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  1. Suzuki will be gone before we get there. We need to trade picks to get make roster player deals.
  2. I doubt it would be something medical that would grant us a LTIR.
  3. Nbc would be able to pay a lot more than we could
  4. Also means two different salaries with potentially making less, potentially more travel, and potentially lesser benefits.
  5. Mrazek was fairly ‘okay’ for the year. Then for 2 months he was a top 10 goalie. Although this leadership group doesnt care, they’d take a heap of scrutiny not keeping Mrazek. At the same time highly skeptical at Mrazek being a #1 / repeating the last 2 months regularly. McE was our better starter for most of the season. At the same time can McE repeat the same performance? If Ned is truly our starter then he needs to be walked into starting. Getting 40-50% of the starts next season. McE would be a solid backup for him in that scenario. it is a gamble, if Mrazek goes and carries another squad but McE/Ned struggle. If we sign Mrazek to a long deal and he struggles then, we are hurt ourselves long term.
  6. Scored 5 unanswered to win this one. Down 3-0, Jurco scored with 4.5 minutes left in the 2nd. Sellgren & Roy scored in the 1st half of the third, 69 seconds apart, to tie it up. checkers took the lead with less than 2 minutes left on a Poturalski score. Brown added a EN 58 seconds later to seal it. Ned was pulled after allowing 3 goals on 12 shots. Tokarski stopped all 9 of the shots he faced in 35 minutes of play. pretty solid defense play by the team to only allow 9 shots in 35 minutes.
  7. Big Sogaard should be there around our 2nd round pick. 6’7, yep. had a respectable year for Medicine Hat with a 2.64 GAA. .921 sv % his U20 stats for Denmark, not too good. 6.16 and .802. #2 ranked NA goalie. colten Ellis. Decent stats in QMJHL but not as good for Canada’s U18 squad. I guess due to my lack of knowledge of QMJHL, his numbers of 2.47 and.913 are actually really good. People on hf boards are saying he should have more hype based on his play.
  8. They have 22 million right now with 15 roster players. They’ll have to find someone to take on a goalie to get both. Luongo could be a great move for Ottawa. 3.6 million over 3 years actual money but a 4.53 cap hit. They could have ~5.33 million in space with 16 roster spots, needing a defender and 3 forwards at a minimum. They could move Hoffman to give them another 5 million in space. I doubt we see a young roster player moved.
  9. Panthers will have to shed salary for both
  10. Fleury scored! It is possible
  11. Top 5 available UFAs in PP goals scored Pavelski 12 J. Williams 9 Skinner 8 Eberle 7 Duchene, Ferland, & Panarin 6 Top 5 in assists Panarin 12 Zuccarello 12 Nyquist 10 Pavelski 9 Skinner & Duchene 8
  12. We arent calling them out like Dallas' ownership, i dont see the harm in it.
  13. Brindy was talking about this series specifically. We had 5 goals in 4 games. Your first line has to better. The first line a lone should have those numbers. Aho is the 1C, he has to be the 1C in order to win a CFs.
  14. 4 x 3 million for a guy who scored 4 goals on the year? Even if you pro-rate his goals out for an entire season he would have 9 goals. We have enough checkers who can do that for 700-900k. Heck we paid Martinook less and he scored 15. If we keep him, pay him another 1 year deal. Give him a small raise, maybe.
  15. With TVR out and CDH possibly out, it’ll be interesting to see what we do for defense in October. May have to keep Fleury or add at least one veteran on a one year deal to have a decent defense early. Trades affecting that comment, obviously.
  16. After the rumored more than Wilson money, he wasn’t coming back. We have enough guys that are going to make a small fraction of what he makes that could be physical and score at least 15.
  17. Ferland basically saying goodbye on instagram this morning. Not surprised. Let some other team overpay for him.
  18. Assuming we don’t move any. Since we are towards the bottom, I go with Nolan Foote as our 1st round pick. Safe pick, NHL pedigree, and plays a very smart game. 36th and 37th pick- Choose 2, Hoglander, Beaucage, and Grewe Hoglander is a smaller RW who gets to top speed quickly and maneuvers well. Didn’t do well in his first SHL season. Could be a 1st pick that had a bad year or could be guy that over performed in lower leagues. 2nd round pick is worth the gamble. Seen some mocks where he goes before 28th. Grewe seems like the quintessential Canes 2nd round pick. Super quick and has a lot of skill. High energy, battles, etc. The one concern is he has backed away from contact since the hype train started. My guess is he was injured but didn’t want to be known in fear of it killing his draft stock. An injury didn’t but shying away from contact & dirty areas has. Under appreciated pick seems like the Canes way. Beaucage- good winger who has jumped up the rankings because if his growth spurt. Could add some power to his finesse game with the new height and eventually more weight.
  19. I doubt we run at any of them. Being at an expected 70 million without a major add, I dont see us adding that much. Trades is where we’ll be more than likely. If we were to go get someone, I would hope its Pavelski. It wont be. I don’t see us wooing him or spending 22+ million for 3 centers.
  20. Wuf I hope we don’t give that to Mrazek or McE
  21. This game looks very Bill Peters esque. Winning the corsi game no matter the score.
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