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  1. This is outrageous. It wont affect me as am I in Kansas and get to go to one home game a season. Isnt this on the people who run the arena not the Canes? As I understand it, since State and the Canes utilize the same arena the parking is handled by one company. The Canes and State get a portion of the parking money associated with games. I could be way off but I swear that was in the arena agreement. I am looking it up but not having much luck finding the arrangements made.
  2. In the off season to get that top line guy we are going to have to move ruutu or jok and dman to make it work in the cap. I dont want to already about next season but if we keep semin then our top 6 would be set. The questions become is murphy ready and does corvo stay? I believe it will no on both if we can get a solid dman in a trade.
  3. With ruutu coming back, the d doing decently well, and the lack of players available I doubt there will be a trade involving any roster players or any significant addition to the team by the deadline. I could see an acquisition for a guy like smid. As mentioned before smid is a great shot blocker. He has 70 through 25 games. If he works out he could be a good pair for Murphy or McBain as he is a bigger dude at 6'3 and 225lbs. If a significant trade involving ruutu or Jokinen were to happen it would occur for a top d man I during the off season. That is semin is re-signed.
  4. The biggest question is how many teams will be sellers? This shortened season will cause teams to be closer come deadline time. It might cause the price of rentals go higher than normal. We may have to wait for a significant blue line addition
  5. Hey I am making into town for post deployment leave for this game. Ok right now I have 14 people coming. I already have enough for the group discount. I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to be a part of the group deal to save them money on some tickets. We will be family friendly but we get rowdy as well. We will be sitting in the lower level. I believe the price will be $45. Try to let me know ASAP. I will be getting the tickets this weekend.
  6. I would say with the realignment are going to need to get big on D. The one issue with getting M. Staal is the Rangers will be a conference foe next season. That will make any trade for him harder. I would say pick, Dman (the need for nhl ready vs spec depends on if McIlrath is ready for the NHL), probably a third piece.
  7. I would agree that trading Murphy is tough. To me, he is a 4 year project to make him nhl ready. Due to his size he has going to have the know how of the right the placement before he plays regularly. And this goes to the age old question do we win now or set up for later?
  8. Rumors of Dmen available Whitney- 4mil cap hit, UFA at the end of this season Bouwmeester- 6.680 mil cap hit, UFA at the end of next season. I think his actual salary is around 6-6.5mil If Phoenix is moved I have read Yandle would not want to go with them. He could be available 5.5 mil hit for another 2 seasons. Mark Streit- 4.1 cap hit. UFA at the end of this season Jordan Leopold- 3 mil cap hit, UFA at the end of this season Possibles as we get closer to the trade deadline Poti- Capitals Hamrlik- Capitals Aucoin- Columbus Wishes- Alex Pietrangelo- A RFA at the end of the season. I think an offer sheet target by any team. If he doesnt want to stay in STL or STL cant pay him the money then we could make an offer. We have a solid core that can attract him, will be costly dman though. Marc Staal- For obvious reasons. Signed through 2 more seasons. Dont know if he wants to play with his 2 brothers though. 3.975 cap hit The biggest questions are 1) can our organization really afford to 2 straight years with no 1st round pick? This draft is deep. 2) How much can we spend on a top pairing Dman? If Semin is re-signed we are looking for around 60 mil payroll with a hole at a top Dman, some combo of Riley Nash, Nodl, and Wallace needing to be re-signed, and a backup goalie next season. Granted we could save 3 mil with a trading of Jokinen or 4.75 with ruutu. Staal or Yandle fit better into the senerio with their lower salaries. Bouwmeester is a high cap hit. Pietrangelo would a great addition that could become the top dman for many seasons here but will be very costly. To be able to afford a true top dman Jokinen and Ruutu will both have to go in my opinion. Maybe a package of young winger, jokinen, young dman, and a pick for a great Dman addition. I am thinking Dalpe, Murphy, Jokinen and next seasons 1st rounder for Pietrangelo (as long as we can get to negotiate a contract first. Conditional pick if not.) For Yandle I would substitute mcbain for murphy and make the pick a 2nd. For Bouw, I would say swip mcbain for murphy and take the pick off.
  9. What about Daniel Briere of the Flyers? He is big cap hit at 6.5 but his actual salary for the next 2 seasons are 3 and 2 mil, respectively. He would be a good 3rd line center. He would be a great veteran leader in the lockerroom and still puts up the points that equal to a 3 mil salary. If Rask is close to being ready he would a great stop gap. I dont think Briere is looking to move. With them in our conference next year it would be a great motivator for him.
  10. If I had my way- Tlusty-Staal-Semin 15.35 Skinner-Staal-Bowman/Dalpe 11.875 Ruutu-Rask-Dwyer 6.54 Nodl-Brent-Westgarth 2.7 Pitkanen-Yandle 9.75 Gleason-Faulk 4.9 Harrison-Murphy 2.875 Ward 6.3 Ellis 1.5 Thats with Semin signing for aroun 5.5 mil, Skinner 5 mil, and then a trade that involves McBain and Jokinen for Yandle. Yandle may be the best Dman available though that we can "fit" in the budget. I am around 61.75 for payroll. We may have to go with signing a cheaper guy or just keeping who keeping who we have and promoting Murphy. That would put the payroll around 59 mil.
  11. If we want a top D man that will carry over until next season, Bouwmeester might be the best bet. I think the Flames are looking to off load him. The FA Dman crop for next season does not look very good. We may be able to get a Dman from Philly after the season is over. Pronger will be coming back and Filly will be real close to the cap. They may need to off load a Dman in order to meet all their roster needs. We might be able to get Semin at a 2 year 10-11 mil deal at the end of the season. He hasnt put up the points this season to deserve the 7 mil contract for later seasons.
