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  1. Combine Notes I saw this article from the Hockey Writers. recap: As much as the mock drafts are all over the place, so are most teams top 30s. Author stated most teams have very different top 30s. He said we may even see a well thought of player fall to the 2nd rounder. So we might get a player in GMRF's top 5 but that same person may be bottom on other's list. Might see a lot of movement in the draft too with all that variety. Expects Patrick, Nico, Heiskanen to go 1-2-3. Matthew Strome, brother of the other Stromes, could be a serious faller. I guess his skating was bad and he didn't improve from his last season. He supposedly has top 15 IQ, hands, and playmaking but his skating is holding him back. Only talked to 17 teams. Could be a long term project pick for one of our 3 second rounders (if we keep them). He did say Mittlestadt's upper body issues wont cause him to fall. overall, between LV and the varying top 30s this next month will get wierd.
  2. IDK how seriously teams take this combine results but if they do, Mittlestadt may fall some. He did not complete a single pull-up or do more than 150 on the bench.
  3. With the combine over, we should see an updated mock draft and rankings come out soon. C Joshua Norris was solid in the physical tests. In the top 10 of most categories. A lot questions about Patrick's health still coming off 2 hernia surgeries.
  4. We may have an offer around Fluery but I doubt EDM will go for that. An unfortunately most of the teams that need to move a Dmen are also looking for O help. The execptions maybe Chicago and Minnesota. Both of whom need to shed salary and might be willing to take prospects.
  5. TVR wouldn't be a bad get with Kruger. Too bad he is RFA after this season as well. GMRF is great but don't want to put that much stress on him
  6. Although Galchenyuk would be an interesting addition, get Petry isn't worth it. With 4 years at 5.5 AAV, it hurts us being able to keep the current top 4. No way we could afford 5, 4.75+ AAV Dmen. I could see it if he had 1 maybe 2 years but not 4. I could take Emelin. He has 4.1 million for next season. His higher salary would fall off as we need to sign our young defenders. Interesting idea though but we do lose a good 2 way player
  7. If a western team had the number 1, I would consider trading a top 4. With it being a division foe, I don't want see Faulk that much.
  8. Interesting article referenced by Spector today. The conversation was with Vegas' GM. He mentioned trading some of the expansion draft picks because they realistically expect to get all every player that doesn't make the roster through waivers. Also mentioned potentially trading UFA signings they get during the early signing period. This article really opens up a new avenue for GMRF that I hadn't considered before. Definitely have some decent #5 dmen and bottom line wingers in the expansion draft. Make a trade with LV to take Lack for Pitt's 2nd rounder and if they pick a certain player from another team that we will trade for later. Man I wouldn't want to be a unprotected player right now or really consider signing with LV as a UFA. I could be on the worst team in the league and has little hometown fan attendance or I could be a third team in 2 days. That is a lot of ambiguity for a family man. players I would try to trade LV for: C Matthew Perreault 45 Points, >51% FO. A little over 4 million AAV for 4 years. Adam McQuaid- D 2 years 2.75 million AAV left. Big guy at 6'4. Could really help a younger guy like McKeown learn the league with a steady stay at home guy paired with him. Maybe get one of Nashville's exposed wingers in Smith or Wilson at 4 million AAV. a plethora of options and im just looking at mock expansion drafts
  9. What about Faulk and a 2nd for the #3 and Lindell/Honka. Both younger finnish Defenders. Honka is a RHD. Both have great reviews and play both ways. Lindell has played a whole season, Honka just about 10 games. At least we could slide one into the top 4 next year. P.s trading Faulk would be hard but if we want a number 1 center we have to move someone. take Foote with the 12th to get another RHD in the system. Trade down even.
  10. Minnesota is looking to win now. They'll want people who can come in and play now. They also cant afford too much salary. They only have 11 million in cap space, need to fill 4 roster spots, and re-sign Granlund and Nino.
  11. Well Minnesota has too many Dmen to protect and needs to cut salary. I would love to get Nino in the deal as well but I don't see Minnesota moving two of their best young players. EDM Dumba MIN Stempniak Murphy CAR Eberle
  12. Eberle isn't worth a top line RHD but they need someone who is capable of playing first line minutes with Sekera. I think if McKeown had already played a season, we might be able to make the move to play on their 2nd pairing. I doubt at this point they would be willing to make that trade for an unproven RHD.
