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  1. Im counting 17 back to backs with 2 of the 17 being home and homes. 3 or 4 of the B2B follow a back to back with 2 days between. 4 games in 6 days. going to depth and lack of injuries to get through it. We have to start strong.
  2. UFA can meet with new teams the day after the draft is over. addition: not supposed to negotiate contracts during the time. Can discuss length of deal you would consider offering/ accepting, the team, facilities, plan, etc. basically each side can say their initial terms but it isn't supposed to past that for contracts.
  3. Roddy and Gauthier need to get a hold of him this offseason
  4. Well if we take GMRF's word and believe he isn't trading a defender to get help. I believe that eliminates Duchene, Galchenyuk, Mackinnon and Stephan from the viable options list. options that may be available: Stastny, STL- only scored 50 points once over the last 5 seasons and is overpaid at 7.5 million actual salary next season. But could be a cheaper acquisition because of the performance and STL's need for some cap space. The risk is low because he only has 1 year left. Which may not be terrible since Aho supposedly will be center ready in a year. Carter, LAK- older but still producing with over 60 PPS. Larger cap hit but only owed 3.5 million AAV over his next 5 seasons. LAK wants cap space and what better way than with prospects. Big Joe, UFA- could sign him and cost us nothing Schenn, PHI? Does Philly need a roster spot for their 2nd overall pick? Also only have 10 million in cap for their top pick, 2 RFAs, a starter goalie, and at least one other defender. They will need more space than they have. He has 3 years and a little over 5 million per left on his contract. anyone else have any suggestions? Most other teams arent looking for prospects because they have a good farm, need to add salary themselves, and/or are looking to compete now.
  5. Nice piece about the trade Article from TSN about the trade.
  6. Everything i've seen so far says all trades are known. So unless GMRF has a major brain fart and trades something to LV for nothing, all details are released.
  7. Habs got Schmelko from LV for a 2019 5th rounder. Well I may have to take back my excitement of TVR. J/k. Did GMGM hurt his D market slightly by taking so many?
  8. All of it is there except if its the 52 or 62nd pick. Either way its a good trade.
  9. What do you mean? A late 2nd, a 5th rounder, and Brinkley for TVR and a 7th rounder. Would Chicago even do that deal without an obligatory player draft in there? Based on what other teams had to give up to get certain players chosen, how is francis not doing a great job?
  10. I started another thread. A lot of speculation going to come from this move
  11. Eberle to the Islanders is basically done. I bet Harmonic goes the other way.
  12. Im hoping for a Carrick and a 2nd. They need AHLers. Although it'll probably be McKeown and a pick.
  13. Its a done deal If course as soon as I type that TVR to Carolina is confirmed
  14. I think we offered a 4th line center to Ryan and he may want to see if anything is better. I doubt Jay is back. I expect most RFAs will re-signed. im really surprised at the lack of movement and general lack of rumors so far this morning.
  15. Solid top 6 for sure. Would mean GMRF would have 4 Dmen to re-sign next offseason. Don't believe we could sustain it.
  16. I know GMRF has painted himself into a corner with talk about O. I just don't see him making a trade to make a trade. I am under the impression that he would only move one of our top 4 for a franchise type player. Eberle is good but not a center, Galchenyuk is more of winger than center, he must not think Duchene is that guy or that deal would have happened already, and Stepan doesn't fit our mold.
  17. He'll either be flipped or he'll be Fluery's partner. We have fallen off the Galchenyuk chase according to eklund, not being mentioned in the hunt. I guess they believe McKeown isn't ready yet
  18. We were only 1 of 5 teams that had the pick actually announced last night. All others were leaked beforehand. I don't believe I would trust a source that said we were losing Brinkley anyways.
  19. They exposed Marchessault because Florida wanted LV to take Smith's bad contract off their hands.
  20. I haven't seen anything that says they got anything from Detroit or Rangers. They must have like Nosak and Lindberg better. They did get a lot from Winnipeg, Columbus, NYI, Minnesota, and Florida. they got Columbus' 1st (24) that they traded to Winnipeg to get Winnipeg's 1st. So they own the 6, 13, and the Islanders pick.
  21. Give me TVR and Marchessault and we would almost be set. Just move Lack, sign McGinn and Ryan, and get a big body center (but have to move a roster player).
  22. Neal and at least 5 defenders will be traded. It'll go down at least 15 million with those moves. Move a goalie as well.
  23. Well the rumor shared was Galchenyuk for Pesce. Would need to replace a RHD. Not sold him either. Not great in the circle, not a plus rating player. Rather have someone a little more physical and can rely on to win the big draws. He fits the winger mold more than center Nice to see us in a rumor though side note, they will need to trade 5 defenders
  24. Yea it could have been lack and a 5th rounder. i wonder if there is more to this. Other teams picked better and paid more too. Maybe we are trading with them to help with their need for AHLers and this selection was a constellation.
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