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  1. I think we have 9 million left after signing McGinn and Aho. do we save it for Williams or make ourselves available to get Kreider or TB forward when they have cap issues in a month? or do we save it?
  2. I wonder if we move Forsberg or Reimer. if not its Car: Mrazek, Reimer Cha: Ned, Fors Greenville: Booth, Ned i guess we could lend one out again.
  3. The team won waiting on signing a goalie. After everyone else signed their goalies, we owned the power with Lehner & Mrazek. Heck Lehner took one less year in Chicago.
  4. The only thing this offer sheet does is lower my likelihood of buying a Aho Jersey. He is only here for another 5. In the end, I have no ill feelings towards him.
  5. Doubtful. We have about 6-7 million in cap space. Still have to find out what Williams is doing.
  6. go google another organization who had another other owner and GM change then their people's time was up the next year.
  7. what was the Montreal GM going to say? the truth?!? "yea, um, we know we got played into signing a cheap offer sheet because Sebastian wanted to stay in Carolina. He wanted 5 years and we were glad we could help out his negotiations with Carolina." Also all the folks leaving were Francis and JR guys. New management teams usually get new people. A lot of chicken littles today.
  8. Nothing went sour. Aho wanted 5 years and we were set on 8. Instead of going the whole summer, he went out and found someone who would give him 5. He gets what he wants a month earlier. Knowing that Aho didnt come back with an offer says Aho was only going with 5 years and didnt want to waste his summer worrying about it.
  9. the RFAs want 5 years because the cap is expected to take a big jump over the next 4 years. We add in the Seattle market money and the new TV deal. The revenue and the cap is expected to make a good jump.
  10. y'all are crazy. Aho wanted 5 years and he made it happen. Aho didnt counter after Vancouver. My guess is he didnt want this to drag out all summer. He doesnt want to leave, if he wanted to leave he would have gotten more than the Canes would match. DW will slow play cuz they can.
  11. I think Aho is just proving a point here with the offer sheet. He wanted 5 years, the team wanted 8. He is basically forcing the Canes hands at 5 years. Canes wait a full 7 days, screw over the Canadians, and easily match.
  12. Montreal Offer Sheeted Aho 8.4 x 5. high bonus money
  13. outside of getting a goalie there wasnt much to do today. We basically have two options for starting goalie and can control the price. So, we are own the negotiating power at this point. More than likely get another roster player for cheap later in a trade.
  14. I don’t see why if Aho doesn’t want 8 and 5 doesn’t make sense for the franchise then, why not do a 2 year bridge deal? You keep his rights and see if he truly is a PPG player. In two years the cap wont jump so much that Aho would get paid crazy money. Then shoot for a 5-8 year deal. I get paying them more now to save money then.
  15. As soon as all the big names are signed, we’ll find out out which left out teams will overpay for Dzingel, Ferland, Simmonds, and Nyquist. Columbus, Colorado, and Buffalo are my guesses.
  16. What are you talking about? We saved money on this deal by getting a backup for an anchor. Florida does it because they could save money on buying out the worst goalie. We got a 1st rounder We got a 2C for a 4th round pick. That isn’t bailing anyone out. We got better in all those deals
  17. Reimer has 2 years. Saved 800k a year to fill a roster spot
  18. Good lord y’all jump off the cliff quickly. Reimer will be the backup. He isn’t a number one. This actually a good trade. Here’s why: Florida was gonna buyout Reimer. Reimer’s buyout would be 400k cheaper this season but 1 million more expensive next season. So it makes sense from Florida’s standpoint because it’s cheaper next season for them to buy him out. from our standpoint. We were going to buyout Darling anyways. Were we going to get a backup for 400k? No. So we save money in the deal and fill a roster spot.
  19. Dzingel won’t be signing for a decent price.
  20. Chucky has 51 and 56 points as the most in his career. Then 3 seasons of low 40s. Kessel has 9 seasons over Chucky’s best season. 11 seasons more than 50. 4, 80 or over.
  21. Pittsburgh getting worse on offense to shed salary for next offseason. Chucky sucks at D too. i like it.
  22. Since Marleau is 35 his entire cap hit remains. His owed 415k doesn’t count against our cap next season. So we have about 8.5 million in dead space right now. Luckily HWSNBN’s cap finally goes away after 2021. Darling, if bought out will ride on the cap until 2023. Would have 4.66 million in dead cap next year if we buy out Darling. 1.13 the 21-22 & 22-23 seasons.
  23. Nothing suggests we’ll be mussy middle next season
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