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  1. Interesting to see the team morph over the next month and possibly beyond. I wonder do we wait another season to a big prospect push or if we make some moves to push it along. Trade candidates: Stemp McGinn Ryan Bench Rider Jooris Dahlbeck Necas having a shot at 3rd line center could put a big stressor on the roster spots. I know the scouts thought he was a top 7 pick but I guess his IQ is farther along than expected. there are 2 metro foes that need another center but I don't Ryan going to our division rivals.
  2. Tonight's lineup Skinner-Ryan-Di Giuseppe Jooris-Necas-Saarela McGinn-Poturalski-Miller Tolchinsky-Wallmark-Hofmann Hanifin-Pesce Fleury-van Riemsdyk Bean-Wesley Smith Nedeljkovic seeing Necas in action would be cool. Although Jooris as a partner is meh.
  3. Mattheos, Geekie, Elynuik, Carroll, and De Jong are returning to their junior teams, which starts next week. 5 down, at least 31 to go.
  4. Its a long shot but BP seems to be more impressed with Necas. Sounds like we got a good 1st round pick. I doubt he makes the team but it sounds like he could push hard next season.
  5. Peters video was informative. he was impressed with the new guy of Kruger and TVR. He mentioned TVR's gap control. He also mentioned Nordstrom quite a bit when talking lines and play. If I read that right Nordstrom will be in the 12. That leaves Jooris, McGinn, and others battling for the last forward spot. BP mentioned putting the lines from last year together for the first 2 days. Then he has already planned swaps. he mentioned Carrick as someone "not to overlook" for the last D slot. lastly mentioned the play of Gregory Hofmann (our 4th round pick from 2011). Interesting name drop. He has only played in the Swiss A league. C, 5'11 for those that haven't paid their google subscription.
  6. Man he looks like he is enjoying that uniform still
  7. Hey at least I feel better about Skinner and Aho's next contract. Pastarnak got a 6 year 40 million deal. 6.667 AAV. Surprised it wasn't over 7.
  8. I like your options. GMGc would say to GMJS, I'll take both of your media mishaps and help you kick off your rebuild. To AVA: Hanifin, Ryan/McGinn, Roy/Gauthier, and a conditional pick. they can pick their choice from the 2 sets of 2. To Car: Duchene and Zadarov (get a contract worked out 1st, 3 yrs 2, 2.5, 2.5 or 7 total). Conditions for pick: if we make the playoffs we swap their 2nd rounder for our 1st and if we don't they get our 2nd. Zadarov has a mean streak, which I believe the team needs and helps reduce GMRFs tension of Hanifin for Duchene. Zadarov has 365 hits and 161 blocks in 145 nhl games. in comparison, Slavin had 160 blocks last season alone but has 76 hits over his 145 game career now the question becomes will GMGc's owner allow him to add 6.5 million to the payroll this season?
  9. Because we can't go too long without a Duchene reference: a top four PLUS is the current asking price to Nashville. It has come down some (used to be Plus Plus) but I don't see GMRF doing that.
  10. Life size would have been sufficient as well
  11. I don't believe we have drafted a number 1 goalie prospect over the past few years. Has hockey had big time goalie prospects over the last 6 years? Anyway, I believe we are hoping they develop into 1b guys. It would be the only reason you get a decent starter and give him a 4 year deal (disclaimer: im saying decent because we have no idea what kind of starter he'll be).
  12. Its eklund, so who knows saw this on Hockeybuzz. Ek did an interview with Waddell. I was unable to listen but maybe someone else would find it worth listening to.
  13. Gauthier big test will be the AHL. Positioning and IQ will be huge. It'll be interesting to see how he does. The great thing is we can wait on his adjustment. We don't have to worry about him not making the roster in the next 2 years. We actually have prospects and nhl depth that wont require him to be rushed. I don't think he'll be a bust but a project that'll be worth the wait.
  14. Elynuik was a big reach by GMRF and crew. He was unranked by a few scouting reports and ranked lower than 74 in others. He had a .79 PPG the season prior to '16 draft. It jumped up to 1.29 PPG this past season. Something clicked this past season. He needs to shore up his positioning (just a guess based on his high PIM).
  15. I believe that was Elynuik on the goal. Also i guess they disallowed the Rangers goal i saw. It is 3-0
  16. We're up 2-0. Not sure who just scored. The feed zoomed out and there isn't an announcer Nvm make it 2-1
  17. Well it looks like we are dominating play. I can't watch anymore as my nhl.com feed switches frequently to the CBJ game.
  18. Yes the past 3 drafts yes he is too old. I was referring to his HS graduation year or after his freshmen year at OSU
  19. I looked at pages of stuff to find good information. I didn't find a lot. Nothing about why he wasn't ever drafted.
  20. Nothing else, I had to google that. googled some more. Seems to be an unheralded guy, like most of the OSU hockey team, a captain twice, team top scorer most years, and plays hard. I had to really dig to find that little of information.
  21. How about the camp invitee Schilkey? Scored the 3rd most goals in the Ncaa this year. Put up 3 points.
  22. In the 2nd i saw: Fleury looked ok. Made crisp passes to get out of the zone kuokannen looks good. Taking some sneaky shots and puts effort into back checking Roy had a nifty back hander break away goal. man Red Wings look like a better team. They are owning the play. We have been able to block shots. Booth has made a couple of really good saves. Hard to tell much else with the angle and coverage
  23. Nice, glad those two got going. Thanks for the update.
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