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  1. I thought the most interesting point of that article was referencing all the distain because of the lack of a trade. I guess as Necas wasn't being picked, it really revved up the value of the pick to GMRF. Of course I hope I was misguided with my anger due to drafting instead of trading. Im in the boat of playing Necas in the Ahl or letting him play 6 to 9 NHL games and sending him back to his old team. The question becomes do we have room for him on the Checkers? A top line of Kuokkanen-Necas-Gauthier sounds kind of scary to me.
  2. 4th highest player huh?so Patrick, Hirschier, Heiskanen then Necas? it could be Maker instead of Heis but still. That is pretty good scouting. Well good thing the other 8 teams didn't have him that high.
  3. As Hanifin, Fleury, and Bean start to prove themselves we'll see their value rise significantly and our ability to play all three lessen. We'll see a deal with one of our young defenders but it'll be later this year or next offseason. I'd bet we get a dynamic forward or a high ceiling forward that is NHL ready out of the deal. Example: columbus and nashville or a reverse MTL-TBL deal.
  4. Logical, yes, but Sakic threw out logic months ago. holding out big Z over 250k knowing it would take a while for him to get a visa to play here (he is russian). Let it go so long that he misses a week worth of camp. Logic at its pinnacle (where is that sarcasm font). duchene rumors have really calmed down. Based on the team's prospect depth we can afford a move. I don't know that we necessarily have a need. TVR = huge improvement, probably a steal for us. Kruger = huge improvement over McClement. Won a bunch of faceoffs Willy=Willy Hanifin and Fleury look like big steps up from their former self and Dahlbeck, respectively. just need to see how Darling looks to know how good the team really can be. The team has looked very strong with a respectable goalie in the net. we'll probably go a couple of months before we kick the tires on a move.
  5. It would be my guess we would have a Smith-young guy pair in charlotte and Oullette-young guy pair in Florida. Give the young guys a mentor and the team someone who may be more consistent/ able to handle playoff pressure
  6. things I have taken away: Fleury will make the team Carrick should be the number 1 call up on D. He'd probably be on the roster if TVR wasn't here. Wallmark will be the number 1 call up on O. Followed by Saalera, Zykov, Kuokkanen, and Smallman. i would like to see Necas get a couple of games with Skinner & Ryan to start the season. He could experience the travel burden, practices, and games against a full NHL roster. He would use the experience to show him things he needs to fine tune in order to make the roster next year. Our young goalies have shown me that Ward is about 95% not coming back next year. The other 5 percent chance comes from his and darling's play this year. Questions remain: does Wallmark out do McGinn or Jooris for a slot? Do we go Slavin-Faulk and Hanifin-Pesce or do we put the old pairs together? who is the Checker's goalie Ned or Booth? Im guessing Ned at this point.
  7. I think we'll see this be the last big experiment game. after today Im hoping for 2 lines of regulars and lines of nhler / possibles for O, 2 lines of D (Fleury and TVR need to play most nights and 1 possible line), and a NHL goalie for 2 periods with 1 going to Ned/Booth for the next 2 games. Let the last 2 games be 90% - 95% nhlers
  8. I missed the third. How was booth? Probably see some larger cuts tonight/tomorrow? Have the expected NHLers plus Carrick, Bean, Necas, Kuokkanen, Ned, plus other AHLers. Send home more of the junior guys who aren't going to make it. I want to see tomorrow night: Aho-Staal-Lindholm Foegele-Necas-Stemp PDG-Kuokannen-Smallman Saarela-Brown-Schilkey Darling in goal for a period Booth or Hedvig in for 2 periods
  9. 8th penalty. I don't know how BP and Co can effectively rate anyone on 5 on 5 play. I believe there has been a combined 24 minutes of PP time through 2 periods.
  10. 7th penalty already. Woof. We've dominated the play so far. they scored on the PP. 2-1. It was a 5 on 3 play and right when Gauthier came back on from the box, they scored.
  11. TT scored on the PP. 2-0. Carrick doing good on the PP. TT, Rask, Williams line is productive
  12. 1-0 end of the first they had a goal called off for goalie obstruction
  13. 7 penalties so far. 4-3 canes penalty advantage. Supposedly we haven't allowed a shot on goal in 8 minutes.
  14. Whoops put it in training camp. Willy scored on the PP 1-0
  15. Willy makes 1-0 on the power play
  16. Its an interesting thought. If there were reports of a team that is even or below us in the metro getting him, I would be ok with the thought. We are already below CLB's talent so them getting Duchene doesn't hurt as much. NYR, NYI, Was, etc getting Duchene would really suck as we would basically be stuck. Forced to fight for 4th place all the time.
  17. Got to feel for Duchene. Every question is about his future and his trade status. I would hate to be in that spot and I know he doesn't like it. Fleury has sounded fairly solid so far. A trade could happen as we have a bunch of youngsters pushing for spots and could replace who we lose. I like our group and as long as he doesn't go to the Metro, I hope he gets moved.
  18. Anyone catch anything on Hanifin? He seemed to have a solid night last night. It seems his play rises as he is he challenged more and has more confidence in his partner.
  19. I agree with all you have said. Knowing GMRF makes smart decisions, Necas must seriously be impressing the staff for them to even consider him. Based on GMRF's points after the draft he was going back to the Czech league this season. Necas has flipped their opinion quickly and they must believe he can score in bunches now. We know we don't have to rush him but his play is saying we aren't rushing him.
  20. If, IF, Necas makes it, Ryan should be on his right. As he proved tonight, he'll need some help with faceoffs. Also advice on the position as well. My guess is forcing Stemp down to the fourth line with Kruger and Nordy. Necas' play making would be something to see feeding Skinner.
  21. Dang Ryan was the only O tonight. Scored the game winner. TVR made a solid play in the D zone to get the puck from the Sabres and pass to Ryan. TVR had a solid night on the radio (not sure how his positioning looked)
  22. Overtime hockey. Chuck made a decent attendance joke about the game.
  23. Buffalo has owned the 1st and 3rd periods. Solid goaltending has kept it tied. Supposedly Ned just made a robbery type save from an odd bounce of the back boards.
  24. Well it is hard to really understand many things on the radio but Smith in goal sounds like he is playing really well. a bunch of slashing penalties for the Canes. I think its 6 Canes penalties and 3 for Buffalo. If I heard right Fleury has a couple of turnovers. Ryan is our only O so far. Scored one and primary assisted on Jooris' short handed goal( Ryan stole it at center to start a 2 on 1). necas has made a couple of good O plays but hasn't led to a goal
  25. 2-2 gave of a 4 on 4 goal. had some give aways and in ability to clears on D (its hard to keep up on the radio)
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