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  1. I would say he is being less than concrete because he wants to tailor our expectations and not tip his hand. If he tells us that he will get a top 3 forward and gets a top 6 then he failed or someone with a top forward may charge more because of his declaration. Not a good situation to be in if you're the GM. To Rem's point, his picture paints a replica of my same observation 2 months ago. We were well behind the GF average to make the playoffs and a big number of goals behind the league leaders. GMRF knows he needs to a 20+ goal scorer for us to increase playoff chances to over 50%. He may not want to let everyone know he is a big time player in the market. a new potential expansion draft seller, Philadelphia. Ive seen some articles about moving a roster forward to make room for the 2nd pick. How about Brayden Schenn? 25 goals, how convenient, over 50% FO percentage, still only 25, under contract for 2 more seasons, and put up 189 hits. Down side is a minus 13 for those who covet that stat.
  2. That was minjaben quote about gauthier and a 2nd. My part was a big no way!
  3. No way I give up that much for Silfverberg. In a normal season he would be worth that. The expansion draft exposer really lowers his value. They can lose him for nothing or gain something. TBH LV would be a fool to take a pick to not take him. At best, I would do a 1st rounder swap with the Ducks. They'll move up 16 slots to get a replacement forward. Canes keep a 1st rounder and with 2 great picks last year we can lower our prospect quality this year. Gauthier will be a great RW for us in 2 seasons. On a side note: no to Kovalchuk. 2nd side note: Rangers are talking about buying out Marc Staal to improve their D. He would be a great 5th Dman. And could be had cheap after the buy out. Either teach up Fluery or McKeown.
  4. Im not in the for or against Skog, although I have said before I would rather have a number 1 C if I had to choose. Looking at Skog's stats, compared to his teammates, he has had a fairly comparable season to those around him. Avalanche had 5, 60+ point scorers in 13-14, Had 6, 50 point scorers in 14-15 (in which he was tied for the most), 15-16 is where the O took a big loss with O'Reilly, Tanguay, and Iginla out of the picture where they had 4 50 point scorers and Skog was 2nd to Duchene, and 16-17 1, 50 point scorer and(Mackinnon) 1, 40 point scorer (Duchene). Much like a former center who had a rough time after his best linemates left, I feel like Skog and Duchene (Duchene's numbers have about the same correlation over the time period) had the same luck over the past 2 seasons. MD and Skog are seeing the best defenders, best shut down lines, & all the attention all the time. Unlike 3 years ago when they had other 50+ point scorers that other teams had to plan against. Again not advocating either way just wanted to point out some possible contributing factors.
  5. Ok the aggressive addition of Darling has got the rosterbation fluids going. Yep. Here are some options for the next 2 seasons (because we have to play it that way with somewhere in the ballpark of 13-14 million in additional salary re-signings to do in 2018 (and we are cheap). I don't think we'll get over 65 million. Currently we have 45.6 million Subtractions: Luck, 2.75 million & Murphy ~800k Moves: trade murphy & a 2nd rounder to get young Dman (fowler, dumba, etc) not the normal price but they'll be exposed trade young dman, roy, and pick to Colorado for Duchene (I don't think Roy's value can get any higher right now) Additions: Duchene 6 mil, TT re-sign 3.5 mil, Ryan re-sign ~ 1 mil, Sign Engelland 1 year 2.5 mil, Sign Stalberg 2 years 1.5 million AAV, re-sign PDG ~1 mil 2017-2018 Canes Skins-Duchene-Aho ???-Staal-Lindholm TT-Rask-Stempniak PDG/Nordstrom-Ryan-Stalberg Slavin-Faulk Hanifan-Pesce Engelland-McKeown End salary: 58.1 million, yes we have 8 million left in my assumed ceiling but we'll need it next year. I wonder if Versteeg would come back for a 1 year deal of 3 million to play on 2nd line. That would be a pretty good top 9 IMO. If not, Nordstrom plays on the 2nd line. Added 30+ goals with Duchene and possible Versteeg, & Aho, TT, and Lindholm will improve. Leaves one of PDG on the bench, potentially, and Dahlbeck as well. 2018-2019 Subtractions: Ward 3.3 mi, Stempniak 2.5 mil, Engelland 2.5 mil Re-signs- Defensive guys +12 million, Lindholm +1.3 mil (4 mil total) Adds to roster- Saarela, Gauthier, Fluery, & backup goalie + ~4 million Skins-Duchene-Aho Saarela-Staal-Lindholm TT-Rask-Gauthier PDG/Nordstrom-Ryan-Stalberg Slavin-Faulk Hanifan-Pesce Fluery-McKeown (an entire home grown D corp. How many teams could say that? Yes Im counting McKeown cuz he has been in the system the last 2 years, not signed) Ending Salary: 64.1 million. Right at the my assumed ceiling. Would love to add another 5 million to get a top 2nd line LW but I don't think we have it.
  6. I wonder if Lack will have a market so teams can meet the minimum requirement? Also still interested to see what the going market for exposed players will be. Although some bargaining power is gone with the ability to "convince" LV to not take someone. I say keep Stempniak. not a lot of big names on the mock expansion drafts.
  7. Maybe we could get Cam Fowler, Trouba, or a young Dman from Minnesota to help us in our pursuit of a top line center. protect then flip before FA.
