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  1. ok so we are about 10 million away from our set limit with Sutter, Joslin, a top line winger, and a back up goalie. Will we make it to have a competitive team? Im thinking 3 years 7 mil for sutter (2 mil, 2.5 mil, 2.5 mil) so a 2.33 cap hit Joslin is probably going to cost about 1.1 or so Thats around a 3.5 hit for those 2. So, 6.5 for a top line winger, back up goalie, and roster fillers. Am I crazy or giving Sutter too much money.
  2. jerome that article says he would have to go through waivers again. Does that mean he would have to go through re-entry waivers before buying out? If so I would grab him up on re-entry waivers for a pretty cheap price.
  3. we going to get a new coach? There is no way MO lets Murphy plays like he does in any of those videos.
  4. thought Saad could have been our dalpe from couple of drafts ago but we passed and drafted the Swedish center. Oh well. Saad went next
  5. smaller size on a forward is one thing but on a Dman is totally different.
  6. I think we lost out on Siemens going early but Murphy wasnt a good pick. Will be liability in the D zone. Will have to be the guy that guys plays behind the net because he wont be able to take the punishment in front of the net. I thought McNeill could have been a guy that could have come in immediately to be the 4th line center. Terrible we couldnt put together a package to grab Brouwer from Chicago. He could have been a great replacement to Cole. Atleast JR wasnt dumb enough to pick up Campbell like Florida was.
  7. Not a fan of the Murphy pick at all. I can tolerate an undersized forward but an undersized D man???? Really!?!?! We needed a shutdown D man or a center that can win faceoffs. I never really hated on Skinner last season but this pick is bad and not what we needed.
  8. Cole preformed well for the team and was always one of my favorite players but I am glad he may not be coming back. I feel like he would turn into a kaberle type situation. Gave us a great season at the end of his contract and then we were begging for him to be gone before the contract was over.
  9. all on my list are. I think JR would be more willing to give the RFAs a little more money to stay on the team. That little more money will still be less than what our FAs are wanting.
  10. Well guys that make sense to me: Forwards Ladd- been here, and JR loves those kinds of guys. Would be a great top line guy Brouwer- is a Cole type guy. Throws his body around but can score too. Is about 7 years younger than Cole. Anisimov- big guy at 6'4, decent faceoff guy and can score. Allow ruutu to move along sutter. D Campoli- O type Dman Yandle- good young d man Cumiskey- could be that power play qb guy. smaller at 5'10 but put up huge numbers last season. Hurt most of this season.
  11. McNeill would be a great pick. He is a big dude that can score, right handed center, and is a strong face off guy Knowing our unwillingness to spend money I would be ok with (assuming that we spend the money on D): Stillman-Staal-Cole Skinner-McNeill-Dalpe Larose-Sutter-Ruutu Dwyer-FA-Checker FA-Gleason Corvo-Allen McBain-Joslin Of course I would rather trade allen and get a FA to be a 1st liner with Pits.
  12. dont see that happening. Its the Carolina way to let players go with no value in return, re-sign players that everyone wants gone until they have one good season at the end of their contract, and replace talent with cheap backups.
  13. another fantastic idea to improve the team. I think the chance of it happening is 5%. Unless PK wakes up and decides he want to make the team a competitor on his own dime then I dont see it happening.
  14. Well in my crazy world this is what I would like to see Jussi/Stillman-Staal-Cole Skinner-Anisimov-Brouwer Ruutu-Sutter-Dalpe/Boychuk Dwyer-Gordon-Checker Corvo-Brewer/another UFA Gleason-Campoli McBain-Joplin Ward UFA I think to get campoli and brouwer from Chicago it would take boychuk, sang, and switching 1st rounders (just dropping 6 spots) We could trade Allen and Peters to the Avalanche for a future 2nd and a 4th NYRs are looking to free up cap space to get the top UFA. We could move the tlusty, 2nd and 4th to NYR for Anisimov. He is a big guy at 6'4 and his faceoffs are decent now and could easily improve with all the leverage I think our cap hit with this team would be about 6-8 million more than what JK wants it. If money is that big of a deal then sign Stillman versus Jussi. Pretty good and young team there that will be competitive for a long time.
