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  1. I would say we will make a trade with another team. I still go back to the Wild. They still need a forward, re-sign their back up RFA goalie and re-sign Dumba. GMRF has to make a move or two to get to the floor. We need to be much better. One of those moves has to be for a defender we can expose.
  2. We have great 4-9 forward depth with 1 top 3 forward.
  3. Wild have 6.92 million in cap. They need 3 more forwards and a goalie. They have a G and D Dumba as RFAs.
  4. Yep a good 3rd line RW and someone to expose in the draft, as you mentioned.
  5. 50 point guy for 2.5 AAV. That's a deal!
  6. To be honest, Perron is the only one worth his deal so far. These other are outrageous. It'll catch up eventually, I'm thinking next off season more than half of the nhl will be cap strapped.
  7. Lovejoy or JML may be on 2 year contract list. JML did decently for the squad. I also believe we would go after someone like Vanek or an older winger to sign for 2 seasons for exposure. Then in August make a deal for a decent young RFA winger that a team can't afford.
  8. Well there are Brian Campbell, Lovejoy or JML. Also, in my eyes says we aren't moving Faulk for offense.
  9. There is 0 way we need the cap space. I can't see us adding another D man. This deal makes less sense the more time goes on.
  10. That is a shocker. Really surprised someone wouldn't take on atleast half of his cap hit. GMRF really believes Fleury will get in this year and/or something is brewing.
  11. Nash's salary is backloaded at 8 million this season and 8.2 next season. If they kept 30% of the cap hit we would relieve them of 5.6 million of cap space. Give back their 2nd and a future pick of some level?
  12. Is Kucherov worth a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd or 2 1sts, 2nd, and a 3rd? The first scenario is 7.0-7.3 and the later is 7.3 to 7.5 offer sheets in your scenario. IMO the first offer sheet is tolerable but TB would match. I'm not ok with hurting our depth 4-5 years down the road for a 7.3+ offer sheet. Also add Palat to the list of re-signees for TB after this coming season. The list was impossible to overcome but adding Palat to the mix makes it ridiculous. I don't see TB trading any of the upcoming RFAs as he wants one more cup run.
  13. Took him 3 years. I'd expect the same timeframe.
  14. PK17. I would agree. I still believe our best chance at good young forward(s) is a RFA rights trade. Teams will run out of money quickly. TB is now in serious cap issues Minnesota has to be the worst off. 10 mil in space and they need 8 roster players.
  15. Bean is a 2-3 year project based on his weight. He has a high IQ. Had he been closer 200 pounds he may have gone higher. He'll need 2-3 years to gain 25-30 pounds and get used to playing at that weight.
  16. Michigan would have been 4.25% ($361,000) and New York would have been 8.82% (750,000).
  17. I can see what you're saying but Detroit will get their people this offseason. With Stamkos out of the picture our ability to get a 50+ point person goes down. Detroit will target a center and a winger.
  18. I'm not following. NJ definitely got better. EDM getting worse doesn't affect us very much. TB got better as Stamkos isn't a 10 AAV player. Montreal won't see the loosideness of the trade until 2-3 years.
  19. Man the PK swap makes zero sense for Montreal. Stamkos staying in TB 8 years 8.5 AAV. There goes our chance at getting a decent winger on July 1st because everyone else was focused on Stamkos. Now TB is on the clock for moving cap money to keep RFAs.
  20. Man Oilers just gave up Hall for Laarson. Oilers got hosed because of their desperation for defense. Would have loved to make a similar trade with them.
  21. The Ek believes we'll target Nielson if he becomes available. At 32, he seems outside the stay younger theme GMRF has going.
  22. I get what your saying about Vanek but, he is still good for 40 points. He not be worth 7 mil AAV but I think 3.5 - 4 AAV is fair. Anything over 4 is not worth it. A veteran presence on a Rask-Skinner or TT-Aho line would be preferred.
  23. I believe the best we might see is a deal with Vanek. Maybe a 1-2 year deal worth 3.5-4 AAV. That's a typical Hurricanes FA frenzy move. Or we wait until August. Shane Doan, David Jones, or Michael Grabner could be there for a cheap 1 year deal. Our best bet to add O is when FAs are signed and teams run out of cap space. We could get an unsigned RFA or a veteran winger in a trade.
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