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  1. Man Calgary gave up a bunch of picks for Harmonic. A 1st and 2 2nds. Shows you how much Hanafin, Faulk, etc are worth.
  2. Put 90 points in 72 WHL games this year.
  3. Well it doesn't look like we are trading a this year draft pick for anyone serious.
  4. Man another string bean Finnish player then another RHD.
  5. Maybe we can convince LAK to let go of Carter since they got a big center.
  6. What do you mean is Landeskog signed? He is signed for 4 more years at 5.57 million per. I think he has great chemistry with a few guys on the team already but Im not paying what Joe wants for him. He only put up 33 points. He has trended in the wrong direction for points over the last 4 going from 65 to 33, each season scoring less the last season. He would be a good addition for a D and O prospect, pick contingent on us making the playoffs. Duchene isn't worth one of our cornerstone defenders with only 2 years left on his deal. Nashville doesn't think so either. Im assuming NYI don't because they are willing to move Harmonic but a Duchene trade didn't materialize. If Im moving Hanafin its for Mackinnon. He has plenty of years left on his deal, 6, and even when they sucked he still scored 71 points. I would do Hanafin, McGinn or Roy, 42nd pick and a 1st next year. Then call LV about Methot. He knows what it is like to play along side an O minded D.
  7. Rumors are a bound about Duchene. The most frequent name is Nashville. They seem to be in deep talks.
  8. 1st round is over! so what forward from the Capitals could we get for: Nordstrom Dahlbeck or Murphy A pick id shoot for Johanssen. He meets our requirement of swedish or Finnish.
  9. Kostin still there. Man his shoulder is bad or he said something wrong. well there goes that. 0-3 hopeful picks.
  10. I knew Philadelphia would move Schenn to make space for Patrick. so they take back a really bad contract a 27th pick, and a top 10 protected potential 2nd 1st rounder? they basically are in the same roster situation and save 700k in cap.
  11. Well don't want to blend 2 topics Francis mentioned specifically teams that need cap reflief as prospect & picks trade partners. Minnesota- needs cap space still but only seems to be offering D players Capitals- plenty of young O RFA players. They may want a young and cheap roster player. They have 19 million in cap space with only 12 roster players. They need 5 O players, 2 defenders, and a backup goalie.
  12. Kostin has slid to at least 24
  13. Kostin might fall a while because of his shoulder. Could be a trade up candidate. Has great size already. A Nino type fall.
  14. Mckenzie in his final ratings said Suzuki was the steal of the draft. He rated Necas 11th. Not much of a man crush.
  15. One inch? Unless you are a lady 1 inch isn't a big difference in size
  16. He is smooth at 167, how smooth when he be at 197? Suzuki has the tools with the playing size already.
  17. Ugggh. Suzuki should have been the pick
  18. Dang that really sucks. Had a feeling he wouldn't make it past LAK. Go with Suzuki!
  19. Oh its Tippet. Soooo close. And at least two of necas, Suzuki and Vilardi will be there
  20. Vilardi has the size to start tomorrow. Suzuki may as well. Necas will need a year or two
  21. Oh snap 10 is here and Vilardi is still there. He wont make it past LAK
  22. Oh snap Vilardi made it one more pick. Cmon!
  23. Man Villardi has dropped. Plenty of good forwards left Villardi Suzuki Middlestadt Necas Tippett Rasmussen we'll get one of those for sure
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