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  1. Yes he is on a one way deal next season
  2. We have 81 points now. if we can get 80% of the points in the 5 games against teams we should beat ( 2 x Devils, 2 x Sabres, Ott), then we would need 9 points in the other 8 remaining games to get into the playoffs with 98 points.the other 8 are 3 x Pitt, 2 x Boston, Isles, BJs, and Blues. 8 of the last 14 are at home although we have 19 wins at home and away. Very doable. Got to get 60 minute efforts nightly. A 60% point grab the rest of the way.
  3. I dont know if that is the right answer. My thought process: Balances lefty and right FO people with Aho & Necas and Trocheck and Turbo. I think Necas becomes more defensive aware to handle top line duties next season Aho and Svech fit Necas' game of speed better than Trocheck and Nino.
  4. With Zimmer’s season over at Wisconsin, he signed a PTO. Unless he blows it up, I doubt he gets a contract. Zimmer should be the first of a few drafted / traded for players that get a PTO over the next month. we signed two UFA defenders to a PTO as well.
  5. Because teams rarely give money back, I would assume it will go towards playoff tickets or next years STM.
  6. Probably traded: Gardiner Dzingle Could be traded: Fleury (although I hope note) Bean Nino Mrazek/Reimer Needs: Starting goalie 1 top 6 winger 1 RHD (either 6th or 7th defender) Svech-Aho-Necas Turbo-Trocheck-???? Nino??-Staal-McGinn Foegele-Geekie-Marty
  7. I think the factor is Mrazek and Ned play similar games and you dont want two similarly styled goalies (according to Forslund). Had Reimer came back first, we may have kept Ned.
  8. I didn’t say you were mad. You were done being positive.
  9. Got to keep it positive since BD58 is done with that burden.
  10. The brain trust failed the team this season. Gardiner= F Keeping Edmundson= D not giving Lehner a good deal= F Dzingle= D Haula trade= C Skjei trade= C Trocheck trade= D so far Vatanen trade= F Reimer trade= A Marleau trade= A pretty bad season so far.
  11. I say how good they look and then they make all kinds of dumb plays to allow Washington to score
  12. Flyers look ridiculously good right now
  13. Maaayyyyybeeeee being on a better team helps a lot of players
  14. To me it seems like we are doing everything we can to wake nino up. He hasn’t shown he has awaken yet. 4th times a charm?
  15. The lack of loser points are hurting the Checkers too. They have as many / more regulation wins / regulation & overtime wins as any one else in the division. The main difference in the top 4 slots is OT losses or SO losses. Checkers don’t have a SO loss this season. Hartford, the third place team, has one more OT loss and 5 SO losses this season.
  16. Checkers won 6-3 yesterday against Hershey. Geekie with a hat trick and an assist Mattheos with 2 goals Bean with 3 assists Lorentz with the other goal Kinkaid stopped 28 of 31 checkers have 68 points and are 4th in the division. They are 5 and 6 points behind 3rd and 2nd place, respectfully, with one bean. They are 8 points behind the leading Bears with 2 beans.
  17. Suzuki has 32 points in 20 games since joining Saginaw. His PPG rate has jumped .5 PPG.
  18. It doesn’t say that at all. It says our worst 2020 1st rounder. The wording we don’t know is if its a blanket worst 2020 1st rounder or the worst between our two “currently” existing 1st rounders. if the unthinkable happens and Toronto wins the lottery and gets inside 10 and we are 14th, could we trade 14 for 17 and 20 with NJ (assuming Arizona makes the playoffs) Giving NYR the 20th. Or are we stuck with giving up the 14th?
  19. The hill is getting steeper. Rangers aren’t stopping. We have to make up 6 points to with one magic bean.
  20. Yes he hadn’t officially started his professional career until this year because of the European slide rule.
  21. We don’t have to protect Necas. We can have enough cap space to sign/trade for a top 6 winger. Protect that person.
  22. Bean may get his shot next year. If so, I would hope we sign a league minimum righty defender to carry as #7. Yannik Weber or Luke Schenn come to mind. If Bean doesn’t perform then I can see it being Keane’s spot in 2021-22. If Bean does as well as expected, Fleury might be the incentive for Seattle to take Nino.
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