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  1. With only one season left on his contract and his ability to play (at times) couldn't be matched by any one in the FA pool. If a top D man was an upcoming FA and JR had an interview where he thought he would have signed, then Pits may have been bought out.
  2. So far: Weiss 5 yrs 4.9 mil per (DET) Clarkson 7 yrs 5.1 per (TOR) Stalberg 4 years 3 per (NSH) (I guy I hope to get but at 2.25 mil per not 3, so Im ok with not getting him) Bozak 5 years 4.2 per (TOR) Scuderi 4 years 3.375 per (PIT) great player but 4 years? Horton 7 years 5 mil.3 per (CLB) 7 years, whoa Clowe 5 years 4.85m per (NJ) Ference 4 years 3.25m per (EDM) great signing for next 2 years, they will regret the contract in years 3 to 4 Riberio 4 years 5.5 mil per (ARZ) ewwwww Alfredsson 1 year 3.5m with bonuses up to 5m (DET) good signing IMO Cullen 2 years 3.5 m per (NSH) glad we passed on that Ellis 2 years 900k per (DAL) Emery 1 year 1.65m (PHI) Flippula 5 years 5 mil per (TB) holy overpayment batman for a guy with 1 20 goal season So far Im glad JR has stayed out of these big signings. Overpaying and signing the older guys to longer deals than they are worth.
  3. Flip wants to play center, that's why he left Detroit. Probably too much money to have for a 3rd line center since we overpaid for Ruutu, J Staal, E Staal, and Semin to play here long term.
  4. He has forced himself into (unfortunately). With Faulk and Tlusty contract ending next season cap space has to come from some where. Faulk's will come from Pits contract leaving. Don't really have a place where Tlusty's to come from, unless the cap rises more than 4 mil next season (even if we could afford a salary that high). Well I think the partner will be Toronto. They seem to be the only one moving a top D man. I think something like Phaneuf, Reilly, and the rights to Colborne. for Skinner and Pits Phaneuf gives us our top D man (only signed for one more year), Reilly is a top D prospect this is a great addition for the long term, and Colborne is a C spec with some experience that needs to be signed (big guy at 6'5). We lose a lot in terms of offense but gain a lot of injury free D time. We would be hoping Colborne continues progress and can step in to be our 3rd line center. We lose 4 mil in cap and should have enough money to sign guys like Stalberg and Ference/O'Byrne while maintaining enough cap space to keep Faulk and Tlusty long term. Skinner gives them a great winger that is signed for a long time. Pits gives them a one year D man who can eat time like Phaneuf. Toronto will gain 4 mil in cap but they will still have 19 mil to re-sign Bernier, Kadri, and any other their RFAs.
  5. must be nice to improve the team without giving up any draft picks
  6. Ference would be a great addition but he is getting a lot of media attention, meaning he could get more money in his contract. He would be that older guy that could be great for the locker room. How does the organization feel about Murphy? If Murphy is nhl ready in the next 2 seasons then an older Ference would be the answer. If Harrison or Murphy don't quite pan out then a younger like O'Byrne may be the answer. Being younger we could bring him in for 4 seasons and he is getting a lot less media coverage (if any).
  7. It is always funny how owners complain about contracts in the NHL. Yet, their GMs are the one driving up contracts giving a player way more money than he should ever get because he is the one guy they want. The 2nd order effect is driving up the contract for the next guy that is similar in skill. And of course that drives up the contract for a guy better than both of them. They complain about it yet they are the ones who start it.
  8. Forward: Viktor Stalberg D man: Murray or Ference G: Garon, Mason, Khabi, Boucher?
  9. Using last year as the measuring stick, Lindholm's cap hit will be around 1.6m if he makes the team We'll probably see Bellemore on the 3rd line D line. Welsh will move to the 4th line guy. So we need one shutdown O guy to complete the roster. FORWARDS Jiri Tlusty ($1.600m) / Eric Staal ($8.250m) / Alexander Semin ($7.000m) UFA / Jordan Staal ($6.000m) / Tuomo Ruutu ($4.750m) Patrick Dwyer ($0.900m) / Jeff Skinner ($5.725m) / E. Lindholm ($1.600m) Kevin Westgarth ($0.725m) / Jeremy Welsh ($0.850m) / Jared Staal ($0.750m) DEFENSEMEN Joni Pitkanen ($4.500m) / Tim Gleason ($4.000m) Andrej Sekera ($2.750m) / Jay Harrison ($1.500m) Justin Faulk ($0.900m) / Bellemore ($0.600m) GOALTENDERS Cam Ward ($6.300m) Justin Peters ($0.538m) OTHER Buyout: Derek Joslin ($0.125m) RETAINED SALARY TRANSACTIONS (1.400% of upper limit) Jussi Jokinen ($0.900m—0.3%) ------ (these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion) SALARY CAP USED: $60,263,000; CAP SPACE (19-man roster): $4,037,000 I say a Stalberg signing at 2-2.25 mil at 4 years. or maybe a 2 mil for 3 years and 4th year at 3 mil (still 9 mil, it gives him more once the Ruutu contract falls off and we can afford more). He isn't a 2nd line guy but out 2nd line will be a line going against the top line every night and will be used more as a prototypical 3rd line. Unfortunately the D doesn't gets fixed if we can move Pits as part of a deal or the unfortunate trading of Skinner or Ruutu has to happen. If the cap hit sucks now, the team is going to suck when Faulk's and Tlusty's contract need to be re-upped next season. Granted, Faulk's contract will probably replace the money of Pits but where Tlusty's money going to come from?
