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  1. no it sounds like you know more, by all means go ahead.
  2. ok here is another example for you: Nashville traded 2 RFAs to Philly for a 1st rounder. Timonen and Hartnell for a 23rd pick which happened to be there own pick to start with. Nashville knew they couldn't re-sign them both. Timonen had 55 points and Hartnell had 39 points that season. Does that tell you the amount of value a RFAs has when they cant be re-signed? Of course i would take dupuis for sutter. Any other really dumb suggestions Dont you think edmonton would take something instead of nothing? They tried the offer sheet on RFAs thing and saw how they got hammered on in the media with Vanek and then the results as they owed ANA for penner for a while and wasnt worth it. Successful 7th picks Komisarek, Lupul, Suter, Olesz, Price. Komisarek didnt make the roster right away but he is a Dman Lupul made the Ducks roster the next season Same for Suter but once again a dman Made the roster first year out of Czech Price just made the roster but he was goalie. 7th pick is no top 5 but it doesnt mean they cant make the roster. I know that stats dont always transfer. This is why I said stats dont always transfer.
  3. [quote name='legend-1 wrote: gocanes0506']I wouldnt offer a sheet to either one. I trade the 7th pick to phx for their 13th and 22nd pick. I then go to Chicago with the thought of getting Kane. We pick up Kane for Cole, the 13th pick, and a prospect. They could buy out huet and they would save a total of 4.8 million out of the deal. That would allow them to re-sign atleast two of their players. I'm baffled by your thought process on this. If I were Chicago's GM I'd hang up on you immediately. well good thing your not. They dont have very many options.
  4. I'm not sure if you have any concept of the trade value of the picks/players mentioned....the thought that Chad LaRose is worth Sam Gagner AND a pick is utterly ridiculous. The fact that he is an RFA has no bearing on his trade value. No forward we pick at 7 will be playing on the 1st line, let alone a guy like Skinner (terrible pick at 7 anyway). I would be willing to bet that the most we see out of our 7 pick would possibly be 10 games before he has to go back to his junior team, and that's only if he wows in training camp. Also there is no guarantee that any of the 3 defenseman will be available at 7, it is very unlikely at this point, we'll be extremely lucky if Gormley is there. Your right he has no bearing sense we just got Jared Staal, a 2nd rounder, for a 5th round pick. NO bearing though. And a 5th doesnt have much value. It would just be a little insurance in case he doesnt sign. But obviously I have zero idea what im talking about mr hockey gm. Ok your right so everyone if crazy to think getting Nino would play 1st line if we pick him up at at 7. Jokinen is a good 1st line guy but who else would beat out Boychuk or a 7th pick for a first line job? Larose? Ruutu? I dont think so on either as they are great hustle players but arent much on the scoreboard. Also, I would recommend reading a post before you tearing it apart. I never said draft Skinner at 7. I recommended it him at 12 where some mock drafts have him at. Heck he put up 90 points in 64 games last season. I know that wont also transfer but it shows he has a scoring touch.
  5. I wouldnt offer a sheet to either one. I trade the 7th pick to phx for their 13th and 22nd pick. I then go to Chicago with the thought of getting Kane. We pick up Kane for Cole, the 13th pick, and a prospect. They could buy out huet and they would save a total of 4.8 million out of the deal. That would allow them to re-sign atleast two of their players. If Chicago thinks that they are in this offseason, they should just wait to next offseason. They have Byfuglien, seabrook, and possibly neimi if he goes through arbitration. Sharp and Veersteeg is the next one after that. No way they will be able to afford all those over 6 mil players in the next two seasons. Of course I only do this if we can get rid of Samsonov and then move Larose. If Brindy retires we make out on the deal and we will have 34.8 million tied up in staal, kane, jokinen, ruutu, sutter, kstop, pitkanen, gleason, harrison, osala, mcbain, tlusty, dwyer and ward. That is 9.2 million (the 44 mil that JK wants to be) for 8 people to fill the roster. Might even have room for Whitney in their. The D wouldnt be very good but we could have some serious first 2 O lines with Whitney-Staal-Kane, Ruutu-Sutter-Jokinen. D will obviously be the focus in the draft.
  6. well i think there was a reason they chose him first. He is probably the last choice.
