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  1. The craziest deal I would consider is: getting Carter from LA. He is 60+ point per season guy. Older but is owed 18.5 million over the next 5 years. Which is pretty good for as much as he does. They need offensive prospects. McGinn, Roy, and next year's 1st?
  2. Some ideas for UFA signings, although unlikely: RW Oshie. Top UFA . Will cost too much for too long for us. Recycle vets, Vrbata, Justin Williams, and Eaves. Williams and Vrbata are both 35 and older. They still put up 24 and 20 goals, respectively. They may go for 1 year deals, maybe 2. Eaves scored 32 goals but more than likely wants more term than GMRF wants to offer a 33 year old. C Someone mentioned Hanzal. How much and how long is the 30 year old going to want? 4 million AAV is my guess for 3-4 years. He scored 20 goals on a bad Zona team. It wouldn't be a terrible sign if Staal was able to be traded when Aho is C ready. Sam Gagner. Was last season a fluke or has finally realized his talent. 50 points he put up. He is only 27, usually hovers in the low 40s for points and had a couple of off years. Its hard to gauge him. Could want a serious term and length. 5 million AAV over 5 years, but not sure anyone would do it. Averaging 70 games, 40 points, 14 goals and a -9 over his 10 year career.
  3. We'll scratch the Hossa trade idea. I wasn't aware of cap recapture program. If he does retire, the Blackhawks will be penalized for front loading his contract, the difference in cap vs actual savings averaged over the remaining years he was signed. Also, the Hawks fans gave it a resounding no. Insulted even. At this point, make the trade and pay Hossa under the table to retire. Either way, learned something today.
  4. We should hear about a team in Seattle, Im guessing 2 seasons from now. The current GMs will happen to take at least 2 years to come down after this offseason. Bettman is too stupid to do what was best for the league, move Zona to LV. Now he will further divide the pot by adding another team. It doesn't make any sense. Of course im happy in the back because if Zona would have moved, I know we would be next to move.
  5. If we were Zona or LV, I doubt he would wave his nmc. The fact that we have a good chance to make the playoffs with him and have a bunch of former teammates to tell him about us (like Darling) increases our chances. No guarantee of course.
  6. To piggy back off your thought. how about Marian Hossa? 1. We love trading with Chicago 2. He is owed a total of 4 million over the last 4 years, yes 1 million per year 3. He still scored 28 goals last season 4. If he retires, so what? Are we ever going to get within 5 million of the cap ceiling? No 5. We can get a good young player, Ryan Hartman. Scored 19 goals last season. Could play on Staal's left side. 6. A year or maybe 2 of Hossa would be a great bridge for Gauthier 7. Chicago always needs cap space 8. We love to trade with Chicago to Car RW Hossa LW Hartman (RFA next year) To Chicago Nordstrom (if not chosen) or Nestrasil's rights Pittsburgh's 2nd That could be at worst 20 goals addition if Hossa retires immediately or best case 45 goals addition. A pretty good deal IMO. And would leave us enough assets / payroll to get a top center we want. Hartman is an addition that is on par with our youth movement.
  7. Its the same reason I don't want to do a Brown or Gaborik from LA. Yea we might get a lottery 1st rounder out of it but it will be detrimental in 3 years.
  8. At 30 and owed 37.25 million over 5 years, I pass. He can get to the 60-70 point range but only twice. In his 9 full seasons he averages 51 points per season. I don't know that he maintains that until he is 35. He has averaged 24 goals a season but most of his point numbers are from his time in Anaheim. I would do it if he had 2-3 years left but not at 5. over the next 3 years our salary is going to go way up with 3 of 4 D horsemen, Aho, Lindholm, TT, and Skinner all needing re-signings. Don't know that we can afford an under producing 7.5 million Ryan the last 2 years of his contract.
  9. Its outside the scope of the thread but: This was more in reference to players being ok with the status quo and little accountability among players because of years of making a team out of spare parts and recycling players. Some of the players saw the organization really didn't care about winning and gave efforts to match. It may have started before but that is when I noticed it. This also could be a super long discussion but I will cut it off here. it seemed to turn around some when the team saw it could win with who we had on the ice. It should get a boost with a hard playing Darling. The team needs a big acquisition to boost morale as much as the fans do.
  10. Well another damper on our ability to get talent cheap, they increased the cap to 75 million. man the positive outlook on our ability to improve the team has really been kicked down a few notches. We have a bunch more money to spend but it the talent wont come as cheap as I had hoped.
