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  1. February and March was our top 5 team months, March especially. January was our worst month of goaltending, statistics wise, yet the offense really carried them.
  2. He is signed on a two way deal. I bet he’ll be back when the SHL season is up. Maybe he stays in Charlotte for the 20-21 season.
  3. Yes on a tryout contract. His ELC says he will go back to Sweden if he doesn’t make the Canes.
  4. Yes. Probably have to carry our whites against the Devils, Canadiens, red wings, panthers, etc. i wonder if Red Wings & Canadiens would gladly wear their whites at home. They did it for so long.
  5. I don’t think Sellgren is in Charlotte until his European season is over.
  6. He is a fantastic player. He would be the 16th forward to make the roster. he probably wanted a better shot at getting on NHL ice.
  7. If true, I don’t see how we carry two non-waiver left handers past TVR coming back full strength. Unless Bean is destined to stay in Charlotte all next season.
  8. Thats when they sign their ELC. He signed his ELC at age 20
  9. Saku and Forsling are waivers exempt still. Forsberg isnt.
  10. I’ll pencil him in when he signs. The thought of Marty and Foegele on the 4th line is too much excitement to take right now.
  11. Svech-Aho-Turbo Dzingel-Haula-Necas Nino-Staal-Foegele McGinn-Wallmark-Martinook
  12. We have 2 more seasons of HWSNBN we have 1 starting 4th line forward and 1 3rd pair starting defender. 1-2 extra roster players. 7.7 should be plenty.
  13. Gusev is a scoring RH winger that could be dynamic for us. Would be perfect that he only wants a 2 year deal as well.
  14. Im going to have a hard time with this for the next 3 years. Why you ask? well..... this team is going to be one of the youngest teams over the next 3 years. We lose Ferland’s age bringing us “up” this season and replacing him with a 20 year old. CdH was moved and will be replaced with an early 20s defender. Williams will presumably come off next season to be replaced with a 21-23 year old. TVR, the oldest defender, will presumably leave after this season. Reimer will be replaced with Ned. Even our 4th liners will presumably be as many youngsters as grizzled veterans. I lead with that because this team’s performance will bounce around. Much like our improbable 3 month run from worst to playoffs. We’ll be very capable of the playoffs next season with or without Williams. Will all the young players produce enough to get is there, consistently? No one knows. A young player’s defensive breakdown might cost us a game or ten. All the youngsters might catch fire and we average 3.5 goals a game, ending with 105 points. Qp5 points might squeeze us in next year knowing the Metro. The management team has to use the young players. We didn’t build it up for nothing. At the same time it could lead to varying results in the standings. At this point a B+. Aho is signed cheap although it wasn’t their doing, we got another top 6 player on the roster, Mrazek is back, we got an experienced backup while moving Darling WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and we should be able to utilize our deep prospect pool with plenty of insurance. We got an extra 1st rounder in a deep draft. I cant give an A because I am not sold we are getting into the playoffs with our current roster. although, i want to give Tom an A for actually spending money.
  15. If Montreal is dumb enough to offer Laine as well, I threaten to offer Connor. Tell them they trade us Ehlers for lower than asking price.
  16. I don’t like that Aho felt he had to resort to an offer sheet to get something done before training camp. Glad he is back. hopefully the cheap description is gone
  17. Arbitration is a process where a player asks for a certain amount and then the team gives their recommended salary. Each party makes their case to an arbitrator and the arbitrator makes a decision. The arbitrator makes a decision within 48 hours. The team can sign the player to the salary decided or allow the player to be a free agent. The positive is a team knows it will get the player under contract. Both parties are allowed to negotiate a contract up until the arbitration hearing. The negative is the idea of having to battle over salary in front of a 3rd party. there are a ton of nuisances to this if your interested. http://www.beyondplaybook.com/salary-arbitration-in-the-nhl/
  18. Unless we’re moving more cap space we don’t have space for an offer sheet. Maybe take on another contract to help a team to increase their cap space. Not another Marleau move but get a good but cheaper player. now if, a big if, Montreal tries to offer sheet Marner or Laine then we could sweep in help that team. Get a good young player like Kapanen, Nylander or Ehlers. calgary is still going to have cap issues too. i don’t think the offseason is done for us but it may be move in August.
  19. We bought him by paying 2/3rds of his actual salary plus signing bonuses not to play for us. his actual salary was 1.25 million. We are paying 483k this season and next for 2/3rds. We are also paying his 3 million signing bonus this year. Being over 35 we don’t get any cap relief on the buyout though.
  20. What I have seen the biggest hold out for Ferland is his term requests.
  21. I agree with your thought. At the same time we have to hand the keys over to Ned eventually. Also, there will be veterans available to be signed at training camp or later. Cam Ward, Niemi, etc. If the young fellows don’t look starter quality at camp then you go out and sign either to a cheap deal and have as insurance.
  22. What does bother me slightly is all this talk about how relieved TD and DW are about the Aho contract being done. Why not make a stronger offer to start with? Start at 8x8 right after the Boston series? The management team were negotiating but they were dug in for the long term negotiations. im not saying TD is cheap here because TD was going to pay the contract that they agreed upon. I can’t call TD cheap, I haven’t ever spent 500,000 on anything. I feel like the narrative isn’t quite fitting the action with the relief and lower contract offer.
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