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  1. i know this is a need new chants but, can we stop this yelling Red cramp in the middle of the national anthem. It is very annoying and Key did not write red glare to talk about teams with red. State sucks for doing it and its sad we picked up on the shenanigins.
  2. i guess no one was willing to pay his asking price. Great to have him back though.
  3. That is not what i am saying. I am saying we dont have a young guy on the team now whose skills will improve to make up for regression on the team. We will have specs make the team and besides Sutter have never played at the NHL level. We cant even count them as being on the roster, which ones will be on the roster, and if they will make a good transition to the NHL.
  4. Cam Ward is great in playoffs, he isnt the best regular season guy. We have to make the playoffs for him to be great. He has only lost one playoff series. Not sold on Maurice. There is something wrong with a coach that gets fired, then fired from TOR then hired back. Never get that situation past the fact that JR isnt the biggest risk taker and knew what he was getting in Maurice. Jussi was a trade that worked out. No one knew that he would make that kind of impact in the playoffs. So that comment is a wash. Yes we made the ECF but, we had our butts handed to us. With all the subtractions and serious additions how can we not predict that we will miss the playoffs? Brindy, Walker, Cole, Wallin and Kaberle will be getting older and continue to regress. There are not any young guys on the team whose skills are progressing to make up for the regress.
  5. with current roster we miss the playoffs
  6. What about getting Versteeg from Chicago? What have been good trade partners with them of late. With as bad as our D is looking right now, I would go with signing a top 4. Who is really left though? JR let some real cheap ones go that would have been great yesterday. Scuderi? I would also look into getting Phaneuf from Calgary. They have a lot of salary tied into Dmen right now. Corvo plus for him. That would cut them about 4 mil in cap space. Would be expensive for us but, he is a great young Dman and its not like we arent clearing a *edit* load of salary next season.
  7. Really waht is JR doing? He pays Cole the money he wants then doesnt want to pay Larose. Then doesnt go get a Zanon or another Dman that has been pretty cheap that would improve the club. Why?
  8. MAn Zanon just signed with the Wild for alittle over 1.7 mil a season for 3 seasons. Come on JR. He is better than Wallin.
  9. He not changing much is what i am afraid of. I dont want to be another 3 seasons before we make the playoffs again. I am glad JR is loyal and change everything at seconds notice. Sometimes the team needs upgrades. The team needs, as everyone knows, a nasty D men, winger for staal, another top 4 dman, and 2nd line center. I would like JR to get a Dman and Winger this offseason. Then go after another Dman and the 2nd line center next season. Too much salary coming off the books next season and being replaced by the rookie contracts not to spend some money on new guys.
  10. Anybody want to help contribute the money to buy the Canes?
  11. no disagreement there. Conboy has the one way next season right? Well i mean we could bring back Seids too. Give a d of Pitkanen-Gleason, Zanon-Seids, Wallin and Babs. That would just be more money.
  12. Plus maybe JK can be convinced to spend alittle more this season. Cuz '10-'11 season Canes will be losing about 15 mil in salary. Of course with my plan it would only be about 8 mil.
  13. If I were GM: Biggest questions though: Does Kabs join the KHL(hopefully)? Does walker retire because of injuries and his wife? Does Brindy retire? (doubtful) 1. Re-sign Ruutu and Rosie for multi years. 2-3 2. Re-sign Babs and Jokinen to one year deals 3. Trade either babs or corvo, whichever gets more value, spec and a this first rounder for J. Staal- we have too many 3rd line centers, we dont draft well until recently and its a late pick, also staal is a expensive 3rd line center there. 4. Sign Zanon to a 2-3 year deal 5. Get Cammalleri Cammaller-Staal-Ruutu Whitney-Staal-Rosie Samsonov-Cullen-Jokinen Eaves-Brindy-Walker/Bayda/Rat Pitkanen-Gleason Zanon-Wallin Babs-Conboy Would be money to get Camm, Zanon, and Staal. Staal would replace cole's salary. Losing Seids, Corvo's and Kabs salary will cut some 6 mil which would cover cammalleri (with some left) and if Walker retires because of his wife we could be at the same salary we are at now with zanon because we lose tanabe's and hamilton's salary. The only hit in the pocket will be staal's and the re-sign raises. I know we have a imposed cap but, we got to compete.
