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  1. He said that we wouldn’t draft a D in the first round while he was the owner. D men can be bought
  2. @remkin I havent seen Guhle as high as 12. Where are seeing that?
  3. Our strategy will be dependent on the 2 draft picks we have in air with NYR and NJ. The terms will be important. I think are needs are goaltender (5 year turn around), RHD (2-4 year turnaround) and then prospect depth. Over the next 3 years, our biggest hole in the roster will be goaltenders. We have plenty of bottom 6 capable forward prospects capable of coming in over that time. We have plenty of options on D with Fleury, Bean, and Keane in the wings. Knowing we cant fill our goaltender need in the draft, I say we go with BPA and depth. My opinion based on pick 18-20, I look to trade down and get another 2nd rounder as well. My targets are: C Lapierre- the guy was a top 7-12 talent until the three concussions. Moving down in the higher 20s and still picking him while getting another 2nd would be ideal. He would be a reach due to health issues but we add another dart in the 2nd to make up for the potential let down. TBH I would give him a good signing bonus and tell him to shut it down for a year. LW Neighbors- big body kid that makes contact, doesnt mind camping in front of the net (yes please) and is a good passer. D Guhle- yes, yes we wont draft a defender in the first round. The dude has the write up and play that looks very simliar to Slavin. Minute eater that plays smart defense in all situations but a limited offense. If Quinn is still around at 19, I go ahead and snatch him up. 2nd round LW Greig- scoring sandpaper dude. The kid is like the guys that made the Canes, the Canes in the early to mid 2000s. High motor guy, grit, agitator. Sounds like a Brindy type of guy. He almost doubled his points this season from last for the Wheat Kings (Mattheos old squad). He is a lot like Rees in his write-up. Most PIMs among first time draft eligible WHL players this season. Playing against taller NHL players may make some of his hits less questionable. RHD Cotton- Good size. Has a write up like Faulk without the miscues. He is an overager so that is why he is here versus higher. An overager being slotted in the 2nd speaks to his current production. LHD Wallinder- big guy at 6'4 that was projected a 1st round pick. He is raw and didnt quite put it together like foiks had projected. The plus is he is Swedish and we can leave him there until ready for the AHL. Plus his name brings up good memories. C Peterson / W Tuch- Both are committed to Boston U. We dont have a ton of luck with the NE boys going to school first. Both are big body dudes that play a heavy game. D Jurmo- who would we be if we didnt target a Finn in the 2nd round? Bigger player at 6'4 but has trained a lot with his smaller countrymen to be more agile and offensive minded while on defense. Has been a riser this season. Was originally slotted as a 5th rounder and has jumped up to early 3rd. Could be our 2nd, 2nd round pick knowing Pitkanen has got a good look at him. Question becomes when do we use all this money TD spent on Russian scouting? 3rd round or later? Or am I showing a Russian bias?
  4. Outside of Toronto where people have to wait 90+ years to get around to getting Season Tickets, having your affiliate in the same town doesn’t make a lot sense.
  5. The way the roster is trending, it will take an injury for AHLers to make the roster. TBH most young guys would probably prefer Chicago versus Charlotte.
  6. Pittsburgh and Capitals should start to fade in the next 3 years. Boston may fade if Rask falls off / goes elsewhere in UFA St Louis, Us, Colorado, Philly, Rangers (seeing their goalies are working out) are built for the long term.
  7. I believe Raleigh was recently eliminated because of our bad practice facility
  8. Pretty awesome article from Sara C who interviewed Hedican, A Ward, and Burnside about our cup run. The best is Ray Whitney calling Hedican before he signed. Hedican telling him we were a couple of guys from winning the cup. Ray questioning him in not so nice words. Hedican believed though. The LaRose digital camera story. One of them saying that PK was not happy about the giant group photo with the cup. Seems like a very PK thing.
