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  1. Gauthier is best served to be with a guy like Necas or Turbo who are true pass first players. Gauthier isn’t going to get many assists outside of someone cleaning up a rebound he created. If we try to stick him with Staal and Foegele next season, he wont be overly productive
  2. hopefully crazy good enough to be the 11th pick in the draft. One can dream.
  3. A quick thought, next years Charlotte team will be the first of, presumably, a long streak of prospect laden teams. Next season’s squad will have Kuokkanen, Geekie, Eetu, Mattheos, and Bokk on it. Assuming Gauthier makes the NHL squad. We could add Cotton, Filipe, and any of the European prospects drafted last June. Also, Drury, Rees, Suzuki, Murray and any European prospects will be PTO eligible in April of next year. We’ll have decisions to make on Bishop, Lorentz, McCormick, and Smallman this off-season. Assuming that we would want some veteran presence, at least two of them would stay on. I hope Smallman gets another season with us. He needs one healthy season to show off what he can do.
  4. Tbh i hope NJ plays great the rest of the way, Rangers too. I don’t want them or Columbus getting one of the top 3 players. top 5 need to go to the west, Detroit and Ottawa (because of SJ).
  5. Suzuki was traded to the Spirit for a big ransom in the Juniors. He arrived at his new squad an hour before puck drop and still had 2 points. edit* Suzuki has 3 assists in 2 games with the Spirit.
  6. Checkers split the weekend series. They are still 1 point behind 4th and 3 behind 3rd with 4 & 3 games in hand.
  7. I think what he said was we wont be big game hunting at the deadline (paraphrasing). We would do a small, depth deal that made sense because (as you mentioned) we don’t want to mortgage the future.
  8. Fantastic 5-2 home stand for us. we are 3 points from 2nd and 2 from third. Pens have a game in hand and Islanders have 2 in hand. Up 4 on the Flyers and 5 on the Panthers. All weeks are huge with this ridiculous division but. Next 4 we have three against the Metro (wash, BJs, Isles) and the Ducks sandwiched in there. After that we have 2.5 weeks of western teams. Maybe we will get on a run. We are .800 against the west or close to it this season. The next month we have 4 metro and 10 western teams.
  9. I hope we can tell Cotton, a center spot can be yours if you earn it.
  10. For Gauthier to get a chance to meet the point prediction tool, he would need more than 4th line time. He isn’t going to get that, even moreso with Williams’ addition.
  11. Isnt the projected point total multiplying the AHL points by .6? Kilometer/ mile equation.
  12. The cap wasn’t ever a daily issue as far as us staying under the cap. All the moves were directed to driving future space and adding others to the roster, if needed. We had about 2.2 million in space to start, which would equate to a 4.4 million dollar contract at the deadline. Conducting all the up and down of checkers players and TVR start on IR, we saved enough to add a 5.5 million contract (2.75 million left) even after adding J Will. At this point, we know where the team is and where our players are. Maximizing the space allowed us to add a great player like J Will for only cap with the ability to add a good goalie, top 6 winger, or top 4 defender to make the team better or cover an injury. Its solid 4D chess by the management team.
  13. They were trying to save cap space by sending a CLT guy down between games and keeping their rosters short. Cap numbers are decided more by daily numbers than over annual numbers.
  14. Checkers win again 6-3. Gauthier put in number 17. Lorentz scored 10 & 11.
  15. It is believed that J Williams will practice about 2 weeks because playing. Maybe we see an uptick in play for the next 2 weeks because guys don’t want to sit.
  16. To add to the absurdity of the Metro, the distance between the 2nd and 6th place team is 7 points. NYI-57 PIT-57 Canes-52 Phi-50 CBJ (wait CBJ?!?!)- 50 in the east its (by division) Metro, Atl, Metro, Metro, Atl, Atl, Metro, Metro, Metro we need the goalies to step up and get on a winning streak.
  17. Yea he has pit 2 goals and 6 assists while playing on the top line. His recent uptick only has him on pace for 40 points. He isnt first line material between him and McGinn, Nino will give you more points but isn’t a PK guy and takes a bunch of penalties. W
  18. Moreso than wasting Svech with Staal and Foegele? staal needs to be a shutdown line guy not centering the best goal scoring winger on the team. Williams is smart and capable of playing good defense and also would the righty FO guy on the line. Really adds to the defensive FO capability of the team and the line..
  19. I’d bench Nino and put SAT back together. Williams with Foegele and Staal
  20. In true HS fashion that information was made up. Waddell said so on the radio today. The biggest complication for the deal is the expected performance bonuses of Svech and Necas. We can go over the cap with bonuses by a certain amount and we would meet the threshold with Williams well.
  21. With the current model, it looks like 100 points will be required for us to make the playoffs as a wildcard team. 😳 we need to maintain a 60% winning percentage the rest of the way to get 50 points in 40 games. that is doable but losing streaks cant happen.
  22. Dont all people who work in hockey walk on the water? ill see myself out.
  23. per the twitter verse we made our final offer to J Will today.
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