  15. Again we need to be winning to build a solid fan base around here but we continue to not build a solid team. Im not asking to spend close to the cap either. But JR or JK can't realistically expect to ever be able to win the cup with a low budget team.
  16. so the lines are looking (if i read between the lines) Stillman-Staal-Cole Skinner-Ruutu-Dalpe Larose-Sutter-Checker Dwyer-FA-Checker Allen-FA Corvo-Gleason McBain-Joslin Ward FA of course again we let high profile FAs walk with getting nothing in return. we would be lucky if the team made the playoffs. The battle for Yakupov or Reinhart starts now
  17. Well of course the easy answer is to go the playoffs on a regular basis. The issue is JK does not want to risk not making the playoffs on solely his dime. He needs to find a minority owner so that someone else can take the risk with him. We have good prospects but not great ones so we cant just supplement high priced veterans with minimum salary prospects and get close to the same point production. So we have got to find more fan interest using different avenues other than winning consistently. Small teams like Carolina are hurt by the worst Commissioner in all of professional sports. Hockey spends a season off trying to make the league more competitive, make the game more fun to watch, and to lower salaries. Then not even 5 years later the league is right back were it started in terms to salary discrepancy and style of play. Bettman does little to nothing for the league and he obviously didnt learn from his mistakes.
  18. once the cap really started jumping years back we all could see the NHL would return to old state of high salaries and the differences in budgets becoming more apparent.
  19. Yea I knew they did some vouchers but I think in addition to those vouchers give them tickets to home games that are the worst attendance percentages (my guess tuesdays or wednesdays). I think if the team explained that these tickets are to be used to expand the fanbase and should be used for people that you would like to add to the fan base. Yes the maintaining of the registering thing might be a bear but it is the job of the marketing department. Of course I believe adding incentive to this idea would further increase the likelihood of the STH's bringing fans and fans they may buy tickets. I would say a hotdog and drink combo for the STH and the guest for the game. For the STH whose fan buys a mini ticket plan, I would say a 10% discount at eye (on top of already discount) for a 21 game ticket plan a free player t-shirt and for a full ticket plan a ride on the Zamboni or stand out with the team during the national anthem. Of course they are just suggestions. I do not know who all gets to rides zambonis to know how you get that or even if that interests people.
  20. No the Canes force them to bring anyone in particular but I think it should be a requirement that they "register" who they bring. They would fill out a quick contact information slip when they get the free ticket of who they are bringing. This way the market department can contact the fan to keep their interest and maybe offer some special offers to see the next couple of home games.
  21. Well I believe that is why we should give the free tickets options to the STHs. They are more than likely going to bring in a good crowd. Also they will be able to teach the fans they bring in about the game as it goes on.
  22. I definitely agree with the catch 22 statement of unless your a fan you aren't going to go but you won't be fan until you go. I was not a fan until a girlfriend at the time had free tickets frequently in 2001. I went to a few games and after my first game I was a fan. I would also say that a lot of Americans have issues grasping dynamic games. The same argument is made for the U.S not grasping soccer. The game is just too free flowing and doesnt have the structure for people to wrap their heads around. Well as a sports management masters student i wrote a 15 page paper on a marketing strategy for the Canes to improve fan base. I would say offer more free tickets for full season ticket owners (mostly for tuesday night or other low attendance) games. That would get the ticket holders at the game, add more sales at the stadium, and add a chance to create another fan. I would make it a requirement to register the person that they are bringing for free so the ticket sales could stay in contact with them to offer special ticket prices to get them to come. I think we need to add more incentives or bigger involvement with birthday parties for kids. To build a solid base we have got to get the younger generation interested in attending the games. Either offer the party a chance to meet a player after the game or some other deal (of course the more the parent spends the better the incentive).
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