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  1. If we do something serious, I hope it is for something to help now and next season. We need a 2C, strong defender (preferably RHD), and a number one goalie for next season, potentially add a top 6 RS winger if we really want to be serious contenders. If we aren’t doing that, lets keep the assets and make some more moves in the off-season.
  2. Checkers lost the last 2 against the Pens WBS affiliate 5-4 and 4-2.
  3. Name GPs G A +\- Cotton 21 10 18 5 Center for BC Drury 15 10 11 5 Center for Harvard Filipe 22 6 11 4 LW/C for Northeastern Fensmore 22 3 7 2 D for Harvard Stevens 16 6 1 -6 LW for Yale Wall 17 1 4 1 RW for Penn State Martin 24 0 3 3 D for Michigan Lafontaine 14 3.03 .900 G for Minnesota Kucharski hasnt played for Providence.
  4. Drumming up discussions and hopeful positives..... Scott Wheeler is doing his 2020 prospect pools. His criteria: *Under 23 years old. We now know that by the time a player turns 23, he is largely done the steep upward progression we see in prospects and will begin to plateau. *Not currently in the NHL, with rare exceptions for players who I believe could still bounce between levels and aren’t yet considered full-time NHLers by their teams. Though this is the only arbitrary section of the criteria, preference for exemption was given to teenaged players, rather than 22-year-olds. *Either signed to an NHL contract or selected in the entry draft, without the expiration of either of those rights. 4 of the bottom 12 listed are metro teams. Columbus 31 Caps 29 Pens 28 Isles 24 The metro might dip start dipping in competitiveness over the next 4-5 years. Crazy to think Columbus absolutely was decimated in FA and has the worst farm. I would expect us to be around 3-7 Suzuki, Rees, Kuok, Gauthier, Bean, Sellgren, Eetu the center, Eetu the goalie, Bokk, Cotton, Geekie, etc. The biggest knock for us will be top line / top line pairing level prospects. All of ours are in Raleigh already.
  5. adding brodin would be amazing based on statistics but, we thought Gardiner would be a great add too. A brodin for an extended Haula?
  6. Brodin is an stat darling. Dom L. The advanced stat guru said Brodin should be the defensive defender of the year by far. He has stopped the most expected goals by far and other fantastic things. With Eric T. also big into advanced stats, I can see why we would be pursuing him. Crazy enough he wouldn’t require expansion draft coverage either.
  7. Its games / age / where are they in the ELC. If they’ve used up 2 years of ELC they are eligible basically. the games factor really came in for the requirements to “expose” someone to being plucked in the draft.
  8. I understand. My point is there isnt one prospect in Charlotte that would be exempt from the expansion draft. The only applicable case is a drafted European player who hasnt turned 20 yet because their "professional" clock hasnt started.
  9. Charlotte doesn’t protect any of the current Checkers. It was more about getting long term assets.
  10. Haula thing doesn’t bother me too much for the future because I think Wallmark could be our version of William Karlsson if we gave the opportunity as a 2C. Put him between Dzingel and Svech and let them get after it. Next season put him between Turbo and Gauthier. Have Necas with Aho and Svech. Aho can center until Necas is ready. Will Gauthier be ready? Do we make an upgrade in the top 6? we have 4 top 6 players for sure next year: Svech, Aho, Turbo, and Necas 2 streaky but capable top 6 players in Nino and Dzingel 1 that is given the opportunity in a Rod system: Foegele 2 prospects looking for a top 6 spot: Kuokkanen and Gauthier. Then you have Wallmark and Staal as centering options for the non top 3. That is 11 with Martinook and McGinn as 4th liners. defense is crazy: we have two for sures. Slavin and Pesce. After that who knows. we have 19 million (plus cap increase) in space for next season. We have a ton of options and could sell off Gardiner and Nino to have close to 29 million in space. That team would barely reach the floor and still be really good. all of it feeds into the decisions to make for this season’s team.
  11. The organization has many paths to choose. first being this season. Do we play this season out knowing the playoffs are iffy at this point because TD love’s winning, JW came back to win, and we need the fans to stick around. Do we know that we have two good playoff rental types in Haula and Edmundson that we probably aren’t keeping anyways? Do we sell? Do we blend? Sell off the rentals and try to acquire some longer term assets that are proven NHLers? Of course we have the paths with defenders. Fleury? Bean? Priskie? Sellgren? Kaski? TVR? Edmundson? Hamilton? Gardiner? Forwards: Gauthier? McGinn? Geekie? Kuokkanen? Lorentz? Maenalenan? Wallmark? Nino? Goalies: if we played in the west we would have the top pair in the league. They stink against the metro. Ned? Do we give the younger guys some time to see what they have? Do we give Wallmark the 2C for the rest of the season and say it’s yours if you earn it? Brindy factors in too. Do we stay with balanced lines or do we try to make 2 scoring lines? Another big factor is the expansion draft. The team is so young that we have more questions than answers. It is a good problem to have unless we make the wrong decisions.
  12. russo show 40 minute mark, he seems pretty sure that Haula is unhappy with his usage and the coach. Cue his interview where he wants be a top line center. Big surprise here. 47 minute mark, he says Carolina is looking for a RHD (no big surprise).
  13. My LTIR assumptions were correct. IR to gain a roster spot. i think he is done unless we make a deep playoff run.
  14. Maybe in the off-season. They’ve had big injuries in the forward department so, I doubt they looking to move anyone out at this point. maybe a Roslovic’s rights for Fleury’s rights, if Fleury isn’t in our future plans. Outside of being a RHS roslovic wouldnt answer our 2C need in the off-season.
  15. As we go into the break, it is a great pre-break by Canes standards. 61 points and 29 wins. we are 6 points out of 2nd and 2 out of 3rd (magic bean). Yet we are 1 point from 6th place in the division as well. Columbus and Philly are one point behind. a +27 goal differential (6th best in the league) is very good for us. Columbus and Philly have a +7 and +8 goal differential, respectively. That is a big difference between the teams to only be up a point. Islanders are +11.
  16. On the topic of really hot prospects in the system, Henman has turned it way up lately. Might even get him a PTO and a ELC after this season. Had 3 short handed points last game (5 total).
  17. Article on Bokk. Basically he is looking to come over to North America as soon as his SHL season is over. He wanted to come to Canada this season but it didn’t work out and SHL is known for good development. Samsonov attends every game and sends him clips of things to work on.
  18. Suzuki had another 3 point game. He has 10 points in 5 games with Saginaw. Look for him to jump up the charts in scoring the rest of the way.
  19. Checkers won, as Iron Lion stated. Ned struggled stopping 17 of 20. Defense was swarming as Toronto only had 11 shots through 56 minutes (Ned stopped only 8). No points from Kuokkanen breaking his 3 straight 3 point games. Checkers are 4 points out of 2nd and 1st. One game in hand compared to 1st place Hartford. 2 games in hand compared to Hershey.
  20. Forsberg let up 2 quickies in the 3rd Bean (kuok assisted) scored with 45 seconds left to tie it up. lorentz scored the only SO goal in the 5th round. 3 straight 3 point games for Kuokkanen. Hartford (1st) and Hershey (2nd) went to OT. Booo. Hershey won. 6 points out of first and 3 out of 2nd. Still have 2 games in hand.
  21. Kuokkanen has 2 points so far. Dude is on fire. 2-1 Checkers through 2.
  22. Chicago lost two defenders, CdH and Seabrook long term this season. They also weren’t very good on defense to start with.
  23. By what standards? We have cut his ice time by 3 minutes a game. He isn’t going to be a 56 point player with less ice time.
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