  7. I hate the fact of a super low salary but i guess JK needs to have one low salary season with the chance of making money and be bad then go on around 50 mil and lose a bunch of money and still be bad. The triangle isnt a very big market for a non traditional hockey market and on top of that our median income isnt very high. JK has got to do what it takes to survive
  8. 2 teams tha could add salaries and will need wingers and a Dman that have a pick we could be interested in: Phoenix and Anahiem Both have 2 1st rounders 12 and 29 for ANA and 13 and 22 for PHX. ANA getting Cole, Babs, and 37th pick for 12th pick or cole, babs, and 53rd pick for 29th and lower round pick Cole, Babs, and 53rd pick for PHX's 22. I hate trading the 37th pick as we may be able to pluck a 2nd round steal like Dalpe. If we could grab a guy like Skinner who is a pure scoring center that we could move to wing would be worth it. Could add another Finnish player with the 22, Teemu Pulkkinen Could add a whole bunch of different guys at 12 Could add 2 dmen Petrovic or Johns at 29 Samsonov could be moved for a 4th rounder to which ever to the other top 2 teams didnt get cole. Another move could be Rosie to Edmonton for rights to C Gagner and a 5th. Gagner will need to be re-signed. We do need a younger center and rosie will get paid a decent salary this season and next. Gagner wont be cheap but a future top winger and dmen are the priority in the draft. Or if JR doesnt want to take that risk there are a couple of other teams that could use a 3rd line winger and could bring a decent D man prospect draft options 7- Top 3 dman 12- Skinner 7- Nino 29- Petrovic 7- Top 3 dman 22- Pulkkinen my ideal lineup (with samsonov and cole gone whitney re-signing is a go) Whitney-Staal-Skinner Ruutu-Sutter-Jokinen Boychuk-Gagner-Tlusty (really could be the 2nd line with the scoring they could do) Brindy/checker-Dwyer-Kstop Pitkanen-McBain Top 3 guy- Gleason Harrison/Picard/Carson/Checker This is a rather cheap lineup especially with brindy retired. I think this offensive lineup could be very competitive. The top 2 lines would be good on D but the third would be a liability.
  9. Sorry but JR continues his lack of FA activity. He has already that will not be active during the FA period AT ALL.
  10. well if you go off of the number of picks, how successful the team was with the picks, and the value of picks I would rate them: 1 PIT- Cant get much better than that 5 that are still with the team 2 WAS- 66% good picks and green, semin, and ovechkin are a great 3 to get and most of 6 are still with team. 3 Atlanta 83% 4 CBJ 80% 5 NJ 75% they got great players for their lower picks 6 NAS 80% Nashville is a touch pick as all 4 of their picks are good on the verge of great but they are getting ready to lose there 3rd guy. 7 MIN 80% rate them below CBJ as they lost they best pick in gaborik 8 PHI 80% Richards and Carter are good for them. Pitkanen and Williams arent with them team anymore 9 BUF 67% 10 ANA 60% 11 SNJ 60% 12 CAR 50% 12 MON 50% its hard to say whether Staal and Ward or Hainsey, Komisarek and kostitsyn are a better value as staal hasnt got close to the 05-06 #s 14VAN 50% 15 CHI 42% 16 FLA 42% rate FLA below CHI as they lost their top pick in bouwmeester 17 OTT 67% there 4 picks have been great but they are getting ready to lose the 4th of the group 18 NYI 80% their 4 picks have been successful but not as successful as they hope and 2 of them arent on the team 19 BOS 40% 20 TOR 100% great value for their picks not one is still on the roster though 21 CAL 40% 22 LA 38% 23 COL 33% 24 DET 100% Kronwall was successful but cant put them up at the top for 1 1st rounder 25 DAL 25% 26 PHX 20% 27 EDM 14% 28 STL 0% atleast one of their guys played for the team 29 TMB 0% in the same boat as NYR as their guys didnt even make it out of europe 29 NYR 0% I'll probably do 2005-2007 this weekend and updated my completely opinionated ratings then as well. I dont think I can go farther than 2007 as so many of the 08 and 09 guys are still developing. Should see Carolina go up with those 3 drafts.
