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  1. My 2 cents O'Sullivan- we wont be claiming him on waivers. He is clearing waivers so that buying out process can be started. Any contract he may sign come free agency wont be anywhere close to 3 mil. Brindy- Yes Brindy sucked it up last season but I think he has given enough to the franchise to be allowed to finish his contract. He isnt a bad teammate, heck he gave up his captaincy without any fuss. Just let the guy finish his contract and retire. Hopefully he comes back to coach the Checkers at some position. This organization is known as taking care of its athletes and thats why so many athletes call this place home. We do not need to ruin that because of a vision change. (of course non of this applies to samsonov as he hasnt been around enough). I guess if we see him on waivers today we will know.
  2. well i dont know if we can add O'Sullivan's 2.95 contract. Granted we will get him for nothing which is a plus. Now if he was on re entry waivers then I could see us jump right on it as we would pay a fraction of his salary.
  3. sounds awesome. Then it will only take a season and a half for him to be up if that is the truth.
  4. Just a really crazy thought but the Rangers and Marc Staal are way off in contract terms. 3 out of 4 staal brothers. babchuk and a winger spec for his rights. Its a first and third compensation. Its going to take a pitkanen type deal to sign him.
  5. i said offseason The schedule, all star game, russia and finland have nothing to do with the offseason. Free agency will be non existant to us. Unless, like I said we grab a left out FA in august/september.
  6. Well now all we have to look forward to: If buyouts happen For August/September to roll around to see if we grab a left ou FA And millions of speculated lineups Should be an boring offseason.
  7. bullish by saying stop bringing it up? Softies in here.
  8. well if JR is smiling about that little move we have some serious issues to worry about.
  9. only 29 picks til the draft is over. What other trades are we going to see?
  10. man people already misspell Staal. Now add another Stahl to the mix and people are really going to get confused in a couple of seasons with the Staal brothers and Stahl on the roster.
  11. its not a bad pickup but its not one I would expect to see JR grinning so hard for.
  12. Cullen is not coming. Stop bringing it up.
  13. well this has to be a move that triggers another move then. If he is grinning so big it has to be for someone bigger than that guy. Veersteeg is a possibility as Chicago needs Dmen. Rights to blake wheeler maybe?
  14. wow well Wikipedia already has him traded to us
  15. my guess is a proven players for a spec that will make the roster plus a late rounder.
  16. Levi was a great 3rd round pick. Rated top 55 skater. Still wish we would have got Johns with our last 2nd rounder. Big question, how many more D man are we going to draft? 4 Dmen and one C/RW so far and traded for a C.
  17. for those worried about drafting small players, not to scare you but there will be an every smaller guy in next year's draft. There is a 5'4 (no typo)finnish player that has almost a 2 PPG average. There is even a 5'8 Dman from sweden.
  18. What that tells me that he tried to use all three 2nd round picks means that no one is interested in cole, sammi, or another player that JR is willing to part with. If they were it wouldnt take all three 2nd rounders to get back up there. Looks like we are stuck with their salaries.
  19. C McFarland stock continues to fall Faulk is a hard shot D man that fell out of the 1st round A dman may be a reach at 46. 3 dmen could be available at 53. Beukeboom, Leduc, and Holl could be there. I say 2nd round is either Ross/Petrovic If Johns falls to 46 then grab him. A steal there Buekeboom would be my pick at 53 as he has more experience but Ludec would be number 2 (an O dman type)
  20. I would just like to point this out as I got hammered for thinking about drafting Skinner at 12, needless to say 7. I am totally for trying to get Petrovic or Johns with one of the 2nd rounder.
  21. Well I definitely say ANA won the 1st round. Getting Fowler at 12 and Etem at 29. Good talent still available
  22. They have Joe Blum, Cody Franson, Roussel, and Josi that could make the roster this season according to Hockeysfuture.com
  23. I say whichever top 3 D man is there. Gormley I believe it will be. Nino and Johansen will go 5 and 6.
  24. Well JR did say he was going to keep his picks I am a fan of trading with PHX we may even be able slip sammi with the value of the 7th pick to get the 52nd pick as well. We could then trade cole and 42nd pick for the 29th pick. Ana will need 2nd line winger and have cap space. 3 1st rounders would replinish Charlotte like JR wants. the 13th pick will have plenty of D men to chose and then 22nd will have other Dmen available and the 29th will have some wingers and centers available. Go RW Watson or D McIlrath at 13, D Tinordi, D Merrill, or a teen ranking faller, and 29 go with C Schwartz, D Faulk (only O dman on my list) or RW Coyle. I would go with Watson, Tinordi, and Faulk. Then go C and Wingers in the 2nd and possible Goalie in late 2nd or early third. Just crazy thoughts.
  25. I know they still have the 8th pick but reasons why they dont make the trade now 1. They wouldnt have a 1st round pick 2. They just picked up a good veteran forward that is better than cole, sammi, or larose 3. They are close to their budget and wont be able to add much more salary I am still counting on a forward (sammi/cole/larose) plus a 2nd rounder this year, and something else (spec or 2011 pick) for a falling star that we are high on in the 1st round.
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