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  1. Yes we will have 9 mil in cap space but JR/PK said they wanted to spend around 60 mil. So that leaves us with about 5 mil of spending space.
  2. No way we can have Clowe with Skinner on the 3rd line. We have about 5 mil in money that PK wants to spend. If Clowe is signed then there goes about 4 mil. That would leave a mil in salary. That will be taken by our 5th overall pick. It would take a trade of skinner for us to afford Clowe. I agree he would be a great addition for the 2nd line if our 5th overall pick is a center for the 3rd line, Nich wants to stay in Russia for a couple of seasons, or JR goes with a Dman.
  3. Ok so we have about 7.6 million in cap space. If a top 6 is to go the only 2 that could be moved is Skinner or Ruutu. I just dont see Ruutu going as about every player mentioned how they were a different team when he was on the ice. Skinner has to work on the 2nd line. There is no way we can revamp the 3rd line and the D while having 6 million dollar third line center. If JR wants the third line to get bigger putting Skinner there doesnt work. Dmen either FA or trade options: Yandle- 5.25 mil cap hit for 3 more seasons (will be expensive though) Shane O'Brien (2 mil hit for 2 more seasons)- Avalanche have 8 dmen on contract for next season plus the have Siemens in the minors and drafting Jones. Erik Johnson (3.75 mil cap hit for 3 seasons)- see above plus he has never lived up to the expectations. Be a great acquisition for us as our media doesnt apply pressure to the players. Braydon Coburn (4.5 mil cap hit for 3 seasons)- They only have 2 mil cap space and need a couple of forwards. Could be a good swap with McBain. Douglas Murray- Big guy, may be a lot of interested teams. Mark Streit- Older guy if we arent able to get younger guys or need a veteran for leadership. A big reach- St. Louis a Pietrangelo for Skinner swap (as the main pieces for the deal).
  4. In time of making the cap smaller, there is no way we can afford a 6 million dollar 3rd line center. Skinner either needs to play with J Staal and Ruutu or he needs to go. We dont have the cap luxury for that next season. Also, if we go get a 2nd line winger then it will be hard to re-sign faulk and tlusty after next season and I just dont see that happening. Rosie, McBain and Pits needs to go. We need to get Murray or make a trade with Philly for Coburn (the flyers have to trade one of their D men). If and a big if Skins is traded i would like for him to go Columbus or the Islanders. Columbus has 3 1st rounders so losing one isnt the end of the world and the have a great D prospect in Murray. Islanders will have a decent 1st rounder and they have Nino. Both have a need for offense. Murray would a great addition to the D corps and Nino could step in and play 2nd line with Staal and Ruutu.
  5. Its the coach and lack of veteran leaders Either Staal are not leaders for this team. This is evident when the moment controversy comes the team gives up. Great leaders (Brindy, Francis, etc) dont let that happen. I say the coach. He continues to beat the same strategy as if the results are going to change. I understand the strategy use to work but if it isnt anymore then change is needed. His lack of ability is apparent as he refuses to change. Also, the notion of waiting for a good break to change this team is pathetic. He can't really believe that there are no issues with the team but with luck.
  6. Only 4 points out of worst in the East! Washington is 1st in the SE. Its bad that the southeast winner wouldnt make it in the playoffs based on points.
  7. I think the biggest identity issue that needs to be solved is who is the checking line? We dont have the big line that is physical and matches up with the opposing top line. If its J Staal's line thats fine. If that is the case then skinner needs to be moved to the first line. Another big guy to play with ruutu and j staal needs to be drafted/signed/traded for. I know skinner hasnt had the greatest chemistry with Eric but I think semin can change that. And if thats the case Tlusty will need to be a 2nd line guy or be traded. If its the 3rd line then ruutu needs to be moved. It is hard to suggest this as he is a great team guy. He fits a shutdown guy but his salary is too much for a 3rd line shutdown guy. Also, the third line needs to get bigger and more physical. I think the second requires less moves. Just another shutdown guy like Clowe. The biggest issue is what to do with Tlusty. I think he is product of everyone focusing on Semin and Staal. Tlusty will cost too much after next season to play on the 3rd line. I know ill take crap for suggesting any of this but I think it is a large issue. We dont have that physical line that plays a lot of minutes.
