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  1. I understand but based on goal differential if we scored near the top 10, we would be a top 6 team. +30 is where the top teams are. If we scored 40 more goals to get us up to the top 10 in the league, we would be top 5 in goal differential.
  2. I would agree with all of the above
  3. Maybe the better word is acquire. Columbus can't protect all their 20 goal scorers. Minnesota wont be able to protect or afford to re-sign both Nino and Granlund. There are a couple of other teams that will have problems with the cap and/or draft protection. We just need to score. Oshie will get big money but how many other big spenders are going to be able to throw weight around this off season? I don't think many. The cap may go down and put hurting on teams. Blowing it up will only further the deminishing numbers in the fan base. PK can't afford it to kill the fan base if he is serious about selling.
  4. *edit* is that going to accomplish? We don't want to be the Yotes of the Eastern conference. If PK will allow an additional 5 million spending for next season, we could be very good next season. 20 million to sign 2 20+ goal scorers and a 1a goalie is easily feasible. And we might have enough to sign a mentor or 2 for 7th Dman and a 4th liner. Our D is pretty solid, PK is top 3, and our youth will only get better. I can only imagine what Rask could do with top 6 forwards as line mates.
  5. I meant Hanifin but said the wrong line mate
  6. Hanifin has really stepped up his game since the trade deadline. He is either benefiting from the Slavin pairing, has more chemistry with Slavin, or steps up his game when the stakes are higher. Either way, if he continues this play he'll be taking his name off the trading block.
  7. *disclaimer: all my numbers are based at this point of the season. Well this season you need to be close to even to make the playoffs. To be an elite team, a plus 30 or more. So we need to be at least 26 more goals at this point or plus 56 to be top 5. We have 12 million of actual salary and possibly another 2.5 million when stempniak is picked up. Im hoping we can squeeze 15 million in spending from PK and replacing stempniak's salary as well. so 15 million to get another 30 goals is easily doable. Now I suspect TT will cost 2-2.5 million. So subtract 1.6 million to remain goals neutral. potential targets: Nino Niederrieter, TJ Oshie, Duchene, Palat, and a Columbus forward (one will be available for trade) will cost 5-6.5 million per and add 20-30 goals. We need to add a big forward like the ones mentioned above plus one, 1 tier down in the 15-20 goal range. Maybe have to replace stempniak's 12 goals as well. any additional goals we get from our current forwards for having better line mates would be a plus. have about 3-5 million for goalie upgrade.
  8. So Vegas will choose between these four for us: Stempniak Nordstrom Dahlbeck Lack who do you choose? Im picking Stempniak all day. We'll be stuck with Lack.
  9. That why I would like to get Joe Thornton on a 2 year deal. Big guy and can come in and be the leader.
  10. I agree on all your points. If I am in PK's shoes, would I be a big spender? Probably not! Not only does our fan support lack, but our advertising and tv money are some of the lowest in the league. Would I want to spend 10-15 mil more with a hope that everything fits and the team does well? Its a big gamble. I understand that our lack of competitiveness has driven down attendance and eyeballs (which drives down advertising money). Would everything fix itself if were top 3 in the eastern? No! Heck as I stated, I got a ticket at the box office for game 7 against the Slugs right before game time. Point being even we are great, we don't attract a vast amount of attention. We have to make a conference finals to get close to making money. Who can guarantee that? this isn't a sky is falling post or a domesday post, just thought provoking. Its a tough position for PK. We have 12 million coming off the books with a need to re-sign TT and possibly extend the top D pair. So maybe we can go up slightly while spending the money more wisely. What would y'all do in his case?
  11. Oohhhh definitely enjoyed that one. Got a walk up single ticket at the ticket office for game seven. Almost got thrown out because one was too drunk and talking smack to another fan. All that hooting and hollering after the 2nd period, just to be thrown in their faces.
  12. Do we need more undersized forwards? figured I would start this up again.
  13. I think we can get a steal or two before the expansion draft but Im not optimistic that it will be a big name. As Francis said everyone is looking for big scoring centers. To me that sounds the likelihood of us getting one is low. Tampa helped their exposing problems by getting rid of Flip. On the flip side, Philly may not be able to compete with us for pre expansion draft trading. We still have Columbus, Anahiem, and Dallas to potentially poach.
  14. Yea could we pawn McClement for a 3rd? Maybe a 2nd? Get a 1st for Ryan?
  15. I liked Hanzal as a under the radar move. Had no idea his worth was this high.
  16. A couple of dominos have fallen Eaves to Ducks for a conditional 1st (ducks make the conference finals and eaves play in 50% of games or its a 2nd). Jurco to the Hawks for a 3rd
  17. Tampa is supposedly wanting a puck moving D man. I don't wanna move Faulk to an eastern team but I could see a Faulk Lack(retaining half the cap hit) Drouin Bishop dually beneficial trade. TB needs a goalie to expose and won't be able to afford all their O players. drouin and bishop would be great additions for us. We need 2nd line wings to go with Rask
  18. Last offseason the FA market was rough. Guys that got big contracts weren't worth the fight to get them. decent FAs this year plus a few big name RFAs where the teams can't afford them. TB has to re-sign johnson, palat, and druoin. 1 or 2 will be left out. Minnesota with Nino and Granlund. Chicago with Panik i wouldn't mind taking a swing at Thornton and Oshie. Let Thornton be Aho or Skinner's center. then of course Dallas, Columbus, and Anaheim scheduled to expose some big names in the expansion draft.
  19. Not Bfug level but the Ducks will more than likely expose Stoner (32) and Despres (25). They both are big boys 6'4 with big reaches. Good +\- ratings for those hung on that stat.
  20. I'll have a double of what he's having
  21. Correct. Im not sure what NJ's conditions was and not sure if we have met it. But that is the lineup as of now.
  22. I guess I didn't figure we could expose RFAs. I don't want Murphy to get the required games.
  23. The problem with murphy is we are forced to re-sign a defense man or expose Faulk. Not a bad overall deal though.
  24. Edmonton already has enough 6 million dollar under performing forwards (RNH & Eberle). I don't think they'll be fishing for another.
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