  13. Edmonton is in win now mode and want RHD help. Any Top 6 guy they move will require a RHD to play on the 2nd or even 1st line pair.
  14. From what I have seen, skaters have to be under contract to be exposed. Las Vegas may select a non protected RFA in lieu of a contract player.
  15. I have no objection to PA but I would rather have Stalberg back. Smith would be a great addition as another defender but I think it'll be more than GMRF will spend on a 5th defender. With that said, GMRF said he was looking for a 5th defender this offseason so Hanifin probably isn't going anywhere. I want to bring in a top line guy but Im not willing to move a current roster player(unless its Stempniak). So smaller pick ups it is. The cap strapped teams are still going to have to do something (wild, rangers, blackhawks, lightning). With Anahiem out now, I've seen a few speculations on their offseason moves. They are kicking the idea if one of their young defenders for Drouin. Makes too much sense and we'd miss out on getting Silfverberg though as they'll switch to 7-3.
  16. Its still crazy how all over the place the mocks are. I doubt Rasmussen gets passed 8. I still think Kostin is the man, as long as his shoulder checks out. Without surgery he could have been at a top 5 guy. Really like Suzuki though, he reminds me a lot of Skinner. Has great touch, battles, and slightly under 6 feet. This is the first time Ive Suzuki's name near 12, so I would be good with that.
  17. Yea they probably do want a roster player. I doubt they want a nordstrom or Stempniak. Although Stempniak may be what they are looking for. 40-50 point scorer thats 2.5 million. Stempniak and a higher pick?
  18. Derek Stephan. Good addition but his face off percentage isnt great. Had this been before the trade deadline, I might have been for it. But now, Ill pass.
  19. Im not sure what the asking price for Nino would be. They have a fair amount of O prospects ready for the league. They more than likely will lose a good defender in the expansion draft. Maybe a young, non-roster defender and our lowest 2nd round pick? They do lack a 1st rounder this year. 1st and a spec that is 2 years away or so?
  20. The Wild GM says a El Nino trade could happen. Also, it doesn't seem the Capitals will re-sign Oshie. 2 big RWs that will be available.
  21. Im not advocating to move Staal. My point was if we add a center, what do we do next year when we have the new guy, Staal, Rask, and Roy kicking down the door?
  22. The center or wing debate comes down to can we move Staal's 5 yr 30 million after next season. If not we go winger, if so we get a center. It is Roy's roster spot we are messing with. Of course we could trade Roy, as I mentioned before, but we may not. Of course we go winger and give Roy a shot this year.
  23. I would say he is being less than concrete because he wants to tailor our expectations and not tip his hand. If he tells us that he will get a top 3 forward and gets a top 6 then he failed or someone with a top forward may charge more because of his declaration. Not a good situation to be in if you're the GM. To Rem's point, his picture paints a replica of my same observation 2 months ago. We were well behind the GF average to make the playoffs and a big number of goals behind the league leaders. GMRF knows he needs to a 20+ goal scorer for us to increase playoff chances to over 50%. He may not want to let everyone know he is a big time player in the market. a new potential expansion draft seller, Philadelphia. Ive seen some articles about moving a roster forward to make room for the 2nd pick. How about Brayden Schenn? 25 goals, how convenient, over 50% FO percentage, still only 25, under contract for 2 more seasons, and put up 189 hits. Down side is a minus 13 for those who covet that stat.
  24. That was minjaben quote about gauthier and a 2nd. My part was a big no way!
  25. No way I give up that much for Silfverberg. In a normal season he would be worth that. The expansion draft exposer really lowers his value. They can lose him for nothing or gain something. TBH LV would be a fool to take a pick to not take him. At best, I would do a 1st rounder swap with the Ducks. They'll move up 16 slots to get a replacement forward. Canes keep a 1st rounder and with 2 great picks last year we can lower our prospect quality this year. Gauthier will be a great RW for us in 2 seasons. On a side note: no to Kovalchuk. 2nd side note: Rangers are talking about buying out Marc Staal to improve their D. He would be a great 5th Dman. And could be had cheap after the buy out. Either teach up Fluery or McKeown.
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