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  1. The Checkers' hockey operations guy did mention that he expects the Checkers to struggle with depth after the deadline until PTOs come. This seems like a trade that may have been in the works for a while and were waiting for the best offer.
  2. I would expect Trocheck to show up tomorrow in time for the morning skate. Will probably play 12 minutes or so to get used to the scheme. The more I dig into Trocheck's numbers the better he looks. He has a +50% FO percentage. The guy hits people, can play top line, and be trusted to play in all situations. His best year he had a ton of PP and PK minutes.
  3. i cant see Staal coming back. He isn’t a Rod center and he took Rod’s C. Its just a weird situation all around.
  4. Wallmark didn’t earn the 2C for next year so he was expendable. Keane made Priskie expendable and was free. Eetu has fallen off this season and it seems to be Geekie’s 4C to lose next season.
  5. Im really surprised we didn’t get one of their 4 RHDs in the deal too
  6. Florida and Carolina working a deal Trochek and Priskie part of it
  7. Got to pay DeAngelo for next year and beyond though
  8. When you beat a dead horse two years ago and then exsume the body to continue the beating
  9. Dual goalie callup with Ned and Forsberg.
  10. We have 4 righties in Charlotte: Mckeown, Priskie, Kaski, and Keane
  11. It’s fairly unlikely that you replace 42 minutes of ice time on the right side or a starting quality goalie with sustainable pieces without leveraging the future. Bandaids on a gaping wound are lucky to hold. paying a dime for something when you need something that costs a dollar usually ends in you being in the same situation but with 90 cents now.
  12. Please, no. we’re going to give up a 1st for a goalie who is having a darling-esque 2020 and we didn’t sign in the off-season? To make it worse the 1st has a good chance of being a late lottery pick.
  13. C’mon we’re down 2 goalies and our 2 top RHDs. You don’t leverage the future being in that situation. If you are lucky to keep yourself in the playoff hunt with that outlook, you aren’t going very far without selling the farm. It doesn’t send the wrong message, it says the management realizes the improbable situation we are in.
  14. Go get Ryan Miller or Dell and bring up ned. Bring up Kaski, Priskie, McKeown, or Keane. Do not ruin the future. If anything we should sell more than ever.
  15. Generation X (Baby Bust) 1965 1979 41 55 Xennials 1975 1985 35 45 Millennials Generation Y 1980 1994 26 40 iGen / Gen Z 1995 2012 8 25 Gen Alpha 2013 2025 1 7 Is the generation chart we are talking about? @canesfan95 this one is close too
  16. Kase going to Boston for a 1st, Backes, and a prospect.
  17. The Petry thing is still being regurgitated through the Canadian media. I can’t see the Canes giving Montreal anything of value since TD came out and said the offer sheet still bothers him.
  18. Cmon. Flyers win in OT. Flyers win and its a 3 point game. And we got the Rangers tomorrow. C’mon
  19. Did STM prices change for next year? I hear the outdoor game is a part of a STM for next year. Y’all getting one less game next season with a membership.
  20. Fleury and Martinook on the ice for practice today
  21. He is trying to generate conversation because the trade deadline will be boring. this is only a speculative mention with no backing
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