  9. The Chinese government, like any other, can claim that they did everything right and this happened due to the fault of an individual. There will be little evidence to support anything else. they can claim that they were still in development of this disease and had no idea of its affects. Deny, deny, deny. Its easy when you control the evidence.
  10. About a zero percent chance that China erases that debt. It is China’s one bargaining chip for us not mandating more American manufacturing and tolerating their cyber attacks. Maybe we cant force companies from manufacturing in China but we sure could tariff China exports more and tax companies using Chinese manufactured goods more. We are joined at the hip with China because we have zero bargaining power over them.
  11. Cap staying at 81.5 million or close to it for a couple of seasons possible according to LeBrun. another blue check source said the cap was staying at 81.5 million for next season. Lebrun squashed that as sure thing because of the discussions of the above.
  12. The batters and catchers will always be within 6 feet. Its hard to fathom that they would fundamentally change the actual game to accommodate this. No stealing bases and no pick off attempts? There goes plenty of strategy. Tag outs still have to happen. The players association may have something to say about that. The market for speed only, pinch runner, players went to extinct. the only positive thing would be forcing the MLB to do the electric strike zone (esz). The umpire union would have zero argument or footing against it. The only thing they could hope for is the ESZ fails miserably.
  13. I feel all those plans are fairly dumb. As expected, the greed that comes with being the only thing on and having an exponentially larger audience will eventually win over logic. im not a NBA fan but I read a bunch about the MLB plan. Mountain time games on the east coast? There goes 2/3 of your big markets. Then sitting 6 feet away from other players in the stands? Locking them down in Phoenix? Possibly playing 7 inning double headers just to get to 162? Regular testing and a positive test doesn’t shut it down? the logic is gone in all of that.
  14. I just wish I could build a decent looking bookshelf needless to say anything close to the talented stuff y’all are putting out. my avatar is my typical face when I finish some woodworking project.
  15. Heck yea. I am assuming most leagues want to be playing now knowing that millions if people are clamoring for a sport and have plenty of time to watch. At the same time the PR nightmare isn’t worth the extra money, yet.
  16. I think it be something in the line of: 1. Special assistant for forwards until his is coaching ready (personally himself and understands the Nhl coaching side) 2. The ahl coach is snatched up and JW becomes the new ahl head coach.
  17. I am a Information Security professional for a government contracting company who works from home. The only changes for me is my kids and wife are always at work now and its really hard to concentrate on Linux + with kids around. Pretty boring stuff without distraction. also my super senior dog sleeps less than he normally does because his herd is here and needs overwatch. my quarantine funny story: my kids and I are having a full fledged nerf gun war in the yard. My kids had a bad habit of dropping their weapons when being chased. So, towards the end i have all but 1 of the guns. My oldest son is leaning against the house taunting me as my youngest still has his gun next to him. I go to charge, my oldest son turns to run away and get around the corner of the house. He miss judged how far he was away from the corner and goes into the side the house. He hit it like one of those funny home videos, stunningly hitting something and going down backwards like a stiff board. No chipped teeth or more than his pride hurt so, it was freaking hilarious. no cool player stories as I haven’t lived in the Raleigh area for 17 years. I live too far away from the city of Atlanta to run into players of any sport here.
  18. So far both Sellgren and Bokk have an article from their European team / league said they will not be returning next season/ if their season returns. They will be coming to play for the Canes / Checkers.
  19. i dont know that Honka will come over but Sellgren probably will.
  20. We subtracted Eetu, Gauthier, and Kuokkanen from the organization and potentially adding Geekie to the NHL roster. We will probably add a few to Charlotte: Cotton, Cotton, Bokk?, Mattheos will be healthy, Henman?, and Drury?
  21. David Cotton signed a 2 year deal edit: got too happy its only a 2 year ELC
  22. David Cotton signed an ELC, 2 year one! His older brother, who was a senior at Sacred Heart, signed a one year ELC as well. Im a little surprised David came on board but we did clean out Charlotte this trade deadline. Cottons signed
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