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  1. i dont know that Honka will come over but Sellgren probably will.
  2. We subtracted Eetu, Gauthier, and Kuokkanen from the organization and potentially adding Geekie to the NHL roster. We will probably add a few to Charlotte: Cotton, Cotton, Bokk?, Mattheos will be healthy, Henman?, and Drury?
  3. David Cotton signed a 2 year deal edit: got too happy its only a 2 year ELC
  4. David Cotton signed an ELC, 2 year one! His older brother, who was a senior at Sacred Heart, signed a one year ELC as well. Im a little surprised David came on board but we did clean out Charlotte this trade deadline. Cottons signed
  5. 1. I don’t see us trading a first rounder for Skjei to have him plucked in the expansion draft 2. Ronnie may not choose a more expensive option. to minimize cap hit, I would like us to explore moving both Nino and Gardiner this off-season to avoid being stuck with both.
  6. Forwards: Svech, Turbo, Aho, Staal Defense: Slavin, Pesce, Skjei Maybes: Hamilton: is he willing to take a cheaper deal this off-season? If so, sign one and lets get him under contract. If not sign a deal expansion draft +1 day. Fleury: the guy has really turned it on. Maybe we sign him to a cheaper deal this off-season, maybe he is an excellent trade piece. Bean: does he get his shot? How well does he do? Trocheck: does he turn it around next season? If not, losing him in the draft isnt that big of a deal. If so, protect him and get one more year of cheap 2C until its Necas' spot. Foegele: if he becomes a 2nd line energy guy next season then keep him. If he looks like a 4th liner that plays well against Canadian teams then expose him Geekie: what is he like next season? Haula-light? Sure protect him. If not, I doubt Francis grabs him. Ned: is he Mrazek? is he not? Exposed if still on the roster: Gardiner (please, please, please pick him) Nino (got us into the playoffs last season but a drag since) Helvig UFAs: McGinn Dzingle Mrazek Reimer Martinook RFAs: Helvig Ned Geekie Bean Svech Exempt: Keane Necas Bokk non svech 2018 draftees 2019 draftees 2020 draft If I ran the show: Offense: Svech, Turbo, Aho, Staal, Trocheck, A top 6 winger we sign / trade for this offseason, and 1 lower half roster forward (foegele/Geekie/etc) Defense: Slavin, Pesce, Skjei Goalie: Ned (unless we make a move this off-season) Re-sign Hamilton the day after the draft Nino and Gardiner are well gone off the roster this off-season Offense we expose one of Geekie/Foegele, other older Checkers Defense we expose Gardiner, if still around, Kaski, and Bean/Fleury, if still around Goalie we expose Helvig.
  7. Keep that cap number down. Surprised they didn’t send necas down too.
  8. A media person brought up being expansion roster exempt as a reason for Necas going to the AHL last season to DW and TD. They quickly smacked that down and said they don’t care about that. (I don’t believe it but they said it). Cant find the quote right now.
  9. I think they will still have playoffs but later one.
  10. Being DW talked about Necas being exempt last season, I would be highly surprised if they aren’t the same.
  11. Bean and Geekie were 20 when they hit the Ahl and their clocks start, due to the OHL/ WHL rule. Necas (like Kuokkanen) hit the Ahl at 19 so their clock didn’t start until they are 20. Its a weird loophole for Europeans.
  12. The weird thing about necas is his professional clock did not start until this season. This is his 1st year of his ELC even though he technically used it last season too. most players clock starts when they hit Charlotte. The European drafted folks are different.
  13. He will be a 2nd year professional=exempt. No matter what DW says, thats why he didn’t play last season. the 40/70 rule applies the minimum requirement of exposure not minimum to be eligible.
  14. Harvard’s season was cut short. Drury convinced to come on?
  15. Yes he is on a one way deal next season
  16. We have 81 points now. if we can get 80% of the points in the 5 games against teams we should beat ( 2 x Devils, 2 x Sabres, Ott), then we would need 9 points in the other 8 remaining games to get into the playoffs with 98 points.the other 8 are 3 x Pitt, 2 x Boston, Isles, BJs, and Blues. 8 of the last 14 are at home although we have 19 wins at home and away. Very doable. Got to get 60 minute efforts nightly. A 60% point grab the rest of the way.
  17. I dont know if that is the right answer. My thought process: Balances lefty and right FO people with Aho & Necas and Trocheck and Turbo. I think Necas becomes more defensive aware to handle top line duties next season Aho and Svech fit Necas' game of speed better than Trocheck and Nino.
  18. With Zimmer’s season over at Wisconsin, he signed a PTO. Unless he blows it up, I doubt he gets a contract. Zimmer should be the first of a few drafted / traded for players that get a PTO over the next month. we signed two UFA defenders to a PTO as well.
  19. Because teams rarely give money back, I would assume it will go towards playoff tickets or next years STM.
  20. Probably traded: Gardiner Dzingle Could be traded: Fleury (although I hope note) Bean Nino Mrazek/Reimer Needs: Starting goalie 1 top 6 winger 1 RHD (either 6th or 7th defender) Svech-Aho-Necas Turbo-Trocheck-???? Nino??-Staal-McGinn Foegele-Geekie-Marty
  21. I think the factor is Mrazek and Ned play similar games and you dont want two similarly styled goalies (according to Forslund). Had Reimer came back first, we may have kept Ned.
  22. I didn’t say you were mad. You were done being positive.
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