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  1. I become more bitter every year and dislike the NHL more and more. I bet a few Whalers & Nordique fans are that way today. I might follow/ attend checkers games if they still exist. Wearing my Canes jersey in a passive aggressive protest.
  2. It is the perfect time to buy the Canes. If I had 499,999,999 more dollars I would do the same. The value is fairly low due to a lack a revenue through fan support and a older facility (not saying we need a new one but I am sure PK has depreciated the crap out of it to keep his taxes low). The franchise is built to win for 8-10 years with the bevy of young players we have playing and in the minors. An owner willing to spend the money can exponentially raise the future value of the club. Adding a number one center, making good playoff runs for 5 straight years, and filling the building most nights should raise the value 100 million. A 20 percent growth in 5 years, without adding value to revenue growth through the internal and league media revenue. Again to have another 499,999,999 bucks. It could be a flip and it would be a wise business move in 5 years. either way, hopefully GMRF can convince him he needs to add a number one center and a replacement to the defender we trade to be successful early, raising the payroll 10-20%. Even if the new guy wants to wait, the owner should get good results early from GMRF and teams excellent roster building and drafting.
  3. Yesterday GMRF mentioned he has reached out to "alot" of guys in Slavin's situation about re-signing. Some have started the talk and others have said "we'll get back to you." My guess: Lindholm: started Pesce: get back to you, he needs more offensive production to get Slavin's contract despite similar D numbers. Hanifin: get back to you TVR: probably no discussion yet. Dahlbeck: probably get back to you based on PT. Nordstrom: ? IDK about him because we will have ELCs ready to take his spot.
  4. Going to be tough to break into. Penguins and Columbus are still likely 100 point teams. Washington, Rangers, NYIs and us are mid 90s teams. One of 4 mid 90s teams don't make it. Again why we need some more scoring, still.
  5. We are talking a 22 million defense Around 5.5 million for Goaltenders C: Rask, Aho, Staal and Kruger 14 LW: Saalera, Koukkanen, Skinner, and McGinn 8.3 RW: Lindholm, Williams, Ryan, TT are 13 that's 62.8 without HWSNBM and a 13th forward and 7th dman. We'll be close to 67.1 million cap hit next year. And a 68 million actual payroll with Faulk's jump. Then Aho, TT, Fleury, and Skinner will really be expensive. We lose 8.5 million in forwards. If we move a couple of regulars and get 7 ELCs on the team we are looking at 68-70 million without a 13th forward and 7th defender. This year is so important to kick fan support into the a high percentage of capacity to ensure PK doesn't go cheap over the next 2 years.
  6. Unless we can afford a 70 million cap hit, I expect there will be some movement next offseason. A defender or J Staal
  7. You are right about that. I could see a short term bad contract months ago to gain talent. Yea the whole hossa talk was crazy.
  8. If we keep everyone and replace expiring deals with young guys, we're looking at 62 million next year. We're talking 70 million in 2019 if the same rules apply.
  9. We'll probably see Hanifin wait. He recently changed representation and his prior agent called it "disillusionment." So we'll see what that means.
  10. Man 5.3 million AAV seems high for him. Excellent shutdown guy with little O. I was hoping for 4.5 range but he is the future of our top pair. In the end 5.3 is close to what most top pair defenders are making. Looking like my predicted 22 million dollar D will happen.
  11. I know highlight videos are just that but Aho could be a really expensive re-sign. He also could be the greatest non first rounder pick of the franchise. Which is saying a lot for some of the talent we've drafted in 2-9. My expectations are low because he is only one season in to his professional career.
  12. Tavares will go for more right now. We wont be able to afford Tavares and our current roster players in 2 years. Talking 8.6 + AAV for Tavares. On Duchene: I see GMRF's point of night trading for a 2 year center for a potential top pair defender. If there was a season to do it, its this one. LV only has 12 defenders on the roster still and plenty with short contracts. So we could find a good replacement fairy cheap. If GMRF brought in Kruger to allow JS to play more offense, then we'll probably just play with the current roster. Im not overly confident in Ryan's ability as a full season center. Tatar? He said if he doesn't get a contract he us looking for, he'll take the arbitration and become a free agent in 2018. A smaller wing but has scored more goals in the last 3 seasons than Eberle. A mcginn, McKeown, and winger prospect trade if we get to agree to a contract first. Would force Lindholm back to center but he could be a solid pickup. He would be hard to afford in 2 years but easier than Tavares. 6 years 6-6.5 AAV.
  13. Columbus let go 112 points in their 3rd liners with hope of rookies/ cheaper players work out.
  14. So we added 4.1 wins to the team. I don't know if the 8 points will do it. It would have got us in the playoffs by 1 point this season.
