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  1. A bunch of Non-resale opened up on ticketmaster. I guess all the tickets the Canes were holding for STMs have been released. If anyone is interested. Talking about the blue dots not, the Fuchsia resale ones.
  2. @cc looks like a good one for you? *edit: Tarbadger already messaged.
  3. AWAC said isles autocorrected to aisles so he ran with it
  4. Everblades won to take a 3-1 series lead. Booth had a shutout
  5. They are holding tickets. Acquaintances bought season tickets today and got lower level tickets for tomorrow. those prices i listed were for blue seats not the fuchsia with the arrows.
  6. If we can play the same game as the third period in the first, we could take the fight out of them early.
  7. If we repeat last night's 3rd period for the 1st period of game 4, we should break their spirit early and take them out.
  8. i only see section 310 having non re-sale tickets available for game 4 and they are 153 a piece. Im not sure if we'll see more pop up in the next 12 hours or so. Monitor ticketmaster. edit* while i was typing that someone snatched up those 2 tickets. Two more tickets in 335 for 189 a piece for original sale. Then a few singles sprinkled through the building.
  9. I got to ride one after I got back from Afghanistan. Not a fond memory though. two reasons: 1. I am not a fan of being in front of that many folks with them specifically introducing me 2. I had to get on the zamboni before the period was over. And what happened right as the period was going to end? Pitkanen crashes into the boards and busts his ankle. Then here comes Pitkanen on a stretcher rolling past me. That was it for Pitkanen.
  10. It will be weird if CBJ pulls this off against Boston. The WC1 team hosting the WC2 team.
  11. Bean has been recalled. Someone banged up during the game that I missed? I didnt think Fleury played a bad game at all.
  12. Well I guess the banana hammock 🤮 is still undefeated. It is the most torn I have ever been about a Canes win.
  13. 2 shots in the last 6 minutes for Islanders. That is solid hockey by the boys!
  14. Islanders know they have to win this. Defenders are jumping in. Got to get some odd man rushes
  15. Need a solid shoulder to chest hit to Nelson this period. Put him on his 5th point of contact.
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