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  1. Dang that really sucks. Had a feeling he wouldn't make it past LAK. Go with Suzuki!
  2. Oh its Tippet. Soooo close. And at least two of necas, Suzuki and Vilardi will be there
  3. Vilardi has the size to start tomorrow. Suzuki may as well. Necas will need a year or two
  4. Oh snap 10 is here and Vilardi is still there. He wont make it past LAK
  5. Oh snap Vilardi made it one more pick. Cmon!
  6. Man Villardi has dropped. Plenty of good forwards left Villardi Suzuki Middlestadt Necas Tippett Rasmussen we'll get one of those for sure
  7. They have 12 roster players with only 19 million in cap space. They are sucking.
  8. Uhhhh the division was getting crazy anyways. One was get Patrick and the other Hischier. There wasn't any doubt
  9. Yea he said term for players/ FA signings is important because of the player re-signings coming. Must be a tight wallet despite PK has the money to pay for it comment.
  10. Man a lot of sad faces today. New Coyotes going oh crap, whyyyyyyyyy!
  11. The response to the winky part was more I wouldn't pay a first for Skog right now. He is signed for a while but for 33 points? They player I would ok a 1st rounder trade to is a center that is signed for 2 or more years. And i would trade the 2018 pick. That is due to my own intuition that if we get another C and Aho becomes one next year, we would try to move J Staal. We could get a 1st rounder for him when he puts up solid O numbers this year. Basically, we would lose ours but gain someone elses. Being a budget team we will struggle if we go without young talent. And we will have a bunch of big signings over the next 3 seasons. We'll need all the ELCs we can get.
  12. 3 castoffs and 1st for Skog? Joe wouldn't go for that. Based on his production last year his asking price is wy too high this year
  13. So does anyone think when Tippett and Arizona met it was very mutual. GM: Dave we aren't progressing, I think we may need to go in a different direction. Dave: Really? You mean it? (Excited tone) GM: Yes! Dave: So you are going to pay ne to leave this mess? GM: Yes! Dave: Bye Felicia! or is this just how I would react if Arizona fired me?
  14. TSN final draft rankings give me Suzuki!!! He has next Skinner written all over him.
  15. Man what a slow day. 3 trades and possible Russell signing by Edmonton. Tomorrow must be shaping up to be crazy
  16. Pick up the coaching styles, franchise procedures, and practice syles. That way when he comes back in 2 years we can complete a full transformation into the Carolina Blackhawks
  17. I was trying to figure out when I said egnima. I guess you did a dual quote and it blended mine with another.
  18. I really tried to tie in LV to make a decent MacKinnon proposal but I couldn't. how about this To Colorado D Schmidt C Roy 2018 Car 1st rounder to LV McKeown 2018 3rd rounder To CAR Duchene
  19. With all their roster, they are second only to Chicago in salary cap usage.
  20. If we keep Ryan, McGinn, and PDG, we are looking at another 5 million allocated. So we would need 2 million with lack or 4.5 without him. of course next off season is another beast
  21. No it is as we stand currently at 48.465 million
  22. It is 55.4 million. We need 7 million to get there.
  23. Where did you see these? I've been stalking the TSN hockey insiders today with no mention of that. Also saw Radulov wants 7 million per for 6 years. I say "have fun in russia brother." He is good but not 7 million per good.
  24. I was hoping I had over counted. Thats a bunch. We'll need solid play from Cam to back up darling to be successful. Also need a solid 7th defender and 13th forward to keep the guys fresh.
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