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  1. As I need something else to talk about, Im really surprised that none of these high profile RFAs have had a single whisper of an offer sheet. i get that a bunch if teams are cap strapped but there are plenty with space as well. They aren't successful but again just surprised there hasn't been an offer. In all honesty someone could offer Brown and Toronto can't counter unless they move someone quickly. Draisaitl 77 points Pastrnak 70 points Wennberg 59 points Horvat- 50 points Brown- 36 points those are some big names.
  2. Esce is working on his shot. i am hoping we give TVR some PP time and I think Fleury might add a hard shot from the point.
  3. The scouting team has doubled their worth since 2009. Man 2008 was a terrible draft. 2009 wasn't great either with the Paradis pick, at least Dumoulin is doing good. 2010- Skinns and Faulk, 1 and 2 2011- bad 1st rounder the Rask 2nd round 2012- PDG and McGinn are good 2nd round choices in comparison to other teams in the league. Sub par for our draft ability in the 2nd round from 2010 to present. Slavin in the 4th. Carrick and Woods may make noise eventually. 2013- Lindholm 1 and Pesce 3. 2014- could be a great draft year with Fleury, Alex Ned, Wallmark, and Foegele. Could be a bust. 2015- Possibly the best draft for the Canes franchise. Hanifin, Aho, Booth, Roy, Smallman, Stevens and Cotton. We know the rest. We could have more 2nd rounder picks than 1st rounders on the roster. That is crazy seeing how 2nd rounders only have a 50% shot at playing 80 games in the nhl. We could 5-7 in the last 7 years playing serious minutes in the next 2 years. Of course you throw in Slavin, Pesce, Booth, Roy, et al that were selected below the 2nd round that could be serious contributors as well. Just need to get over the hump
  4. I'd do a pretty penny for Backstrom. 80 points and only 6.7 million? And 3 seasons too.
  5. Metro- NJ- better but not 25 points better PHI- Schenn trade will hurt. No goalie kills them. If Patrick doesn't produce due symptoms from the injury they could be worse than last year. Rangers- worse. They removed their number 1 center and great backup goalie. They added a big name defender who is terrible at defense. Capitals D was worse with his addition and St Louis was better after he left. Im not sold on his big addition. PIT- worse but still league leader WAS- way worse. Lost a ton of O and last half their top 4 defenders. O and goalie are there to make the playoffs but could fall back into the upper 90s in points CLM- tough to say. They lost a bunch of third line guys that were great for them. If their youngsters come in and do well they could get over 100 again. NYI- better O, slightly worse D, and who knows with the goalie. They could go either way. Atlantic I still see only 3 teams getting in: Toronto, TB, and 1 of BOS, MTL, and SENs. Are chances are good but we have ifs like NYR, NYI, and last 3 mentioned Atlantic teams. If: Darling plays good. Doesn't even have to play great. Third line pairing does an adequate job 2nd pair comes together again (A 20% jump in efficiency over Faulk & Hainsey) If Staal puts points up not that his D responsibilities are lower.
  6. Reading excerpts from Matt's interview yesterday, it seems he is ready to move. He can't picture plays with his linemates. in terms of his value, he said he was burned out in January. He value would take another hit if it happens again this season. He said he knew they were out of it in December. Avalanche looks like they will be out of it early on again. Their roster is bad. His value may be a defensive prospect and a pick / forward prospect if he has another season of 40 points. That is a far cry from the Harmonic and a 1st rounder offer.
  7. A HF boards stalker. Plenty of good points. Plenty of who's this too. At least all the Toronto fans can stop making ridiculous trade proposals for Pesce.
  8. Im not familiar with franchise purchases. How much of a role does a roster have in the equation? Do highly regarded player signings like Pesce and Slavin increase the value? Or does it play very little into it? Is it more like an updated kitchen versus a still solid kitchen? It's more about appeal than additional value. If it doesnt play into it what else would drive the cost up? Outbidding competitors (I can't see that) or a new media deal coming that increases revenue? I'm not seeing the value increase.
  9. Next offseason a decision about Hanifin or Fleury. My guess is Hanifin goes for a offensive player. 2 offseasons from now Faulk. I highly doubt we can afford his salary of 7+ million with Bean needing re-signing the following year. It is only a 2.1 million jump but I doubt we afford a 25+ million dollar D with Bean up for re-signing the next year. Fluery will replace his cap hit. Get a younger replacement with a ceiling and other futures. As mentioned, GMRF will have some hard choices to make about the roster over the next 2-3 years. Of course, our internal budget will have the biggest say. next offseason decisions: Hanifin staying? Staal staying? How much of Lindholm's FA do we buy? Who is Darling's backup? Does TVR get a bridge deal? Following offseason decisions: Faulk staying? Long term or bridge deal on Aho? Can we afford Skins? Does Kruger stay? Bridge or long term deal on Fleury?
  10. Interesting question. Im assuming you're asking this because of the risk of them doing it to us in retaliation. I'm going to say no. The best we could offer is 8.15 AAV over 6 years or 9.8 over 5 to prevent a 4 1st rounder penalty. I think Draisaitl is worth something between those AAVs but Im not sure its above 9 million. EDM will match. Sure we'll mess with EDM's cap for a while. If I were GMRF, these moves are trying to shape the future of the team. He'll have big decisions to make of certain players over the next 3 years. He wants to lock in the ones he knows he wants long term. Also helps in future negotiations with RFAs & UFAs when you have solid core locked in for the long haul. Sure these guys could draw Draisaitl but I doubt its Francis' motive. I've been wrong though.
