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  1. I am ok with losing Murphy. On the Nash side. We are not on the list of 7 teams Nash wants to join. Of course getting a good FA or a big trade could change his mind.
  2. As a current sports management master student there could be a few things that I have learned that could contribute to this. As mentioned before he sold off parts of the team. On the surface this means that he is no longer taking all the risk of the bills. 75% of the risk of a higher salary team may be as much financial risk as 100% of financial risk of what the Canes have been at recently. Granted I am not sure of the total amount of the team he sold off so that 25% was just pure example. You can understand what I am getting at with this. On top of that he can take the money he got from selling parts of it and reinvest it in the team. Down deeper (of course I dont know the finances of the deals) PK could have sold parts of the teams for cheaper than what they worth. Why would anyone do that? Perfectly good reason actually. It reduces the value of the organization. And just like anywhere else in life if something is of lower value then that means less taxes to be paid. Owners use this technique a lot across sports to save money. They will "sell" parts of the team to family members or life long friends for much lower that its worth to lower their taxes. Granted this doesnt mean that PK did that but it is a good possibilty. PK is probably getting a lot of pressure from the teams' investors. The fans are upset but the ones who have risked their own money might be upset at the returns on the bonds/stocks associated with the organization. He could be risking losing smaller investors if he doesnt (regular stock and bond) up the profits. A combination of all 3 is probably the contributing factor to an increase payroll.
  3. Now with Murphy leaving we need to move down in the draft and get a goalie. We are severly missing a good goalie prospect in our organization. Peters is adequate but when is the last time we really went after a goalie? We need to groom Ward some relief. Of course that moving down can be a part of a trade for a winger/2nd line center with Pittsburgh, San Jose or whoever.
  4. Its an interesting idea but highly doubtful. Who would you take? We know JR is iffy on those Russians. Galchenyuk? Murray? Yakupov?
  5. We would be foolish to make that deal. The line for Staal will be long but we cant overpay. Yes Staal is a great player but his value is lower because of numbers. His numbers are lower due to the fact that his stuck behind Crosby and Malkin. Their GM can say that his numbers would be much higher if not stuck behind those two but that is just talk. He didnt seem to handle it too well when Crosby went down. His playoff performance helped his value for sure. I think if we move a package like you mentioned that we swap first rounders. Even with a contract extension talked about before the move. If EDM or Toronto are willing to just dump their first rounder for Staal then let them. It just isnt a wise move for us as a budget worrying team.
  6. What about a trade with the Sharks but not for Marleau? How about trying to get Pavelski? The more and more I see the line for Staal may be as long as it is for Suter or Parise. Pavelski could easily to be traded for less than Jordan. Pavelski has put up 51, 66, and 61 points in the last three seasons. He will be turning 28 in about a month and is signed at 4 million for another 2 seasons. San Jose is the same position as Pittsburgh as far as 3 deep down the middle. With Thornton, Pavelski and Couture. They are looking for shore up some PK issues. They may also be looking for move Marleau, plus to get Nash. My thoughts are this. For Pavelski we go: Boychuk, McBain and a swap of 1st rounders (I really dont see us moving Larose although that may be what SJ wants). SJ will get to negiotiate contracts with them both before if they want. Then SJ will use McBain with Marleau and a future pick to get Nash. Columbus needs young cheaper Dmen and someone to replace the talent of a guy who doesnt want to be there. Demers is about the only NHL ready go that SJ has that they could move. SJ can then use the 8th pick to get a guy that will "replace" thorton/pavelski in Faska, Grigorenko, or Gaunce and get a top line winger in Nash. Hurricanes win in this as they pay a lot less than they would have for Staal while getting the same type numbers and can use the 17th pick for a big need in the system, a goalie. 8 is too high for Dansk or Subban but 17 isnt too bad as I have seen both go anywhere from 17-37. I dont see JR going after Vasilevski as rem stated "he isnt a russianophile." to Canes: Pavelski, 17th pick to Sharks: Boychuk, Nash, 8th pick to Jackets: Marleau, McBain, and future 1st rounder All this still leaves a guy like Pits as bait for another move to get a better Dman or get a winger.
  7. the always trustowrthy Eklund didnt include Carolina on the big hitters for Suter because "they will be aggressive but Suter isnt option A."
  8. I'm not seeing Nash because his salary goes up every year . If it was a Campbell type deal and the cap hit was higher than salary then it could work.
  9. I just dont see giving up a top 10 for Jordan. I think a conditional 1st rounder is the way to go in 2014. If we sign him they get that 1st rounder if not they get a second. To get Nash our 1st would be included plus some but e is signed long term already
  10. Yea rem I don't think we move number 8 unless it's for Nash and I really doubt we go after him. I'm thinking a conditional future pick in J Staal deal that would take effect if we re-sign him.
  11. I don't see us signing Parise and getting a guy like Staal unless we move Ruutu or Jokinen. We have a better chance at signing Suter/Carle and trading for a winger. Just seems to be a lot more noise about Parie then Suter or Carle. It's hard for to say we would ever go after Marleau, Nash, or Iginla though. Iggy is too old, Marleau is the cheapest but can fade in playoffs, and Nash would be the most expensive but biggest return in value. I still think a boychuk, sang/Samson, and conditional 2014 1st rounder if we sign him.
