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  1. I think its a long term answer. A. Im not sure how competitive we are for big UFAs to start with. B. The 1st adds to the top end talent to of the farm. The draft is supposedly deep with as many as 6 organization changing players and down to 20 is of the same caliber as 8-12 in the past draft. With 2 picks we could potentially move up like Rem wants. C. We are looking to maintain a deep farm to keep the roster back loaded with talent.
  2. Aho, TT, Staal, Svech, Marty, Nino, Foegele, Wallmark, Haula Slavin, Pesce, Faulk, TVR, Hamilton Ned with 12 million we have 2 goalies McGinn re-signing, Necas, Williams or a Checker, Fleury re-signed, and potentially a 13th forward get an extra 2 million if we buy out Darling
  3. More jump on the cheap talks. Haula is a fantastic addition as he does everything Rod would want in a player. He is capable of adding 25 goals. Speed. Triple Speed. I don’t like the Marleau deal because the additional 6.25 million in cap kills our chances of getting a top 6 FA. I do like it from the fact that you get another first rounder in a stacked draft. V was leaving. What stinks is he is going to be Pittsburgh’s coach within a year. Pittsburgh’s coach will get fired because JR sucks at his job i dislike the CDH move because we’re keeping Faulk.
  4. We are at a point where the defender for offense trade is gone. so we are at futures for a forward or UFA signing.
  5. This rumor is beyond BS. That Shannon guy is the same one who said we’d be playing in QC this season. He got it from Kypreos and Ek 2 days ago. Which both are tabloid level insiders these guys are trying to pull the attention off Toronto.
  6. We were short on defenders either way. We just happened to ship out the one that may have been hurt going in.
  7. We have to sign another goalie to buy him out or we find someone to take him, however unlikely that is
  8. yes they are announcers of Carolina. Or we would have different announcers like college sports or other professional leagues (nfl). Baseball does the same thing as the NHL.
  9. Waddell's press conference wrap up: Talked to Faulk's rep. Have a difference in value. Want to win this year so they will play it out No decision on Darling. May go out until the last minute to see if they can move him Talk to Mrazek daily Can and will match any offer sheet to Aho. Offer sheets are blown out of proportion Everyone will be qualified Brown, Pots, and McKegg are welcome back but their agents want to explore other options ( I assume a NHL starting job) Forslund and Tripp are all but signed Decision on Mike V will come by the end of the week. We want him back
  10. Tripp and Forslund deals are done according to Waddell. Iron out the contract language to announce. The contract language for Forslund is how much NBC is using him.
  11. Avalanche making similar trades to dump cap to get to 40, yes 40, million in space. They have to re-sign their big RFA and couple of other good RFAs. They could Potentially get another 10 million UFA and a 6-8 million UFA.
  12. If Rod didnt like skinner, I dont see him liking Laine.
  13. The only ones really in a pinch anymore is Meier or Labanc of SJ. I would bet SJ matches anything for Meier. Labanc is a possibility. Point- I guess but TB can match now and sell off everyone else later. WIN would have a hard time matching offer sheets on both Laine and Connor but we could only offer one. Again they can match both for now and sell off later. With the Marleau trade- Maple Leafs can match any offer for any player and keep everyone.
  14. In positive news Orprick is retiring
  15. Qualifying RFAs deadline is today.
  16. Saarela and CDH to Chicago we get Forsling (aka Swedish Fluery) and Forsberg a goalie with not too good of stats. Sad thing is Forsberg is a RFA so we still cant buy out Darling. They are saying we are clearing caps in prep for other moveS. plural moves there. We already had 21 million in space. now we have 25 million https://twitter.com/PierreVLeBrun/status/1143302498670841856
  17. Probably be late Wednesday/ early Thursday. Teams will have an idea of who they will sign, some how, and can start moving other pieces.
  18. DeCock is saying we aren’t far off with Mrazek but far enough that both sides want to see how July 1st goes.
  19. I haven’t seen that from a reliable source, LeBrun said his agent is taking calls to lineup potential suitors.
  20. Dang 8 x 5.9!!!! Great deal. they will need clear 7.7 million plus whatever else they need to make a full roster. Supposedly they want to keep the Russian on so they need clear 11+. I’d be happy taking Haula, Miller and Subban plus take on Clarkson from them for Kuokkanen and the Rangers pick.
  21. As far as not having a 6 million cap man, that ended today. We already had a 6 million dollar salary man in Faulk. On top of that we have another in Dougie. we were probably trying to get Priskie’s rights because our RHD depth is crap. If i was a betting man it would have been something small like a 6th round pick. We weren’t doing 2 2nd rounders to get a 2 month head start on a soon to be UFA with 0 NHL time. Heck a 60 point NHLer just fetched a 5th rounder to get a jump on negotiating. No way the Craps could get more for Priskie.m aho will happen. Since they are a part on years of length, it usually takes longer to negotiate years than a difference in salary. You need to have conversations about different year lengths and salaries at each. Of course he isn’t the only focus. Potentially taking time to talk to UFAs starting tomorrow.
  22. They get an A plus for picks.
  23. Vegas has to dump 1.8 plus whatever else they need for their roster.
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