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  1. That was last seasons class though. I dont think we will get any NHL ready guys at 14 this draft. Interesting to see if we go after a Dman or a center
  2. Do you want us to be the first overall pick next season? That lineup is terrible especially the D. Ladd isnt coming here. Skinner is not ready or built to be a center in the NHL.
  3. Priorities for Offseason 1. Mo must Go 2. Get a coach that actually cares about PPs 3. Get a good young C (my vote is still Patrik Berglund, he is big, scores plenty of points and Brindy can work on him all offseason to improve his faceoffs) 4. Retool the D. Go get Brewer and trade for Campoli. 5. Get a first line winger What I really seeing happening 1. Mo Stays 2. PP still sucks 3. We get an aging veteran that has put up huge points before but is past his prime (Stillman) 4. JR again does not trade a top pick getter and lets him walk (Pits) and the D is left to youngins and one 6th Dman that JR signs. 5. JR gets a 4th line guy for about 750k-1.25mil
  4. What about trying to get Patrik Berglund from STL? STL has 2 top 2 centers already that are signed for many seasons. We could give up a good young winger and dman for him. Like a bowman/osala/tlusty and Sanguinetti for him. All 3 in the deal would be RFAs. He has put up 47 points so far this season with about 19 minutes of ice time. He is still young at 22, so the rebuilding thing would still make sense. His faceoff percentage is decent but is definitely something Brindy can work with him on to use that 6'4 frame for leverage advantage.
  5. 1. The team recycles, JR will take someone who knows will work versus taking a risk 2. Whens the last time we signed a big FA? 3. He is the easy choice 4. With JKs budget, JR is forced to make the cheaper choices
  6. My guess is we could take advantage of some teams with cap issues like Chicago and more than likely wont be getting into any bidding wars in Free Agency. Also FA is limited. Here is my xbox 360 to do list Trade for Chris Campoli of the Blackhawks as I dont think there is any way he can be afforded and we can trade a couple of min contract specs that can fill roster spots (maybe Bowman and Sanguinetti). He will have to be signed and so will the 2 from us so little risk on both side. Probably to a Corvo type contract numbers. Trade Gleason to a team that needs D men like the Blues who have a large amount of Centers. Patrik Berglund would be my target. He is a big 6'4 has a decent faceoff percentage and put up 46 points so far with about 17 minutes of ice time. I am not a fan of Gleason he is overpaid in my opinion and really seems to be lost out there but he is a A captain so he probably isnt going anywhere. Re-sign Cole to about 2.4 mil for 2 years, Re-sign Jokinen 3 years 2.75 mil, Pits to about 3 years, Sutter, Tlusty, Dwyer, Harrison and Boychuk My lines Cole-Staal-Skinner Jokinen-Sutter-Ruutu Tlusty-Berglund-Boychuk Bodie-Dwyer- ? Pits-Allen Corvo-Campoli McBain-Joslin
  7. I could definitely see Pitkanen wanting somewhere around 5 million a year Jokinen getting a Cole/Williams deal around 3-3.5 million ( prolly a 3 year deal with the salary 3, 3.25, and 3.5) Cole has been playing great, I really hope JR learned his lesson with him and gives him around his similar contract So dont get too crazy even with all those big numbers floating around with Allen, Jokinen's new contract, and Joni's new contract that is only adding 2.9 million in salary from what we started last season. I think Allen is just insurance for if Pits doesnt stay. I can see a trade with a D man in the offseason probsbly close to draft to get an extra pick.
  8. Solid moves but the help to the team wasnt more than to make us hang around the 8th spot. Still need a top winger and a 3rd line center.
  9. Great deal by JR to grab him for a guy that we were going to let go anyway. 3.1 hit for a big top 4 dman aint bad.
  10. Great move if swapping for a guy that was a 4th line anyways. Does this mean Pit isnt coming back? Especially since Allen is signed one more season.
  11. but wait Eklund is say its for sure. You mean he is wrong?
  12. With Seabrooks re-signing we could save our picks to trade for the rights to some of Chicago's guys. They are going to have serious cap issues when they try to fill their roster as they will have 9 roster spots filled with a salary cap hit of 43 million. Yes an average of almost 5 million a player for 9 players. They are going to have to re-sign guys like Salak, Vishnevskiy, Frolik, and Brouwer.
  13. When is the last time JR surprised us with an move that his masked with his "poker face?"
  14. Wow does JR really like our team or does he know that he cant add much salary? To say he likes this team is very disappointing. I knew he wouldnt go in and make a deal to really improve the team. He only likes small deals for 3rd line guys or 3rd line pairing d men. I think he has been doubting himself on a big move since the Wesley move.
  15. Just be prepared to be disappointed. I hope JR trades away Pitkanen anyways.
  16. looking at the limited amount of teams that are selling who do you think our targets could be?
  17. how much do you think a top 4 Dman that is 30 and a 27 year old first line winger that is still under contract for a year is going to cost to get?
  18. Ok so Im thinking Vandemeer is going to require Sanguinetti and the 2nd rounder Hemsky is going to take Boychuk/Osala and 1st rounder at a minimum. Do we really think we will re-sign Larose? If not put him in there just for cap purposes and give EDM a winger that can play now.
  19. I still think the team that could fit both our needs of top line winger and a top 4 D man is Edmonton. I dont know what a package of Hemsky and Vandermeer would require. On top of that those two would raise our salary next season by about 7-8 mil (Hemsky is due 4.1 mil) The team salary will already go up next season with having to re-sign Pits, Sutter, and Jokinen. We'll lose about 3.2 million in salary (take away Sammys 2.5, 750k from kaberle buyout and Cole will prolly drop about 400k and be about Sammys salary level). Its going to take about 4 million to re-sign those Jokinen, Sutter, and Pits. Can PK afford another 8.5 million in salary? Prolly to get those three Its going to take Chad Larose Sanguinetti Boychuk/Osala San Jose Pick Our first (this or next)
  20. not too many young guns left in trading market as far as D men. I dont see many teams selling right now. The bottom end of each conference is tight. In the west their are 7 teams battling for the last 3 playoff spots. In the east we have 3 for the last spot. West sellers EDM- Hemsky and Penner are about the only players they are willing to move that we would be interested in COL- made a great addition of EJ. Prolly more J-M Liles now but I dont think JR would want him. STL- has pretty much sold all we would be interested in. Dont know if they would move Berglund or Backes. East Seller TOTTAWA- Do they have enough money to re-sign Campoli and Phillips? Is Campoli someone we would be interested in? NYI- They have a whole bunch of RFAs this offseason. Dont know if we would be interested in many of them NJ- Arnott maybe FLA- Reasoner for 3rd line C? Thats about all I think they would move.
  21. How often does JR make a big splash in the trade market? He doesnt risk the future if we dont have a chance and he doesnt like to trade young talent.
  22. If they give Zherdev away for peanuts I would take him.
  23. Im glad JR didnt trade his 1st and 3rd for Versteeg. For Philly its fine. They are trading at best the 24th pick and the 84nd pick (as it stands right now). For us that is too much to wager for somewhere around the 16th pick and 76th pick. Versteeg is worth a 24th-30th pick and 84th-90th vs the 12th -18th pick and 72nd-78th pick.
  24. Rangers have been rumored to be able to part with Del Zotto. Could be a good piece if we part with Pits. It depends on what they add to Del Zotto.
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