  11. Oh snap got Pesce for 7 more years. He signed a 6 year extension worth 4.025 AAV. That is a great deal. Im really surprised he didn't wait to see if he could bring his O up to get a Slavin deal. Great value! That is about where I thought his signing would be although thought it may go higher once Slavin re-signed. Link
  12. I really hope that goal is in the top moments video. Of course behind Roddy hoisting the cup, Williams' empty netter, Francis' overtime goal against the Red Wings, and sad sad Sabres fans faces after game 7.
  13. Alright we'll be on big TV once
  14. Hmmm... i would like the trade if it's for Hanifin. LHD are easily replaceable because LV has 9. I know they need RHD. Get Hanifin to play off side or one of LV's LHD? Toronto has 32 million coming off the books this offseason. They will have a bunch of room to figure out how to fit in Nylander, Matthews, and Marner. I still have no idea why they added Marleau. Without his 6 million, there would be no issue keeping the 3 young guys and having a competitive team. Toronto would have to wait until LTIR kicks in to make a move that adds cap. Not sure if I am for or against. Without knowing what Fluery and Hanifin bring to the table this year it is hard to feel comfortable.
  15. The Glen Wesley trade was a massive overpayment though.
  16. It will all come full circle at the next labor shutdown.
  17. A look into the future for us: ryan Johansen signed a 8 year 64 million deal. I expect we could see similar deals for Aho and Skinner.
  18. While Ill agree with our history to rush to big deals is well documented, that shouldn't keep us from signing smart deals now. The HWSNBN and Ward deals were total reaches by the former GM. The Staal problem was premature but our lack of bringing / keeping legit wingers made that contract look worse. Disclaimer: I hope I am not rehashing the 10 page Staal discussion. GMRF has shown he will make smart deals so I trust he if he makes a big signing.
  19. NYI wants to re-sign Tavares. I believe all the trade speculation comes from Tavares' interest in re-signing with them. NYI could move, they don't have a strong core or prospect pool, and UFA pools are getting thinner as GMs are willing to take long term contract risks. Somehow TB is the leading candidate for Tavares. Talk about a power house team for years.
  20. Tavares would be great but I doubt we could afford him. Hanifin, forward prospect, 1st rounder for a top liner. I highly doubt Tavares wants to talk extensions prior to showing up. Would Francis really do that? And could we afford a Toews or Kane size deal? We have plenty of ELCs to come over the next 4 years. Skinner and Aho will get 7-8 million AAV deals. Man to imagine the buzz around the team with Tavares. Through the roof.
  21. He isn't. I didn't portray my point very well. My point was in the past 5 cheap off-seasons we would sign him to play on the 2nd line. This year we have good top 9 guys (because of getting lucky with 2nd round picks) and we signed Jooris to the correct line (4th). The last few years we reached on veterans and asked them to play at least one scoring line higher than they should.
  22. My angst towards PK is the perpetual motion of every offseason were we spend nothing more than table scraps on players and miss the playoffs again. I have to assume it was PK that pushed that agenda because he let JR keep his job that long. Had we not gotten lucky and struck gold with 2nd round picks (Rask, Aho, and Faulk), Pesce (3rd round), and Slavin (4th round) we'd still be in the same boat. Floating along hoping Cam or Lack do something extraordinary, clamoring for table scraps from the overspending teams with potential players added in, and signing Jooris to play on the 2nd line (good signing BTW just not for the 2nd line). Im a more than satisfied if the ownership changes hand. Maybe im just bitter though.
  23. PNC's location makes it very difficult to improve with the football stadium, the fair grounds, and the high school right there. I believe they need to add "experience" outside the stadium. Again very tough to do. Use the suntrust park model as a guide. With the football team, it should get good traffic August though April but hopefully June. Plenty of businesses around to get good restaurant traffic through the week and off season months.
  24. We need another 20 goal scorer if we can't get a 1C. JVR would be a good addition. Another hybrid W/C. I would put him at the 1C with Aho and Lindholm. Lindholm would take the draws and be primary assist guy to 2 goal scorers. And JVR would allow Peters try out Aho at center throughout the season because he is a hybrid guy. We'll get to see if Aho can play the spot instead of hoping he can next season. The big question is are we willing to pay him 6 to 6.25 million for 4-5 seasons? Toronto will want a roster player to replace him, like TT. So if we don't want to pay him 6.25 until he is 34 then we can't give up a young roster player. They are also against the contract cap. Any move with them would be a 1 to 1 contract(s) swap. TT and McKeown for JVR and a low end AHL defender under contract. They want RHD though and I know Francis isn't moving Pesce for JVR. once we get to training camp, we could go get a defender from LV. If Fleury and Bean aren't league ready/ have a terrible camp, GMRF should want to ensure we are strong in our 3rd pair. LV has 6 or 7 LHD and 3 have 1 year left. Then again if Fleury and/or Bean look top 4 ready out of camp we could move Hanafin for a forward. Just never know. Still get a defender from LV to have only 1 rookie on D. Ryan or McGinn may look unprepared come camp and we could get a veteran like Vanek. Or Kuokkanen, Saarela, Necas, or Roy could really blow it away at camp and we have to carry 2 extra forwards on the roster. The possibilities are there for a very interesting camp.
  25. The Avalanche are really sucking. As discussed before, they have 3 roster defenders. Now, their prized young defender has agreed to a contract with CSKA. The young man is giving Sakic two weeks to give him a good offer but he has waited this long. Sakic is easily working himself out of a job. A trade with us may drum back up during training camp if Fleury comes into camp with his 2nd half AHL production. Sakic may be saved by the fact that LV still has 11 roster defenders. They have to make a move and they aren't sneaking Reinhart into the AHL
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