  10. your ranting about this pick is comical. Nish was a risk and the 6th GM was finally ready to take it. This was a good pick. He is the youngest guy in the draft and as a 17 year old, he was playing with more play recognition than guys that had playing in the Swedish league for years.
  11. I don't think anyone is arguing that he isn't. Every GM is afraid to get him top 5 since is he still signed in Russia. Its that Russia factor that is hurting him.
  12. Yea for the 5th pick. The discussion could open back up if they still want to get back into the top 10 and Reilly is available.
  13. They just announced it on the NHL video of the draft. (I watching the braves game, so I have to stream the draft).
  14. Yea if we can get Myers and 8th for the 5th then do it. Then could get a young Dman like Reilly and then a 3rd liner like Kulemin and the 21st for the 8th and McBain. We would have a sick weekend to me.
  15. sounds nice but everyone is comparable until they step onto the ice. If we move to the 7th or 8th pick and still there. Then jump on it.
  16. Man you beat me to it. Maybe Reilly and a 3rd line winger and the 21st for McBain and the 8th. Kulemin maybe. He is a hitter and puts up decent points for a 3rd liner.
  17. Everyone is looking to move up. Maybe our 1st pick is dealt a couple of times. Maybe a deal with Buffalo then a deal with Toronto. I cant see a move from 5th to 21st. A deal to 8th then 21st while getting two roster players would be legit. Maybe pick up Fucale. We haven't picked up a goalie in a while and we need one.
  18. Ok so lets run this down #6 Calgary- Wideman, Giordano, O'Brien, Brodie #7 Edmonton- Schultz, Schultz, Smid #8 Buffalo- Myers, Erhoff, and Sekera #9 NJ- Larsson, Green, Salvador, Tallinder, Volchenkov #10 Dallas- Goligoski, Robidas, Daley
  19. Well no one has bitten so far. How about ill take a stab. Skins for Coburn and Read = +375k in cap Coburn fills a big dman need and read semi replaces some of the O lost by Skins 5th overall and McBain for 7th, 37th pick, future pick = +1.8mil in cap they will need some D and we can get Lindholm at 7 Pits, the 35th pick and 2014 3rd for Staal and the rights to Clowe = +525k in cap rangers need to get back into top 2 rounds badly. They aren't re-signing Clowe now that they aren't buying out Richards Pick Lindholm with the 7th. Sign Clowe 3 years 12 million = - 4 mil cap Top 3 Lines are: Tlusty-Staal-Semin Clowe-Staal-Ruutu Read-Lindholm-Dwyer D is: Coburn-Faulk Staal-Gleason Murphy-Harrison Result is an added 2.6 mil to the payroll plus whatever Lindholm's cap tag is. 59.6 million payroll with whatever Lindholm's tag (last season's is a 1.6 mil cap hit). So, a 61.2 mil cap hit. Leaves us 3.2 mil for a backup goalie (which I don't expect us to come close to using all of it).
  20. What about a Coburn and Read for Skinner? Coburn fills an obvious need and read can be a decent replacement for skinner. Flyers get a scoring threat and almost a wash in cap hit.
  21. Well no O''Brien from the Avalanche. He was traded to the Flames. Poop
  22. I really doubt he comes cheap. We wont see a contract less than 4 mil for him. I don't think we will see large roster changes. We will see a buy out of Richards and a couple of trades of their lower guys to get the coaches type players. We will see an abundance of trades compared to other seasons because of cap space and a lack of free agents. I just don't think we will see a large change of any roster because of cap space.
  23. Sucka i understand the issue with trading skinner. JR has dug himself into a hole that he may be able to get out of without trading a top 6 guy. He has way overpaid for both staals, skins(in the short term), and ruutu. He slightly overpaid for pits(only because he cant stay healthy), gleason, and semin. Who in that bunch is tradeable? After next season we have to re-sign faulk and tlusty. Tlusty could be another 5 mil forward if his play continues. We already 44 million in cap money committed to only 9 players for 14-15. Staal, Staal, Semin, Skins, Gleason, Ward, Ruutu, Dwyer, Harrison. That leaves JR about 20 mil to get faulk and tlusty re-signed and get/re-sign/call up 1 goalie, 4 dmen, and 5 forwards. The money runs out quickly especially when you can figure tlusty and faulk are going to cost 9 mil to re-sign. Skins has value now and it will hurt us in the long run to trade him. Does JR really have a choice though? I dont think he does.
  24. If Nish is still there at 5. JR will have a real tough time to deciding whether to take him or trade the pick away. He may have a lot of interest.
  25. Well if Nich is taking in the top 4 and we draft Barkov. I would like to get a young guy like Nino. He wants out of the Islanders. Bickell would be a great get for the 3rd line. Lapierre would be a great signing for 4th line center, miller(det) is a great 4th liner. It would make for a decent top 3 lines Tlusty-Staal-Semin 6'0 209, 6'4 205, 6'2 209 Nino-Staal-Skins 6'2 205, 6'4 220, 5'11 193 Bickell-Barkov-Ruutu 6'4 223, 6'2 205, 6'0 205 Miller-Lapierre-Dwyer 6'2 178, 6'2 207, 5'11 175 That's great size for our forwards. The third line would be fully capable of putting points on the board but can also play against teams top lines (opening up the 2nd line to score). Barkov would have a steep learning curve but Ruutu and Bickell are both very experienced players. That would be 4 acquisitions for the forward crew alone. JR would be really busy to then add to the D corps.
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