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  1. CC I am with ya. I feel like this will be a terrible signing at the off season when we have a chance to get another D man but Joe's 2.5 mil salary will hinder that. Or Joe will keep us from re-signing Pits.
  2. well just another crazy idea but NJ seems to be the top player for Kovalchuk but need to seriously clear space. (yes I know the source isnt very creditable) Hockeybuzz.com is saying that NJ may have to move some of their better talent to do so. Of course NJ will try to move some of their guys that are just eating space like Zubrus or Clarkson but, I think NJ will just have to eat those. NJ will need to clear almost 6 million in space. How about trying to get C Parise/Zajak and D Salvador. Parise is a 3.125 salary hit and is a RFA after next season. Zajak is 3.877 salary hit and is signed for 3 more seasons. D Salavador is a more 34 y.o. shutdown guy with a 2.9 mil salary and is signed for 2 seasons. We could give up a guy like Bowman, Sanguinetti, and something else. I know this is a pipe dream but NJ really wants to get rid of salary and we could add some. And of course we would need to more Cole or Samsonov's salary to be able to add close 6 mil. Could see Jokinen-Staal-Larose Tlusty-Parise-Boychuk Ruutu-Sutter-Cole/Sammy (will see just as much ice time as the 2nd line) Checker-Dwyer-Kstop Pitkanen-Gleason Salvador-McBain Babs-Harrison
  3. Skinner is not old enough to play at the AHL level. He is either comes to the NHL or plays another season in Juniors. He does not turn 20 until May 2012. He doesnt reach his 4 seasons of junior hockey requirement until then as well.
  4. Im all for moving Pitkanen to get staal. I believe we will be able to keep Marc for 4-5 years at around Pitkanen salary. A 3 team trade would be ideal so that Rangers can get someone at a cheaper price. How about a trade with Columbus as they are in need of a number one Dman. The Canes would pick up a d man that will be with the franchise for a long time as well as a young pure shutdown guy with a low salary and RFA next season. Kris Russel put up 22 points last season and is signed for 1.3 mil for the next 3 seasons. Columbus needs to move a couple of dman as they have 6 dman under contract and 2 good youngs that need to be re-signed. Rangers will get a good dman to replace Marc Staal that will have a lower salary by a million to mil and half and a lower Dman that can fill their roster as they have 4 Dman on contract right now. Rangers will still have 2 million in cap space while only needing to re-sign Girardi, Carolina only gains 1.5 mil and will only need a 3rd line center to be decently competitive, and Columbus gains about 400k in cap (still have over 11 mil in room) while gaining a top pair Dman and moving one of their young 3rd line guys. Car Marc Staal Marc Methot/Kris Russell Rangers Tyutin/Klesa Carolina D Spec (harrison)/pick Colmbus Pitkanen Well if we are that bad this year we could be in position to draft Adam Laarson, D man from Sweden or d man David Musil from Canada.
  5. [quote name='jeromeo87 wrote: gocanes0506']tyler kennedy is 5'11 Heck possible linemates Osala 6'4 Tlusty 6'0 Boychuk 5'10 Matsumoto 6'0 Jerad Staal 6'3 I think he would be ok height wise. I was kind of thinking of the bigger picture.. We have Boychuk at 5'10 (which is generous btw), Samsonov at 5'8, we just drafted Skinner at 5'10, and Jokinen is 5'11... Besides, your third line needs to be a bigger line as it is usually called the checking line.. But hey, if I woke up tomorrow and found out we traded for Kennedy, I would be a happy guy. I hear ya. I dont think the 3rd line will be the checking line for the team though as that will be our checker line more than checking line. That is unless ruutu or a guy like Madden is signed to center that line.
  6. tyler kennedy is 5'11 Heck possible linemates Osala 6'4 Tlusty 6'0 Boychuk 5'10 Matsumoto 6'0 Jerad Staal 6'3 I think he would be ok height wise.
  7. [quote name='coastal_caniac wrote: gocanes0506']well good atleast this ridiculous talk of Cullen coming back can officially stop One step forward, two backwards, and now you fall down. Sorry we bored you with our talk of the afermentioned but henceforth not mentionable skinny two-way center we just lost to MN because we're on the cheap. Well we didnt miss out on him because we're "on the cheap" IT has to do with the fact that he is over paid. No falling down here.
  8. Wellwood or Morrison. I dont know how much morrison is going to get a raise. Wellwood would be well within price range. How trading for a guy like Kyle Brodziak from Min or Tyler kennedy from Pit? Pit could use a good winger spec that is close to NHL ready. Kennedy could really burst out this season.
  9. well good atleast this ridiculous talk of Cullen coming back can officially stop
  10. idk. Both are over 3 mil payroll and both UFAs after next season. Rather go after Staal
  11. well we may be fighting for last with Florida. ATL is really upping their lineup. Too bad they did that about a half of season too late to keep kovalchuk.
  12. Ladd never really put up the points here. Chicago's personnel complimented him better there.
  13. 1.4 mil is the expected salary. No big surprise here.
  14. Michalek is still a possibility as the Senators sign Gonchar to 3 years. I know its high hopes but one more team is off his suitor list.
  15. Versteeg possibilities are gone. Just traded to Maple Leafs. Its great how these team empty out their farm systems and picks for guys and they are still terrible.
  16. JR passed on some cheap shutdown guys last season. Would love to see one be added this season. Michalek would be great. Dont know if we could grab him as he on most top available FA dmen . We could possibly snag him up early if everyone goes after hamhuis, volchenkov, and gonchar. Kurtis jones may be a good option. He is more a O guy that shutdown type but he could a great pickup. Might come pretty cheap as well.
  17. I outlawed his name bringing brought up so I can bring his name up.
  18. Yes he just finished his 3rd season at Cornell
  19. we didnt trade for nash not to use him. Dwyer and Nash will battle it out for 3rd or 4th line center. Neither one is the best option as CULLEN but Cullen is not coming back. He will be signed by a team in the first 3-4 days and it wont be us. P.S. how many more names are we going to come up for Cullen? Ill be glad when he signs with TOOTTAWA or another team so ya'll can stop "not mentioning" him as an option.
  20. My 2 cents O'Sullivan- we wont be claiming him on waivers. He is clearing waivers so that buying out process can be started. Any contract he may sign come free agency wont be anywhere close to 3 mil. Brindy- Yes Brindy sucked it up last season but I think he has given enough to the franchise to be allowed to finish his contract. He isnt a bad teammate, heck he gave up his captaincy without any fuss. Just let the guy finish his contract and retire. Hopefully he comes back to coach the Checkers at some position. This organization is known as taking care of its athletes and thats why so many athletes call this place home. We do not need to ruin that because of a vision change. (of course non of this applies to samsonov as he hasnt been around enough). I guess if we see him on waivers today we will know.
  21. well i dont know if we can add O'Sullivan's 2.95 contract. Granted we will get him for nothing which is a plus. Now if he was on re entry waivers then I could see us jump right on it as we would pay a fraction of his salary.
  22. sounds awesome. Then it will only take a season and a half for him to be up if that is the truth.
  23. Just a really crazy thought but the Rangers and Marc Staal are way off in contract terms. 3 out of 4 staal brothers. babchuk and a winger spec for his rights. Its a first and third compensation. Its going to take a pitkanen type deal to sign him.
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