  14. he really needs to be speaking up to his coach and get this team fired up.
  15. yea November as 3 sets of 3 gms in 4 days. The 1st and 2nd with Oilers and Maple leafs at home. Then at the MLs on the fourth. Get a one day break then go right into another 3 gms in 4 days with @Craps and then Senators and Thrashers at home. Craziness. November is ridiculous but, luckily the Canes play the MLs and Thrashers a couple of times or the team wouldnt make it out alive
  16. anyone know when they will be wearing them again?
  17. I understand why they go on the lengthy road trip. I remember in the first couple of seasons when the State Fair came to town they had a State game and then Canes game right after. That was such a logistical nightmare. I just dont understand why the 3 gms in 4days then a long break.
  18. 1. Montreal 2. Philly 3. Washington 4. Pitt 5. Rangers 6. NJ 7. TOOttawa 8. Carolina 9. Boston 10. Tampa 11. Buffalo 12. NYI 13. Florida 14. Atlanta 15. Toronto alittle more realistic. Montreal improved from last year. Pitt will be close to the top of the atlantic but lost way too much to stay on top. I think Carolina will barely miss the top of the Southeast but, barely make the playoffs. Tampa just misses out on the playoffs with the lack of chemistry due to all the new players and coach. Again almost all of the atlantic makes the playoffs
  19. not a big fan. I had a lot higher hopes for the jersey. Too much black. The eyes should be on the shoulders in color. And the bottom with the Hurricanes flags in black and silver. Hurricane flags are red and black. What happen to the white? Wont be buying this one.
  20. If we are trading Williams I would much rather get Bouwmeester. And also, if we are getting another Dman, what are doing with Kaberle and wallin? Im with everyone i dont see another forward dor dman trade with one of our younger forwards.
  21. it would take a few steps and a lot of maybe's 1 trade kaberle to lose the already over self cap salary 2. hope wallin leaves for sweden 3. trade foward(or what JR gets from trading a forward), boychuk, D spec, and a 1st rounder for Bouw 4. then add letowski for depth. subtract >5.5 mil add 5.6mil so it would have to be a higher end forward (like whitney) to dump enough salary. Dont know florida would want whitney though, might someone like ruutu Samsonov-Staal-Williams Cullen-Brindy-Walker Ruutu-Sutter-Eaves Larose-Bayda-Brookbank reserve: letowski Bouwmeester-Gleason Corvo-Pitkanen Babs-Seids reserve: melichar although the team would be good and the buzz would be higher than any other hurricanes team during preseason, there are too many moving pieces to get that to work.
  22. 1. be in the top third in the NHL in penalty kill and PP 2. dont get behind in a game early 3. keep the energy and hits up all game 4. stay healthy
  23. 1. 8 2. 7 - big games the crowd is going. A Lot of the other nights i have been there the crowd is non existent. 3. 9. crowd has too much hospitality. how about making the RBC center a place where no team wants to visit? 4. 6 5. 6 6. 8 atleast most of the parking is pretty close to the arena 7. 2- there is nothing there besides wendy's and a high school cafeteria
  24. I think Cullen should be moved. Sutter will not be getting any better in Red Deer or by fighting with Bayda for the 12th forward spot. I like Cullen but we need to make room for Sutter. During close games, Staal and Brindy could double shift on his line if needed. Dropping him and Kaberle would drop 5 mil in salary and 5.07 in cap space. Re-sign letowski for a 13th forward. pretty good lines Samsonov-Staal-Williams Whitney-Brindy-Walker Ruutu-Sutter-Eaves Bayda-Rosie-Brookbank Reserve- letowski Pitkanen-Gleason Babchuk-Corvo Wallin-Seids reserve-melichar with the 5 mil in dropped salary. JR can afford to sign Seids, Babs, Staal, and Ruutu longterm.
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