  8. Well the needs are apparent Defense: need a top man plus pits staying healthy Decide on the roles of the 2nd and 3rd lines. If the 3rd line is the checking line then size needs to be added. If the 2nd is then a replacement for skinner is needed. He is too small to be a checking line guy. Potential FAs or buyouts ( im not suggesting these are options) Nathan Horton- Boston will be in cap issues to re-sign him Rich Peverly- hasnt come close to his 3.25 salary Michael Ryder Ryan Clowe Simon Gagne Flyer dman- they have bunch over 4 mil, and one will be bought out. Derek Roy Mason Raymond Alexander Edler
  9. interesting talking point though about STL. Now with Bouw they have 9 nhl Dmen. Minus Redden, they could look to re-sign all their Dmen. On top of that they will have to make decision on Patrik Berglund, Andy McDonald, Chris Stewart, Alex Pietrangelo, Ian Cole, Russell, and Shattenkirk. They have 40 million tied up. They will more than likley let McDonal go. Pietrangelo will get a 7 mil price tag. They will have 14 mil to re-sign all above mentioned. They could do it but maybe Pietrangelo could be available.
  10. I think JRs back was put against the wall about this team once this realignment was announced. We are going to playing the high paying, high skilled, and large teams that are in the atlantic. This team has to get bigger and stronger on D. Murphy (to me) is a 4-5 year project. Is JR able to wait that long and how many other pieces have value that we are willing to trade?
  11. Maybe Glencross as well. We are rumored to be interested in Glencross. So the deal is more likely Murphy, a 2nd and another player for Bouw and Glencross without Calgary paying any of Bouw's contract. My guess is they want McBain but want to give up Jokinen/Dalpe/another checker.
  12. Rarely is a losing locker room a happy and cohesive place.
  13. Injuries happen i guess. We have to get more physical. Maybe we could get Nino from the Isles. He wants out and is built like ladd.
  14. It aint gonna happen next year unless this team gets much bigger and physical. If we arent beating the jets we are going to struggle against our new conference.
  15. I dont know that a buy out for anyone will be needed. The FA market will be very slim this year. This could be a prime offseason for trades of players versus a bunch of FA signings. I would agree on Pits and Jokinen on the trade block. Their salaries are fairly low risk as they would only be one year. Could add Ruutu on their. Although, I think Ruutu would be the 2nd hardest player to move on our roster (semin being number 1). Decisions to be made: Does JR try to get a top 4 dman? Who? Who does the organization value more among the young dmen Faulk, Murphy, or McBain? Is their some talk with the Staals about getting Marc in 15? Do we keep Corvo and Rosey? And who do we keep for the 4th line?
  16. Well this is an overpayment. He is great and done wonders for E. Staal's game. He just hasnt shown he is a top forward in the league that is worth 7 mil a year. I am unhappy that owners continue complain about money and then sign dudes to more money than their worth. This done mean that Ruutu and/or Jokinen are gone in order to get a good D man. On top of that a lot of money is already committed for next season. Staal 8.25 Staal 6 Skinner 6 Semin 7 Ruutu 4.25 Jokinen 3 Tlusty 1.6 Welsh .85 Westgarth .725 Dwyer .9 Pitkanen 4.5 Gleason 4 McBain 1.8 Faulk .9 Harrison 1.5 Ward 6.3 For a total of 57.575 million The team still needs 2 forwards, 1 defender, and 1 goalie. Now if Murphy makes the team then we are looking at a cap of 58.950mil. Nash has to be re-signed. Then JR has to make decisions on Corvo, Rosie, Nodl, Brent, Wallace and Hall. Its going to make getting a good defender very difficult to fit in the budget. Gets more complicated as the thought that Tlusty, McBain, Murphy, and Faulk will all have to re-signed after next season.
  17. This is outrageous. It wont affect me as am I in Kansas and get to go to one home game a season. Isnt this on the people who run the arena not the Canes? As I understand it, since State and the Canes utilize the same arena the parking is handled by one company. The Canes and State get a portion of the parking money associated with games. I could be way off but I swear that was in the arena agreement. I am looking it up but not having much luck finding the arrangements made.
