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  1. If a Faulk trade with EDM happens then I stay put in the draft. 13th pick C Brown or D McAvoy (seems to be on the rise) 19th pick RW Tufte if his skills are not just because of HS hockey. If not maybe a project in D Stanley or the talented (but falling in some mocks) RW Gauthier. 2nd round Goalie Then one of the SHL HV71s dmen 3rd round Lots of offensive players Use the draft to add some needed organizational depth. Use a couple of FA signings to bridge the gap.
  2. I like the idea from MinjaBen's idea of Draisaitl. I'm not a fan of trading Faulk. He is locked up for a while at a great price. I would prefer to go with Wiz or one of the young guys that did well. We should be able to swing a Drai for Pesce or Slavin and maybe a future 2nd rounder from NYR. Pesce or Slavin and Draisaitl are young unproven players. It would be risk on both parties. I think Versteeg would be good to bring back. Skinner-Draisaitl-Versteeg Lindholm-Rask-Okposo Nestrasil-Staal-Nordstrom I would tell Murphy this D thing isn't working out. I'll give you a 2 way contract to work on becoming a winger. If not he can go elsewhere. Overall the D will be solid with Wiz, Faulk, Hanafin, Pesce/Slavin, Fleury, and Hainsey with Jordan as the #7. I would re-sign Ward to a low dollar contract for 2 years. I have serious doubts we could get Anderson.
  3. Trade I would do with Chicago: Liles and a pick (NYR 2nd or our 3rd) For Harrison, Bickell, and Mark McNeill. Gives a chance to trade Ward to someone while eating half his salary. McNeill is the only thing we want out of the deal. Bickell would gives us a big checking line guy for next season. We need roster fillers right now. Harrison could ride his time on the team to keep us from decimating the checkers
  4. Zykov had a point per game average in the Q league. AHL hasn't gone well.
  5. For clarification, I meant close to playoff contention yearly more so than this year. We really needed something to help us next season to compliment our young D. Those 3 assets, albeit a decent return, will come to fruition 3+ years from now. We'll be riding our D for a while. We don't have many O players that will provide help, either.
  6. The return was a joke from the fact that we didn't get a roster player in return. The team is close to playoff contention and we got 3 year in the future assets. Aleski still has one more year in Finland. It's not like we are a team that attracts big name free agents or can afford to outbid the big teams. Our O is gonna lack for a while. From GMRF's comments Eric more than likely won't be back.
  7. With Wis coming back next season, I say trade Murphy. Faulk, Wis, Hanafin, Hainsey, Slavin, Pesce is a good top 6. Add in Fluery as a possibilty with Jordan as a 7th and we are set. Could get a decent O prospect for Murphy.
  8. GMRF still wants to get Staal and Ward re-signed. Sounds like he believes they will sign for close to what he wanted. The step away comment sounds like we didnt get the deals to make the team better. We may move guys later unless someone comes in with a strong deal after the 1st round of Free agent signings
  9. My armchair stab: Semin wont be moved for anything worth it Trade Khudobin to Buffalo for the rights to Grigorenko and Meszaros. Buffalo doesnt plan on keepin Mes and the GM doesnt like Grigorenko. Grig is risk/reward move. I think an offseason with Brindy would get him into shape to make the roster. Mes can either be a stop gap for Fluery or can stay longer if he turns his game around. Trade Skins to Nashville for Ekholm and the rights to Wilson. Canes need to get younger on D and Ekholm is a good young defender. Wilson is a big guy that will work in our system moreso than Skins. Sign Soderberg to be the shutdown line center @ 3 yrs, 9mil Sign Wilson @ 3 yrs, 10.5 mil Sign Mes to 2 years, 7 mil Draft Crouse #5 if Hanifin is gone. Staal/Staal/Semin Wilson/Soderberg/Lindholm Crouse/Rask/Grig or Nest McClement/Malone/Gerbe Hainsey/Faulk Ekholm/Mes Liles/Belemore This is about a 66 million cap squad with a need for a backup goalie next season (counting Crouse's 3.5 mil cap hit). Should drop to 62 million cap for 2016 season when Ward and Staal's extensions kick in. Now if I was being real crazy, I would trade Liles for a lower pick and sign Sekera. Push hainsey to the 2nd line and Ekholm to the 3rd. It would cost the team another 3-3.5 mil in cap money. The O isnt impressive with this squad but all lines can score, are bigger, and all play a pretty good 2 way game. Most importantly the D got better.
  10. I wonder what it would take to get Kevin Hayes' rights from the Blackhawks. He isnt showing up to Chicago camp because he wants a quicker way into the NHL. He is a 6'4 forward that could be 3rd line center for us or that big RW to play along skins. Might be worth trying to get him.
