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  1. Yep we didn't get a single mention from any of the 3 expects. We are chop liver. We'll see what we can get but I expect we'll end up taking Hossa's contract to get Anisimov and getting a Capitals forward for pennies on the dollar. Both teams will be well above the cap after tomorrow.
  2. If we are passed over by everyone then we may do it. Better get Anisimov out of the deal. He is a good 2 C. Hossa is going to be LTIR'd unless there is any chance he is able to come back. Which his deal is a PK special, high cap low salary.
  3. Hate to tell you but I listened to both TSN insider sessions about Duchene, Joe, Marleau, J Williams, etc. not one mention as a possibility for any big name. Not one. So I think it's just about clicks so they talk about the big teams / recently successful ones.
  4. Anyone want Murphy back? He is on waivers???
  5. Something had to 95% done to give away 2 NHL players for a ECHL guy. He is still playing it pretty close though. We have zero idea what "not cheap" is. If it were Joe and Marleau, it would be great for us. Leadership, scoring, size, and sets up for the future really good. we'll have a lot of talent trying to make the big club over the next 2 years. We'll need good short term veterans until then.
  6. Do what??? Is this for real or are we just trying to get fan interest? Although not cheap is highly subjective. Not cheap for PK could be a drop in the bucket to 25 of the other 30 GMs.
  7. Probably Chicago. Take Hossa's contract with Anisimov. Hossa will be LTIR'd. So no issue. When he comes back, he'll be paid 1 million a year with a 5 million cap hit.
  8. Well the best trade partners we have right now are Chicago and Washington. Caps have 12.5 million in cap with a need for 4 or 5 roster forwards, 1 defender and a backup. Both of their remaining RFA forwards will eat most of that. I have discussed Chicago's issues. Anisimov and Kruger will be available.
  9. No you can't and doing that scenario is dangerous. If Williams retires after season 1, he will incur a penalty to the cap for front loading the contract. It makes sense based on how much money we'll spend next year. Its a risk though (although we wont be a cap team).
  10. Big no Radulov. He wants a Semin style contract. 7 million over 6 years. No thanks. I'd 6-6.5 over 4 because he is 30. His production could be down at year 4, then we eat year 5 & 6 for top line money at 3rd line production.
  11. The 48 of 50 contracts I was counting was figuring in we still need 3 roster forwards. And i was planning on 0 of those 3 being prospects (because you plan for the worst). So we are down to 46 now. 4 contracts available with a chance of up to 3 more.
  12. We need 6 million to reach the cap floor. Going to have to spend some money
  13. Im aware of the benefits and don't have an issue with the trade. I have been on the trade Murphy train a long time. I just figured if we were going to give him away it would have happened a long time ago. Maybe the big 2 million in savings means we are adding someone decent. We need 6 million to get to the floor.
  14. Man the best we could get for 1/2 off Lack and Murphy was an ECHL guy? That market must be thin.
  15. I expect Grigorenko to be snagged by a cap strapped team because he is young and decent. i wouldn't mind GMRF taking a run at him. He hasn't lived up to the hype of his pick but he put up 24 points on that terrible team. I bet he would be more productive with TT and Stempniak as his line mates. Plus he is only 23. A solid 2-3 year 3.5-6 million total deal. Cheap but could be worth it. My expected FA potential signees: GMRF wants short term Jiri Hudler- will probably take a 1 year deal to get his career back in track. He has missed a bunch of games over the last 2 seasons due to freak virus. Usually a 40 point scorer. Parenteau- older guy that was hurt. Usually a decent 30-40 point guy. Would do a 2 year deal Ask about but wont get: J Williams- wants a cup Marleau- same Bonino- too many years wanted Vrbata- likes Arizona but why???
  16. Anyone go? Also saw there videos of our 1st round picks last year on N & O. They require a subscription. Anything important in the videos? Or are the videos of them saying they want to make the club?
  17. We have 3 contract spots available. One being a bench guy. My takes on cheap contracts that we will actually sign. C Jiri Hudler- had some freaky viral infection messing with him. He has missed most of 2 seasons. He'll sign a 1 year to get his name back. Typically a 40-50 point guy. C Mikhail Grigorenko- 23 and a failed 1st rounder so far. But put up mid 20 points last 2 seasons. Low risk 2 years 3 million total deal. Starts at 4th line and if does well can move up to 3rd line. RW Versteeg? Had a solid season with calgary. Parenteau- older guy would do a 1 year deal maybe Grigorenko finally starts to put it together. Jiri could come back strong and be a big value pick up. Parenteau could be the same. Williams and Marleau will be cup chasing and we'll be out. Skins-Rask-Aho Lindholm-Staal-Stempniak TT-Hudler-Ryan McGinn-Grigorenko-PA Nordstrom riding the pine, PDG possibly too. Decent pick ups that are right up our lane. Should really sell the tickets too.
  18. We are up to 43 contracts. We still need 3 nhl roster forwards, assuming they aren't prospects we have 4 contracts open
  19. In 18-19 Edmonton would look like this: McDavid 13.25 Draisaitl 9 RNH 6 Lucic 6 Sekera 5.5 rest of the roster: 22 million total 61.8 million That includes 1 goalie, 5 defenders, and 6 forwards. Potentially 9 RFAs. They need to fill 6 forwards, 1 defender, and 1 goalie on 16 million (ill say that it goes up slightly since the nhl will never punish its big teams). Basically 2 million per. So it easily doable. That number goes down to 1.6 million per if they carry 22 people. Definitely suck trying to fill 4 top 9 guys at at that budget.
  20. I know who you mean. Don't do it wxray
  21. Brock McGinn is back. 875k 17-18 900k 18-19 2 more roster spots left. Add a third if we have a guy riding the pine. Skins-Rask-Aho ??- Staal-Lindholm TT-??- Stempniak McGinn-Ryan-Nordstrom or a variation of.
  22. Draisaitl, McDavid and RNH would be almost 30 million. So their remaining 19 roster spots would have equal 45 million. Easily doable. Penns had 2 large contracts with 2 huge contracts
  23. True. He has been the most consistent. Hanafin and Lindholm may wait to maximize their value because they have been so inconsistent. Pesce is solid. It'll be interesting to see what he does.
  24. I expect GMRF to begin contract negotiations with them ASAP. We could see a couple signed mid year to avoid all that mess.
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