleau.
  14. True but he wants to win. We are a fringe playoff at this moment. Don't like our chances compared to others.
  15. And another reason why if we are going to make a move it needs to happen now.
  16. Signed Patrick Brown to a 1 yr 2 way. available contracts count: 4 disclaimer: i am counting us carrying 22 roster players and none being a prospect
  17. Speaking of Duchene: media members are calling for him to move him for Duchene's sake. They want this saga to end. His asking price may go down. We'll see.
  18. That wont change. Either GMRF blinks or GMJS blinks first. Joe holds the power of the hand so I don't see it. LV has Schmidt but they don't want to move him. Also AVS could go get himself instead of being a part of a 3 way trade. IF, and that's a big if, GMRF budges on his no moving a Dman, now is the time. We have time to sign a replacement in FA or be able to get one from LV at a decent price.
  19. Notable non tendered RFA, at this point: Keegan Lowe: anyone want him back? Brett Connelly, RW WAS: had 15 goals last year. Maybe WAS couldn't afford what he was asking since their cap sucks. Could be a good RW option for the 4th line/ 23rd forward. Mikhail Grigorenko, C, COL- big former first rounder not being tendered. 2 seasons of mid 20 points. Another candidate for capped strapped team looking for a failed 1st rounder to catch fire.
  20. Experts saying about a dozen teams reached out to Joe Thornton today. Says he is looking for a 3 year deal. That 3 year deal just about eliminates us, imo. Plus 3 years is a little risky for a guy coming back from a "floating knee" at 37. also guessing its 50/50 whether or not Williams returns to the Capitals
  21. We qualified McGinn, PDG and Chelios. If a prospect doesn't make the roster, Im guessing we have 5 contracts available before 50. Im counting McGinn and PDG as one of the roster forwards. Chelios counts against the previous mentioned 6 left.
  22. Nail will get a decent year offer from a cap strapped team hoping that he gets it going. Chicago, Capitals or Penguins. Im taking bets.
  23. It does suck that the one year we are big players the FA and draft suck. We still have teams in cap issues. Washington- 19 million in cap space but only 12 roster players. They have 2 big RFAs to sign as well. We have cheap roster players like Murphy/Dahlbeck, McGinn, Nordstrom, and PDG that could help fill out their roster if they are willing to move a skilled forward. And others. So we might be able to add a decent forward without a lot given up. im not moving Hanafin or Faulk without a great young center coming back.
  24. Recchi made the HOF, no Brindy
  25. Well screwed that up, thanks for the correction
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