  8. I like Landeskog. Do we move Skins to the right side? Or if we go with the Swede line, do we really push Skins to the "3rd line" with TT/Aho and an unknown center(Roy maybe). Stempniak would replace Lindholm on the Staal line. based on his contract length, Skog would be a great addition. I don't see another big addition after that. Skins-???-Aho TT-Staal-Stempniak Skog-Rask-Lindholm Solid top 9.
  9. I looked it up and you could be right. The only language i find is re-acquire a player you have traded. Im not sure if signing a player is considered acquiring them. The rule states no team can re-acquire a player it trades between 1Jan 2017 & 1 Jan 2018 for 1 year. Again I have no idea if signing is considered acquiring. if not, im all about getting viktor for 2-3 years at about 4 to 4.5 million total.
  10. Would love to get Stalberg back but I believe we can't re-sign. Its based on the rule about not re-acquiring a player because of the expansion draft
  11. Sad, sad excuse for a write up this morning in the N&O. A great signing if it puts up similar numbers. A risky signing If his numbers were manufactured by the Hawks as he is unproven as a starter. I like it though. Now it's time for the O.
  12. So when lack doesn't get chosen in the draft, what happens then?
  13. Rem, i doubt we see 2 offensive checkers in the lineup next season. We could see Roy to play 3rd line center if we get a top line winger. I doubt we get both players. Getting 1 of those 2 is a big enough dream as it is. It would be sweet though. KJUN, unless we get a big punishing center, adding Drouin wouldn't be a great idea. Basically we would have Drouin, Stempniak, Aho, and Skinners to be paired up on 2 lines. One of those lines would be beat up a lot. We have Hanifan to get it done. This would be the year to move a Dman for O talent. Cam Fowler, Trouba, TVR, and others could be had because of expansion draft exposure. Could replace a good young defender with another for cheap. I don't see it though.
  14. First, understand i was just messing about the trading deal. B. With Vegas getting 6th and not having that big name to slide right in and take the reigns, they are a prime trade up candidate. Offer either swap 1sts & bottom 2 2nds or offer swap 1sts and a decent prospect. Either way Vegas will need to fill a minor league roster. Im guessing the second option because Vegas will need age available players for the AHL. The Chin or someone of that level.
  15. I wonder if we sign him to a short deal. 2 years maybe 3, allow him to see how he does as a starter. The deal may be lower in money like 3.5 million or so.
  16. Yes, yes you want us to trade up in the draft.
  17. With Ward's NTC we can sign darling now and protect him. Interesting to see what we sign him for. He has put up good numbers that is starting salary worthy but never had to be that guy.
  18. Im all for Draisaitl. If I were Edmonton, I would give away RNH for a prospect and decent pick before allowing Draisaitl to walk on a offer sheet. Draisaitl + a pick and a prospect is worth more than RNH + 2 firsts, a second, and a third.
  19. Rem my mention of RFA offer sheets was solely based on potential success rate. Chicago, Minnesota, and the Rangers will have serious cap issues. Of course Granlund or Zibenijad would be good center additions. Nino would be amazing to get a good true mythical RW. I would agree we should see 3-4 moves. The dependence on a 4th move is do we get a top line center or winger. If its a winger then we'll need another move to get a good 3rd line center. Im good with Oshie and the fact we don't trade any assets.
  20. I hope we get Slavin at 5 yrs at 5 AAV. Pesce and Hanifan get 3 year deals. Slavin is already worth the risk of a 5 yr deal for a younger player. Pesce abd Hanifan are good but not worth the high price of signing long deals, yet.
  21. Rem, you make valid points on how much cap space we have but, I don't believe we get that high in spending. We have to add 15 million in re-signings (I agree with your orinciple numbers). I believe 62 million is the highest we may go. Unless deep playoff runs happen and more media/advertising money comes a long. With that said I believe number 1 center is the best route over RW. Oshie is a great option and if we could get a number 1 center and RW then go for it. As for RFA offer sheets: Tampa now has enough cap space for their crew. Edmonton and Montreal both have more than enough space to cover an offer. The real candidates for offer sheets are RW Panik from Chicago, Ganlund and Nino from th Wild and Zibenjad from NYR.
  22. Yes Hossa's cap hit was what I posted. For only 1 million a year Hossa would be worth it. We aren't a cap ceiling team so the almost 5 million difference in cap and salary is no biggie for us. And his production is well worth 1 million. Yes he or Stempniak would be over-slotted. I would rather have a number 1 center than over-slotting Rask at one. Hossa is closer to a top line RW than Rask to a number one center. Still a good O in my opinion: Skins-New guy-Hossa TT-Staal-Lindholm Aho-Rask-Stempniak Good 4th liners i still don't believe we can afford two top liners, a goalie, and 5th Dman with TT needing re-signing and Lindholm and the 3 Dmen needing re-signing next year.
  23. Hossa has 4 more years at 5.275 million per.
  24. Needs C: trade options are Granlund and Duchene. Granlund will be cheaper because I have little doubt they move him. He put up 69 points and is due a good raise. Wild cant afford it. Duchene move is out of want not necessity. D: Plenty of options for pre expansion draft trade or UFA. Goalie: tricky
  25. Top UFA forwards may be tough to sign. The expansion draft protection of 7-3 doesn't allow for many good forwards to be available. LV will be looking for a big name to anchor the O with their high draft picks. Also, Zona will need 15 million plus to get to the cap floor again. Datsyuk's contract comes off the books. Do they get some bad contracts or try to actually win at some point?
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