  18. In the off season to get that top line guy we are going to have to move ruutu or jok and dman to make it work in the cap. I dont want to already about next season but if we keep semin then our top 6 would be set. The questions become is murphy ready and does corvo stay? I believe it will no on both if we can get a solid dman in a trade.
  19. With ruutu coming back, the d doing decently well, and the lack of players available I doubt there will be a trade involving any roster players or any significant addition to the team by the deadline. I could see an acquisition for a guy like smid. As mentioned before smid is a great shot blocker. He has 70 through 25 games. If he works out he could be a good pair for Murphy or McBain as he is a bigger dude at 6'3 and 225lbs. If a significant trade involving ruutu or Jokinen were to happen it would occur for a top d man I during the off season. That is semin is re-signed.
  20. The biggest question is how many teams will be sellers? This shortened season will cause teams to be closer come deadline time. It might cause the price of rentals go higher than normal. We may have to wait for a significant blue line addition
  21. Hey I am making into town for post deployment leave for this game. Ok right now I have 14 people coming. I already have enough for the group discount. I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to be a part of the group deal to save them money on some tickets. We will be family friendly but we get rowdy as well. We will be sitting in the lower level. I believe the price will be $45. Try to let me know ASAP. I will be getting the tickets this weekend.
  22. I would say with the realignment are going to need to get big on D. The one issue with getting M. Staal is the Rangers will be a conference foe next season. That will make any trade for him harder. I would say pick, Dman (the need for nhl ready vs spec depends on if McIlrath is ready for the NHL), probably a third piece.
  23. I would agree that trading Murphy is tough. To me, he is a 4 year project to make him nhl ready. Due to his size he has going to have the know how of the right the placement before he plays regularly. And this goes to the age old question do we win now or set up for later?
  24. Rumors of Dmen available Whitney- 4mil cap hit, UFA at the end of this season Bouwmeester- 6.680 mil cap hit, UFA at the end of next season. I think his actual salary is around 6-6.5mil If Phoenix is moved I have read Yandle would not want to go with them. He could be available 5.5 mil hit for another 2 seasons. Mark Streit- 4.1 cap hit. UFA at the end of this season Jordan Leopold- 3 mil cap hit, UFA at the end of this season Possibles as we get closer to the trade deadline Poti- Capitals Hamrlik- Capitals Aucoin- Columbus Wishes- Alex Pietrangelo- A RFA at the end of the season. I think an offer sheet target by any team. If he doesnt want to stay in STL or STL cant pay him the money then we could make an offer. We have a solid core that can attract him, will be costly dman though. Marc Staal- For obvious reasons. Signed through 2 more seasons. Dont know if he wants to play with his 2 brothers though. 3.975 cap hit The biggest questions are 1) can our organization really afford to 2 straight years with no 1st round pick? This draft is deep. 2) How much can we spend on a top pairing Dman? If Semin is re-signed we are looking for around 60 mil payroll with a hole at a top Dman, some combo of Riley Nash, Nodl, and Wallace needing to be re-signed, and a backup goalie next season. Granted we could save 3 mil with a trading of Jokinen or 4.75 with ruutu. Staal or Yandle fit better into the senerio with their lower salaries. Bouwmeester is a high cap hit. Pietrangelo would a great addition that could become the top dman for many seasons here but will be very costly. To be able to afford a true top dman Jokinen and Ruutu will both have to go in my opinion. Maybe a package of young winger, jokinen, young dman, and a pick for a great Dman addition. I am thinking Dalpe, Murphy, Jokinen and next seasons 1st rounder for Pietrangelo (as long as we can get to negotiate a contract first. Conditional pick if not.) For Yandle I would substitute mcbain for murphy and make the pick a 2nd. For Bouw, I would say swip mcbain for murphy and take the pick off.
  25. What about Daniel Briere of the Flyers? He is big cap hit at 6.5 but his actual salary for the next 2 seasons are 3 and 2 mil, respectively. He would be a good 3rd line center. He would be a great veteran leader in the lockerroom and still puts up the points that equal to a 3 mil salary. If Rask is close to being ready he would a great stop gap. I dont think Briere is looking to move. With them in our conference next year it would be a great motivator for him.
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