  11. I read the article. The in between the lines are we considered blowing up, our new to make the playoffs is the coach, and if the team doesnt make the playoffs we could see a blow up this season. It also says we wont be doing anything crazy this offseason with the forwards. I find it odd RF only mentions how Peters is happy with the forwards. Do we see changes in the goalies or D? Sounds like there is a want but not a way.
  12. Well I abe seen E. Staal's name in rumor mill pop up a lot more than I remember. Its more than just fan talk it seems like. Francis did say one was open as long as it benefitted the team. He also mentioned us taking advantage of teams that need to make some cap space.
  13. and taking JML. Maybe JML and a lower ranked player/pick for Campbell and 1 mil of cap space. I think it would be hard to justify in essence paying JML more than 5 mil a year to play by asking for more money. Its still good for the canes. Replacing JML with a better version for 2.3 mil a year (which would be easier to eat if Ward was moved).
  14. Ill pass on Tort. There are reasons we are sure of that he is gone from VAN so quickly. Do we have the team to support Trotz type of game though? I know RF wants a big team but it isnt going to happen over night
  15. well some potential coach candidates (some based on a nhl article) Dineen Willie Desjardins- Dallas Stars' affiliate head coach- 2013 AHL coach of the year Mark Reeds- Ottawa assistant, coached in the OHL John Hynes- Pittsburgh's affiliate head coach- 2011 AHL coach of the year. Prior to this season he has 3 40 wins seasons. Won 100 games in his 152 game coached. Jeff Blashill- Detriots affiliate head coach- 2014 AHL coach of the year. Highly regarded by Detriot John Stevens- Kings assistant. Former Flyers coach Mark Seidel believes it will be the Plymouth Whalers HC Vellucci.
  16. Well why not talk crazy. Vancouver is looking to move edler and Kesler, How about? Edler, Kesler, Lack/Markstrom For Staal, Ward, and a 4th (the 4th we got from the welsh and dalpe trade) The canes save 2.5 mil which Vancouver may not want to eat but the canes have Edler's contract for an extra 2 years at 5 per. Both teams get to move a couple of guys they want to. Canucks get a replacement for Kesler and a big named goalie. Ward may accept if both him and Eric go. It wont happen but what else we got to do. Faulk-sekera, hainsey-edler, liles-Harrison wouldn't be a bad 3 pairs.
  17. well I believe the best draft position the Canes can get is 4th (if NYI gets the tie breaker over the Canes) going into the lotto draw. That is if the Canes lose their last 3 and the Islanders and Flames win out. The worst draft position going into the draw is 13th based on the Canes winning every game and the random outcomes of those around them.
  18. It comes down to the factor that we have to overpay for talent to stay here. We dont have the tradition or likelihood to be title contenders to get guys to sign when competing with teams. Some of blame is on JR for overvaluing guys like the Staals and Ruutu but, it is also on the franchise as well. We have to make the big moves to attract other big names but the team hasnt been able to put it all together to make us attractive. Unfortunately, we dont have the system to build the young guys to sustain the roster. So we are damned if you do, damned if you dont on the roster moves. We will be stuck in this cycle for many years with contracts from Semin and especially J Staal.
  19. Would be nice but we need to find someone to play with Skins. Our 2nd line will be the shutdown line with J Staal. 3rd line needs to be a big guy that clear space and sit in front of the net. Our 3rd line needs to be built as another scoring line.
  20. A good young player but I don't know that we can afford his 4.8 cap hit without Cam going the other way. I hope not though. 4.8 mil for a third line center is crazy. He could be a RW to J Staal. But that would mean Skins would be the third line center (a little more crazy than Gagner).
  21. It will be interesting to see how the organization goes with the goalie trade. I don't think the organization has the money to keep Ward and Khud. He could get a quite a decent raise after next season. We haven't see Peters in a while and if we wanted to trade I feel like we would be "showcasing" him alittle more. Ward is one IR and his value would be low. If Ward goes we have settled on Khud as a starter and Peters to push him. I don't see Peters going unless we have zero want him to stay on. If Peters goes, JR will be looking for another backup to Ward this offseason. Is Khud value high enough where we could see a enough return to improve the team?
  22. anything going on with E Staal? The score sheet said he only played 9 minutes today.
  23. Sweet JR saves 125k per season and gets an past the prime Dman that still gets paid for 2 more seasons. What a win JR! Loaded with sarcasm.
  24. Mueller needs to go or find out which teams the staal brothers would go to.
  25. If and big if J Staal moved up Semin-Staal-Staal Gerbe-Skinner-Tlusty Ruutu-Lindholm-Dvorak Third line is the checking line
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