  11. Here is drafts from 2000-2004. Lottery picks are 1-14, mid is 15-22, and 23-30 is late. I gave the successful picks based on games played and stats. A lottery pick isnt a success if he playing on the 4th line at 8 mins a game. I put the successful picks in parentheses. At the bottom I put missed out draft picks by teams. Winners would be Washington as they still have most of their good picks, ATL with those great picks but only have one guy left, Nashville has drafted well, and Pitt has all 5 of their picks on the roster and successful. The losers where Dallas as they had 4 later round picks and only got Ott out of the deal and the Rangers faired worse with 3 lottery picks and 1 mid pick and 0 successful guys ANA Picks 5 Lottery 1/3 Mid 2/2 Late (lupul, getzlaf, perry) ATL Picks 6 Lottery 4/5 Mid 0/0 Late 1/1 (Heatley, Kovalchuk, lehtonen, slater, coburn) BOS Picks 5 Lottery 0/1 Mid 2/2 Late 0/2 (Morrisonn, burns) BUF Picks 6 Lottery 3/3 Mid 1/3 Late (ballard, paille, vanek, stafford) CAR Picks 4 Lottery 1/2 Mid 0/1 Late 1/1 (ward, staal, ) Ladd hasn’t been 4 material CHI Picks 7 Lottery 3/5 Mid 0/1 Late 1/1 (ruutu, seabrook, barker) COL Picks 3 Lottery 0/1 Mid 1/1 Late 0/1 (wolski) CLG Picks 5 Lottery 2/4 Mid 0/0 Late 0/1 (kobasew, phaneuf) CLB Picks 5 Lottery 4/5 Mid 0/0 Late 0/0 (Klesla, Leclaire, Nash, zherdev, ) DAL Picks 4 Lottery 0/0 Mid 0/0 Late 1/4 (ott,) DET Picks 1 Lottery 0/0 Mid 0/0 Late 1/1 (kronwall EDM Picks 7 Lottery 1/3 Mid 0/3 Late 0/1 (hemsky,) FLA Picks 7 Lottery 3/5 Mid 0/0 Late 0/2 (weiss, bouwmeester, horton) LA Picks 8 Lottery 1/2 Mid 2/3 Late 0/3 (frolov, grebeshov, brown) MIN Picks 5 Lottery 3/4 Mid 1/1 Late (gaborik, koivu, bouchard, burns) MON Picks 6 Lottery 3/3 Mid 0/2 Late 0/1 (hainsey, komisarek, kostitsyn) NAS Picks 5 Lottery 4/4 Mid 0/1 Late (hartnell, hamhuis, upshall, suter) NJ Picks 4 Lottery 0/0 Mid 3/3 Late 0/1 (hale, parise, zajac) NYI Picks 5 Lottery 2/2 Mid 2/3 Late (dipetrio, torres, bergenheim, nilsson) NYR Picks 4 Lottery 0/3 Mid 0/1 Late 0/0 PHI Picks 5 Lottery 2/2 Mid 0/0 Late 2/3 (Williams, Pitkanen, carter, richards) PIT Picks 5 Lottery 3/3 Mid 2/2 Late (orpik, Armstrong, whitney, fluery, malkin) PNX Picks 5 Lottery 1/2 Mid 0/3 Late (wheeler) OTT Picks 6 Lottery 1/1 Mid 1/2 Late 2/3 (volchenkov, spezza, gleason, meszaros) SNJ Picks 5 Lottery 1/1 Mid 2/3 Late 0/1 (Goc, michalek, bernier) STL Picks 3 Lottery 0/0 Mid 0/1 Late 0/2 TOR Picks 3 Lottery 0/0 Mid 1/1 Late 2/2 (boyes, Colaiacovo, steen, ) TMB Picks 3 Lottery 0/2 Mid 0/0 Late 0/1 VAN Picks 4 Lottery 0/0 Mid 1/1 Late 2/3 (umberger, kesler) WAS Picks 9 Lottery 3/4 Mid 1/2 Late 2/3 (semin, Higgins, fehr, ovechkin, Schultz, green ) 2000: Bos, TMB, CLG, CHI, ANA, COL, BUF, MON, EDM, PHX could have had Frolov, Volchenkov, Hale, Ott, Boyes, Williams, or Kronwall. 2001: last 6 teams could have had Roy or Jackman that were picked in early 2nd round 2002: edm, was, ott, phx x 2, buf, chi, nyi, missed out on ward and steen 2003: NYR at 12 missed some great players like brown, seabrook, bernier, parise, and perry, getzlaf 2004: Probably the weakest draft except for the top 2 guys. Everyone from Car down missed on Zajac or Green
  12. Yea we did have a pretty rough early drafting history. Our drafting has definitely become better as of late. We must have a few more and better scouts than before.
