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  1. Man to be in the Western conference this year. No eastern team gas less than 50 points, western has on with 28 and one with 38. Too bad though. Also Tampa has fallen off big time this year.
  2. I would agree on that but as I understand it the asking price is Fleury or a roster Dman, Roy, a 1st, and a 2nd. Thats an overpay for a guy thats only signed for 1 more year. If he was signed for 3 years, we have guaranteed performance to help alleviate the loss of that much future.
  3. I believe it is why we haven't seen a deal for MD and Lando yet. The teams who have enough talent, money, etc to give up that much of their future already have too many people to protect. Most of the teams that may lose some one are in a playoff race. They won't move anyone until after the season.
  4. Exactly. At thag price l, I want to wait until the expansion draft to utilize our assets. We'll have more bargaining power as well. Columbus, Anahiem, Dallas, and Tampa will have some good young players available. That is if they cant move overpriced veterans, most in their mid to upper 30s.
  5. Supposedly MDs price went up again. Ill pass on a young Dman, a plus prospect, a 1st and a 2nd. He would be a good addition but not for that much.
  6. I would say that could be a big factor. We are in a chance of making the playoffs and we don't want to hinder our chance at more money by taking a hit in our D corps. Also we have 12 million coming off the books this offseason. Granted we have to re-sign TT. Maybe the offseason is a better a time to trade. We can generate a seasons worth of hype for impoved ticket sales to make the move worth it. The additional money coming off would make MD's addition a no salary addition.
  7. That is true. Here is what I consider. A. Do we believe someone of Duchene's caliber will be available before the expansion draft? Most teams would try to trade away those they want less instead of someone like Duchene. The buyers will have all the power because sellers will be forced to move someone for little in order to get something in return. The one monkey wrench is Arizona. They will be willing to buy the too expensive for next to nothing to make the cap floor. There will be talent available but the amount of talent is a wonder. B. Do we consider Duchene a future move? Decent defensive players will be available before the expansion draft and we have Fluery waiting. We take the move now to give a 1st line center another 3-4 months on the team to make the team better for next season. Get all the new team jitters out now instead of next October.
  8. Important time for a young team. After a good streak, they have convincingly lost twice to 2 of the best teams in the Eastern conference. Do they lose confidence and allow the 2 losses tell them they are not good enough this year? Do they have the experience to turn it around through this tough patch in the schedule?
  9. Draft is supposed to be weak this year.
  10. Its one of our young D man, in case I caused confusion.
  11. I'd be ok with getting both if we got Siemens in the deal. He needs a change in scenery and if anything gives us a fill in for the dman we will lose. Duchene, Landeskog, & young Dman for hanafin/pesce/salvin (they need to be re-signed at the same time) with this years 2nd from rangers, this year's 3rd for us, Roy, and a 1st for next year 2018.
  12. We need a top 4 guy like Stone from the Yotes thats played similar number of games to Faulk. The 3 younger guys will have between 160 & 140 games under their belt. That isnt a lot of experience. Hainsey is a decent 3rd line option but not a top line guy like Faulk. He could be kept as a number 7 guy that mentors Hans, Slavin, Pesce, Fluery, and potentially another young defender.
  13. The only way I'd be cool with trading faulk is if GMRF had a plan to sign a good FA dman. We need experience on the back end
  14. Landeskog is the best option because of his length of control, prior chemistry with Skins, and age. If we were to move Fluery, it would be Lands or someone of similar age/contract length. I still hate to move him or another young D player without seeing Fluery on the ice. With all that are we going to afford to re-sign Pesce, Hanafin, and Slavin at the same time? Can we spend 16 mil on 4 D players?
  15. Im not a fan of losing all that youth. Im more of a fan of going small moves now and getting more value from the assets before the expansion draft. A backup goaltender. Maybe a 3rd line forward for injury protection. The team doesn't have the depth to make a serious run. Wouldn't have depth with a big trade with a roster defenseman.
  16. The deal is good but not what the Avs are going to accept right now. our focus needs to be on a good back up goalie. The O looked solid and we may need a solid but cheap addition for playoff insurance (Hanzal from PHX or Berglund from STL). To even have a serious playoff shot we need a backup goalie. BAD!
  17. Oh snap held a third period lead.
  18. I would agree about chemistry and it's a plus they are friends. Chemistry isn't forever though. As someone who has played sports most of his life, although not hockey, chemistry stays as players stay the same. I doubt each player have the same game as they have matured as players. I would say they would enjoy playing with each other as they are friends. They would need a few periods to get back to OHL days as they work through their playing style in BPs system.
  19. It really depends on Colorado's direction. I would say for immediate help: Faulk and a decent winger prospect for Duchene and Meloche. Or to help with their thin prospect pool: Slavin or Pesce, a good winger prospect, and a pick (depending on the level of the winger 'spec).
  20. I voted not sure, here's why: I believe this off-season we could make a serious splash in the trade market. Cap space and a expansion draft will force hands from Anaheim, Winnipeg, Tampa, and Columbus to trade guys they normally wouldn't. We could get a couple of good forwards, like Palat, because teams don't want to lose their players for nothing. We have organizational depth and picks to make it work and the thought of losing players for nothing will lower the price. I know next year is always the year but we may be really good next year. Having Faulk back there will make us better. Our D is decent but none of Slavin, Pesce, or Hanafin are 1st line ready yet. Adding a 60+ point forward would be great but our goal differential might not go up as much as we would like. i would like to see GMRF push on Winnipeg and Anaheim to get one of their younger forwards they can't protect in the draft, now. We will pay more now than in May but at our current state it is in our best interest.
  21. Remkin , I'm with you on not liking the idea. Flip isn't performing at 5 million and is 32 which doesn't fit our direction. I would be good with it if the deal included a young forward like Palat. 25 years old averages 50 points a season in his 3 years. I could live with overpaying Flip for atleast 1 season to get Palat long term.
  22. Well if there is a "stay the course" argument then it's with Krejci. 5 more years at 7.25 mil and is injury ridden? Big pass.
  23. I think it's better to have Aho and Stempniak on his wings. Stempniak will provide Lindholm the veteran presence he will need to handle the performance pressure. We could put TT and Stempniak there but I don't believe Aho is ready for top line minutes with Rask.
  24. I see what you're saying but Bickell, McClement, & Stalberg will fall off after this season. That equates to 7.5 million. TT and Nestrasil would need to be re-signed. An added bonus is if Nash doesn't bring at least 25 goals we could expose him to the draft for the last year of his contract.
  25. Not a fan of the Krejci move. How about this for a move? Nash and Klein for PDG??, Hainsey, & a pick. Klein becomes the draft sacrificial lamb and Nash hopefully gets to 25-30 goals.
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