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  1. The only potential issue I see with getting Jordan is that he and Skinner will be up for new contracts at the same time. I expect Skinner to fetch a pretty penny. 4-5 mil a season. Jordan will get 5-6 depending on how well he does this season. I just dont see us being able to afford that when we are trying to add atleast one big contract this season.
  2. Well having too many centers is a good thing. J staal did break out of his shell at LW so that could be a solution
  3. I would sacrifice Suter for Carle to afford Jordan. He wins face offs, can the pp and pk, and put up 1st scoring numbers
  4. Id hate to see Jordan in Edmonton. I would only want us to make a serious play for Jordan if we new we were getting a first line winger and shut down dman in free agency or trade and without giving up too much. For Jordan I would like for us to trade our pick with buffalo or Tampa to get 2 picks. Then trade to highest pick with boychuk or another prospect. Might take Rask. Move Pitkanen and possibly a third or 4th for winger or shut dman depending on what we don't get in FA I think JR will get Parise as he wanted him so badly in the draft. Move pits plus for D. Brown Sign Carle And in all best scenarios get Jordan as well
  5. Well the only way I could see us getting a top winger, a center, and shutdown d man is luck. I could see JR getting Suter or Oduya and Carle as backups in free agency. The best bet for the other two would be trades. Available options: Mcbain Pitkanen Boychuk Daple? A couple of picks Maybe a 1st rounder if we do a trade with buffalo and get 2 1st rounders
  6. well there will be a couple of teams that will be in cap issues with possible trade options and possible RFA trade for rights. Depending how Anthony Stewart has liked the organization, his brother chris will be a RFA. Possibly trade for his rights. Pitt is close to cap now with Steve Sullivan and Niskanen needing a new contracts. As well as a backup goalie. Maybe this is the season Jordan Staal is traded. Flyers will again have cap issues with many roster spots needing to be filled. JVR has been brought up as trade bait. Flyers will need a some cheaper D men and I think we could help with that.
  7. Ok So this is the crazy Rumor mill so far as far as who is interested Ruutu Toronto Nashville Detroit Boston Dallas Gleason Philly San Jose Boston Spacek San Jose Allen ? Who do we want from each of these teams? Obviously we are going to need some salary. Maybe we take on a bad contract on the end of it to get a valuable pick.
  8. Ok if we are dreaming: Jokinen-Staal-Perry 16.6 mil Skinner 1.4 mil Stewart-Sutter-Larose 4.66 mil Dwyer-Sutter-Nodl 1.98 mil Pitkanen-Weber 12.75 mil McBain- 1.25 mil Faulk-Joslin 1.6 mil Ward and Boucher 7.25 mil total 47.49 million look at that we can get a top winger for staal and a top shutdown guy. JR would have around 4 million to get skinner atleast one legit winger and McBain a partner while spending the same as this season
  9. Well roster players we could be interested in for top teams Van D Edler 2012 3.25 mil RFA after that LAK D Voynov 2012 RFA NYR C Anisimov 2012 1.87 mil RFA after that BOS LW Marchand 2012 2.5 mil RFA after that Maybe some roster players we can get from lower teams that could sell CLB D Nikitin RFA next season. They have plenty of high priced D men so they might be willing to trade him CAL D Butler- he's a great shutdown guy but he's cheap at 1.25 mil so I doubt they trade him I just looked at younger guys so there may be a few guys over 27 that may be available.
  10. Well i am not for JR going. I dont think MO leaving will change too much. The mistake JR made was Staal having that sick contract. He is worth about 7 mil and he should have an equal to Cam, IMO. Until PK is able to find it in himself to get a legit 1st liner, and legit 2nd line center, and a legit shutdown D man we will be stuck in this mediocrity.
  11. and then they move to another city where they think they can make money.
  12. Yea its ridiculous we allowed the Pack's classless fans put their ridiculous tradition of yelling out red during hte anthem. I had no idea it has gotten worse with even more input. Plain ridiculous.
  13. CC Karlsson was taken right after Boychuk and he just made his first All Star game this season Del Zotto was taken 20th
  14. This is cool, man to have 450 dollars lying around to buy it.
  15. no unx fan, a fan of the university that y'all gain nothing by playing us and losing on a regular basis. Sorry AD too.
  16. the uniforms are about as boring as their coach. Hope they have a terrible season
  17. Seems to be pretty long as we signed a few of MOs former players in Toronto. Heck we even got bigger on the O so that we can play his old style of hockey again. YAY
  18. According to capgeek.com EDM sits at 56.4 mil in cap hits. SO even if they traded Hemsky they would be at 52.3 mil in cap hits while still needing to re-sign F Cogliano and D Chourney. So even if we gave them so 2 ways, I think they would still reach the floor. Heck if RNH makes the roster his cap hit is 3.775. I dont believe EDM requires any money going back their way.
  19. boychuk and 2nd is the rumored base. my guess is a Dman as well.
  20. great signing. Now just to sign Sutter so we can get above the cap minimum and we will be set (barring any trade).
  21. So we go from recycling our own players to recycling MO's old players in Toronto? Crazy
  22. I find it funny that Cole gives us one good season on his most recent contract and now everyone wants him back. 75% of everyone on this board wanted him bought out last offseason or traded. Funny to see how quickly they forget the past. Im ok with him being gone, wish Larose was on the list too now the Tlusty is coming back
  23. Maybe something like this Trade Staal Jokinen Skinner Ruutu Dalpe Poni Sutter Stewart Larose Brent Dwyer Gleason Corvo Pitkanen McBain Allen Harrison Ward Bouche I think the big line that can shut down and score. Ruutu will center the two younger guys as we will have one checker promoted. I think Tlusty will start out in Charlotte this season (unless he totally wows everyone at camp and then he will fight for that 2nd line spot) and then be called up for an injury. I think Stewart and Poni were solid signings for such less money. They have the potential to put up 2nd line numbers at a 3rd line price.
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