  15. I think the suitors are all the same. The willingness to let a top 4 defender go is a consensual no across the suitors. Unless Winnipeg jumps in, rumored to want a forward, I believe we will remain in a deadlock. I can't think of a team that has a young top 4 Dman that they need to move for prospects to swing a three team deal. LV might be the only one but they seem keen on keeping Schmidt and Theodore. Overpay maybe change their mind? IDK. Canes Duchene Col Schmidt Karlsson LV McKeown Koukannen Nordstrom/Ryan exchange some picks between the teams to get it done. Spit balling here.
  16. Thanks couldn't let you have all the fun in here. I wanted to stress how important this year is when looking at the next 3-4 years. We have ELCs to help balance the books but Im not sure if PK will add 20 percent to the payroll without full seats. We really need to be strong over the next two seasons while payroll is below 65 in order to afford the above 70 days. Acquiring one more center that could get us to 100 points and look like a strong team after the west coast swing will do wonders for fan support. A struggling team during the west coast swing will make it look like the team is status quo and fans will stay home. We'll see.
  17. If we are serious about playoffs in this crazy division, I am not.
  18. I posted a long thread about needing another addition that is justified because of the future of the squad. If anyone is interested. Not quite Remkin worthy. P.S it isn't intended to argue who we make moves for / with.
  19. This is a big offseason for us. Next season may be the biggest. Yes I know this season hasn't started but I believe this season really drives how the next 3-5 years of the franchise goes. The big question this offseason: do we add another top forward? I say yes because we need to get that push into the playoffs and build the fan base THIS year. The cap hits grows close to the max over the next 2 years. Which it wont if fans aren't in the building. PK will go cheap. this season's cap hit: 60.5 million. I say shoot for JVR or Bozak from Toronto. They need to move an extra body or two. We might be able to sell them on McKeown being a top 4 to be. Add in a winger like McGinn or Nordstrom maybe. Push the cap to ~ 65 million. That should make us a 100 point team, even in our crazy conference. I'm going to use JVR as a place holder for a top 6 winger going forward, enter in who you wish. Next offseason: How did Fleury do? If top 4 ready, move Hanifin and TT to get a top center like Mackinnon. Im going to use him as the example but isn't absolute. Plenty of options. I believe Fleury will be. We won't be able to afford 5 high paid defenders later on. Bring back all the other defenders, Lindholm, and Ryan. Try to get Lindholm, Pesce, & Slavin on a Faulk deal, long and low. TVR 3 to 4 years 3-3.5 AAV. Ryan 1 year. Bring back JVR? If yes, 3 years. Slide Aho to center. Trade J Staal for defender prospects (you'll see why). expected cap hit 64 million if we don't make the playoffs with 3 youth making the team. PK might be more willing to spend 70 to keep JVR with 2 youth spots if we make a good playoff run. Although we may not be able to keep JVR, cap wise. 2019: a bunch of questions: have we made enough money to keep everyone? We would be pushing 72 million with JVR or 66 without him (that is conservative contract numbers). Skinner, Aho, and Fleury needing new contracts. Would have to let Williams and Kruger go. That includes 7 ELCs on the roster. After that it gets really crazy: Bean, Faulk, a couple of the ELCs would need new contracts. We run out of cap real quick. Probably have to make a decision on which 4 defenders stay and which are moved. But this all comes down to, do we have the money? Money will get tight in 2018 if we do not have the financial support to re-sign everyone. I push for the need to make extra money now because we will be spending it the next 2. We could be hard pressed to keep a solid playoff team if we don't up fan support, NOW! In Franchise we trust until then. Don't want to be him over the next 3 years to decide who stays and who goes (especially if we are still playing it cheap). P.S My intention wasn't to create that move is stupid type thread. Mackinnon and Staal's salaries are almost negligible. We are going to need at least 1 ELC and 1 under 3 million contract on D 2019 and on to afford it all.
  20. What 3 more months of waiting? Oh yea Im ready. I just hope the marketing team can push the team and get as many news channels to mention the team. Really need to drum up serious fan support.
  21. That is why i say JVR TT - Staal - Stempniak Skinner - Rask - Williams Aho - JVR - Lindholm Ryan - Kruger - Joordish McGinn JVR can help Aho with the differences of wing and center. They could flip as Peters wants to try Aho at center.
  22. JVR is my vote. Could play Center this year with Lindholm as his winger for faceoff purposes. Next year (if GMRF follows through with Aho being a C) could play LW, if re-signed.
  23. It's about the only way to definitively say we make the playoffs. But a top 10 performance with our D will do fine.
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