  11. It really depends on how they handle the expansion draft. 1. If they take everyone's picks to take no names, yes they do end at the bottom. 2. Do they go aggressive and take the best talent, they could finish 18-29 depending on how everyone gels. 3. Do they take a bunch of young talent and tradeable assets in the draft? Trade a decent amount of the talent for almost league ready talent. They could finish 25-31 depending on who they keep and how their talent does.
  12. To be honest I think it was an organizational mindset that brought them all down. Much like one here from 13-16 that really brought our production down. Players didn't feel either supported, appreciated, like the organization wanted to win, etc. I would say if its one player then they are having issues but when its a a majority of players, its an organization issue. If we were to add big name players, it would boost the morale of our players. Any addition would also benefit from an upbeat locker room atmosphere.
  13. Yes very true. Thanks to our favorite GM.
  14. You think they would move 3 roster players for a good 2 way guy, a underperforming G, and a D propect? We couldn't get two of them for that. Based on their asking price we would have to be in the ballpark of: Staal Lack Fluery Roy Nordstrom/McGinn staal for Skog swap McGinn & lack for Soderberg Fluery & Roy for Duchene Skinner-Duchene-Stempniak Skog-Rask-Lindstrom TT-Soderberg-Aho the thought of the Skins, Aho, & Duchene on the same line is exciting and scary at the same time, so I split them up.
  15. This and hording as many good defenders as they can to allow them to make some good trades. Dallas move the #3 for Dumba, Demers, or Jack Johnson? Would Philadelphia be willing to swap Raanta and 6th for the 2nd? They could get the franchise face they are looking for. D and goalies would have some serious currency this year. 4 teams are looking for a starting goalie and 6 or so teams are looking for a D upgrade to be serious playoff teams. LV could get some good young offensive players to fill the AHL team. If they get too greedy with their pick hoarding, then all of that is out the window.
  16. Im aware of Staal but I believe his chance of coming back here is zero. No reason to bring him up.
  17. Best chance at that is Soderberg. He had an abysmal season with Colorado but has a past of getting to 50 points. He'll be 32 at seasons start so I have no idea if he can get back to it.
  18. The names that interest me: the wingers from Nashville, already mentioned. Josh Anderson- Columbus 6'3 220lb RW that put up 17 goals last year. RFA McQuaid- Boston, big RHD with a low AAV and 2 years left. Decent veteran 5th Dmen for us C Miller- younger version of McQuaid. Will be a RFA next offseason C Soderberg- COL. had a terrible year for Colorado, like everyone else. But put up 50 and 41 points the last 2 years, respectively. Signed for 3 more years at 4.75 AAV Jokes: Justin Falk from Buffalo is available, could be fun for announcers and fans
  19. Side deals I wouldn't mind with LV: A Nashville forward, Wilson or Neal, to play on Staal's left side. we know Minnesota will have a great forward available but LV will more than likely take Zucker. He is a LV native who they will keep. we'll see soon if Jets, Columbus, and Anaheim went 8 or 7-3. Could be a pretty good forward from either available or a really good defender.
  20. I have to believe Minnesota is one of the teams that gave up a first to select a specific person. It was a little disappointed that a deal wasn't made. I am guessing that we'll make a deal with LV for an okay winger maybe a third line center.
  21. I don't think its expansion related so ill drop it here: coyotes got someone to freely take Smith's contract and get a good return out of it. Arizona is going to need to pick up some serious cap eaters this year. They are down to 20 million. They have a couple of RFAs to sign still.
  22. That is a great pickup by the Slugs
  23. Hmmm Gaborik would be a tough sell. He is owed 16 million of the last 4 years of his deal. He'll turn 39 during his last year. Also he has only played in 68% of games the last 2 seasons at a 0.375 PPG pace. if we could pull off Rem's dream and trade the 11 and 12 to get Philly's pick, it may be worth it. If Gaborik was in a stage where he was making significantly less that his cap, it could be worth it. Man if Gaborik was just going to retire and we only had to eat his cap, that could be worth it. We aren't getting within 5 million of the cap ceiling
  24. Could kill the possibility of getting a forward like Schenn from Philadelphia. But im not sure how much Cousins saves them in cap space
  25. I understand Carolina doesn't get a lot of rumors posted because we don't draw the eye balls. I have an odd feeling we'll have a less than hopeful offseason.
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