  12. Well everyone has plenty of Cap with the new levels this season. Rangers pretty much traded Nash's cap spaces with those 3 players. They still have to re-sign Del Zotto. They are still looking at 10+ million in cap space. They have good cap space because they havent blown salary on a FA dman whose salaries have gone astrnomically. They have done a great job at drafting.
  13. So if we get Semin and trade for a top 6 (E Kane maybe?) I assume either Ruutu becomes the third line center or we lose Ruutu/Jokinen/Tlusty in the trade. Still crazy he is ok with this D. I'd much rather sign Semin, sign a 3rd line center, and trade for a top 4 shutdown dman
  14. What about Heatley? He has 2 years left on his deal but getting paid 6 million and 5 million of those 2 years. He would have a cap hit of 7.5mil. That wont be issue with us as we dont get close to the cap. They would want a defensemen in return it seems like.
  15. Its a good bet that we are not in the top 3. We have got to start winning on a regular basis and have the winning culture before we get serious consideration for FAs.
  16. Weber isnt happening. We dont have the farm to sell Nashville. JR would make that kind of trade without knowing he would sign him long term. Also, when Weber goes to FA we wont have the signing bonuses again to compete with the big teams. We just need to keep our assets and hope we are able to draft someone that becomes that good.
  17. Semin has risk yes but he could give us that top winger without giving up the farm. Picks are easy to give away but without boychuk, dalpe, and co panning out our farm is already thin. We need to keep our future assets IMO. Semin-Staal-Jokinen/Tlusty Skinner-Staal-jokinen/Tlusty Larose-Ruutu-Dwyer/Stewart That would be a great 3 lines. Ruutu centering that 3rd line would be energy and 2 big guys will to throw it around with opposing forwards
  18. I guess it is up to Semin but would he want a 1-2 year deal at 5.5-5.75 mil or a 4 year at 4.5 mil? Then again I have no idea what JR is offering. I would take the risk of giving him a 2 year at around 5.5 if that meant we could get him. We have enough character guys in the locker room to either school him up or keep him from making a difference. On top of that, we have a coach and GM that will tell him to shape up or it looks like he will not be playing NHL hockey any longer than that deal if he doesnt shape up. Even in Russian, that doesnt sound very good.
  19. Jonie was already there, I dont see him going back. EDM is so stacked on specs right now I have no idea what they want. They could possibly want a vet or 2 like Jussi and some other top locker room guy to school up their young guys.
  20. I say trade for Bouwmeester and sign Semin. It would add anywhere from 8 mil-12mil to the salary depending on who we move for Bouw. I am thinking something along the lines of Stewart, McBain, Boychuk and a 2nd or Jokinen, McBain, and a pick Jokinen-Staal-Tlusty Semin-Staal-Skinner Larose-Ruutu-Dwyer Brent-Nodl Bouw-Pits Gleason-Corvo Faulk-Harrison/Sangs Murphy S big nsme come available like Weber?
  21. 7th D man guy is the way to go with Murphy. He is too small and our D is way to O oriented right now to make Murphy a regular. We would have to have 2 number 1 goalies with a D that looks like Pits, Gleason, Corvo, McBain, Murphy, and Faulk. Goalies would face so many shots they would have to do one game on, one game off. Thats just me though
  22. I sm thinking Murhpy will be a 7th Dman type. Let him get used to the game. Play in situations where we are down a goal late in the game or need an O spark. Also, play in PP situations.
  23. I think Bouwmeester would be a great pick up. Calgary just signed Wideman. They could try to move him. He eats up a lot of ice, hasnt missed a game in 5 seasons, and had over 100 block shots. His salary is 6.6 though. But unless we get a good run on the guy from Florida we may be left out of legit shutdown guys.
  24. Some interesting of RFAs that were not tendered that could be of interest. Most of them are guys that got injured alot. Have talent though. Black Comeau LW- Hasnt played a full seasons games in the past 2 seasons. Did put up 46 points (22 goals) when he played 77 for NYI in 2010. Gilbert Brule C- smaller guy so that we dont need to add another 5'10 guy. Again hasnt played a full seasons games in the past 2 seasons. Did put up 37 points in 2010 when he played 65 games. Marc-Andre Gragnani D- Younger guy at only 25. Only played 58 games last season not very many hits but did put up 41 blocked shots in those 58 games. Eric Fehr W- A big dude a 6'4. Only did have 3 points the past season in 35 games. Did put up 39 points in 2009 when he played 69 games. Wojitek Wolski LW- Only played 31 games last season but when he played close to full season he put up 50, 48, 42, 47, and 35 points respectively. Cam Barker D- a younger guy that didnt put up the points in EDM like he was supposed to. He only play 19, 52, and 25 games in the past 3 seasons. On a Sad note- how about the fall of Angelo Esposito- guy was supposed to a top pick then falls to 20th. Traded to the Stars and never plays. Now doesnt get an offer sheet.
  25. Great catch Mercury. With the way Ryan and Suter were split up with the column length, my mind made it seem like there was a comma there and it didnt help we are going after a Ryan and a Suter. It would be great to get Suter but I dont think we get him or Parise. Oh well its late (afghan time). What about Bouwmeester out of Calgary? He is available and with Calgary trying to dump a big contract his price may not be that high. He eats a lot of ice time too, over 25 minutes last season. Schultz could be another Doum. Doum looked great in College and he did pretty well. Schultz's popularity is due to not too many good lucking College Dmen are up for grabs. I wouldnt mind taking the risk as long as the price isnt high.
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