  13. i wonder how much it is. Might be able to take out enough loans to make it possible.
  14. I dont see our guys passing on Grubranson. He is a 6'3 Dman that could come in and be on the roster.
  15. bleacher report article. Doesnt give much insight on the 2010 draft but a decent article
  16. ok so we are looking at 1. Oilers 2. Bruins(from TML) 3. Panthers 4. Blue Jackets 5. Islanders 6. TBL 7. Canes 8. Thrashers 9. Wild 10. Rangers 11. Stars 12. Ducks 13. Coyotes (from flames) 14. STL B 15. Bruins 16. Senators 17. Avalanche 18. Predators 19. Kings 20. Pens 21. Red Wings 22. Yotes 23. Slugs 24. Thrashers (from devils) 25. Canucks 26. Caps 27. Ducks (from Flyers) 28. Hawks 29. Canadiens 30. Sharks Man the bruins went from 1 game and having a 27-30 pick to losing 3 straight and now having the 15th pick. If Connolly, Fowler, Nino, Hall, Sequin, and Gudbranson are already gone I would look at moving down.
  17. who expects him to be as good as Eric? A number 2 pick versus the 47th pick. No one can expect them to be the same.
  18. well i had read the CH.com article. He was the later half of the 2nd round pick. A good value if J signs with us. I dont see either of the Staal brothers coming this way. I would LOVE to see Jordan staal as the Pens are so deep at the center and need to free cap space. Still dont see it happening and I still dont know if the rumor of Eric not wanting to play with jordan is true.
  19. thats pretty good value. He was 2nd round pick or was he early third? Either way we win. Just another person to add to charlotte-raleigh bus charter.
  20. well 1st off I dont think we trade the pick if Nino, Connolly, Fowler or any of the top 3 are available at 7. But if not I dont see why JR may not want to trade the pick. Anahiem may be really high on someone that is around the 7-10 area that wont be there are 12. That is about the only reason they would want to move up.
  21. Im for either getting a center to come in play 3rd line in the draft or trying to get Jordan Staal from Pitt. Still it depends if Eric wants to play with his brother. Then let Sutter be the 3rd line guy.
  22. Well as I pointed out I think the only way to move Cole or Samsonov is take on salary. I dont know that JK wants to add salary. But if they rare case that JK would allow it to happen (could I guess if Brindy retires). I would definitely trade down with ANA to add another 1st rounder. I would then move Cole, a 1st rounder, and O prospect (samson, lindstrom or terry) for Patrick Kane. The canes will have more than enough cap space and Chicago will need to free space up to keep the young guys together. Chicago would free up 3.25 mil of cap space while adding a winger. I would then use the other 1st rounder to get a 3rd line center or D man Lines could look like this Boychuk-Staal-Kane Ruutu-Sutter-Jokinen Tlusty/Osala-Dalpe/Draft-Bowman/Larose Larose/Samsonov-Dwyer/checker- Kstop Pitkanen-Gleason Babchuk-McBain Draft-Carson/checker These lines are going off of the recent article on ch.com. If Brindy retires and Cole is in the trade we actually be the 250k in salary. Yes Brindy's will still hit the cap but I dont think we will ever go close to the cap so that is no issue. Chicago already has 57.5 mil lined up in salary next season and they have plenty of holes on O and D. No one will want to pay Campbell's salary so Chicago will have to trade someone they dont necessary want to. On top of over 3 mil in salary cap space they will get a 1st rounder and soon to be nhl ready forward. Just an idea I had.
  23. well I would if the 3 that i mentioned earlier are not available at 7 and the talent remaining arent a need that is worth a 7th pick. A very good center and dman will be available at the 12th and 16th pick.
  24. Thanks for clearing that up. I was definitely thinking it was round eliminated and lowest point total got the 1st available. Been wrong before. I still think that unless Nino, Connolly, or Fowler are there at 7 I say trade down to get as many 1st rounds as possible. If the news and observer article is correct boychuk will be playing LW next season for us, 3rd line center is a big need. The team could use a 3rd line center in the draft. The organization will need more D depth. I would love to see JR grab the 2 picks from ATL we'll have to add something to the deal) and then trade the number 8 to ANA for their 2. 3 1st round picks to get a 3rd line center, a Dman that could possibly play for the team next season, and the best available talent at the last 1st round pick. Then again this is just fan talking. I dont know that ATL or ANA will be looking to move up and willing to move both their 1st rounders to get it.
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