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  1. Yea its ridiculous we allowed the Pack's classless fans put their ridiculous tradition of yelling out red during hte anthem. I had no idea it has gotten worse with even more input. Plain ridiculous.
  2. CC Karlsson was taken right after Boychuk and he just made his first All Star game this season Del Zotto was taken 20th
  3. This is cool, man to have 450 dollars lying around to buy it.
  4. no unx fan, a fan of the university that y'all gain nothing by playing us and losing on a regular basis. Sorry AD too.
  5. the uniforms are about as boring as their coach. Hope they have a terrible season
  6. Seems to be pretty long as we signed a few of MOs former players in Toronto. Heck we even got bigger on the O so that we can play his old style of hockey again. YAY
  7. According to capgeek.com EDM sits at 56.4 mil in cap hits. SO even if they traded Hemsky they would be at 52.3 mil in cap hits while still needing to re-sign F Cogliano and D Chourney. So even if we gave them so 2 ways, I think they would still reach the floor. Heck if RNH makes the roster his cap hit is 3.775. I dont believe EDM requires any money going back their way.
  8. boychuk and 2nd is the rumored base. my guess is a Dman as well.
  9. great signing. Now just to sign Sutter so we can get above the cap minimum and we will be set (barring any trade).
  10. So we go from recycling our own players to recycling MO's old players in Toronto? Crazy
  11. I find it funny that Cole gives us one good season on his most recent contract and now everyone wants him back. 75% of everyone on this board wanted him bought out last offseason or traded. Funny to see how quickly they forget the past. Im ok with him being gone, wish Larose was on the list too now the Tlusty is coming back
  12. Maybe something like this Trade Staal Jokinen Skinner Ruutu Dalpe Poni Sutter Stewart Larose Brent Dwyer Gleason Corvo Pitkanen McBain Allen Harrison Ward Bouche I think the big line that can shut down and score. Ruutu will center the two younger guys as we will have one checker promoted. I think Tlusty will start out in Charlotte this season (unless he totally wows everyone at camp and then he will fight for that 2nd line spot) and then be called up for an injury. I think Stewart and Poni were solid signings for such less money. They have the potential to put up 2nd line numbers at a 3rd line price.
  13. ok so we are about 10 million away from our set limit with Sutter, Joslin, a top line winger, and a back up goalie. Will we make it to have a competitive team? Im thinking 3 years 7 mil for sutter (2 mil, 2.5 mil, 2.5 mil) so a 2.33 cap hit Joslin is probably going to cost about 1.1 or so Thats around a 3.5 hit for those 2. So, 6.5 for a top line winger, back up goalie, and roster fillers. Am I crazy or giving Sutter too much money.
  14. jerome that article says he would have to go through waivers again. Does that mean he would have to go through re-entry waivers before buying out? If so I would grab him up on re-entry waivers for a pretty cheap price.
  15. we going to get a new coach? There is no way MO lets Murphy plays like he does in any of those videos.
  16. thought Saad could have been our dalpe from couple of drafts ago but we passed and drafted the Swedish center. Oh well. Saad went next
  17. smaller size on a forward is one thing but on a Dman is totally different.
  18. I think we lost out on Siemens going early but Murphy wasnt a good pick. Will be liability in the D zone. Will have to be the guy that guys plays behind the net because he wont be able to take the punishment in front of the net. I thought McNeill could have been a guy that could have come in immediately to be the 4th line center. Terrible we couldnt put together a package to grab Brouwer from Chicago. He could have been a great replacement to Cole. Atleast JR wasnt dumb enough to pick up Campbell like Florida was.
  19. Not a fan of the Murphy pick at all. I can tolerate an undersized forward but an undersized D man???? Really!?!?! We needed a shutdown D man or a center that can win faceoffs. I never really hated on Skinner last season but this pick is bad and not what we needed.
  20. Cole preformed well for the team and was always one of my favorite players but I am glad he may not be coming back. I feel like he would turn into a kaberle type situation. Gave us a great season at the end of his contract and then we were begging for him to be gone before the contract was over.
  21. all on my list are. I think JR would be more willing to give the RFAs a little more money to stay on the team. That little more money will still be less than what our FAs are wanting.
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