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  1. The great thing about a group think is one person doesn’t make the group. Unless TD replaces a majority of the group with poor decision makers, management won’t systematically destroy anything.
  2. What are you talking about? He isn’t going to pay our GM the same as others because our GM isn’t the same as others. its a shake up of the traditional hockey world but crumbling into nothing? The guy has only spent the most amount of money as PK and it’s been smart money.
  3. We traded D Carrick for D Wood from San Jose. Seems like a pretty straight forward deal. Canes are trading a guy they probably werent going to be able to play because of organizational depth for a guy that is signed for one more year and adds to the RHD depth of Charlotte. Wood will more than likely be a career AHLer but, has the potential to be a bottom pairing guy.
  4. My point was we give him a PTO to see if he makes the roster. I don’t have him on the roster already. kjun- he played 60% of the games the 3 good seasons. His last season was complications with concussions. he is a big dude that hits. Our defenders aren’t big hitters but they do stay on the ice. He would be the third highest remaining hitter on defense from last season despite only playing 35 games. We lost our top hitter, CdH, and the two hitters that averaged 1.5-2 hits a game are Faulk and Hamilton. He also does a decent job of moving the puck in ES.
  5. Why not? He’s had a rough past 2 years with injuries. He’s had a solid 3 seasons before that although he only played 60% of the games.
  6. Chance to get some depth that would allow us to trade others.
  7. The number 1 to me is over-reactionary deals in UFA (Lucic, etc) that keeps you from keeping good talent. I believe the team has done a great job at keeping yours and my number one concerns from becoming an issue while stock piling more youngsters. We can re-sign Svech to a 9.5 million AAV deal without spending anymore cap money than we are today (and not lose anyone) and we can save as much of the money coming off in two years for Necas. If they aren’t getting first line money then we saved more for someone else. I think Wallmark and Foegele are the key questions to our cap mystery, which sounds weird. If Wallmark turns into W. Karlsson and Foegele turns into Cole then we might have to play some cap games. If they end up being third line players, we’ll be good for a long time. Even if they are 2nd line players and want to be paid 5-6 million we can always find a buyer for Reimer next offseason and sacrifice Nino to Seattle.
  8. That is my assumption, a long with Bean, Gauthier, Necas, and Kuokkanen. They are in Raleigh or traded elsewhere.
  9. The 2020-21 Charlotte team will be good and will be a good mix of talent and experience. adding Honka, Puistola, Sellgren, and Cotton with the possibles of Filipe, Zimmer, Killinen, Henman, and Koch to a group that includes Eetu, Mattheos, and Booth/Helvig will be fun to watch.
  10. Isn’t Waddell the one who said he was trying to take less of a role? TD laughed and said he had a lifetime contract. why would he take on the mess that is Minnesota? TBH why would anyone in the twilight of their career?
  11. The Canes have a ton of competition everywhere. Goalies- 4 vying for two spots Defenders- 4 vying for the last two slots offense- have 4 youngsters and a couple of veterans trying to make the roster solid opportunity across the board.
  12. Marty will be a UFA. No protection required. Of course Seattle will get a week to negotiate with him and potentially make him the selection. Up to Martinook to sign.
  13. I think it depends on what ya like. more of a goalie fan, Mrazek’s mask would be cool. As long as Mrazek’s face isn’t in it the tattoo should age well. Meaning it won’t look outdated if Mrazek isn’t long term here. the alternate logo is an easy one Brindy holding up the cup is fairly timeless
  14. Meant bishop. Thanks for the catch.
  15. Sending Forsling, Bishop, & Gibbons down is 2.3 million in savings giving us 4.8 million. Williams at 1 million with 3.5 million performance for playing 20 games and Maenalenan at 1 million. The Canes would have 2.8 mil left to bring players up as needed and space to acquire 5 million cap hit player at the deadline, if needed.
  16. Unless Williams opposes the idea, we need very little space to keep Williams on a performance bonus deal.
  17. Supposedly not. He wants to leave BC better than what it is now. We’ll see come April.
  18. It’ll come down to the NHL accepting Grey as our road colors instead of white. That would open up a door for every other team. Costing Adidas money too (probably the biggest approval authority in this).
  19. I don’t see the issue with keeping Williams. We sign him to 800k-1 million deal with a bigger bonus that is really easy. Let it absorb in the money we get back from the Marleau deal next year. now it’s about Necas and Maenalenan having room/playing time.
  20. McGinn and Forsberg probably weren’t staying past 2 years either way
  21. Pesce/Faulk. Slavin will be protecting Hamilton.
  22. Necas not playing his 10th game this year kept him safe from the expansion draft. He will not need to be protected.
  23. my concern with those three on a line is the defensive liability.
  24. I put something similar in the offseason thread but, Marleau and HWSNBN's cap hits are earmarked for Svech's extension. Marleau's cap hit will probably go to cover Williams' performance bonus next season, probably 50-75% of it. I hope we get McGinn is also put on a two year deal. Then the protection questions comes down to how Faulk, Fluery, Foegle, Haula and Wallmark are handled.
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