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  1. Vegas has to dump 1.8 plus whatever else they need for their roster.
  2. Ok to clarify cuz Sara was confusing: we might acquire Priskie and to give him a roster slot move Faulk elsewhere
  3. https://twitter.com/SaraCivian/status/1142536054920089601?s=20
  4. Supposedly Faulk may go to Washington for a defender they cannot sign, Priskie, plus unknown. According to Sara. She is on Cory level for me. Not overly connected so, probably doesn’t mean a lot.
  5. I guess ya missed the point.
  6. Draft was a group of good picks. Feels like 2-3 years. Fail to make us better when we needed it. Toronto is basically out of the woods with worrying about offer sheets because we bailed them out. LV is our one other shot. SJ maybe
  7. 2020 draft supposedly has 6 franchise level players in it.
  8. More than that. 800k is salary at 2/3rds. Still have to pay his bonuses.
  9. Tiny defender seems like more of a forward
  10. Outside of Finnish players none can come to Charlotte.
  11. One round too late
  12. Nice pick with the third rounder
  13. Man Detroit got Grewe
  14. The draft hasn’t made much sense so far for us. The picks are good but haven’t made us better.
  15. Except Necas is two years away from playing full time center. Marleau is trending down and Wallmark up. Marleau as a center for us is a negative value not a positive one.
  16. Scenario one isn’t helpful for us. He is slow and lacks production.
  17. Cost to buy him out is 833333 because of his actual salary at 2/3rds. We still owe all the other signing bonus money
  18. Im wasn’t interested unless johnsson or Kapanen was coming back to help us now. conditional 1st or not it doesn’t help us now. also Toronto’s pick will be bottom half anyways.
  19. Im not a fan of the move. Im sure this is only the first move. doesnt help us now.
  20. I wonder if it’ll be today or later before we see the cap clearing moves
  21. They hyping him because he is a fantastic shot. his skating and even more so his defense are very suspect. Skating is so important in the league now and defense is important to brindy. He doesn’t fit us. His skating must be pretty bad if his 50 goals couldn’t overcome it. Pavel Brendl comp. all the suspect skaters fell out of the first round. Grewe and Hoglander on the other hand are excellent skaters. Grewe is even categorized as a bulldog who goes in the dirty areas. His size and late bloomage have held him back.
  22. Give me Grewe and Hoglander. if one of them is gone give Robertson or Kolyachonok, Vladislav
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