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  1. Tripp said he would take our PP any day of the week. Willis said he wanted that type of play from Williams. what are they saying?!?!
  2. Nope just the target in the middle of the jersey we like to hit
  3. Ripping the sticks out of the hands is a penalty almost every time.
  4. Or they don’t elevate and put it right in the pad.
  5. Roddie needs to get over not pulling a goalie thing. Its the playoffs.
  6. Special teams are hot garbage. mental mistakes all over the place goalie letting in a softie that isnt a good trio for success. Good its only 2.
  7. Most definitely SJ over Boston. Add Big Joe into it the choice is that much easier. although TBH I wouldn’t be as upset if Big Joe won his cup against the Canes.
  8. RBA has been playing 2 defenders on their offside for a couple of games now
  9. SJ killing STL right now. 5-2.
  10. I am tempted to edit the last one to HWSNBN 😁
  11. I doubt it unless he beats out Necas. I feel like Saarela is gonna be another Zykov.
  12. Saarela scored 2 goals in each of the last 2 games.
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