  12. Well Ge I think we would add a third line center and Jordan would play with his brother. 2 good 3rd liners that are UFAs this season are Danial Paille and Gregory Campbell of Boston. Campbell is 28 and put up 16 points this season. Put up 29 the year before. Can play rw or c. 107 hits and 53 blocked shots Paille is 28 and put up 15 points this season, 13 last. Plays LW. 59 hits and 24 blocked shots.
  13. for Jordan I would think Boychuk, Samson with a conditional 2014 1st rounder. if he is re-signed they get a first, if not a 2nd. I just dont see us grabbing Marc as their d isnt one with big names. depending on what stralman and del zotto command the rangers could handle a pitkanen cap wise.
  14. Rem, With McBain, Faulk, and The young one in waiting I see Pits being moved. I think Allen will be re-signed. I don't see Spacek coming back. I think Spacek just didn't want to go to a team that was interested and JR respected that. A shut down dude like Carle is the best. I just think the line for Suter will be too long. I think we need to spend the most on a winger like Parise or trade for Brown or Marleau. Then smaller money signing Carle vs a max contract on Suter.
  15. The only potential issue I see with getting Jordan is that he and Skinner will be up for new contracts at the same time. I expect Skinner to fetch a pretty penny. 4-5 mil a season. Jordan will get 5-6 depending on how well he does this season. I just dont see us being able to afford that when we are trying to add atleast one big contract this season.
  16. Well having too many centers is a good thing. J staal did break out of his shell at LW so that could be a solution
  17. I would sacrifice Suter for Carle to afford Jordan. He wins face offs, can the pp and pk, and put up 1st scoring numbers
  18. Id hate to see Jordan in Edmonton. I would only want us to make a serious play for Jordan if we new we were getting a first line winger and shut down dman in free agency or trade and without giving up too much. For Jordan I would like for us to trade our pick with buffalo or Tampa to get 2 picks. Then trade to highest pick with boychuk or another prospect. Might take Rask. Move Pitkanen and possibly a third or 4th for winger or shut dman depending on what we don't get in FA I think JR will get Parise as he wanted him so badly in the draft. Move pits plus for D. Brown Sign Carle And in all best scenarios get Jordan as well
  19. Well the only way I could see us getting a top winger, a center, and shutdown d man is luck. I could see JR getting Suter or Oduya and Carle as backups in free agency. The best bet for the other two would be trades. Available options: Mcbain Pitkanen Boychuk Daple? A couple of picks Maybe a 1st rounder if we do a trade with buffalo and get 2 1st rounders
  20. well there will be a couple of teams that will be in cap issues with possible trade options and possible RFA trade for rights. Depending how Anthony Stewart has liked the organization, his brother chris will be a RFA. Possibly trade for his rights. Pitt is close to cap now with Steve Sullivan and Niskanen needing a new contracts. As well as a backup goalie. Maybe this is the season Jordan Staal is traded. Flyers will again have cap issues with many roster spots needing to be filled. JVR has been brought up as trade bait. Flyers will need a some cheaper D men and I think we could help with that.
  21. Ok So this is the crazy Rumor mill so far as far as who is interested Ruutu Toronto Nashville Detroit Boston Dallas Gleason Philly San Jose Boston Spacek San Jose Allen ? Who do we want from each of these teams? Obviously we are going to need some salary. Maybe we take on a bad contract on the end of it to get a valuable pick.
  22. Ok if we are dreaming: Jokinen-Staal-Perry 16.6 mil Skinner 1.4 mil Stewart-Sutter-Larose 4.66 mil Dwyer-Sutter-Nodl 1.98 mil Pitkanen-Weber 12.75 mil McBain- 1.25 mil Faulk-Joslin 1.6 mil Ward and Boucher 7.25 mil total 47.49 million look at that we can get a top winger for staal and a top shutdown guy. JR would have around 4 million to get skinner atleast one legit winger and McBain a partner while spending the same as this season
  23. Well roster players we could be interested in for top teams Van D Edler 2012 3.25 mil RFA after that LAK D Voynov 2012 RFA NYR C Anisimov 2012 1.87 mil RFA after that BOS LW Marchand 2012 2.5 mil RFA after that Maybe some roster players we can get from lower teams that could sell CLB D Nikitin RFA next season. They have plenty of high priced D men so they might be willing to trade him CAL D Butler- he's a great shutdown guy but he's cheap at 1.25 mil so I doubt they trade him I just looked at younger guys so there may be a few guys over 27 that may be available.
  24. Well i am not for JR going. I dont think MO leaving will change too much. The mistake JR made was Staal having that sick contract. He is worth about 7 mil and he should have an equal to Cam, IMO. Until PK is able to find it in himself to get a legit 1st liner, and legit 2nd line center, and a legit shutdown D man we will be stuck in this mediocrity.
  25. and then they move to another city where they think they can make money.
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